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20 miles outside of Gotham-Wayne Manor

Deep below Wayne manor lies the Batcave.Right now 7 people are meeting in this dark and damp place while hundreds more party above them.These 7 people are what us reagular people call "Superheroes".There names are Jefferson Peirce Codename:Black Lightning,Tatsu Yamishiro Codename:Katana,Tara Markov Codename:Tara,Gabrielle Dole Codename:Halo,Rex Mason Codename:Metamorpho,Jason Todd Codename:Red Hood and of course the one that brought them here-Bruce Wayne Codename:Batman!
Bruce-"Hello,as you all know I am the one that brought you here.As you may also know,at night i go by Batman.No--"
Jason-"So why are we here?"
Bruce-"I was getting to that.So,I brought you all here because I am upset with the way The  Justice League has been handling things,so i decided to put together my own team of young heroes for me to mentor and to assist me in my duties as a crime fighter.Any questions?"
Bruce-"Yes Tara?"
Tara-"What's the team name?"
Bruce-"We will be called --The Outsiders"

The Batcave,3 Days since the meeting.

Back inside dark,damp Batcave the Outsiders prepared for ther first mission as a team.The past three days the seven mambers of the Outsiders had been training and preparing for a mission like this.Their first mission was to hunt down and capture Slad Wilson or as he's better known,Deathstroke.Batman thought that this was an ideal first mission to test what these young heroes could do.Even though Deathstroke is supposed to be the "World's Greatest Assassin"Batman still had great expectations for these young crimefighters.The six young superheroes were preparing in different ways.Black Lighting was  particpating in target practice with Tara,each of the two usng their unique abilities to hit the targets.Katana and Red Hood were sparring as were Metamorpho and Halo.

Batman-"It's time to go!"
Outsiders(together)-"Okay,Let's go!"

The team of seven rolled out in formation each with their own mode of transportation.When they arrived at the are that Deathstroke had last been seen at his hideout in Downtown Gotham.As they looked through his apartment looking for clues Batman heard Deathstroke as he was about to attack.

Batman-"Look out!Battle formation 6!"

The young crime fighters jumped into position and got read to fight off the assassin threat.As Deathstroke jumped down from the ceiling beam toward Halo.Deathstroke took two shots at Halo but she quickly deflected them with Orange aura.She quickly followed her orange aura shield with an orange aura beam but,Deatstroke was too fast avoiding it by jumping to the side in front of  Black Lightning and before BL could react Slade thrust his sword into Black Lightning's midsection.As BL fell to the ground Batman lunged toward Deathstroke avoiding his sword and punching him in the jaw.

Tara-"Batman!We need your help!Black Lightning,i...i think he's gone into shock!"

Batman hit Deathstroke one more time before he ran over to kids and knelt by Black Lightning's side.As Batman got there Jason Todd or the Red Hood ran after Deathstroke as he went out the window.

Red Hood-"We can't just let him get away"

Batman tried to respond but before he could talk Red Hood was out the window.

Batman-"You guys watch Jefferson,I have to go after Jason"
Meatmorpho-"What are we supposed to if he di--"
Batman-"Tara you and Black Lightning get in the Batmobile.Drive him to the  hospital and leave him in the front.The rest of you go back to the Batcave.I'll meet you there when i find Jason."

As soon as he was done Batman was out the window and up the fire-escape after Jason...

Gotham Central Hospital,15 minutes after Black Lightning was Stabbed...

Tara drove up to the ER entrance of Gotham Central Hospital,grabbed BL and jumped out of the Batmobile.Sh ran to the entrance with BL in her arms.She ran inside to the nearest doctor...

Tara-"He was stabbed nearly 20 minutes ago.He needs treatment now!"
Tara-"Thank you!"
Doctor-"N..no problem"

As he finished Tara rushed out of the hospital and jumped back into the Batmobile racing to the Batcave to meet up with her fellow Outsiders.

Skyline of Gotham City,5 minutes after Batman lept out the window,after Jason Todd

Batman skipped across the gaps between the buildings as he pursued Jason Todd,The Red Hood who was after Deathstroke the Terminator.Batman had crossed five buildings and hadn't seen a single trace of Jason.He didn't see anything until he got to the rooftop of Elliot Industries.That's where the trail of blood started.Batman followed the trail across three buildings until he saw the body of Jason laying on the third roof.Batman immediately got on his Cellphone that connected straight to the Batcave to call for help...


