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Nine tailed mutant legend

CHP14: A new ally


With the liberation of Michelangelo and Donatello, the central focus is now back on the assailants. Kung Lao along with everyone else have made their way to safe grounds, getting themselves further away from the hazard precinct. After traveling some distance through the forest, the caped crusader gives them all the option of taking a slight break. Kung Lao takes a good look around making sure they weren't followed. Leonardo turns over to his brothers looking very uneasy. He has noticed something crucial; it is the absence of a certain individual.

"What happened to Raphael, wasn't he with the two of you?" Leo asks.

Both Dony and Mikey look over at one another with shrugged shoulders.

"Quite honestly Raphael escaped from that consign a while back." Donatello looks into the sky. "I thought he had met up with you guy's and gave you the directions to where we were being held captive."

"There really is no way of trying to search for him; we have bigger problems to worry about. We might just cross paths with him in the process." Batman tells.

As much as Leonardo wants to find his brother, he knows it would be selfish to turn away from stopping the invasion, besides there is no telling where the turtle Raphael lurks. Kung Lao leads the assemblage down the long path back to the temple.

Shalion Temple

Peter's eyes unwrap to the sight of Liu Kang and Sonya looking down on him. His vision and sense of hearing are a bit blurry. The lips of Liu Kang move, but the wall crawler can't quite make out what he is saying.

"Maybe we should just let him rest for awhile, that way he can regain his strength." Sonya says with a sigh. "I can't believe those invaders just had their way with this place."

Liu rubs a hand over Sonya's shoulder before heading over to the door.

"Just stay here and look over him, I'm goanna go down stairs and inform Raiden he is awake." Liu informs.

Sonya takes a seat on the sofa located next to the bed. Peter sits up rubbing his eyes, which helps to give him a clearer view. Sonya places a hand over his showing a face of concern.

"How are you feeling?"

He is silent for some moments not saying a word, but remembers the proceedings which occurred earlier. He jumps forward a bit startling Sonya, looking her in the face.

"What happened to Zatanna and Naruto?" Peter inquires.

"I wasn't their, but Liu tells me they took away much of the civilians including the two of them."

His head drops at her response, disappointed in himself for making his past decision to surrender. Peter slides across the bed's top over to the end leaning forward. Sonya gets out of the chair standing, walking over and sitting on the bed next to Pete.

"Why don't you come with me, I think it would do you good to get something to eat? Afterward we will devise a plan to get them back." Sonya tells.

"I guess that will be just fine, but we had better come up with a plan fast." Peter looks into the eyes of Sonya. "Who knows how long Naruto and Zee will be kept alive."

Not needing to say it, Sonya knew Zatanna's abduction is what disturbed the wall crawler most. The two stand together walking over to the exit.

Distance away

Raphael walks along the plains with Subzero who holds the map. The Lin Kuei member stops their progress, looking around. It is at this moment that Raphael unleashes his Sais.

"No need to inform me, clearly we're surrounded. Stand your ground; I sense there are a lot of them." Raphael informs.

Subzero folds up the map putting it away into a bag, dropping it to the ground afterward. Coming out of the nearby trees, rocks, and bushes are the knights. Raph steps back a little observing Subzero creating a sword out of ice.

"There seems to be at least twenty of them, I'm certain we are close now. This is the only reason Azun would send this many of his fighters." Subzero assumes.

In some strange way the situation only excites the turtle, given his spirit of battle. Both ninjas are circled around, with one of the individuals in the crowd stepping forward.

"The two of you must think you are very clever, with us being here the two of you must believe you draw near Azun's castle."

It is then clarified to them by order of Azun they were to be found and destroyed. Subzero is most surprised with the knights backing off. The leader of them laughs, pulling something out of his pocket. He throws the bean looking object to the dirt, pouring water over it instantly.

"What sort of freak show are you trying to put on?" Raphael jumps forward while spinning his Sais. "If yo boss sent you to kill us, than why are you keeping him waiting?"

It is than Raphael rests a hand over his head, wishing he didn't say a word. The body of mud in front of him moves rapidly, eyeing it very close his worst fear comes true. A creature forms before their vary eyes, standing close to nineteen ft tall. Too make matters worse; it greatly resembles that of a turtle. Its sight most disgusts Raph who lets out a sigh of bitterness. Subzero glimpses over at the clear in command knight.

