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theres always A-list heroes. Superman. Batman. Spiderman. The Flash. Captain America.
what about the heroes you dont hear about? what about heroes who you dont read about in the papers. They appear rarely. But when all the heroes are fighting REAL threats, the B-List villians move in. Dr. Domino. Blackjack Jack. Rat Trap Man. Mr. Mineral. Most of all Big Brain. He was tired of people laughing  at him, so he wiped the A-list heroes and villains out of existence, and up-graded the B-list villains. Dr. Domino. Instead of him hipnotizing everyone over radio broadcasts and making them play dominoes, he can make skyscrapers into dominoes, and knock them all down. Blackjack Jack could have exploding chips, and a full deck of RC electric, exploding, and tear gas spurting cards, instead of throwing 2 cards at people. Rat Trap Man could turn people into rats and kill them, replacing stealing everyone's shoes, and laying rat traps around there homes. Mr. Mineral could turn people to stone, instead of just throwing rocks.
But, who could fight back? the newly formed B.L.S. B-list Superheroes. Lead by Substitute, the roster includes Prankster, The Nun, Orangutan Man, Fashion Emergency  and Clash Boy, and Eric Amp.
They will never stop till the villains are brought to justice, but there not gonna bring the A-list heroes and villains back!