Halo-"Batman?What happened?Is Ja--"
Batman-"Gabrielle,listen to me.I found Jason he is bleeding out on the rooftop of Wayne Tech.I need you to send someone here in the Batcopter while i go after Slade."
Halo-"Okay.I'll send Terra"

When Batman was done on the phone he turned on the tracker that he had flipped on Deathstroke with the last hit he had dolled out to him.He flipped it on and followed it to Gotham Central Hospital Deathstroke had gotten there just a second earlier than Batman had.Batman blew through the front door.When he got in he saw that Deathstroke had slaughtered everyone.Batman followed the tracker to the room of one Jefferson Peirce.He tore through the curtain to reaveal Deathstroke standing over Black Lightning prepared to thrust the blade deep in his chest...

Batcave,10 minutes after Jason Todd was picked up from the roof of Wayne Tech.

Tara and Gabrielle had stitched up Jason's wound and he was retuning to consciousness.

Tara-"Jason?Jason?Are you awake?"
Jason-"Wha...What happened?"
Halo-"You were stabbed by Deathstroke."
Jason-"Did he get away?"
Halo-"Batman went after him but we haven't heard anything since he called for us to pick you up."
Jason-"Damn it!He can't get away!He must be punished for what he did to BL and to me!"

With that Jason again fell unconscious,and everyone went back to waiting and hoping for word from Batman...

Gotham Central Hospital,1 minute after Batman arrived...

Batman-"Slade,you don't have to do this."
Deathstroke-"Oh,but i do...Bruce..."
Deathstroke-"I have to finish what i started..."
Batman-"Please don't...I always had such high expectations for you.You were even better then Dick."
Deathstroke-"Oh,yes.The Golden boy Dick Grayson!My predecessor as Robin!Oh,how i lived in the shadow of the great Dick Grayson!I hated him so much!And i hated you for puting me in his shadow!"
Batman-"But you were the best!And i always knew it!"
Deathstroke-"I know i was better than him and that's why i hate you!Cuz you denied me the right of being better even though i was!And so that is why i have to do this!"

With that Deathstroke buried the blade deep into Black Lightning's chest piercing his Aorta...Batman lunged towards Deathstroke as he pulled out the sword,turned and ran away.Batman Flipped and landed on his feet quickly pursuing Deathstroke.He ran after him.Deathstroke ran through the doors to the parking lot and Batman burst through the doors after him...Deathstroke ran over and a stole one of the last cars.He quickly and easily hot-wired it,he squealed off quickly ripping into the middle of traffic.Batman also did the same and used his superior diving skills to weave in and out of traffic to quickly catch Deathstroke.Batman wired the car to drive itself.As the car was on a kind of auto-pilot Batman jumped through the cars skylight onto the roof...As the two cars weaved in and out of traffic.As the cars got just close enough Batman leaped from his car through the back window of the car Deathstroke's car.Batman jumped into the front seat of the car hitting Deathstroke repeatably.This caused him to lose control and crash into a garter bringing the ride to a crashing halt.

The two combatants exited the car and began to fight in front of the crash site.Deathstroke swung his sword at Batman hitting him on the should just right of his neck.He swung again.This time he hit him in the head,knocking Batman unconscious on the ground...

The Batcave,10 minutes after batman was knocked unconscious...

Batman-"Where is Deathstroke?"
Meatmorpho-"We don't know.We just got a message that you went unconsious from your belt."
Batman-"I have to go after him!"
Tara-"No!You can't!You were very badly hurt!"
Batman-"I don't care!He killed Black Lightning!"
Katana-"What?Black Lightning is Dead?I must go after him with you!"
Metamorpho-"Me too!"
Halo-"We're all going!'
Together-"Yeah!Together he won't be a match for us!"

20 Minutes later,The Batmobile...

Batman-"You guys got the plan?"
Together-"Yeah!Let's go get him!"

With that the remaining 6 Outsiders were off after Deathstroke!

Deathstrokes Hideout #2,10 minutes after The Outsiders left the Batcave.

Batman and the Outsiders had easily found Deathstroke because of the tracer Batman had popped on him  during their first encounter...

