Batman/Detective Conan Crossover #10

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Lightest of Nights: A Deck of Minds

Chapter 10

Meet the Assistant

How long had it been since his return? An hour, two? Conan completely lost track of how much time passed since arriving back at the detective agency. The only sound circulating through the room was the TV clear on the other side. He paid it no mind. There was one thing on his mind and one thing only, the case.

His thoughts would however be jolted by the sound of something on the opposite side of the wall. Tilting his head back he attempted to key in on what it was. "Footsteps." It was coming from the staircase on the other side. His eyes peeked down at his watch. Given the time there was no mistaking who was coming. The door to the room opened soon after. The person to walk through was not only his child hood friend, but the girl he secretly loved.

"Dad I'm home," Ran announced prior to walking in. Surprisingly she wasn't alone, stepping in just a moment after her was her best friend and classmate. "And I brought Sonoko with me. We're going to be studying for a big test coming up this Friday."

Half listening to what she said Kogoro waved back in acknowledgement. "Fine by me, just keep it down."

After shutting the door the two noticed him sitting against the wall. "Conan-kun," Ran said walking over to him "Word spread that Teitan Elementary was closed today because of a disturbance."

"And everyone we've asked about it has no idea what the disturbance was. Would you happen to know?" Sonoko asked beaming down at him.

Playing into his child act, he stumbled in his response. "Well.. umm, there was-"

"One of the instructors at Teitan Elementary was poisoned." Kogoro informed from his position in front of the TV.

Focused drew over to him. "What do you mean someone was poisoned?" asked Sonoko.

Kogoro rolled his eyes at the fact he was being distracted from his program once again. "It is just as I said," Kogoro replied taking the time to look back at the two. "Someone was poisoned at the school. The circumstances of the incident are still unclear, and as a safety precaution school was canceled for the day. The good news out of this all is that the teacher is in stable condition at the hospital."

"That's good to know," Ran said relieved to hear. She then looked over at her friend. "I'll only be a minute. There is something I need to grab from my room."

Following her words Ran departed.

"This day is one spin wheel problem after another." Sonoko deeply breathed as she strolled over to the sofa nearby.

Once there she took a seat, crossing her right leg over her left before leaning back in an apparent exhaustion. She was disgruntled. There was no mistaking this. Curious as to what was bothering her Conan spoke. "Sonoko-chan, is everything ok?"

She manifested just enough energy to look over at him. "It's a family problem, something that does not concern you." Sonoko snapped.

He huffed. "Why did I even bother?"

The next moment brought the ring of Kogoro's phone, immediately answering it he stood to his feet. Conan watched his every move from where he sat. After a half minute of conversation with someone he placed the phone into his pocket. "That was the hospital, Eilji-san has finally awakened," Kogoro dispensed. "I'm going to head up there now."

He made his way to the door, stopping about halfway across to look over at her. "Let Ran know I'll be home as soon as I can."

She nodded. He then turned back for the door, this time to find Conan following at his side. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Can I come too? Please?" Conan coaxed. "I promise I won't get in the way?"

He stared down at him for a long moment. Turning back for the door he nodded. "Just make sure you don't get in the way."

"You have my word Ojisan!"

Time passed since the scan was initially launched. With it now complete he found himself in the same position he was in hours prior, seeking answers. In that moment he would be approached from behind. He didn't need to turn around to know who it was. "Thanks for coming, Dick," Batman said.

"Whenever you need help you know I'll always be here," Nightwing greeted. He stopped once reaching the left side of the chair. "I'm assuming this is about Scarecrow's toxin that has shown up in other parts of the world, notably Japan?"

"I spoke with Gordon on that matter yesterday night," informed Batman. "And while it took some strong convincing on my behalf, counter measures have already been taken."

"Is that right," Nightwing responded. He then curiously looked up at the large computer monitor to read the headline in bold. "Kaitou Kid Holds Up A Bank In Chicago."

"That happened two hours ago," Batman informed. "The hair sample Robin uncovered at the museum came back negative. I had planned on seeing to Kid once I finished dealing with the Ghost Dragons, but he's forced my hand."