"If the two of you can somehow get passed our pet here, you will have the pleasure of taking us on."

Not another word or action is made as Raphael runs forward performing a jump kick into their opponent, knocking it off balance. But with share quickness the creature grabs Raphael by his ankle swinging him around in circles. Some of the surroundings knights laugh at this activity. The infuriated turtle is thrown into Subzero tumbling to the ground. Both ninjas kick off one another, showing no weakness to their enemies quickly getting up. Raphael steps back watching as Subzero creates a massive ice blast, shooting it across the way freezing the earth creature solid. The Lin Kuei fighter jumps forward kicking and shattering it into pieces. Raphael steps forward while spinning his Sais.

"You thought that joke of a creation would defeat us? I suggest going back to the drawing board windbag!" Raph yells running forward.

He is stopped short in his tracks with the explosion of the ice. What happens next doesn't surprise Raphael or Subzero, but there is a feeling of agitation between them both. The creature regenerates in no time, still resuming its status as a turtle.

"I wouldn't speak so soon, a reptile like you should not claim victory so quickly."

Raphael almost smiles at the knight's remark, thinking of a particular individual. Subzero creates two swords out of the ice running up next to Raphael. At the exact same time both leap into the air, cutting and slicing at the monster. Raphael gets onto its back slicing away at its shell made of rock and sand. The turtle extends its arm reaching back and whacking Raphael across the face. The turtle performs a spiral going face first into the ground. The turtle stretches its arm out as if it were bubble gum grabbing Subzero by his neck and smashing him into a tree.

Distance away

Naruto finally awakes with one side of his face resting gently on a cold cement surface. He hops up a bit, taking a look around to see laser prison bars. It is then that he remembers the events which lead up to his current misfortune. The leaf village ninja takes a full stand, letting out a slight yawn. Wanting to test the strength of the lasers was all too consuming, as anything was better than being a prisoner. Besides he has nothing to loose, after they take what they want from him he's basically history. Taking a step forward he holds on tight to a piece of cloth on his outfit extending it some. Getting in closer to the lasers he focuses in taking one gulp.

"I wouldn't if I was you, it won't work. Your chakra has also been disabled within these walls."

Naruto is stunned at the voice, but there is no way this certain person could be captured a long with him. How in the world did he get in this dimension? And how was he captured? Before any further analogues, Naruto looks around to see where the voice came from. To his surprise it was in fact the one!

"Sasuke! How, huh, what?" Naruto asks.

Sasuke smiles a bit at the ninja's facial expression, but holds back realizing the troublesome situation they currently endure.

"I'll be perfectly honest with you when I say I purposely let them capture me. I wanted to know exactly what their full plans are."

Sasuke explains to Naruto his encounters with the invaders, which lead up to him being in this world.

"Do you have any idea what happened to the other residents of the leaf village?" Naruto asks, wanting an obvious good answer.

"I'm not sure why you even care about what's become of them. To tell the truth, it's not good."

Some distance away with on the field, Subzero continues to fight against this new foe along with Raphael. The turtle creature swings its tail around attempting to try and lay the two of them out. The monstrous being grabs Raph by his shell, slamming him into a nearby rock which takes the breath out of him. Subzero takes this opportunity to do something seeing as the creature is off guard. Running at top speed to presume his attack Subzero is grabbed and thrown into the mouth of the turtle creation.

"Nicely done my pet, now finish off that turtle. Just make sure he can't walk, but we need this one alive." A night tells while clapping.

With both Sais in hand Raphael looks up at the monster with much fear. He jumps out of its range just as it stomps at the ground. Raphael takes a look around looking for anything that can tilt the battle in his favor. Thinking fast, the turtle runs across the grass locating a huge rock. Raphael jumps off of the rock leaping into the air and stabbing his Sais into the eyes of his opponent. After doing so, he back flips a few times creating some separation.

"Not so tough without your eyes now are yah? It looks like you will have to sniff around and find me now." Raphael says, relieved.

Raph has no time to relax watching as the creature's eyes regenerate. It is now Raphael shakes his head in a little regret.

"Oh shell, me and my big mouth!"

Raphael runs forward ready to continue the fight. He is only tossed back by the impact of the explosion of the creature. Subzero lies in the middle of the gooey mess. Raphael takes a stand applauding the Lin Kuei master. Subzero stands as well wiping some of the slime off his arms.

