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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 20: Finally free








Within the twilight is a clear black sky displaying no clouds with somewhat of a warm gust. With the progress of the invaders, it seems no one will be safe for long. Some even try seeking hidden shelter away from their homes. Given the forthcoming of this attack, brings chaos along with un organization. Civilians have no clue on what to do; but there are still some/small groups who devise plans on trying to handle the situation. Traveling through the area of the mountains walks the ninja spectre. He isn't quite sure what he should be doing, it is hard to figure out where to start. With all that is going on, there is only so much one man can do.

"Haha haha, Scorpion turn and face us."

The ninja does as he is asked and is surprised but at the same time isn't. It's no doubt that they have come to collect his abilities just as they've done with numerous other fighters. What shocks him is how they were able to sneak up on him so easily without him slightly being aware.

"Nice moves, but no one creeps up on me, if you have come here to fight than drop the talk and do so!" Scorpion says aloud.

Getting into his fighting stance he counts off the amount of invaders which surround him; a true warrior always knows his (or) her limitations when in battle.

"You truly are a fool Hanzo Hasashi, I know you have seen the death and destruction in which we're capable of; yet you still try and fight against us."

The group of knights laugh amongst each other staring down Scorpion who now tightens his fist. How do they know that name? It probably doesn't make senesce to ask, but he decides to anyway.

"Where did you learn of that name? No games I want a straight and truthful answer."

Standing in silence with no answer for a few moments Scorpion smiles behind his mask. It was completely pointless to even ask; he had almost forgotten who he was dealing with here. No one including him haven't much information on these guys, but being a fast learner and survivor is what's important now. He may be a dead man, but he can still be sent back to hell within the Netherealm.

"Why don't you come with us and we'll happily give you the answer to your question."

After the whole scenario with Quan Chi some years ago, the ninja spectre has developed somewhat of a sixth senesce which tells him when he has been lied to. But in this case it's a no brainier, these invaders will do or say anything to have their way.

"Before we start I'd like to state your boss A.K.A King made a mistake by sending you all after me. He should have included fifty more of you, and you might have had a chance."

Taking the opportune moment Scorpion teleports re appearing behind two of them reaching out quickly snapping the neck of the first one he gets his hands on. Using the spear connected to his rope he slashes the neck of the other.

"Fine moves ninja, it's a shame they'll be your last!" Another of them says.

Putting a hand in front of him the MK fighter signals for them all to attack head on. Staying focused he makes sure how many of them approach and from which angle thinking up his next four moves.

Back within the castle of the invaders security updates are a top priority and are being taken care of accordingly. Sitting within the main lobby alone is that of Azun who broods. The truth three of his prisoners escaped isn't such a big deal, but he would love to get his hands on the one's responsible for their break out. Hearing the entrance open he looks up from the table.

"Haven't you heard of knock, if it's alright with you I'd rather not talk at the moment. There is a lot on my mind that I need to think about." Azun says.

Mia smiles seductively walking over and sitting in his lap. Putting a finger to his chin she lifts his face up to hers.

"I can think of something which can allow you to clear your head." She says grinning.

Frowning he pushes her up off his lap brushing himself off. After how long she has known him, you'd think she'd have a clue when he really needed time to reflect on things.

"Why don't you go help out with the updates to the security, you being here is only going to give me a headache."

Pouting she turns her back to him rolling her eyes walking over to the exit. When alone again he relaxes closing his eyes, the two leaf village ninja's may have got away for now, but he will soon recollect them. It is not an option, they're both vital and have something that Klenk desires. The magician also known as Zatanna Zatara, was just an extra bonus for his pleasures. Regardless of that, he'd like to have her back as well; there're a few individuals who could be responsible for this, but it will have to wait before they can go out researching for the escaped prisoners.

Just outside in the flower garden is Kayla who stands from the bench yawning getting ready to turn in for the remainder of the night. Just then something vibrates within her right pocket. Pulling the device out she turns on the screen.

