Batman: Punishing Gotham - Part 6

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If you have not read before here is a link to Batman: Punishing Gotham - 1


At a rundown, old abandoned theater, The Scarecrow and his  Wizard Of Oz  gang return with their loot from their latest heist. Jonathan Crane had found this hideout shortly after Harley Quin and The Joker broke him out of Arkham. He then found himself a gang of fellow fugitives to aid him in his latest crime spree who along With Crane modeled themselves after characters from Oz . The Cowardly Lion is in fact a serial rapist and a pedophile with a taste for 13 year old girls, named Charlie Parent. The Tin Man is actually an ex-mafia enforcer named Derek Slade, who prefers to take care of business with an ax. And Dorothy's real name is actually Dorothy Little, a former cat burglar turned mafia hit-woman. There was hardly a man she couldn't seduce or a home she couldn't break into. And her skill with knives, firearms, and explosives were practically unmatched.   

"What a score!" Shouts the Lion

"Did you see how I took out that security guard?" asks Tin-Man "One throw from across the room and 'BOOM!' Dead!"

"I hadn't had that much fun doing a job in years!" Says Dorothy.

"Don't celebrate too much," warns Scarecrow, "While today's heist was most satisfactory, there's still the possibility of The Batman making an appearance."

"I hear there's a new guy in town, Someone who doesn't take prisoners." Says Tin- Man.

 "Does anyone else find it funny that the Scarecrow is the brains of the operation?" Asks Lion jokingly.

 Crane turns to look at the Lion. " SHUT UP!!, Thats Mr. Crane to you."

 "Sor.. sorry Sir." 

Crane turned to look at something by the stage and Suddenly the rottweiler starts growling at shadows by the stage as well. The three other bank robbers all turn and look into the shadows, trying to see who is there. 

We've got company." Says Crane in the most casual tone.

Dorothy takes the dog's leash off of him.  "Sic 'em Toto!" she commands.  

The rottweiler takes off after whatever had caught its attention. Toto barks and growls as he disappears into the shadows, immediately followed by the pained yelp of an injured dog. Moments later, The Punisher steps out of the shadows holding a Jackhammer automatic 12 gauge shotgun.

"Nice skull," says Scarecrow, "Very scary. If we hadn't been inoculated against my latest brand of fear gas, we'd be paralyzed with fear. But I'm afraid we're not recruiting at the moment."

"I'm not looking to join," says Punisher, "I'm here to put an end to your operation."

"Planning on taking us in are you?" asks Scarecrow.


Then without another word, The Punisher raises his Jackhammer and opens fire on the quartet of bank robbers. Dorothy dives behind the Tin Man as Castle fires. In the span of a few seconds, there's very little left of Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tin Man. Frank Castle empties the entire drum of ammunition into the three men. Dorothy makes a mad dash for the door the second the shooting stops. The Punisher drops the automatic shotgun as he casually walks over to the three slain bank robbers. He draws his Smith & Wesson 500 revolver and aims at Dorothy's back as she runs up the aisle towards the theater doors. A single, loud shot rings out as he shoots her in the back as she tries to flee. The Punisher jumps down off the stage and casually walks up the aisle towards the downed Dorothy. Then he stands over her prone form, and empties the last five shots of his revolver into her at point blank range. Then he turns around, heads back over to the stage where he retrieves his weapon, and disappears into the shadows.

Hours later, the police are on the scene. People from the coroner's office are taking the bodies to the morgue. Detective Bullock and Commissioner Gordon are standing on the empty stage, looking at the chalk outlines of Jonathan Crane and two of his Wizard Of Oz gang. The massive pool of blood is congealing on the floor. They can't help but shake their heads.

"Not much left of Crane and his boys," says Bullock, "Whattaya suppose this nut hit 'em with?"

"The CSU says the shell casings were from a 12 gauge shotgun, and the perp left over thirty of them," says Gordon, "I'd say he likely had an automatic shotgun, in order to do this much damage this quickly."

"What the hell are we dealin' with here?" asks Bullock.

"If this is who I think it is," says Gordon, "We're dealing with an all out war."

"You been holding out on me, Jim?" asks a raspy voice from the shadows.

Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock turn around to see The Batman step out of the shadows, stage left. James Gordon gets a look of relief as he sees his caped ally approach. Detective Bullock grumbles incoherently under his breath, not too pleased at The Caped Crusader's arrival.

"Not at all," replies Commissioner Gordon, "I just received some new evidence. It's not much, but I have a hunch as to who this might be."

"Don't keep us in suspense, Jim," says Batman, "Who is it?"

"I could be wrong," says Gordon, "But we had a witness to this afternoon's bank robbery and massacre that said that a plain, black, older model van with New York license plates was following The Scarecrow's van after the heist. I'm going to have to check with the NYPD and the FBI's New York office, but I think this might be the work of New York's local vigilante, Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher."

"You came to that conclusion based on this vans license plates?" asks Batman.

"And the fact that The Punisher is known to drive a suped up black van known in the New York underworld as The Battle Van."

"Looks like you ain't the only detective around here, Bats," says Bullock.

"I've always had confidence in Jim's ability to do his job," says The Dark Knight, "I just do what I do, because I can do things that legally, you can't."

"With men like Jim Gordon around, Sh^t or even with this new guy we don't need you any more."

"That's enough Harv!" says the commissioner.

"It's alright, Jim," says Batman, "I have always hoped there would one day be a time when Batman wouldn't be needed in Gotham City. But that time isn't now."

"I'll give you everything there is on Frank Castle just as soon as I get my hands on it," says the commissioner.

"No need," says Batman, "I have my own methods. But thank you."

And with that, The Dark Knight turns and slips away into the shadows, where he disappears.

War Journal: Entry #237

Another enemy cell has been eliminated. These soldiers were using costumes from The Wizard Of Oz as camouflage. Is nothing sacred? The Wizard Of Oz was my daughter's favorite story. I used to read it to her whenever I was home. The enemy paid for that insult. Found another enemy cell. This one is more fortified, going to to be tough to route them. Should take some time for strategize. 

Please comment below and tell me what you think. 
Batman: Punishing Gotham - 7
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Keep up the good work!

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Yet another great piece!
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Great work, per usual.
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I love it.