He looked down at him. "How so?"

"His actions," Batman noted. "They're escalating, and I don't think that's going to stop. Then there's the change in his approach. Typically he sends out a notice for what it is he plans to steal, this was different."

"I see," Nightwing realized. "Not only did Kaitou Kid not send a notice, but he didn't target anything specifically."

"He got away with 2.5 million in cash," Batman reported. "Cash is not something he's ever shown an interest in, nor holding down a group of hostages. And then there's the fact that whatever he steals usually gets returned in a timely fashion, always with a note attached voicing that the stolen was not what he sought."

"I take it that has yet to happen?"

"It hasn't," confirmed Batman. "I've already strung together a plan that will bring Kid right to me. And if my hunch about Kaitou Kid and Scarecrow being connected is true... two birds, one stone."

"What do you think provoked Kid's change in method," Nightwing questioned. "Surely he must have something more to gain than what the surface presents?"

A long silence ensued. Deep down there was a feeling of disconnect. Something wasn't adding up. "Dick, I called you here to let you know I'll be taking a trip in three days."

He raised a brow. "Business purposes?"

He nodded. Seeing this he pushed for more. "By business, do you mean Bruce Wayne or Batm-"

"I need you to watch over Gotham for that one day I'm gone."

He was smart enough to know he wasn't going to gain any further insight. "Anything else you wanted to ask?"

Giving everything needed he stood up from the chair. "I have a lead regarding the Ghost Dragons," Batman conveyed. "You're welcome to tag along."

Not saying another word Batman made his way to the Batmobile. Smiling, Nightwing followed. "Just like old times."

After a fifteen minute drive the two arrived at the hospital. At long last, would light finally be shined on the plague brought on by this new drug? There was a hope that resided. Kogoro took charge as the pair walked in past the entrance. It took only a moment for them to spot the front desk further left of where they stood.

Standing behind the desk was a young man who smiled the second he noticed the two approaching. "Welcome," he happily greeted. "And how may I be of service for you today?"

Before either could respond someone appeared from the right all while addressing them. "So you're finally here Mouri-kun, and I see you brought Conan-kun with you."

"Inspector Shiratori!" Conan excitedly voiced in a childlike manner.

He looked down at him, smiling as he did. "It is good to see you too." Ninzaburo's eyes then trailed to the man directly across. "We're pleased that you were able to make it in such a timely fashion."

"I came as soon as I got the call," Kogoro stated. "What about the state of Eilji-san, how is he?"

Ninzaburo couldn't hold back a smile. "Eilji is perfectly fine. And not just him, anyone else in this hospital that came in contact with the drug is fine as well."

"Say what?!"

Conan too was astonished by this news.

"A group of doctors who have been following this outbreak since it began finally whipped up a vaccine.".

He sighed in relief. "What about Eilji-san?" asked Kogoro. "Have you spoken with him since he awoke?"

"Not yet," Ninzaburo answered. "Still waiting my turn."

This bit of information came as unexpected. "What do you mean you're waiting for your turn?"

"We're not the only ones questioning the victim, the FBI are here as well."

Both of them jumped in surprise after learning this. "FBI, what are they doing here," Kogoro exclaimed. "I hardly see how their involvement is warranted."

"I too felt the same, but that was before I learned the extent of what's going on," replied Ninzaburo. "This is much bigger than any of us could have anticipated."

He crossed his arms as he awaited the rest. "Please do elaborate."

"The FBI," Conan interjected. "Do you know how many of them are here?"

He looked down at him. This was certainly not a question he was expecting to hear, especially from him. "Two if I'm not mistaken," Ninzaburo replied giving it a moment's thought. "One of them is still talking with Eilji-san now. The woman however came out a short time-"

"One of the FBI agents is a woman," Conan interrupted. Ninzaburo nodded in confirmation. "Where is she now?"

He was unsure of the relevance of this question but answered anyway. "Last I saw her she was heading out to the parking lot. She said something about forgetting something in her car."