Batman-"Katana check out the room on the left,Halo and Tara check out the bathroom."
Katana,Halo and Tara-"Got it!"
Batman-"Metamorpho and Red Hood you two come with me."
Metamorpho and Red Hood-"Okay!"
Batman-"Everyone move out!"

The six of them each moved at the same time to where they were supposed to go.Halo and Tara checked the bathroom for any clues to where he had gone and if he had found the tracker.They didn't find anything.Katana was supposed to look in the guest room for the same things but again nothing was found.But when Metamorpho,Red Hood and Batman got in the bedroom they found the tracker laying on the bed.

Batman-"He's not here!Everyone move out!"
Everyone together-"Okay!"

As the six moved out Batman heard something behind him but he was too slow to get around before he was struck by the side of Deathstroke's blade.He fell to the ground with a loud thump.Even as the others were quick enough they too were struck down.All except one--Katana.Katana was left standing and was now sword locked with Deathstroke.She stopped back unlocking their swords.Swiftly she swung at him hitting him in the arm cutting it clean off.Even without an arm he was still a brilliant fighter.He swung at her and hit her once but not hard enough to take her arm off.She swung again taking off his other arm.He fell to the ground and Katana put her sword to his neck and asked him a question.

Katana-"Should i kill you?"
Deathstroke-"Yes..Do it now!"

With that she swung her blade sideways lopping off his head...

Gotham Central Hospital,20 minutes after the last confrontation with Deathstroke...

Room 225 in the ER,where the body of Jefferson Peirce lies.The six remaining members of the Outsiders enter the room where their fallen friend lies.

Batman-"I know what to do.Get the body!"
Batman-"Just get the body!"

The five other member grabbed the body and the six of them left the hospital with the body of Black Lightning with them.No-one knew what Batman's plans were but they went along with them anyways...

The Batcave,43 minutes after retrieving the body of Jefferson Peirce...

Batman-"Is the Batplane ready?"
Outsiders(Together)-"Yes!Ready to go!"

Batman ran over to the Batplane and jumped in with the other 6.No-one but Batman knew their destination.In the back of the Batplane lays the body of Black Lightning,he is,after-all the reason for this trip.

Metamorpho-"Where are we going anyways?"
Tara-"And why are we going where we are?"
Batman-"You don't need to know."

And so Batman continued on the path to where he was going.

Halo-"If you won't tell us where we are going at least tell us why we went after Deathstroke in hte first place"
Batman-"Okay.We went after him so i could test out your abilities and because he stolea national security code that  launches a missile defense procedure should the president die as well as the vice president.I was the one who designed the system so i was alerted first."

After that the ride was silent as the Outsiders traveled to their unknown destination.The trip took six hours to reach the country...

Egypt,6 hours 43 minutes after retrieving Black Lightning's body.

Metamorpho-"Why are we in Egypt?"
Batman-"Because this is where the last la--.Never mind."

The 6 Outsiders unloaded out of the Batplane and walked towards where the thing Batman was after....

The last remaining Lazarus Pit,26 minutes after leaving the Batplane...

Batman-"We're here."
Katana-"And where is here?"
Batman-"The last Lazarus Pit"

Batman walked to the Lazarus pit with Black Lightnings body and dropped it into the bubbling green liquid...

The Lazarus Pit 1 hour after putting Black Lightning into the Pit...

Batman-"Be on guard,he will be temporarily insane after he rises from the pit."

When Black Lightning rose from the pit he attacked Batman immediately with a bolt of lightning knocking him unconscious.Soon the other 5 were on him ready to subdue him.4 of the 5 were knocked out as well.The only one left standing was Metamorpho who subdued BL by cutting of his Oxygen supply.

The Batplane,1 hour after resurrecting Black Lightning.

When everyone awoke they made their way to the Batplane and flew home to the Batcave...
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Good Elseworld. Creative choices in making a Robin become Deathstroke. Especially considering that Deathstroke does dislike the Outsiders.

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@Mortality said:
" Good Elseworld. Creative choices in making a Robin become Deathstroke. Especially considering that Deathstroke does dislike the Outsiders. "
Thank you.I had that planned since the beginning and i personally like the choice of Red Hood in the line-up especially since it is Jason Todd.
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@TheSavageAssasin: Very cool!