Batman Chronicles: Origins (Chapter 1)

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A gruesome day etched in time,

An innocent boy, a hateful crime,

A shattered life, an empty soul,

A family lost, a gaping hole.

A friend in need, a helping hand,

A crying child, grains of sand,

A flying bat, the hand of fate,

A moment of fear, trapped in hate.

Another ordeal, grappled in fear,

A cloud of haze, and suddenly the path is clear,

A realization, and a promise made,

A time to act, let emotions fade.

A treacherous journey, lessons learned,

The dark knight, a little boy fate; spurned,

The soul of a city, a resolve through pain,

No little child will ever go through that again.


My name is Bruce Wayne, billionaire orphan. CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Heir to the Wayne Legacy. I don't enjoy describing myself, but if I must, I will tell you what's necessary. When I was a young boy, the warmth and light of my life was snatched away from me with the bullets of a gun. I'll never forget that day. It created something. Broke something as well. It was my first introduction into the darkness, and it made me scream to the heavens in pure fear. Their blood, on my hands, never washed off. The criminal that killed them was never caught, but the city that created them birthed the monster who took my parents' life, as it birthed me.



"Hang in there! It's almost over!"


"You're almost there ma'am. Just a little further!"


The husband of the woman in pain continued to offer words of encouragement. "Keep pushing honey. Keep pushing!" The man grabbed his wife's hands and she squeezed them with all her strength. The husband cringed but refrained from yelling out in pain. The doctor slowly pulled on the baby's head, encouraging the future mother to push all the while.

"Give me one more big push!"

The husband continued to cheer her on from beside her. "One more big push honey!"

The wife gritted her teeth before putting in one last big effort. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The next sounds to be heard from the room were loud cries from the newborn baby. The doctor wrapped the baby in a black towel and handed him to the mother. The woman held the baby with precious care while the husband-turned-father sat on the bed beside her, smiling down at his child.

"It's a boy by the way." The doctor said with a half smile while throwing away his gloves.

The mother turned to her husband and asked, "What should we name him?"

The father looked at his son for a moment before deciding, "Bruce. Bruce Wayne."


"Bruce! Bruce!"

The young boy turned around to see his mother walking up to him. "Yes mommy?"

Martha Wayne walked up to her son and checked him up and down, shaking her head at all the dirt and mud on her son's clothes. "Bruce, look at all this dirt. What were you doing?"

Bruce smiled sheepishly before replying, "I... saw a butterfly?"

Martha smiled softly before shaking her head again. "Run back to the mansion Bruce, so you can get cleaned up." Directing him towards the mansion, she gave him a pat on the back to urge him on.

"Okay!" Bruce gave a smile before running off toward the mansion. Martha watched him go with a smile before suddenly gasping as she was being tightly squeezed from behind. Preparing to kick the bastard where it hurts, she relaxed when she recognized the chuckle that he released. "God Thomas," Martha said with an exasperated sigh. "You're like a child. Don't scare me like that."

Thomas chuckled before kissing her cheek. "Don't pretend you don't love that about me."

Martha playfully let out a deep breath before turning around and giving him a kiss. "Ah, you're right. I guess we don't have to waste time wondering where Bruce gets it from."

Thomas stuck out his tongue while squinting like a child in a playful manner. "Indeed. He inherited it from the master." Thomas smiled upon hearing his wife giggle. Releasing her from his hold, he held out his arm to her. "Shall we walk back to the mansion milady?"

Martha laughed before wrapping her arms around her husband's arm and replying, "Let's."

With that, the Wayne couple began their stroll back to their house while Bruce, who was already ahead, began to run up the steps towards the front door and as soon as he did he bumped into his butler, knocking over his tray of food and tea that he was holding.

"Oof!" Alfred rubbed his backside before looking towards the cause of his collapse. "Master Bruce?"

Bruce looked at Alfred before rubbing the back of his head while giving a sheepish smile. "Sorry about that Alfred." Picking himself up, Bruce looked around to see broken glass and food all over the ground. "I'll help you clean up, if you like."

Alfred smiled up at him before standing up and replying, "No that's quite alright. Just leave this arduous task of picking lettuce off the ground to me. You need to get a change of clothes."