Before he was even half finished Conan was already part way across the room, exiting the building through the same doors he had used to enter. Kogoro shook his head in response to this. "Sometimes that little brat makes no sense."

Now back in the parking lot he jogged along, looking from one vehicle to the next as he did. "The female FBI agent … could it be her?" That very thought carried through his mind as he searched. He stopped after reaching the center of the lot. Now with a position overlooking the entire area he began surveying.

Within seconds of this he was startled by a single step from his blind side. Through instinct he spun around to find a woman standing over him. Looking down at him she smirked. "Hi, cool kid."

What he suspected came to be true. The FBI agent in question was none other than Jodie Starling. One of the few people among his small list of trusted allies. "So," Conan began crossing his arms over his chest. "It's you after all."

"I take it you saw Inspector Shiratori?" Jodie assumed given his initial words.

He nodded. It was now clear she had planned for him to come in search of her. With that now out of the way he proceeded to the matter at hand. "Jodie-sensei? Why are you here?" Conan finally asked. "What's the FBI's interest in all of this?"

She looked him over. There was no mistaking it. "You really don't know, do you," when he didn't reply she continued. "This outbreak, as they're calling it. As you know victims of this drug have been reported not only here in Tokyo, but in Sendai and Nagoya as well."

"I'm aware," Conan confirmed. "And since you've been sent to investigate then that must mean my earlier hunch was correct."

"Which was?"

"That the drug didn't originate here in Japan," Conan replied. "And I'm assuming you know where it did?"

She then reached into the jacket she wore to pull out a dark blue folder. She then held it out for him to take. Now in his hands Conan opened the folder to read the title of the file: "Professor Jonathan Crane." His eyes then dropped to the line directly below. "Native of Gotham, psychologist turned psychopath."

The beat of his heart raced at the mention of 'Gotham'. It was now all coming together. He looked up at her once again. "This Professor Crane," Conan said in reference to the file in hand. "Is he the one who created the drug that has been spreading in the streets?"

"He is." Jodie confirmed.

With that known fact he focused his attention back on the information in hand. The first bit detailed Mr. Crane's early life. His father left before he was even born, and his mother was forced to hand him over to her grandmother after his birth. He would then go through early childhood to endure severe emotional and physical torture from his great grandmother. Due to his lanky structure in body he was a constant victim of taunts from several students at school. No doubt this took a toll on his self-esteem. Every sentence read began to paint a picture of this man named Professor Crane.

His eyes flickered at what he read next "His grandmother… he killed his own grandmother." Professor Crane's story was becoming clearer.

"After high school Crane-san then enrolled at Gotham University, it was there that he became the prized student of a psychology by the name of Avram Bramowitz. It was also during this time that Crane-san took an interest in chemistry," Jodie relayed. "It wasn't long after that time that he developed a powerful hallucinogen that caused people to experience their greatest fears. The name given to this hallucinogen.. Fear Gas."

"Gas," Conan paused. "That means the drug must be inhaled to take effect. We're making progress."

"Flash forward, Crane-san would then go on to kill several who he felt did him wrong at any point using the Fear Gas he created," Jodie continued. "It was after this that his actions gained the attention of the GCPD."

"The GCPD?"

"Gotham City Police Department." replied Jodie.

"So the GCPD learns of Scarecrow, then what," Conan asked now attentive as ever "Did they ever catch him?"

There was a silence that followed. "Here's where the details get sketchy, the file," Jodie pointed. "There's another beneath Professor Crane's."

He was unsure of where this was going. Pulling the Scarecrows file aside he laid sight to the one beneath. His eyes sharpened at the title of its content. "BATMAN," He then looked at the second line. "Gotham's Dark Knight, Fact or Myth?"

Choosing not to read any further he looked up from the file. "You don't actually expect me to-"

"So you've heard of him."

"I've heard the stories, yes."

"And do you believe what you have heard?"

Just as he was to reply he stopped. There was another moment of silence. "So the GCPD and.. Batman learned of Scarecrow, what happened next?"

