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The Dysfunctional Duo are back in action 
Chapter 5: One Little Slipstream:  
In the Batcave:
 Bruce Wayne talks Stephanie Brown(Batgirl), Damian Wayne(Robin) and Dick Grayson "Damian, Stephanie you two seem to be  slacking off" 
"What, but father I" says Damian 
"Not one word Damian. You and Stephanie" says Bruce "You two aren't ready for big mission like Two-Face and Penguin like the three of you caught 2 months". "You two will only be assigned missions I give you". 
"Y-Yes sir" says Damian and Stephanie. 
Gotham City minutes later: 
"I can't believe this Damian and what's with you no little comments" yells Stephanie.
"Oh just shut up Brown, plus it's all your fault he almost got fired by Penguin and Two-Face" said Damian. 
"Little punk" says Stephanie.
Later an electric whip come out of the corner and make a electrical-base sign.
"What the..." says both Stephanie and Damian.
"Oh Batgirl where are you. Come out so we can play and the new Slipstream 2.0" says Slipstream
"Oh crap. Damian come on" says Stephanie.
"No problem I got costume under clothes. Just go and get dresses" says Damian.
Minutes Later: 
"Where the hell are you?" ask Slipstream as he get angry and cause more electricity.
"Sorry shock boy, Girl Blunder's not here you'll have to settle for me" says Damian (Robin). 
"What are you doing here boy" says Slipstream
"He's my umm. temporary partner" says Stephanie(Batgirl) 
"Whatever I'll kill you both" says Slipstream 
"Come on so you get some new toys. It'll be fun to break em" says Robin 
"Keep laughin punk and takes this" says Slipstream as his whip fire at Batgirl and Robin. 
"What the.. he's not even moving" says Batgirl as she is in pain. 
"Batgirl AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" says Robin as he is shocked by Slipstream 
"Okay boss we got the girl and a little present too." says Slipstream. 
Later in the Reapers Hideout: 
"Okay so what are we gonna do with them boss." says Slipstream as Stephanie overhears. 
"D-Damian w-where are we?" askes Stephanie 
"Damian, Stephanie" says Tim Drake (Red Robin) 
"Tim. Drake" says Robin and Batgirl. 
"Hush my children you'll find the answers soon enough" say Ra's al Ghul
"Grandfather" says Damian in shock 
Sorry about the lack of action in this, but it's more of a "where are we now" story. We see how Bruce Wayne reacts to Stephanie and Damian's work.