Batman/Detective Conan Crossover #5

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Lightest of Nights: A Deck of Minds

Chapter 5

Connection to Make

The second stage was now underway. He had no basis for how long it would be before he would finish. He sighed before turning in the chair, looking down to see him still standing there; clearly in a quarrel with his own thoughts.

He was hesitant, but chose to speak. "Shinichi," Hiroshi said. "You don't have to stay here and wait, I can always call you once I have searched through everything we've gathered to this point."

He nodded in light of this. "That might not be a bad idea," Conan agreed. "If anything I should return to the crime scene."

He was surprised by this. "For what purpose," Hiroshi inquired. "Surely you took everything into accounted the first trip around?"

"Yes, but there's always the possibility something new came to the light after my departure," Conan replied. "And by new, I'm referring to the victim himself; Tanakai-san."

"True, other than his name you received no further information on the deceased," Hiroshi said coming to an understanding. "Who knows, perhaps his background could give us a clue as to where he might have come in contact with this 'new' drug."

"I'll call if anything comes up." Conan assured.

"You can expect the same from me," Hiroshi promised. He then turned back to the monitor to see back to the task at hand. "Do you have a set time for when you may return?"

"I am uncertain," Conan said in response. "We'll see how everything plays out."

"Very well," Hiroshi said now focusing entirely to the task at hand. "I'll keep my ears open for any calls, oh.. and don't forget to lock the front door on your way out."

"Of course." Conan nodded. Following this he made way toward the other side of the room.

Nothing more was spoken on the matter. Even with a clear path being paved there was still an uncertainty of what the end would hold, a fact that loomed without saying.


The last of what needed to be placed into the holding area of the aircraft was now underway. All merchandise was looked over before being tagged and loaded into the dock. Everything was either sealed in a box, or one of the many crates.

"Looks like we're all done here," A man in possession of notepad filled with a checklist announced to three others who stood before him. "Let's get it all locked up."

Just as they were to comply with what was instructed of them the sound of someone approaching could be heard. The three of them turned just as a woman came walking over, all while reeling a large crate along. "Hold on," She stated. The woman did not stop until coming within feet of the trio. "We've got one more."

He gazed over the checklist, raising a brow as he looked back up to address her. "According to the list we have all the scheduled, whatever you have there was not included.. would you happen to know what's inside?"

"Not a clue," The woman admitted. "I was instructed by the clerk at the front desk to make sure this box of goods gets loaded onto the plane headed to Novosibirsk."

"Hmmmm…must be one of those last minute orders," The man concluded. "Bring it over, we'll make sure it reaches its destination."

"Will do," The woman said before moving forward once again. "Not that it means anything to me, but is all of this stuff going to Novosibirsk?"

"Yes," The man confirmed. "Nonstop."

"That's at least a thirteen hour flight, correct?"

"Not with this new line of tech these planes are tanking," One of the others noted "It should only take a little over ten hours for Novosibirsk to be reached."

"I knew these line of planes were fast, but not to that degree."

"You're not the only one," The man said in response. "Wayne tech excels in producing some of the most highly advanced aircrafts, on all fronts if I should say so myself."

"I see."

"But enough about that," He said with the sway of his hand. "Let's get this crate aboard with all other shipments; we have a schedule to keep."

With nothing more the final crate was loaded onto the plane along with everything else before locking up the holding block.


He glided along masterfully down one street to the next. The wheels beneath swayed ever so smoothly with every turn made. Before he knew it the crime scene came back into view. By this time the body was being placed onto a stretcher, a sign that they were now moving on with the next stage in the investigation. He didn't let this stop him from skating over, only stopping after reaching the crime scene tape which was still present. Once there he surveyed the area. After a short search he spotted the person he was hoping to find.

"Officer Takagi." Conan called out. He caught wind of his call, immediately looking his way. "Conan-kun." Wataru said surprised to find that he had returned. He walked over to join him in that instance, pushing past the crime scene tape in the process.

"Why have you come back," Wataru asked. "I was under the impression you took off with Mouri-san when he went to the station ten minutes ago."

He used this bit of information to his advantage. "It was Kogoro-no-ojisan who sent me back," Conan clarafied. "There's something he wanted me to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"Details about the victim," Conan replied. "Has his age, or even occupation been determined?"

"We don't have an exact age as of yet," Wataru admitted. "But we most certainly have a narrowed range for what that could be."

This was a start. "You do?"

"Yes, besides the identification card that we found on him earlier we also came across another ID he was carrying," Wataru informed. "His school ID."

His mind froze at the given. "He was a student." This fact coupled in with the victims appearance gave him a solid estimation for what grade they might be in. Pressing for more information he continued. "Really, where did he attend?"

"Ekoda High." Wataru informed.

His head leveled down ever so slightly. "A high school students, this shifts things to a whole nother perspective," Conan collected in mind. "And that's not a good thing, if a school kid was able to get his hands on a lethal drug as the one we're dealing with now there's no telling how complex things will get."

His thoughts would be broken in that split second.

"Was there anything else Mouri-san wished to know?"

"No, that's all he wanted to know," Conan smilingly thanked with that child innocence in his eyes flashing. "I'll be sure he receives the details."

"I'm glad I was able to be of assistance." Wataru boasted proudly.

With that he walked off. It was now time to factor in the newly learned information into the already cycling equation. The fact that the drug in question had been obtained by a student increased the bar of possibility, an indication the drug could possibly be being distributed in a public place easily accessible to teens… but where? No matter the circumstances to be presented, he was determined to crack this case.

"This is turning out to be broader than I originally thought."