"Long story short, Scarecrow would be taken down before being admitted to an asylum known as Arkham," Jodie detailed. "He has however over the years escaped numerous of times, but with each escape according to inside reports has always been taken down thanks to the efforts of-"

"The Batman."

She could hear it in his voice, there was no mistaking the fact. "You don't sound convinced," Jodie waited for his response and when he didn't she continued. "I too felt the same before. Even still I'm uncertain of what to believe. But I'll leave you to make your own determination once you know everything."

His head tilted slightly back. "Everything?"

The last twenty four hours went far from the expected. But even with a miss in what he had set out to achieve, there was something gained. He now found himself walking casually down the street, side stepping around a group of people who were in conversation at a bus station. "Almost there." After reaching the end of the block his destination was now in view. He arrived soon after, looking up at the sign which read 'Blue Parrot'.

He tiredly walked in. Now in the billiards parlor there was only one person to find. There standing behind the counter on the right was a middle aged man who held a piece of cloth in hand which he was using to wipe down a glass cup. It wasn't until he was half way across the room that the man behind the counter noticed him. Surprised he looked over at the clock on the left before looking back at the young man who had entered. "And here I thought you would have headed home to get some well deserved rest," the old man spoke. "How was your trip young Master?"

He took a seat in one of the chairs before slouching forward. His head made contact with the countertop as he exhaled. "Exhausting." the boy replied.

He was not surprised by this in the least. "I tried contacting you, but it would seem our communications link was cut off somehow. It seems your activities as the notorious Kaitou Kid demanded a lot out of you this time," said the old man. "I presume you found what you were looking for on your overseas trip to Gotham City?"

He slowly eased up in position. Now sitting up straight he looked into the eyes of his ally. "Not entirely Jii-chan," Kaito placed his hands atop the counter before proceeding. "While my imposter revealed themselves to me I'm still no closer to knowing who they really are. And to top it off I learned that they were not after what I suspected."

"What's that," Konosuke questioned. "But if they weren't there to steal something disguised as you, then what was their goal?"

He didn't reply initially, but did after clearing his thoughts. "The Royal Flush Gang." Kaito finally spoke.

Konosuke's eye perked at the mentioned. "The Royal who?"

He looked up at him once more. "Jii-chan, can you run a search on a 'Royal Flush Gang'?" Kaito asked.

He nodded. "Will do young Master," following this the cup and cloth in hand were set aside. Sitting within range was a laptop computer which Konosuke slid over to himself. Not wasting a moment he opened an empty window. "Being that you were on a plane home for the last several hours I'm certain you haven't heard the news."

"What news?" Kaito asked struggling to keep his eyes open.

Konosuke took a moment to reach for something stashed behind the counter. Pulling out a rolled up newspaper he handed it over to Kaito. Now in his hand he rolled the paper open to set eyes on the article now in hand. "Kaitou Kid Holds Up a Bank." His eyes beamed upon seeing this.

"As you can see your other half made another move while you were out of commission for those few hours."

"Their antics will not go unnoticed," Kaito assured. "But it does beg the question.. what do they want with me?"

"Young Master, what is this Royal Flush Gang you speak of," asked Konosuke. "How do they fit into all of this?"

Stepping away from the seat Kaito took a deep breath before beginning to pace. "When I finally found myself in confrontation with my imposter at the Gotham museum we were interrupted by a group of five people who dropped in from above," Kaito informed. "Due to their untimely entrance Kid's imposter managed to escape."

"Alright, I have a file pulled up on them now. The Royal Flush Gang." His eyes traced over the gained information as he read aloud. "They are a band of thieves who operate primarily in Gotham. The Royal Flush Gang consists of five members, their names-"

"Ace, Ten, Jack, Queen, and King," Kaito said showcasing a basic knowledge of the five. "They were the ones I mentioned. Each of them share a notable quality pertaining to their apparel, Spades."

"Also noted here in the file," Konosuke confirmed. "I'd say you found yourself a group of long distance friends."

