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Boba Fett v. Taskmaster v. Deadshot v. Firefly v. Kratos v. Black Panther v. Electro v. Vulture

Boba Fett-

Son of Jango Fett

One of the deadliest bounty hunters

Body Armor-

  • Made of Mandalorian Iron
  • Micro energy field
  • Resists fire, poison, cold weather and acid
  • Radar
  • Infrared scanner


  • Ee-3 rifle
  • Grenades
  • Lightsaber
  • Wrist gauntlet-
  • Fibercord whip
  • Flamethrower
  • Concussion rocket


  • 1 minute of flight
  • 90 miles per hour at top speed
  • Anti-vehicle homing rocket


  • Stole a lightsaber
  • Fought Darth Vader to a draw


One of the most dangerous assassins in Marvel.


  • Expert martial artist
  • Expert Archer
  • Expert swordsman
  • Perfect voice mimic

Photographic Reflexes

  • Can duplicate almost any physical feat witnessed
  • Learned styles of over 40 characters
    • Beast
    • Black Knight
    • Black Widow
    • Bullseye
    • Captain America
    • Cat
    • Daredevil
    • Elektra
    • Hawkeye
    • Hulk
    • Iron Fist
    • Mister X
    • Ms. Marvel
    • Porcupine
    • Photon (Genis-Vell)
    • Puma
    • Punisher
    • Quicksilver
    • Razorfist
    • Scarlet Witch
    • Shang Chi
    • Silver Samurai
    • Spider-Man
    • Swordsman
    • Thing
    • Thor
    • Tigra
    • Toad
    • Vision
    • Wolverine
    • Zaran
    • Blazing Skull
    • Luke Cage
    • Ant-Man (Lang)
    • Boomerang
    • Cable
    • Justice
    • Machete
    • Oddball
    • Libra
  • Can use every fighting style he has seen at the same time
  • Can even learn chi techniques after watching for ten minutes when it normally takes ten years to master
  • Picked up the ability to move at "double time" giving him super speed for a limited period of time
  • Can gain pretty much any skill just by watching it in action such as cooking, car-jacking, and the sleight of hand


  • Sword
  • Shield
  • 2 handguns
  • Bow and arrow


  • Defeated Hawkeye, Spiderman, Venom, and Elektra.
  • Caught a bullet


Skilled marksman


  • Sniper
  • Machine gun
  • Wrist sniper
  • Knife


  • shot a helicopter
  • Shot a black lantern
  • Fought Deathstroke for 5 days (causing 62 deaths)
  • kills with ricochets



  • Napalm
  • Flamethrower
  • Jetpack
  • Flame retardant suit
  • Grenades



Superhuman strength, durability and healing factor

Blades of Exile

  • Dual Short Swords
  • Wielded with Chains Seared to Arms
  • Hooked Design
  • Made from the Remains of the Blades of Athena

Blade of Olympus

  • Can Kill Gods & Titans
  • Contains God Powers
  • Fires Blue Energy Waves
  • About 5 Feet Long

Golden Fleece

  • Gold Armlet
  • Blocks Attacks
  • Deflects Projectiles & Magical Attacks
  • Strong Enough to Counter the Blade of Olympus

Bow of Apollo

  • Can Rapid-Fire Arrows
  • Charged Fire Arrows
  • Does Not Drain Kratos' Magic Limit
  • Quick with a Long Range

Claws of Hades

  • Used like Blades of Exile
  • Spiked Chains & Hooks
  • Rips Souls from Victims
  • Can be Resisted
  • Can Summon Souls

Nemean Cestus

  • Giant Metal Gauntlets
  • Lion-Like Appearance
  • Originally Owned by Hercules
  • Incredibly Strong
  • Can Create Shockwaves which Stun Foes


  • Defeated Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon
  • Stronger than Hercules or Cronus.

Black Panther-

Net worth of $90 trillion


Superhuman strength (up to 2 tons)

Speed (40 miles per hour)

Superhuman reflexes


  • Kimoyo Card
  • Black Panther Suit/Panther Habit
    • Vibranium microweave mesh
    • Anti-metal claws
    • Energy-dampening boots
    • Cloaking technology
    • Teleportation device
    • Hard-light shielding
    • Vibranium energy daggers
  • Heavenly Armor
  • Vibranium Armor


  • Defeated Wolverine, Captain America and Spiderman
  • Dodged Hawkeye's arrows
  • Vibranium resists hits from Hawkeye's explosive arrows and felt nothing
  • Throws a spear through rock while weakened
  • Fights, defeats, and kills a Super-Skrull that has Luke Cage's strength and durability, Iron Fist's chi manipulation, Wolverine's claws, Bullseye's accuracy, and the combined fighting skills of Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, and T'Challa himself. He holds his own until the Skrull's weakness was revealed in the form of tells, which are the significant changes in weight and body posture. This also shows Panther's exceptionally keen strategic and tactical genius.