"I'm not sure what you mean, but I wasn't the one who did that." Subzero replies

Raph looks over at his colleague confused, if he hadn't done it than who did? Maybe the creature self destructed in an attempt to defeat Raphael, but that didn't seem right. The surrounding knights are also puzzled by this, not having a clue to what just happened. Everyone's answers would soon be answered with the appearance of a figure dropping from high above. The group is astounded to see who stands before them.

"What in the world! Kayla what are you doing here?" Raphael asks.

She looks over in Raph's direction letting out a smirk. The turtle stands his ground holding both his weapons tight.

"Kayla what is the meaning of this? Are you the one responsible for the destruction of my creation?" The commander demands.

Nothing can hold back the smile present on her face, which soon turns into a laugh. The surrounding knights talk among one another, trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

"Isn't it obvious Ted, I'm no longer taking orders from Azun. What the king of our world has sent us here to do is wrong, and the way my gender is treated is beyond unethical!"

Stepping forward the commander does nothing but laugh.

"Silly woman you have no choice but to take orders! You know better than to question anything Azun does or says, you'll have a lot of explaining to do when Azun finds out about this."

"You're mistaken Ted, in fact he will not know a thing about what has happened here today."

Raphael looks over at Subzero who looks back at him, both are a bit confused on to what is about to happen. It is enough evidence for Raph that she is not there to fight them, as she begins her assault on the knights. Wanting to repay her for destroying the turtle creation he jumps in as well. Subzero stands at the side not sure if he wants to get in on the battle. Just the other night this Kayla girl was an enemy to them, not just that but a well trained assassin! Thinking it over he decides to help; besides the knights were trying to gain control of the planet.

"You dirty little traitor! I will cut your head off and take it back to Azun as a souvenir!" Ted yells out.

Kayla smiles jumping up on his shoulders wrapping her legs around his neck leg grabbing him. She throws him into a group of his soldiers. Snatching a Sai away from Raph she stabs it into the heart of Ted. Raphael slashes and slices into many of the knights along with Subzero.

"You should know better than to threaten me, I hope you enjoy after life." Kayla says, kicking Ted to his back.

She quickly pulls the weapon from his body, tossing it back over to its owner Raphael. Subzero freezes three of the invaders solid, sliding over and kicking their heads off. Both Raphael and Subzero look over in time to see the final knight retreating through the bushes. With great aim the Lin Kuei fighter chucks his sword with much force! The blade's tip ends up in the head of the individual. It is at this time that the two earth defenders turn their attention to Kayla. She puts on a smile of guilt.

"Why don't the two of you follow me, there is a stream up ahead. I'll explain everything to you once we're there."

Neither of the two questions her wishes. The two of them seem to be on the same page giving the other the look to stay on guard. It isn't long before they come to a stop; the two ninjas are amazed with the magnificence of the view.

"Wow it's very pretty, talk about breath taking." Raphael emphasizes.

A rainbow has formed over the waterfall, with the passing of pigeons and other birds. Subzero crosses his arms looking over at Kayla ready for some answers; she notices this clearing her throat turning to him and Raph.

"I've been in this world long enough, to understand many different situations similar to that of now. I don't expect either of you to fully trust me, but I mean you no harm."

"Well if that is true, why don't you take us to the hideout of Azun? I still need to repay him back for an encounter we had earlier." Subzero tells.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot do that." Kayla shakes her head. "If I were to take the two of you there, you would be over powered and destroyed. You must have a plan first."

Leaning against a rock spinning a Sai Raphael contemplates a plan on what can be done. Some distance away Azun gets up from the dinner table leaving Quila along with Mia.

"Aren't you going to stay around for dessert, I hear it's your favorite?" Quila asks.

"I'll have some later, for now I have a few matters I need to take care of."

Azun leaves the room in a hurry; walking past the front room he observes a few of his warriors playing a game of cards. Walking down a dark hall he bumps into one of his scientists, who is also a good doctor.

"Hello Dr. Ferris, do you have any clue when your procedures with the blond haired kid will proceed?" Azun asks.

"Id give it about another three days, we must wait for our first analysis to return before continuing on."

Azun pats him on the shoulder informing him of his appreciation to have him aboard the team. Azun continues his way down the hall coming to a stop. He looks around making sure he wasn't followed by anyone. He enters into a room locking it behind him. Looking up from the ground still strapped to the wall is Zatanna.