"My gosh you'd think they could stay out of trouble at this time of night. They're obviously the type of guys who attract danger." Kayla says quietly not trying to alert anyone in the castle.

Using the device she teleports to the set destination. Glancing over her shoulder she discovers the battle; it is close to seventeen knights who take on Scorpion. One of them blocks his kick grabbing him by the ankle and throwing him down onto the turf. If he stays down for long he will be finished, especially with the amount of them there are. Flipping up he round house kicks a few of them off to the side.

"That's enough!" Kayla yells out.

All the invaders turn to her with even a few of them taking a knee and bowing. The ninja narrows his eyes, what could she be up to; not long ago they had just formed a secret alliance with Subzero.

"May I ask what the meaning of this is mistress? Azun simply instructed us to bring this guy in."

"And he will be brought in, but I want to do it myself. It would seem I could use a practice dummy who can fight back for a change." She says smiling evilly.

So the truth finally comes out, she was merely tricking he and Subzero from the beginning. But why, what could she possibly gain from that? I guess some criminals don't make sense on their motives. Oh well it doesn't matter, he's faced several situations of deception in his past.

"All of you can return to the fortress, let Azun know I'll be there shortly." Kayla informs.

Out of the group one steps forward scratching his head. She notices this from the corner of her eye becoming annoyed, why can't they just do as she says; after all she is one of Azun's Elites.

"Not to question your orders or anything, but don't you think at least a few of us should stay and help? Let's face it, this guy is no push over; he is one of the best fighters we've encountered."

Keeping her cool she puts on a smile not trying to show her agitation.

"There is a reason I've earned the spot I'm currently in, do not question my orders; do as a say before you get me angry." She tells making the point clear.

Taking a knee and bowing he leads the rest of the group back to the hideout. Both Kayla and Scorpion stare one another down. The soft wind blowing to the north feels good on the exposed arm of the ninja; it's strange that she doesn't attack standing in place. Is this her way of trying to figure him out? Whatever may be going on in her head, she should have listened to the advice of her colleague; and accepted the extra help. Waiting over another minute, listening out in the distance the group of Knights are far out of sight.

"Now that we're alone, I want you to attack me with all you've got." Kayla insists.

What's this, he thought she was here to bring him in? Her formal tone throws him off, what exactly does she want? Delaying no more sprinting forward he jumps up teleporting behind her, having his punch blocked and countered by a kick of hers. With quick reflexes dodging the attack he falls back stumbling a bit.



Shalion Temple



Laying back unable to break free, Bruce just takes whatever Zatanna does to him not really having a choice. Whatever she used to pin him down must of had something to do with her magic, or else he would have freed himself by now. Placing little kisses on his lips and jaw makes him even more uncomfortable. Reaching down she puts her hand into his boxer briefs grasping his erect member, playing with it a bit. As a reaction Bruce grunts tightening his fist. She notices him becoming even more edgy, removing her hand.

"Now I see why you're so stubborn, your length says it all. Oh how I can't to have you in me." She says with apparent urge/yearn.

Wow she's really going to go through with this isn't she, perhaps he should try talking her out of what she is about to do. Pointless really, but what other choice does he have. But on the other hand she is a beautiful woman, friend and teammate who wants nothing more than him. Yes he has slept with a lot of women, but this is different; Zee is supposed to be a friend and this could clutter their professional relationship.

"Are you sure about this Zatanna, just take a minute to think this over; I'm sure there're other guys out there a hundred times better than me. Let's face it we could never peruse a romantic relationship, so this wouldn't be real."

Leaning up on his chest with crossed arms she actually takes his words into consideration for the first time. But the lust within her is to great, making her un able to change her mind. Rolling off of him she sits up.

"What you said may be true, but that is all up to you Bruce; you and I could be something if you would allow yourself to love." Zatanna reaches down pulling off her panties throwing them off the bed," Besides I always found you to be the type to live for the moment, in that case it would be now."