"I'll be sure to write them," Kaito joked. Still pacing he asked another question. "Jii-chan, does it say what interests them? Is there a pattern for what they usually go after?"

He looked back at the screen, diving into just that. A few lines more brought to light the sought. "Here's something," announced Konosuke. "It appears that their interests vary from high priced valuables to even technology based products."

"I see."

"And that's not it. I'm sure you'll find this next bit quite informing Young Master." Kaito stopped after another taken step, waiting to hear what he had to share. "Not only do they steal for their own satisfaction. The Royal Flush Gang are also thieves for hire."

This changed the dynamic of things completely. Had the Royal Flush Gang come for the Revenant Warriors on their own accord, or had they been hired? And if the second, who sent them? There was a lot to consider. Several silent filled moments passed. It was during this time that an idea came to mind. "The Royal Flush Gang were after a pair of valuable miniature statues that are part of a larger group of six known as the Revenant Warriors," Kaito recalled. "They got away with one. Jii-chan I need you to find out where the remaining four are currently being held."

Confusion settled on his face. "If they got away with only one, wouldn't that mean five remain?"

"Oh, I almost forgot," laughed Kaito. Wasting little time he removed the bag sitting on his shoulder. Now back at counter side he opened the bag to reveal what lay within. "Here take a look."

Reaching inside he pulled out the mini statue that resembled a samurai that had the head of a dragon. "Is that-"

"One of six, of the Revenant Warriors," Kaito gladly confirmed. "There's the dragon, snake, bear, hawk, elephant, and the cat."

"And you have the dragon," Konosuke said looking over the one sitting before him. "That begs the question, which of the six did the Royal Flush Gang get their hands on?"

"The snake." answered Kaito.

With that bit of information he proceeded. Only seconds into the search he gazed at the discovered. "Oh dear.."

Hearing doubt in his voice Kaito stepped forward. "What's wrong?"

"The bear, it is gone."

A puzzled look came to his face. "What do you mean it's gone?" Kaito asked.

"Tomorrow will mark a week since The Revenant Bear went missing from an Australian museum." Konosuke relayed.

"Missing… more like stolen," Kaito assumed. "It's just as I suspected. The Royal Flush Gang is after the entire set of the Revenant Warriors, which means I can track where they will appear next."

He was surprise by his words. "I don't mean to speak in challenge of this Master, but what does this gang of thieves have to do with finding your imposter?" Konosuke asked. "Let's not lose sight of the real task here."

"It was too convenient."

"By what do you mean?"

"I don't believe it was coincidence that the same night I finally encountered my imposter that the Royal Flush Gang showed up at the same place, and nearly the same time as I did," Kaito reminded. "And to top it off the valuables that my imposter led me to believe that they were after was in fact what interested the Royal Flush."

He looked away from the computer in that instant. "And you believe your imposter is in league with these thieves?"

He paused. "I'm not sure. That's for us to find out," Kaito replied. "I may not be a detective but I believe if we follow the tracks of the Royal Flush Gang I have a good feeling it will lead us straight to the one who has been impersonating me."

"And what lead to that conclusion?"

"Call it a kid's hunch."

"Your call Young Master." He then turned all focus back on the computer. Another minute passed as he looked into the whereabouts of the remaining three Revenant Warrior statues. With his search now complete he stood up from where he sat to deliver the learned. "Regarding the Hawk and Cat there is nothing documented about where they currently are."

"That only means we'll have to dig deeper," Kaito stated. "And what about the Elephant?"

"It was at an art museum on display for viewing in Africa."


"Yes, until this morning when it was purchased."

He was intrigued. "And who was the one to purchase it?"

"A billionaire by the name of Bruce Wayne." Konosuke informed.

"Bruce Wayne." Kaito rested his chin into his left palm. "I feel like I've heard that name somewhere before."

"I imagine you have, especially with where your recent travels have taken you," Konosuke noted. "Wayne-sama is from the city from where you just returned. There he is widely known as the Prince of Gotham."

"And do we know where our prince has taken the Elephant Revenant?"

"Yes," Konosuke smilingly replied. "And fortunately for us we won't have to look far."