Electrostatic Energy Generation

  • Rate: 10,000 volts per minute.
  • Max storage capacity: 10,000,000 volts
  • Can control the amount he discharges
  • Can release the maximum storage capacity at once

Lightning Bolt Projection

  • Speed: 150,000 feet per second, the speed of lightning
  • Maximum range: 100 feet
  • Maximum charge more than enough to kill a normal human
  • Electricity can be shaped into:
    • Whip
    • Tendril
    • Net

Electromagnetic Propulsion

  • Can propel himself and glide over objects with great electrical potention, notably power lines
  • Speed: 140 MPH
  • Can create electrostatic bridges, though at higher power expenditure
  • Capable of flight, presumably at greater expenditure
  • Can even mimic Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability

Electrical Detection

  • Can disarm alarms, control computers, and overload electrical systems
  • Controls through mental commands

Electrical Touch

  • Opponents risk electrocution by touching Electro at maximum charge


  • Can drain electricity from objects containing electricity
  • Can expend electricity indefinitely without diminishing personal reserves

Enhanced Physique

  • Electricity augments strength, speed, and recuperative powers
  • Can press 500 pounds at max charge

Metal Ionization

  • Can hurl magnetic objects
  • Can be used to spark petroleum in the fuel tank of a vehicle, causing an explosion

Localized Magnetic Storms

  • Carbonizes air around him, trapping target in sheath of rock-hard electro carbon atoms

Immunity to Electricity

  • Immune to effects of electricity
  • Cannot be electrocuted no matter what the voltage



  • Exo-Suit: Body-armor, made of a synthetic stretch fabric and developed from alien technology, that enhances physical strength to the point of lifting 700 pounds. It is also outfitted with a detachable steel flight harness that uses electromagnetism and enables Vulture to fly up to 95 miles per hour. It can be remote controlled and cut through concrete pillars, fire feather projectiles, and function as a second set of arms.
  • Gauntlets: Created from analyzing a relic called the Tablet of Time, Vulture developed age-reversing talon gauntlets which allow him temporary suck the youth from his victim.
  • Plasma Gun: Fires a powerful beam that is capable of bisecting large ships.
  • Grenades.
  • Matter Phase Disrupter: A device that turns a portion of a surface intangible and transparent, allowing the user to enter anything nigh impossible to enter.


At Gotham City. They all see the bounty for each other-

Vulture: $75,000

Deadshot: $150,000

Electro: $3.1 million

Taskmaster: $4 million

Firefly: $5 million

Boba Fett: $10 million

Black Panther: $17 million

Kratos: $35 million

Kratos: By the gods, all of you will---

He is cut off by Vulture firing his plasma gun at his face.

The fight starts by having Black Panther getting shot by Deadshot but it bounces off of Black Panther and hits Taskmaster's sword, making him drop the sword. Black Panther runs up to kick Black Panther in the face, then punches his pelvis, distracting him. Kratos tries to attack Electro, but is shocked, barely feels anything, and is then shot in the back of the head by Boba

Kratos: Get ready. You will be--

As he is about to finish, Boba fires his fibercord whip, making him fall over, but he gets back up. This leaves him open, allowing Taskmaster to stab him with a sword, but Kratos stabs Taskmaster in the face.

Kratos: One down, 7 pathetic opponents to go.

Black Panther is hiding in a grate. Deadshot is standing nearby and Black Panther knocks him out by slashing his eyes out. Kratos runs up to punch Electro, and takes him out while getting slightly electrocuted. Firefly uses his napalm to make Kratos fall over, and Vulture fires his plasma cannon then throws a grenade at Kratos. Kratos hardly feels anything, and takes out Vulture, then jumps up to beat Firefly to death.

Boba: This guy is tough. I've got this.
Boba Fett uses his flamethrower to hurt Kratos, but it does little effect, so he gets up with his jetpack and fires missiles, doing a little more damage. He uses his lightsaber, which reaches his chest, and Kratos feels pain
Kratos: Impressive, but you will still die!

Boba tries to strike again with his lightsaber, but Kratos deflects with the fleece and gets the Blade of Olympus to stab through Mandalorian Iron.

Kratos: One more weakling to go.

Black Panther notices Kratos coming towards him so he dodges and stabs Kratos in the eye with his claws

Kratos: AAH! Lucky shot!

Black Panther runs up to punch him, but the Blade of Olympus is deflected by Vibranium

Kratos: By the gods, how is this possible? No matter! You will die!

Kratos gets serious by slamming Black Panther's face into a fire extinguisher and decides to use his strength to weaken Vibranium, but it fails. Black Panther responds by slashing Kratos in the eye again, allowing him to grab the Blade of Olympus then stab Kratos in the leg.


This was a close one. Kratos was the strongest, but Vulture was the fastest. While Kratos was strong enough to survive Boba, Vulture and Firefly's attacks, Black Panther's vibranium suit.... not much to weaken it. Meanwhile, the claws are strong enough to scratch Iron man and he's faster than Wolverine.

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This is fan fic. Not Off Topic. Please figure out what goes where