Alright it looks like he wont be able to talk her out of this, but maybe if he could just reach his utility belt..! His eyes widen seeing as Zatanna stands over him completely naked biting at his tongue. Wow she's so sexy, but he cannot bring himself to do this.

"See anything you like?" She asks rubbing a finger over her moist entrance.

He turns his face away from her trying to hide a blush, all she can do is smile noticing this. If she didn't know him she'd figure this was his first time by the way he acts.

"Don't be shy Brucie, mommy is goanna take good care of you. Guess we've delayed long enough."

Reaching down she pulls down his briefs slowly making the moment even more epic, licking her lips at the same time. Throwing his boxers off to the side she takes a deep breath.

"I don't want to hear another word from you, unless it is of relevance." Zee tells.

Lowering herself down onto him she lifts the covers up to about her waist. Resting her hands on his chest looking him in the eyes moving her lower body up against his she slowly inserts him into her. She moans closing her eyes in pleasure moving at a slow pace. Applying a tight grip on the sheets, the pleasure Zee sends through his body could kill him. Her tight walls around his manhood only make it worse. Why is he so freaked out, any other man would be enjoying this. Taking it slow she finally inserts his entire length into her body groaning she sits up on him.

"Just lay back and enjoy, we both want this. You don't have to admit it, your body has told me to keep going."

Pushing down on his chest she waste no time speeding her pace pumping and groaning. Trying not to express his delight, he can't believe how good she is. By what he's feeling it almost seems she must have a lot of experience; but that couldn't be true.

"Oh Bruce." She utters.

Her mentioning his name in this fashion/Circumstance is something he thought would never happen. It brings butterflies to his stomach, making him feel like a little boy again.

Still battling within the mountains Scorpion has the clear upper hand tossing Kayla into a bush throwing out his rope spear which she barely dodges getting her leg pierced. Running forward he looks for a perfect angle to take her down. But stops in place watching as she falls to her knees putting a hand in front of her.

"That's enough ninja, I needed to make the story look and sound believable." She tells.

Crossing his arms the ninja spectre waits for an explanation. It had better be a good one, is this her way of surrendering. What story is she referring to?

"Don't you remember I'm on your side, I had to come up with a believable story on how you get away. The reason I didn't tell you as soon as they were out of sight is because I wanted to test your skills when you weren't holding back. I must say you greatly exceeded my expectations, you may have finished me had that gone on any longer."

"How did you know I was being attacked in the first place?"

Reaching into her pocket she pulls out the device.

"This is how I knew you were in danger, this is something that all top generals along with 2nd level members such as myself carry. It was designed by some of Klenk's top guys back where I come from. I set it to look out for you Subzero and Raphael."

Smiling underneath his mask, he can't help but be impressed with her handy work. It seems she has a good start on a plan which will need to be created to take out the head guys.

"Good stuff, it's always nice to have someone inside the organization. As a warning if you some how decide to cross us, I'll kill you myself."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," She says smiling, "Any how I should be getting back to the hideout before they come looking for me."

Scorpion nods watching her disappear. He won't lie she definitely had him fooled, now he must get back on track to do what he had planned in the first place.

Kayla re appears in the main hideout all bruised and beaten dropping to her knees as Quila lifts her arm over her shoulder. Just than Azun enters into the room along with two knights.

"I take it you were unsuccessful on apprehending Scorpion ah? You should have accepted the help you were offered; he is one of the more dangerous fighters on this planet."

"I guess you're right, but the truth is I would have had him had he not teleported away." she tells.

Saying a few more words Quila escorts her close ally to a back room where she can clean up.



Shalion Temple



Bruce continues clinching his fists taking all of what Zatanna does to him. Even through all of this, he still tries to think up a plan. Maybe he should just forget it, after all it feels good and it's already happening. But the fact is she isn't in her right mind, which would make it wrong for him to continue this.

"Bruce please say something, how does it feel?" She asks between moans.