This was surprising to say in the least. "You mean he isn't having it shipped to Gotham?"

"No, he's actually having a small art show put together here in Tokyo."

A grin formed, he couldn't be any more pleased. "When?"

"Two days from now," Konosuke informed. He then glanced back at the monitor. "However a location has yet to be selected for where the show will be held."

"Looks like we have a show to attend," Kaito announced. "Keep a lookout for any further details. Once the site of this gathering is revealed it will be time for Kid to send out his notice for the treasured Elephant."

He looked back at him. "What exactly is it you hope to accomplish?"

"By sending out a notice that I'll be coming to take the Warrior Elephant, there is no doubt in my mind that my notice will not only attract the attention of the Royal Flush Gang, but my imposter as well," Kaito replied. "They'll all show up, and when they do… two birds with one stone."

He smiled. "An interesting analysis."

"Only two days," Kaito said staring hopefully out into space. "Then the truth will be revealed."


The clouds hovered partially over the moon as the winds began to fade. They had been traveling for over an hour now. Not a word had been spoken during that time. It was a sudden ring that finally broke the silence. Maintaining a sharp eye on the road the man behind the wheel reached down to grab hold of the phone sitting at his side. Now in hand he took the call. The conversation that came only lasted moments. With no use for the phone anymore he placed it back to where it had been.

The man in the passenger seat moved slightly in position before speaking. "Bro, who was that?"

Not shedding a single eye from the road the driver responded. "That woman."

"Vermouth," the passenger assumed. "What did she say Gin?"

They came upon a red light in that instance. Once he brought the vehicle to a halt Gin replied. "We'll be meeting at the discussed location in three days, and not only to discuss our next operation but to greet the Black Organization's newest member," informed Gin. "Horilka."

"Horilka huh, isn't that the name of a Ukrainian-"

"Vodka, yes," confirmed Gin. "Perhaps you two will get along Vodka."

He leaned forward, looking over as if to analyze him. "Did you just make a joke?"

"Only an observation of likeness in interest." replied Gin.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Vodka murmured sinking back into the seat. The street light reverted back to green, allowing for the two to drive once again. And with that returned the silence from before.


It was a filled night of tossing and turning. Everything he had learned the previous day strongly resided on his mind throughout. He now stood against a light pole on a street corner, staring into the distance where the sun was shining its beginning on the horizon. Hearing her footsteps he looked over as she came within feet. "Haibara," Conan spoke. "Thanks for coming."

She stopped after a final step. Looking down at her watch she spoke. "We have around thirty minutes before class begins," after noting this she looked up. "What's so important that you wanted to meet early?"

"Along with Ojisan I visited the hospital yesterday to check on Eilji-san. When we arrived we learned that he along with all patients that had been under the drugs influence admitted at that hospital had been cured of the effects of the drug."

This was not what she was expecting to learn. "What, how?"

"I'll get to that," Conan replied. "While there I encountered Agent Jodie."

"What was she doing there?"

"Jodie-sensei was sent to investigate the situation. The drug that has been slipping through Japan's streets has been getting shipped in internationally, which explains the FBI's involvement."

"Did you find out where the drug originated?"

He stepped away from the pole. Now standing directly in align with her he continued. "I'll start from the beginning."

With that he conveyed to her everything he had learned about Professor Jonathan Crane and his fear hallucinogen he had created. Now halfway up to speed things were now coming into clarity.

"So, Professor Crane has escaped that Aslyum again. Is there any clues to where he could be now?" Haibara asked.

"That's still a mystery. I have to take into account that he could very well be here in Japan somewhere," Conan stated. He gazed up at a sudden sound from above to find a small group of crows flapping by. "And if he is, I will find him."

"You seem confident with that statement," Haibara said before pressing on to the next point. "What about Gotham's bat character? What is your opinion regarding that?"

"Admittedly I was skeptical, but after learning what Jodie-sensei had to share there might be some truth to the Batman."

This was not the response she was expecting. "And what was it she told you?"

