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It was a cold night and silent night in Gotham city, the long Halloween has just ended and no one has seen Batman since, so with this the public is asking where is the caped crusader?

Bat Cave2:00AM

In the deep dark lair of the Batman, Bruce Wayne goes on his computer to look if there's any crimes around Gotham.

"Hey Alfred I think I found one!"

Bruce squints as he tries to make out what is the man doing on the wall. The man stops spray painting and leaves a Anarky sign.

Bruce:"My god...It can't be."

Bruce Jumps out his chair, putting on his cowl and running to the batmobile. Alfred watches as Bruce drives away.

Alfred:"My oh my...I remember the last time him and that man fought"

Gotham Central Roof Tops 3:10 AM

Bruce watches on the rooftops to try and find the man who had spray painted the sign, but he couldn't. Suddenly Bruce is then hit behind his head. The blow doesn't knock him out, but it gets his attention.

Bruce:"I was right it was you...Lonnie"

Anarky picks up his head and looks at Bruce. Clapping his hands slowly and chuckling.

Anarky: "You have it all wrong Batman, Lonnie was a failure destiny he wasn't built to succeed... I on the other hand"

Anarky then takes the staff out of his cape and points at Bruce.

Anarky: Was built to succeed and be a champion...Break you and Gotham.

Bruce:"Your Insane! You might be able to kill me, but you'll never destroy my legacy."

Anarky then shoots a beam out of his staff and before it can hit Bruce, Bruce dodges it in a front flip. Bruce then throws a punch to Anarky, but Anarky stops it with his staff.

Bruce: (Thinking) "I must admit he's much more better than the original"

Bruce then sweeps a kick under and trips Anarky making him lose his staff.

Bruce: This is over....

Anarky: "No this is only the begining of my terror, soon everything here will be ashes...I am your reckoning. Batman."

Anarky then throws a smoke bomb down and escapes. Bruce then leaps off the building landing into his vehicle and heading back to the batcave.

Bat Cave 4:00 AM

Bruce sits in his chair thinking how he can defeat this new threat.

Alfred: "I see you didn't capture Anarky."

Bruce: "No but this is the beginning of a war."

End Of Part 1/5

(Just telling you there is going to be a war scene :D)