Thinking about it for another second he comes up with a plan. Hopefully she will fall for it, or he's back to square one. Lowering her chest to his she presses her lips up against his kissing him roughly. But it is different this time, Bruce kisses her back entering his tongue into her mouth. Increasing her pace she moans into his mouth. Positioning his back a certain way he begins pumping following her stride for stride. Taking her mouth off of his she rests her head on his left shoulder kissing at one of his scars moving at a steady pace.

"It's good to know you have finally come to your senses. I'm all yours Bruce, I can do whatever you want."

Wrapping her arms around his neck she speeds up her pace. He does the opposite slowing down, not trying to release. Laying back he tries hard holding himself back from exploding inside her.

"Are you close sweatie?" She moans kissing him on the neck, "I know I am."

With each stroke she takes his full length inside her whimpering his name. It's time if he doesn't progress with the plan he's going to release!

"Not to interrupt anything, after all you're doing an amazing job; I just think it would be more enjoyable if I could touch you. If you were to untie me, I'd love to show you a few moves of my own."

Slowing down she comes to a stop looking him in the eyes. Bringing her lips down to his she kisses him passionately, just as he does the same. After what seems to be a long time she breaks the kiss convinced he is telling the truth. Sitting up on him she rubs a hand over the side of his face.

"Okay bat boy, but if you're telling me a story you won't like the outcome. EvomeR sniahc."

The shackles which held him down disappear leaving his arms now free. Pushing up on his arms he sits up still inside her. Placing one hand on her back he rubs the other over her breasts. Pulling her closer to him he pulls her in close kissing her softly lifting her up putting her underneath him.

"Just wait right here, I just need to get something." He says kissing her again.

Pulling out of her crawling on his knees he sits at the edge of the bed reaching down and picking up his utility belt. She takes this time opening her legs for him whenever they resume.

"Please hurry I need you right now." She demands.

"Just a sec I need to get something."

Pulling a certain object out of his belt he drops it back to the ground getting back in the bed.

"What is tha..."

She falls into instant sleep being sprayed by the certain gadget. Looks like his plan worked, but is this what he really wanted? Why couldn't he allow himself to love; had it been any other woman who wasn't a teammate it wouldn't be a problem, and he would have continued. But with her there is something inside him that knows they could be more than just friends unlike other women; maybe it wouldn't be all bad, but the city of Gotham comes first. Perhaps there could be a future with her, after all she does understand and respect his mission/conquest. He'll need time to think this over, but for now he needs to shower get dressed and whip up an antidote for her current state.

Distance away Subzero along with Raphael continue down the path trying to reach the Shalion temple. Finding the perfect spot they come to a stop calling it a night.

Guess we can camp out here for the remainder of the night, a lot of these landmarks are looking familiar; I can tell we're getting closer." Subzero tells.

"Sounds good, just wake me when it's time to move; honestly I do over sleep sometimes."

The Lin Kuei fighter nods, seeing as Raph pulls a cover out of his bag finding a spot to crash for the night. He sits for awhile glancing up at the full moon, would things be back to normal soon? That is yet to be seen.

To Be Continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 21: Prisoners of the Netherealm


Entering back into the temple walking down the hall, Sasuke looks in time to see the Dark knight turn the corner. Shrugging his shoulders he follows, not having any idea on what else he could be doing. The whole state of affairs involving the invaders frustrates him completely. If it were up to him Naruto would have been dead on first sight; but killing his old friend at this time wouldn't make much sense. If there is a way to win against these guys, it will take all they've got. But afterwards maybe than he'll receive a battle to the death against the leaf village ninja. Stopping at the entrance to the infirmary he whistles getting Batman's attention.

"Come on in, you can have a seat over there if you'd like." Bats says lifting the cowl from his face.

It didn't take him more than thirty minutes to shower and redress from the events which occurred prior. It's funny to think that in some way he was raped by his own teammate, but at the same time it was pleasuring! This is something he would not share with Superman, or any of his closes allies. This cracks his top ten of most awkward moments without a doubt. Sitting down he picks up where he left off with the blood analysis.