"What have you done to me, I shouldn't feel this way. Please untie me I can't take this persecute any more!" Zatanna demands.

Azun takes a good look into her eyes, realizing that the serum had taken a huge toll on her body mind and spirit. But was it enough for him to take advantage of her? He isn't quite sure but decides to release her. Once Azun gets into touching distance he ties something around her wrist, which takes away any of her magic abilities. After doing so he unties her jumping back a bit not knowing if she would attack him. But it is clear she does not want to fight falling to her knees, she sticks her hands into her bra feeling and pleasuring herself. Azun just stands by watching listening to her moan. Looking up at him she immediately stops, noticing the desire within his eyes. She stands walking over to his side rubbing her body up against his.

"Come right this way honey, don't be afraid." Zatanna says with a giggle taking Azun's hand.

She leads him over to a couch throwing him onto it while smiling. Azun looks up at her as she begins undressing. He does the same by taking off his cape and upper body armor, revealing his chest. Zee throws her hat to the side kicking off her high heels. She removes everything except for her panties and bra. Azun whistles at her beauty, reaching forward and rubbing a hand across her stomach. Zatanna steps forward resting her hands on his shoulders, sitting herself on top of him. He lies back with his eyes closed as she gives him a smooth erotic lap dance. Back within the end of the forest near a stream, Kayla has finished explaining what she will do.

"So what your saying is we can continue to look for Azun's hideout, but it will be hopeless to stop him just being the two of us?" Raphael asks.

"That is correct, but if you can somehow get some recruits you just might have a chance. I will continue to work with Azun, just so that I can keep a close eye on him. But I've been away for to long, I better head back before they get suspicious." Kayla tells.

"How will we be able to contact you?" Subzero asks.

"Don't worry if the two of you need me, I'll find you. And remember Quila and Mia know nothing about this, and its goanna stay that way."

Kayla begins sprinting back into the forest but stops taking a look back, she winks at Raph blowing him a kiss. She then disappears into the darkness.

"What was that all about?" Subzero asks.

Raphael shrugs his shoulders not having a clue either. The two of them continue their journey down the path deciding to try and attack the invaders weaker bases.

   To be continue

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Nine tailed Mutant Legend

CHP15: Delayed path


Clouds relocate over the mountain tops covering much of the sun limiting the light which spreads over the land. Kung Lao walks gradually across a bridge with the others close behind. Much pressure is felt between that of Leo, Kung Lao and Batman, whom know just how critical the circumstances are. With numerous problems standing in front of them it doesn't alleviate Leonardo one bit that his brother Raphael had escaped a while back but had no success of meeting up with him. As much as he would love to search for his brother, it is something that must wait given the magnitude of the incursion.

"I hope none of you mind getting wet, judging by the sky we'll most likely be receiving some rain showers." Batman glimpses up into the sky before looking back on Michelangelo and Donatello. "Don't worry about your brother, you have my word that he will be found. If he's anything like the three of you, I'd say everything will work out."

The caped crusader instantly puts his attention back on the path ahead. Mikey pulls out one chuck spinning it around at his side whistling at the same time.

"It's a good thing you guys showed up when you did, I felt sure those monster dudes were goanna finish us. So when is someone going to fill Dony and I on what is happening?"

Leo walks over placing a hand on the shoulder of his younger brother.

"All you need to know for now is that the group of fighters, who attacked us back in our home lair, is trying to take control of this world along with many others."

Mikey rests the chuck on his side shaking his head not surprised even a little with the remedy.

"I just have one question." Donatello walks over to Batman's side. "What exactly are we up against; I mean how many of these guys are there?"

"Let's just say we are outnumbered by a couple hundred, possibly millions." Bat's gives Don a quick look before looking forward once more. "None of us have step foot on their home world, so that makes it tough to assume our exact standings."

"Our best chance of survival is to round up any of the earth's defense, we're goanna need all the help possible. I have confidence Raiden will set us down the right path to stopping this nightmare." Kung Lao adds.

"Even if your master doesn't pull through, there is always a chance to beat the odds." Batman says.

Azun positions on his back watching as Zatanna un buckles his belt pulling his pants down to his knees. She leans back a bit allowing him to kick off his boots and slacks displaying a smile. All that remains on his body is a pair of boxer briefs. Zee leans forward rubbing her hands on both sides of his legs slowly progressing upward to his waste. Once there she takes a hand bringing it across his lower stomach moving it downward over his manhood. She rubs a hand over .he fabrics surface getting an immediate reaction from him, with that of moans along with an erection.