After hours of travel the destination was now in reach. The wheels touched down to the solid surface, an impact which could be felt throughout. It was a concrete indication that they had truly arrived. His stance had to be maintained throughout; knowing even the subtlest of movement could blow his cover.

The aircraft came to a complete stop after what only seemed to be a couple minutes. What was next? This question would soon be answered, feeling as the large crate he found himself hidden within was lifted. Few words were exchanged by those on the outside. What they were discussing was less than clear, but that wasn't of importance… but rather, where they would be going next. After being carried for what was estimated three minutes he was finally placed down once more, hearing as several other shipments were stacked down around him.

He moved a little in position, shaking off a stiffness that had crept in. "Everything has been transferred, but to where?"

There was no doubt about it. Possibilities began to scatter in mind as the sound of an engine erupted, followed by movement of the vehicle he now found himself riding in. The drive to wherever he was now being taken lasted for a little over twenty minutes. A short time after coming to a stop his crate was pulled into the grasp of two individuals. He made no movement from his end, as not to draw suspicion. The longer they traveled the more curious he became as to where they were going. After a short time he heard a sound on the outside which gave off a hint of sorts.


There was an undeniable descend to be felt, concluding he was being taken down a fleet of stairs due to the bumps in the path to be felt. This lasted for a marginable time. Eventually an electrical sound found way to his ear. But was it? The sound of automatic door perhaps? All movement seized soon after, a sign he had been placed down. Soon after conversation ensued between those on the outside, this time able to pick up what was being said.

"So this is it, we're just going to leave all the goods here?"

"Yes, our job here is done," Another spoke. "Next step is for the captains to come and collect, they get the task of dishing out the picks that are being transferred in from the other two locations."

"Let's get going," A third interjected. "They'll be expecting us back within the usual thirty minute time frame; you know how the boss doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"Don't have to tell me twice."

The only sound to follow was that of footsteps, a sound which faded with every second that passed. There was only one thing to make of this. ".. They're gone."

With a fierce explosion of strength the crate was shattered from within. He stepped out, minding the several wood bits that were now scattered across the ground. The room was dark. But even still he could make out how large it was in space.

"Now, let's see where my travels have landed me."

Before another move was made a ring came from the com-link within his ear, alerting him of an incoming call.


"The systems showcased an increased movement from you Master Bruce, so I assume you arrived?"

"Yes, I have," Batman confirmed. "But where that is, is still unclear."

"By what do you mean by that?"

"Once we touched down in Novosibirsk the crate I was hidden within along with all other shipments was then exported to another plane before taking off once more."

"That would explain why it took so long for me to pick up any activity from you."

With the coast clear he moved forward. "Where I am is an uncertainty. The room I walk now is significantly dark, but from the looks of things I'd say I'm in a storage space of some kind."

"Which should come as no surprise."

With another step walked he activated the night vision within his cowl, giving him a better view of the path he now trailed. "If Crane's product is here I will find it."

"I have no doubt." Alfred spoke assured.

"What about the bat plane," Batman questioned. "Has it been sent?"

"Autopilot," Alfred confirmed. "Wherever you are now it will track onto your signal."

"I'll have things wrapped up here soon enough."

With that said he reached down for his utility belt as he stepped forward, pulling out a small device of some kind. "This will allow me to pick up which box Crane's product is stashed in." There were several crates and boxes that could be holding the sought subject. He commenced through the dark room, listening to the sound of the signal that strengthen with each taken step.

He made the decision to go right, following the wall on that side as he hovered the device over every box passed to try and find what had brought him here. In doing so there was something on the wall that caught his attention, a mark. His search was put on hold as he inched in closer to find that is was actually a print, one which brought an alarming discovery.

"Alfred," Batman radioed. "I know where I am and where Scarecrow's toxin has been getting shipped to."


"Tokyo, Japan," Batman reported. "I've discovered Skytale's insignia on a wall down here, there is no doubt about it."

"Well that sure adds another unexpected kink in the road," Alfred noted. "Not only was one of your planes being used to help in the transportation process, and now we've come to find that destination of the chemicals is none other than a museum associated with Wayne Enterprises."

He brought a hand to his chin with his thoughts taking center stage. Yesterday's incident at this very location was one of the very first things to come to mind. It was almost too convenient.

"The Kid Thief infiltrated this facility yesterday night by bypassing the security set up in this building by Wayne Tech, and yet when he had the sought possession in reach he decided not to take it," Batman spoke aloud. "And instead chose to leave behind a note, why… could he possibly be involved with this whole ordeal in some way?"

It was certainly a possibility, one which he wasn't going to let stay refrigerated. "Alfred."

"Yes Master Bruce?"

"I have a favor to ask," Batman replied. "I want all files on Kaitou Kid, from case files to any sightings that have been reported on him worked into my data base."

"For what reason?"

"He might be involved with this in some capacity," Batman replied. "Every possible lead needs to be covered, including this one."

"What do you hope to accomplish?"

"Finding and bringing the Kid Thief in for questioning," Batman declared. "Even if it means by force, finding him will be the first step."

"Something you won't have to try hard."

"What do you mean?"

"Just about two hours ago Wayne Enterprises received something, a letter… one which was addressed to Bruce Wayne," Alfred informed. "I had hoped to bring it up to you once your mission was complete. But this moment seems appropriate as any other to bring you up to speed. Believe it or not the letter in question was sent from none other than Kaitou Kid himself."

His eyes flickered at the announced. "What?"

"And sir, he plans to make a move on one of your most prized valuables," Alfred informed. "Well, at least that's what I was able to make from the written message."

"How soon?"

"If what I think is to be true," Alfred began. "Less than twenty four hours."

And with that, an inner clock began its spin as he muttered his name. "Kaitou Kid.."

To Be Continued

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