"Stop me if I'm wrong, but it would seem to me you're the one in command on how we're going to attack these guys. So you mind telling me why we're going to try and rescue a few of your allies who have been captured first?"

"Why wouldn't we," Bruce turns from the equipment looking over at Sasuke, "It only makes since to recruit as many fighters as we can."

"But if they were captured in the first place, they're probably useless; I say we just forget them and focus on the task at hand."

Sitting back Bruce takes a deep breath, but regrets doing so almost instantly grinding his teeth together. The cherry taste of Zatanna returns reminding him of his earlier pleasure. Shaking the thoughts off he maintains his composure.

"That's interesting you say that, especially given the fact you were a prisoner of theirs. However I do understand your point; but I've worked closely with one of the persons we're trying to get back. He'll help our odds."

Sasuke finally takes a seat in a far corner of the room.

"So will we proceed after you're finished with what you're doing?" Sasuke asks.

"We'll wait till the morning, I want to make sure everyone going has full energy. This mission will require three or four of us. On another note no one is in command."

He doesn't agree with waiting but Sasuke doesn't question the decision made. As much as he'd love to attack the invaders straight forward, a little more help couldn't hurt their chances.

"So who is your sensei and or master?" Bats asks mixing together a few chemicals, "I figure you and the blond kid have some history."

Looking over the expression Sasuke gives him; hints he doesn't want to talk about it for whatever reason. Turning back to the beakers he measures carefully not wanting to make even the slightest mistake.




Quan Chi gathers up a lot of equipment boxing them in certain area's of a back room. Ermac comes in behind him just watching; what is the sorcerer up to now? He wants to ask but decides to continue watching. Looking over his shoulder the sorcerer notices Ermac, but does not stop what he's doing.

"Mind telling me what's going on? Why are you packing things up; you aren't trying to skip town are you?" Ermac asks.

Lifting and setting things within a specific corner there is no reply. Pulling out a large role of Tape Quan Chi tapes some of them shut. After doing that he turns to Ermac.

"I am doing nothing of the such; the boxing of all this is incase things don't go according to plan and we have to make a quick escape."




Vision is a blur, but that doesn't matter; where in the world is he? Given the immense headache thinking back is difficult; trying to stand feels almost impossible. For the moment nothing is clear except for the verity he was in a fight; one he undeniably lost. Forcing himself up using the strength within his arms he sits back leaning up against a stone cold wall.

"Good to see one of you has finally awoke. Judging by the way you're dressed, I'd say you're from another realm."

Shaking his head while rubbing his eyes begins to bring his vision back. The voice in no way sounds familiar; it has been a long time since he's ever been through anything as this, one bad situation after another non stop. Now being able to see clearly brings a chill down his spine observing the laser prison bars which hold them in the small room. This must be the work of the invaders!

"You're a quiet one, do you have a name? Word is you were brought in from earth realm along with your buddy over there. But I wouldn't doubt if you weren't even from there."

Arching his back up against the wall he takes a deep breath stretching out his muscles.

"I go by Spiderman, and yes you're correct I'm not from this dimension. You said something about them bringing me from earth realm; if so than where are we now?" Spiderman asks standing.

Walking over to one of the laser bard windows he looks up into a red sky not liking that at all.

"I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you lad, but we're in the nether realm; also known to many as a living hell."

Spiderman's eyes widen at the mention of hell. Wow a lot must have occurred while he was out; now he finds himself even further away from home. Looking over in another corner of the jail cell he finally realizes Jax was captured along side him still unconscious.

"So who are you supposed to be, if you ask me I'd say you haven't seen sunlight in quite some time," Spidy looks over his pale skin feeling a bit sorry for the inmate, "How long have you been a prisoner?"

Walking past Spidy he takes a seat on one of the bunk beds. It isn't known if the question offended or aggravated him in some way; but there is clear emotion displayed across his face. Seeing as the laser bars to their cell shuts off, both watch a 7 ft plus creature step into the small space. Lifting the top off a pot, the prison guard dumps water all over the face of Jax awakening him.