"Do you like the way I'm touching you baby?" Zee asks seductively.

Azun shakes his head moaning in much pleasure. Zatanna moves up placing both her hands on his chest leaning down licking him over the lips before sitting up. She reaches to her back side un buttoning her bra throwing it to the side. Azun drools looking up at her beautiful sized breasts.

"Don't say a word sweetie; I want to lead for a few minutes before you take over."

Zatanna brings herself down resting her breasts onto his chest, bringing her lips to his kissing passionately. She moves her lower body up against his arousing him further. Being caught up in the moment he places one hand into her panties rubbing the soft surface of her butt.

Distance away

The two ninjas sent by the grand master to find the invaders prime base sit on separate logs thinking deep. Subzero is the first to look up from the ground, already knowing he and Raphael are not on the same page with the secret alliance.

"Look I'm sorry if you don't agree with what I'm about to say, but reflecting on her offer I'd say it's an ambush." Subzero pauses feeling a tiny raindrop hit his arm. "She is a trained assassin Raph, I bet Azun sent her to try and gain our trust."

As a reply Raphael chuckles a bit, tossing a tree branch a few yards away.

"I understand why you are concerned, but you must listen to what you're saying. You and I both know that Azun doesn't see either of us as a threat, heck he probably thinks he can eliminate us at any time."

"You make a good point there, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be on alert. For some reason I feel this is some huge setup."

With the passing of another second the rain begins coming down. Raph takes a stand stretching, trying to get certain things out of his mind. Everything just seems so unreal for the reptile leading all the way back to his family being attacked in their home sewer.

"Whatever this all might mean, for now it is best for us to go along with Kayla. Hopefully on our next encounter, she will give us an inside on how many of them there are." Subzero tells.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, just try and stay positive through this upcoming war."

With crossed arms the Lin Kuei fighter nods looking up into the gray clouds.

Azun's fortress

Naruto lay's back within his cell looking up at the ceiling not knowing what to do with him self. The leaf village ninja then realizes something, sitting up in the bed looking into the cell of Sasuke who sits in a corner crossed legged eyes closed.

"Hey Sasuke don't you find it to be a bit strange that you and I are the only two locked up in this room? I seriously thought they would have captured a lot more prisoners."

"I thought you would have figured that out by now, we aren't being kept with everyone else." Sasuke opens his eyes glancing out of the electric bar's window. "The leader of those knights wants something from us each; don't feel too bad though there are many others they seek."

Naruto hops out of the bed moving closer to the laser bars shaking his head in despair.

"Come on Sasuke we need to think, there is no way we can let things end this way. There is just no way will I fail Sakura and the others, whatever we decide to do its goanna have to be fast."

"Maybe if you do less talking and start thinking you'll have a better success coming up with a plan."

Naruto walks back over to the beds edge taking a seat, putting more thought than before into the situation. Some rooms away Zatanna breaks the kiss sitting up on Azun who reaches up squeezing at her breasts. She throws her head back moaning aloud. He then brings his hands down her stomach rubbing a finger over her belly button. This causes her to giggle.

"Are you ready for the next step hun?" Zee asks softly.

"Of course, but if you wouldn't mind I'll take over now."

"That sounds like fun; maybe you can teach this bad girl a lesson." Zatanna replies running a finger over his muscular chest.

Azun lifts Zatanna up placing her underneath him. He brings his lips down to her joining in a deep kiss, their tongues explore the others mouth. Azun quickly breaks the kiss looking into her azure eyes.

"So will this be your first time?" Azun asks.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Zee replies seductively giggling.

Azun wastes no time pulling at her panties. Pulling the material downward he plants little kisses on her legs, once reaching her ankles an annoying sound can be heard at the side of Azun's air. It is the sound of someone knocking on the doors entrance; Azun puts a finger to Zatanna's lips informing her to keep quite.

"Who is it, this better be important I'm kinda in the middle of something."

A few moments pass before there is a reply.

"Whatever it is you're doing make it quick, the army of knights are awaiting for the next set of orders. All squads have been successful in completing their missions taking over important landscapes." Mia tells.

"That's good to hear, I'll be heading out in just a minute, and you can meet me within the main room in five."