Bruce looked down at his clothes and it came back to him that he was still dirty. "Hehe, whoops. I'll go get cleaned up. I'll see you later Alfred!" With that, Bruce ran into the mansion to get cleaned up. Alfred began cleaning up before seeing Bruce's parents strolling up towards the house.

"Good afternoon Alfred." Thomas greeted him as he finished walking up the steps.

Alfred bowed his head. "Good afternoon sir. Madam."

Respectfully, Martha returned the gesture. "Where's Bruce?"

"He went to clean himself up. He should be in the bathroom by now."

Martha turned to Thomas and said, "I'll go check on him." After Thomas nodded, she kissed him on the cheek before turning to Alfred and nodded her head towards him. "Alfred."

Alfred respectfully returned the gesture. "Madam." With that, Martha entered her house. Thomas watched his wife go with a smile before turning to Alfred with a serious look.

"Alfred. I need to talk to you."

Martha walked up the main stairs all the while thinking, 'These long stairs can be such a pain sometimes.' She walked into the bathroom to see Bruce playing with his bath toys. Smiling at his innocence, Martha grabbed a sponge and walked up to the tub. She kneeled next to it, while her son looked up at her and gave her a wide smile. Smiling back, she started washing his back, all the while humming a tune.

"The world goes around the light

The light warms our heart

The children holds hands and we all become one

As our lives play out their part

Little boy, little girl

Walk down the river

Play in the sand

Know that together your life will be grand

Live together, don't cry alone

If you live bravely, your light will be shone

So hush, little one, don't ever cry

Hush, little one, go play outside"

Bruce smiled with his eyes close, enjoying the sound of his mother's voice. His mother continued to sing while shampooing her son's hair. A few moments later Thomas opened the door and walked up to the tub, right behind his wife.

"The best voice in the world for the best mom in the world, eh Bruce?"

"Yeah!" Bruce replied lovingly, staring up at his mom. Martha smiled up at her husband before looking down lovingly at Bruce and kissed him on the forehead. Grabbing a towel, she had her son stand up before wrapping a towel around his body and saying, "Go up to your room Bruce and get ready for bed. I'll be up there soon."

"Okay Mommy!" With that, Bruce ran out of the bathroom, leaving Thomas and Martha alone together.

"Did you talk to Alfred?" Martha asked.

"I did," Thomas replied. "He agreed to do it."

Martha sighed before nodding. "Good. Good..."

"You okay?"

Martha continued to stare at the floor before looking up at her husband and replying, "Yeah.. I'm alright."

Thomas bent down till his eyes were leveled with his wife and said, "We'll be alright Martha. I promise."

Martha smiled before they both stood up and shared a hug. Bruce began putting on his pajamas when he stopped due to hearing a sound. Bruce, puzzled, looked around for the source before his eyes finally settled on the ceiling. Bruce stared for a moment, hearing a slight screeching sound. He continued to stare before making out a big black winged creature with red eyes. He tried to process what it could be before witnessing the creature open its mouth and, in its process, revealed its fangs. Bruce widened his eyes before finally realizing the identity of the creature.

'A.. a bat!' Bruce thought fearfully. The bat screeched loudly at him before flying down towards the boy. Bruce had no time to react as the bat clawed its feet on his arm before biting him on the neck. For a minute, Bruce felt nothing. The world turned grey and time slowed down exponentially. Bruce couldn't process what just happened to him until the bat finally dislodged its teeth.

Bruce widened his eyes, his ocular nerves reaching his pupils as he screamed out in pure agony. "AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Hearing their son's scream, Thomas and Martha rushed up to their son's room to see him on the ground seizing. Alfred run up to the doorway, looking in to see what's wrong.

"Alfred!" Thomas yelled urgently. "Get the phone and call ambulance! NOW!"

"Right away sir!"

After Alfred left, Thomas placed his fingers on his son's neck. "His pulse is weak. His-" Before he could finish the sentence, he noticed two puncture holes on his son's neck. "What the hell? Where did this come from?"

As if to answer his question, the bat screeched above them, directing Bruce's parents towards it.

"A.. bat?" A teary eyed Martha questioned.

Seeing its chance for escape, the bat flew out the door and into the master bedroom and out of an open window, disappearing into the winter night just as it came - without a trace.

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