"Listen carefully you jail scum, in ten minutes you will be released to the working fields located out near the magma mountain with the rest of your cell block."

Not saying another word he disappears from the entrance way just as the laser bars reappear.

"I've been a prisoner for over 700 years now; by time you have spent a couple years you'll get use to this place just as I have. Only those with a speck of evil in their heart can exist within this realm."

"Well isn't that unfortunate for me, I positively have no thoughts of hate anger or evil running through me. Sounds like someone has made a mistake bringing me here." Spidy says.

Is it possible that he could have evil in his heart? It's something he never put much thought into, until now it was never really an issue. Why is he even thinking about this, of course there is no evil present within him; who's to say this prisoner isn't just lying. Removing some of the water from his face Jax stands taking a seat over in a corner of the room.

"I don't know about the two of you but I think we should begin plotting on how we're going to escape." Jax says.

The pale inmate snickers at what is said. The two of them may not understand yet, but no one can possibly escape this reformatory.


Earth realm


Returning back to the castle is a squad of invaders who have completed their night sweep of the area. Hearing their presence Azun enters from a back room to greet the squad.

"Are we getting any closer to the whereabouts of the leaf village ninjas? What they posses is vital to our master's plan." Azun informs.

"No, but I have a good feeling where they might be hiding it out. If they are in any way smart they won't return to that Shalion temple."

"Good thinking, I guess we will have to pay that place a visit real soon indefinite."

Smiling wildly Azun is almost certain that's where they will return to. Lately things have been to easy. The people of this world couldn't be more predictable as far as what he believes.

"You're all free to rest for the remainder of the night, I don't want any of my men over working."

Sasuke watches Batman finish on what is left of the antidote. In the back of his mind he knows this probably won't be a permanent cure for her condition; if only he had access to his equipment back in the cave. Regardless this should stabilize her for now; good thing he made extras. Standing up from the chair he lifts the cowl back over his face.

"If you're planning on getting any sleep at all, I'd do it soon because we'll be starting early tomorrow. I'm sure if we find the man Liu Kang mentioned called Quan Chi, we'll also find Jax and Spiderman."

Sitting in place Sasuke doesn't follow Batman out of the room, looking around at all the utilities. It's strange but deep within him he feels sick to his stomach! Why is he teaming with these frail unit of fighters, he's probably better off on his own. Before heading up to his destination Batman undresses out of the bat suit into his regular clothing. Traveling down the many halls and stairs, Bruce enters into the room where Zatanna still lays asleep tied up. Maybe tying her up wasn't necessary, but he didn't want any chances of her waking and doing something else uncalled for. Walking over to the side of the bed he removes the piece of cloth from her mouth lifting her arm. Pin pointing a certain area he stabs the needle into her arm injecting the fluid.

"Ouch." She mumbles.

Narrowing his eyes, he hopes she doesn't react to what he had done to her earlier watching the last of the fluid disappear. Pulling the needle out of her, he sets it off to the side.

"How do you feel?" He asks feeling a bit discomfited.

Looking up she smiles moving around a bit.

"I'd feel a lot better if you'd untie me." She says giggling.

Is she trying to mess around with him? They both know she can get out of the rope easily on her own. Reaching down to untie her, he stops seeing as she gets out of it herself with two words. Bruce bends down picking up and handing over her panties. She slides into them looking away from him.

"You can return to the room with Naruto, I'll get these sheets cleaned. What just happened earlier is something you and I will never discuss; it may be hard but just try and pretend it never happened."

Looking down on her she looks back up at him frowning. It's no surprise she would disagree with his judgment. He backs up a bit feeling as though she might slap him.

"That's it; you're just goanna tell me to pretend this all didn't happen!" She yells sitting up on her knees.

Moving forward he places both hands on her shoulders.

"I'm going to ask you to lower your voice. Look I don't want things to be weird between us, it's best if we forget this. Besides you weren't in your right mind."