Mia immediately strides down the hall with no further questioning. Azun steps off the couch tossing Zatanna her bra.

"I'm sorry that this had to be cut short, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done." Azun gives her a smile before finishing. "We can continue where we left off later, but for now I need you to get dressed and be a good girl by staying in this room."

Zee nods her head getting off the couch retrieving her attire. Neither of the two speaks as they get dressed. Azun exits the room soon after making sure the door is locked behind him. Zatanna takes a seat on the sofa thinking back on what she had just done. In some ways she regrets the encounter, but at the same time enjoyed the pleasure of it. Pleasurable or not she made a huge mistake by almost giving up her body to that of Azun's sexual needs. But that wasn't the reason for her actions; it was her who desired to be taken advantage of. Even now the urge runs through her body, only angering her not to know why.

"Somehow I need to get out of this place; Azun must have something to do with my current inclination." The idea infuriates her. "Hopefully Batman will show up with the others, I'm not sure I will be able to get out of here with my magic being disabled."

At this point Zatanna is fully dressed holding her hat on the couch's arm. Azun enters into the main room where he is greeted by Mia, Quila and the squad leaders. Everyone takes a seat, which is when Azun begins speaking.

Distance away

Elevated meadow stands within the path of Kung Lao and company, Leo steps forward cutting through the over growing turf. The others follow behind him, watching as he creates a path. Batman notices something suspicious jumping forward!

"Wait Leo stop!" Bat's yells out reaching for Leonardo's wrist that slices at a well hidden rope.

Beneath them a net rises trapping them all around fifteen ft above.

"I tried to warn you, but let's get out of here before whoever is responsible for this trap shows." Batman informs.

Leonardo slices at the net freeing everyone. Not even getting his feet set Kung Lao jumps out of the path of an arrow, indicating they're in fact surrounded.

Shalion Temple

Liu sits at a table with a newspaper in front of him reading over the main headlines.

"How much longer do we have to wait, we should be going after Zee and the others. We can't just stand here and wait for Kung Lao, Bat's and Leo to return. Who knows how long that may take." Peter suggests.

"Look I don't want to sit around here more than you but we must go by what Raiden said, we will need the help of them. Why don't you put in some time within the training room, before you know it the others will arrive?" Liu suggests.

Peter tightens his fists not having any control over the situation. Jax's walks up to Peter's side tapping him on the shoulder.

"Don't think about it too much bud, things will work out for the best, plus we don't even know where they took Naruto along with the village inhabitants."

"Where did Sonya disappear off to?" Liu asks looking up from the newspaper.

Jax replies by letting him know that she is looking around making sure there isn't an trespasser on the premises. Back on the battle field Leonardo catches an arrow which comes at him at exceedingly high speeds. Coming from behind a near tree is a suited up ninja who Kung Lao is familiar with.

"I'm sorry if we've crossed through your land Reptile, but none of us have any intentions of fighting, so just step aside and there won't be any problems." Kung Lao tells

As a retort the ninja laughs with his entire trained group making themselves visible coming from behind the surrounding plantation.

"I take it these guys don't want to talk, that sucks." Mikey says scratching his head.

"You have made a huge mistake crossing my boundaries; this shall be a great treat destroying you Shalion fighter. It's too bad you brought these friends of yours along for the ride."

The five are more than ready with Reptile ordering his fighters to attack. Batman jumps off the shell of Dony gliding into the air and kicking a ninja who comes in full speed. Leonardo runs forward slicing the belt off of an enemy quickly kneeing him in the stomach. Donatello along with Kung Lao comes across kicking the ninja into a tree. Reptile finds an opening leaping forward and punching Mikey into Batman causing them both to tumble to the ground. Both warriors waste no time getting up and back in the fight. Michelangelo dashes forward bicycle kicking into Reptile, but doesn't finish through as he is grabbed and thrown by a ninja from behind.

"Hey that's not fair, attacking from behind is for cowards." Mikey complains.

One ninja holds Kung Lao in a master lock, while another punches at his upper body. Donatello slams the tip of his staff into Reptiles side watching the ninja yell out in ache. Batman takes the opportunity jumping up leg grabbing Reptile by his neck lobbing him to the ground. Mikey spins his chucks fiercely whacking and knocking many of the ninjas who try and attack him. After some time Kung Lao is let go falling to his knees in almost defeat. The ninja standing at his front side boots him in the face knocking Kung Lao face first to the ground. Before anything else can be done Leonardo along side Michelangelo take the two of them out. Reptile slowly gets up informing his fighters to retreat along side him. Dony and Bat's watch as he disappears into the trees not caring to try and follow them.

