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(Hello and welcome to the beginning of my vision for Batman. Around March of this year I started a concept of an animated Batman tv series that basically, did not suck. Of course my vision may never be aired on a major network, so I modified it to work as a fanfic. My story picks up after 2 years of fighting gotham's crime so Wayne has experience but he isn't the Dark Knight that he sets out to be. If you guys like this I have many more ideas that hopefully you enjoy...)

Oh yeah... Batman, all characters and places are property of DC comics

Batman Gotham Knight #1

The GCPD have began to realign itself recently thanks to the help of the new commissioner, Jim Gordon and the sign of justice that recently arrived at Gotham's cold doorstep. Batman. The silver lining on Gothams swan song of crime and filth. The drug dealers, pimps, crime lords, and gang members have begun to feel the fear that Batman brought to those that favor the dark alleys and dripping sewers. Yes Batman would make the streets safe and the shadowy buildings clean of crime. But all that comes with time, precision and planning something that sadly the enemies of the Bat possess as well...

Ripping through the air the wingspan of Gothams guardian silently transports the cloaked Bruce Wayne to a building caked with a messy and mysterious emblem.

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Dodging the strange and sometimes ridiculous mix of new and old buildings the Bat glides towards his target and lands on the roof of an old paper printing building. Standing up from his kneeling position the caped Bruce Wayne stairs with a questioning glare at the green paint defacing the side of the dilapidated building. A scowl comes to the masked face of Gotham's new guardian...

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good teaser , im not into batman so its not my fave thing, but its a good , Again I am not into batman so cant apperiacte it.

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@Pyrogram: eus_ (12 posts) See mini bio

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Thanks! I'm into Marvel and DC but I can understand why you wouldn't enjoy some stories (Like me with Captain America) so any feedback is appreciated ^^

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@Prometheus_: Love this series.