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Constantine walked the dark alleys at night he had been tracking this guy down for weeks and this was it he had been smugling one of the most dangerous and illegal, liquidised drug him and his crew.

Scott looked at his Protectors badge inside his jacket to remind himself what he was doing it for, finally ready he waited theright moment.

"alright al we better get shipin' im sure they've got the boat ready by now" he heard a man say then there were some groans of lifting heavy boxes and the clunks then slides of them inside the van, he didn't want to kill today, he prepared himself then he heard an engine start it must be now, he stepped out they wouldn't see him they didn't even know he was there.

he scanned the people looking for the man he was tracking, there he held steady and pulled the trigger...the man bent down it went into the car although he heard a scream of pain it was not the man he was aiming for they were all on alert and he heard shouts.

"hes over there" he shot again trying to silence him then....KABOOM there was an explosion and cries filled the air, he didn't want to kill today, and there his target got in the car and drove off, thinking quickly scott jumped on some closed dumpsters he jumped for the ladder on the side of the building and pulled himself up, he climbed the rest as fast as he could until he was on the roof, he could still see the car...good he ran across the roof following the car he jumped the gap and carried on running he jumped the second gap and pulled out his gun again, aiming whilst running he shot the tire he heard the air escape he watched as it bashed side to side he jumped a third gap and shot again hitting the second back tire slowing it down rapidly he then jumped the fourth gap and watched as the man stopped aand with no time to think...

he jumped off the building he landed on the cars roof denting it rolling off smashing the front window, then cruching the bonnet before landing on the road in front of the car, he heard his prey scream, Scott felt very weak, and tried to stand up, he couldn't, he heard the door unlock and then the sound of footsteps the man was undoubtdly standing over scott

"thats what you get for messin with me" he said in a weak voice as if unsure scott was dead or a live "HA" he shouted a bit more confidently and shot scott in the arm. he went to the back of the van and opened the doors and emerged with a suitcase he closed the door and went round very surprised to see constantine stanting, Scott tried to lift his gun but it was no use, then a click and a bang the man shot scott straight in the head.

The man ran and ran hoping for no more surprises until he wasn't worried he started to walk and finally stoped and turned around, he took in a sharp breathe "oh my god" the body of Scott was no longer there, "oh my, oh my" he muttered in a frightened voice, he stared at the spot until heard a not so familiar voice but he had heard it

"oi" the man turned around thankfully to see nothing "Pee-ka-BOO" and a blooded and battered up scott jumped out of the shadeows and smacked the man in the head...the man woke up blood streaming out of his nose, it was definately broken, her looked up to see the maskewd figure Constantine "AAARRRGHH" he screamed and tried to shoot but the gun had no bullets.

"sorry took 'em all out" Constantine said looking at the gun the man scurried to get up and when he eventually did he pegged it as fast as he could he ran and ran, and Constantine let him he was looking down at his wrist.

"aha" he said in delight and walked over to a trash can and pulled out a sniper "I knew this would come in handy" (scott had put it there days ago whilst he was planning his attack in case something went wrong...which it did) he aimed and waited until...yes the man turned a corner Constantine pulled the trigger the man fell down instantly, his heel was clipped and he could not walk, perfect, Constantine walked over to him, but he could hear footsteps and breathing, they were not his own, he stood over the man and kicked the case away he pointed his gun at the mans head then he whipped out a second, just in case, then there was a thud and there came a lovely soothing, but worried voice

"leave my father alone" and a beautiful, blonde haired woman walked out of the shadows her her dark black coat flapping in the strong breeze, she stood with a gun pointing at Constantine then a rally of bangs and scott cried deeply out in pain, the sneaky little butthole had pulled out a gun and shot Constantine, and so did the beautiful woman, they kept on shooting until they were out of ammo, then it was scotts turn one shot from each gun silenced them both, blood poured from the mans head his eyes staring into space, whilst the woman collapsed to the floor.

He pushed a button and his handy butler appeared on a small screen "yes sir" he said "Albert please come get me"

"on my way sir" and the screen went black.

Scott ripped off his mask and threw it on the ground, opening his coat he ripped off his shirt to reveal a bullet proof vest as quickly as he could he took it off and and examined how many bullets were in it, he then loooked at his body bruises and cuts everywhere the vest may stop bullets, but not everything, he heard a car pull up and saw Albert "master Scott, everything alright???" he asked "yes albert, please may you take this charming woman to my mansion whilst i get rid of the waste??" Scott said lifting up the mysterious unconcious, woman and placing her in the back seat of the car "certainly not, and you..." "will contact you to pick me up when im finished" "very well sir"

and Albert drove off scott examined himself then after deciding what to do he snapped his fingers and white light came out his finger tips and wrapped round his cuts and injuries, the whitest light was around his arm where he was shot (scott had learnt a few magic healing spells at school but he was not the best).

an hour had past since scott had put the case in the trash and started pushing the van to the closest dumping point, he had reached some water and checking its depth so it would sink far enough not to be found, he pushed the van in, securing the locks first so the drugs couldn't escape. He beeped for Albert and a few moments past until he saw his ccar throwing off the under-mask he greeted albert, collapsinhg into alberts safe hands after a long hard tiring day and night.

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