"This fight is officially over; it looks like Kung Lao might need some aid." Batman tells.

Leo helps Kung Lao up just as Batman and Donatello reach them.

"How are you feeling?" Dony asks.

"I'll be alright, but there is no time to worry about that." Kung Lao bends down picking up and placing his hat on his head. "For some reason I feel like something bad has happened."

The dark knight reaches into his utility belt pulling out the map, leading them all on the path to the Shalion temple.

Worlds away

Kakashi looks over in the cell of Shikamaru watching as he completes yet another series of push ups. The leaf village ninja wipes the sweat from his head with a piece of cloth.

"Wanna take any guesses on where they took the rest of the prisoners? Whatever the case may be, hopefully Ino and Sakura are fine, I wonder how far these guys are expanding this invasion."

"I guess I might have failed to inform you that all villages have been enslaved, from what I've heard there are other planets being taken over." Kakashi tells.

Shikamaru is stunned by this news not speaking for a lengthy period. How could this group of assailants take control of this entire globe and still have enough followers to conquer even more planets.

"I know this is probably a bit far fetched, but what do you think the chances of things returning back to normal are?" Shikamaru asks.

"I can't read the future but it doesn't look good at all, it's a shame Naruto was killed in this whole mess that boy had true potential to be something great." Kakashi says almost in a whisper.

Outside the prison doors stand two guards who are approached by another knight with higher standings/status.

"I'm just here to update the two of you on the progress of confinement within the other villages. Just as planned most everyone has been captured and imprisoned for the time being; however there are still a few loose individuals such as Tamari from the sand village on the run with some others. It's no problem our guys are hot on their trail and just like everyone before them they will be detained."

He continues explaining to them both on what they will be doing next involving the entire circumstance.

Worlds away 

Subzero and Raphael come across a tree displaying different sizes of Mangos. Raph has the Lin Kuei member hold open a bag as he climbs up the tree. He rips the fruits from their branches throwing them into the bag. He also uses a Sai to cut at a grip of them looking down as they fall into the bag. Raph jumps out of the tree after collecting a satisfying amount of fruits.

"It's no thanksgiving dinner but it will have to do." Raph emphasizes.

Subzero immediately drops the bag pushing Raphael off to the side jumping in the opposite direction as a shuriken passes between them. Raphael quickly gets up pulling out and spinning both Sai's.

"I hope you haven't come here to fight, if so you're goanna need a lot of backup." Raph informs.

"Stand back Raphael it is Scorpion. Why have you come here ninja?" Subzero asks while in a fighting stance.

The ninja spectre takes a few steps forward without saying a word.

"You should already know the answer to that already Lin Kuei fighter. I've come to seek you on a possible part time teammate. As you should already know the invasion by this outside force is getting a bit out of control." Scorpion tells.

Raphael puts down his weapons realizing that this individual is not here to fight, but infact helping to better the odds. There is no reply from Subzero who just stares into the eyes of Scorpion. The three of them stand there for what feels like forever in total silence. Raphael finally takes a step forward grasping the situation isn't improving.

"Obviously the two of you have a history of some sort, but whatever it may be we need to put that aside." Raphael looks over at the Lin Kuei ninja. "Come on Subzero you know we'll need all the help we can get."

Subzero takes a deep breath seeming to relax a bit.

"Alright Scorpion you can tag along with us if you'd like, but I swear if this is some kind of trap you will pay with your life!" Subzero says making himself clear.

Scorpion laughs at the comment.

"Do you forget that I'm already dead, good luck with that? You don't have to worry about me turning on you; I want these invaders gone just as much as everyone else."

Raphael walks across the grass shaking hands with the ninja properly introducing himself.

"Now that it is official I must go, there are a few things I must do. I will meet back up with the two of you later."

Scorpion disappears into flames almost instantly. Raph looks over back at Subzero walking a few feet closer.

"I'm taking it you don't trust that guy much?" Raph asks.

"He and I definitely have a lot of history but we should be able to trust him more than Kayla, whatever happens we must watch each others back. For now let's just eat some of the Mangos, if anything we'll need our energy."

To Be Continue 
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