Sitting back she shrugs him off crossing her arms pouting somewhat.

"I can't believe I actually have feelings for you, if this had been Selina I bet you'd be doing just the opposite. What am I not pretty enough for you?"

Stepping forward to speak he stops realizing what she had just said! She has feelings for him, and this is with her completely stable. Perhaps the serum hasn't passed throughout all of her body; but looking down on her it's obvious she is in full control back to her normal self. The mention of Selina only makes things worse, causing sweat to run down the side of his face. Yes of course he's had a clue she had a soft spot for him, but he had no idea she'd come out straight forward like that.

"What's wrong Brucie, cat catch your tongue. God help whoever you want to be with, she's in for a huge surprise."

Looking away from her he thinks staying quiet. His silence calms her nerves, maybe for a change he's taking her opinion into consideration. Walking toward the exit he looks over his shoulder.

"We'll talk about this later." He tells.

"rood esolc."

The door closes and locks in front of a now uptight Bruce. Why is she doing this, couldn't this wait till later there're more important things going on than the two of them.

"I'm not asking you to do anything, I just want to talk. Please don't walk away, this won't take long if you collaborate." Zee tells.

Turning back around he walks over having a seat at the end of the bed.

"Lets make this quick, you have fifteen minutes to ask me whatever you want." He tells giving into her command.

The thing which plays in the back of his mind is the night she tried to come onto Parker. Yes she nor Spiderman had a clue he was awake, but the fact of the matter is he heard everything from the moment she entered the room. The magic headphones she placed over his ears were made to keep him asleep, if he had been; she should have set it to block out all sound. Regardless of that, he decides not to bring it up.




Out on the field Spidy smashes the shovel into the sturdy ground, his super human strength makes it easier for him to dig. The prison guards didn't explain to them what they're digging for; but it wouldn't surprise him at all if this was just an exercise.

"So Jax got any bright ideas; perhaps we can try and make a run for it on the next break. If you ask me they seem to drop their guard more." Spidy suggests.

Jax continues digging watching a few guards pass by, he wonders how much they get paid for this job. They hardly ever take an eye off of any of them, if they're to try and escape now wouldn't be the time.

"Why don't you ask me again later, right now we wouldn't even have a chance. Say we were to try and run and they don't see us on first sight, I'm almost positive we'd be caught just as quick."

The wall crawler shakes his head stabbing his shovel into the ground with even more force this time. Taking a look around himself he sees why Jax said it wouldn't be a good idea, the security is very tight.

"If I were you two I'd forget trying to escape, it's pointless really. I'm goanna be honest with you, in the past we've had about 6,000 prisoners try and break out and none of them were successful on getting far."

Hearing this extra information puts even more doubt in the back of his mind. It seems there only chance of getting out of this place is if somehow their friends can figure out where they're located. The heat the area generates makes it hard for anyone to work or even focus.

"Ten minutes till break." A guard tells.

Taking a break from digging Peter takes off his mask wiping the sweat from his face taking a deep breath.


Shalion Temple


Zatanna continues talking with Bruce almost coming to a close. She tries to explain to him that while under the influence of whatever that was, she still had some control therefore it wasn't completely a lie. But remembering back on her encounter with Azun, brings doubts to her mind. Whatever was done to her had a physical as well as mental affect on her.

"Now that we've gotten this out of the way I hope you're satisfied, remember that this stays between you and I."

Shaking her head informing him he has her word, Zee lays back. Resting his hands on the cover tops, he stares at her for a few moments but doesn't know why. Standing he begins his way toward the door. Not getting far she moves over grabbing him by his wrist.

"What about a goodnight kiss." She teases giggling.

He pulls away from her smiling walking toward the door.

"Get some sleep Zee, who knows what'll happen tomorrow."

She nods watching him exit through the front door. How she wishes he could give himself up, she's probably better off moving on. It almost seems he's destined to end up alone. Getting downstairs he runs into Donatello and Mikey who have just stepped back inside.

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