"Before I told you that Eilji-san along with all of the patients at the hospital were cured of the effects of Crane's toxic gas."


"Here's the thing, the vaccine was not created here like they want everyone to believe. According to Jodie-sensei's it was actually shipped in from Gotahm," Conan informed. "And the reason this information is being kept a secret is because of Gotham's police commissioner, James Gordon."

She was now more confused than ever. "I don't understand, what does a move of secrecy like that help accomplish?"

"According to Jodie-sensei's insider this move was made to ensure that Crane-san stays unaware that the Batman has become aware of his operation." Conan explained.

"Batman," She paused. "Don't you mean the GCPD?"

"Here's where things get interesting. There is a belief that Gordon-san is working with the vigilante. Furthermore there is a rumor he even has a bat signal of some kind on top of the Gotham police headquarters that he uses to call this supposed Batman. How much truth to this is an uncertainty."

Caring less about the small details she jumped straight to the point. "What do you believe?"

"Me.. I believe there is a fine line between fact and fiction when it comes to him. For one I don't believe there is a Batman, but rather Batmen. No one man could pull off what the reports suggest," Conan replied. "From all that I've been able to gather, I think it is safe to assume Commissioner Gordon is running some kind of secret operation. One that doesn't entirely follow the rules of the law."


"Think about it. Gordon-san doesn't want anyone to know it was the GCPD that sent the antidote for the fear toxin, that alone is already a move at twisting public perceptive away from the truth. With a hired vigilante of Batmen there are lines he could push, illegal lines that he couldn't otherwise," Conan explained. "Here is what I believe is going to happen next. If Gordon-san suspects Scarecrow is here in Japan somewhere he'll send his vigilantes to investigate. A move that not only keeps things under the table at face value, but it also allows him to avoid jurisdiction constraints that would come otherwise."

As crazy as it sounded, she was beginning to make sense of his words. "Let's say your deduction comes to fruition, what will you do then?" Haibara asked.

"One step at a time," Conan said in response. "There are still some holes that need to be accounted for. I don't want to plan a counter until I am certain of my analysis. Jodie-sensei plans to keep me informed on anything more she learns. In the meantime I'll need to gather as much as I can from my end. Of course that'll require your help." Conan smilingly added.

"I figured," Haibara said as she held up her wrist to check the time. "We have fifteen minutes before class begins."

"Time sure flew," Conan said grabbing hold of the backpack straps as he began walking. "I'm sure the others are waiting for us."

Haibara nodded as she followed at his side. They arrived at Teitan Elementary soon after. And sure enough their friends were there to greet them. "Conan, Haibara-chan!" Genta called being the first to spot the pair.

After grouping with the others all of them headed straight for the front doors. They chatted as they made their way to class. Once there the five of them along with their other classmates all sat at their assigned seats. The first bell of the day rang within the minute. There was one thing missing, their teacher.

"Hey guys," Genta said looking over at his friends. "Where do you think Kobayashi-sensei is?"

"She's probably just running late," Mitsuhiko replied. "I wouldn't worry too much."

And just as those words were spoken the door cracked. A sound which commanded the attention of all. But it wasn't their instructor who walked in past the door, no. It was a boy none of them had ever seen before, and given how he looked it was clear he was a foreigner. He was dressed in a black short sleeved polo shirt along with a pair of complementing black dress pants. Walking with his arms positioned behind his back he didn't stop until reaching the front of the class.

Once there he surveyed over the entire class as if to study them. It was also from this that he made his first discovery. "I see every seat is filled, good," the boy finally spoke. "The first sign I won't be dealing with any delinquents in this class."

Conan's eyes shot wide the moment this was said. "What did he just say?!"

The classroom door swung open for a second time with their teacher being the one to enter. She made her way to the front of the class as well. "Sorry I'm late," Sumiko apologized. "I'm glad to see everyone made it to class ok."

Now in position behind the boy she smiled broadly with an announcement to make. "Children I want you to meet my assistant who will be helping in class, his name," Sumiko began as she looked down at him. "Damian Wayne."

To Be Continued