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Angel of Fire vs Angel of Paper: Part 1

The Hidden Rain Village, what a gloomy place Azula thought as she arrived at the secret location. Mei and Ty Lee were right behind her. "Are we there yet !!!" Ty Lee said bummed and with tire in her eyes. Letting out a sigh, "We've been travelling for days." Mei added with her usual monotone voice. "Yes girls, we have. As soon as we exit this tunnel."

As they cross the border into the Hidden Rain, all three girls get a strong shiver. "Did you feel that ?" Ty Lee asked while rubbing her arms for warmth. "Someones watching us, keep your eyes open." Azula exclaimed.

"Konan." Pain said sternly. "Three women have entered our village.... I want you to handle it." With a nod , Konan slowly turned into paper and flew off with the wind.

The three women walk through the streets of the Village, not hiding there identity, unafraid of what may approach.
"AZZZZULLLLLLA ! Are you ever going to tell us why we came all the way here in the first place." Ty Lee asked annoyingly. "Were here to look for a fire nation enemy, and find out who has been harboring...."

Just then paper started coming from the sky, taking the shape of women who stayed suspended in mid-air with oragami wings. "Who the hell are you." Azula asked rather shocked. "I am the Angel of this city, and you will tell me what you are doing here, or you will die." Konan said with a glare that showed she has expiernced many battles.

With a laughter filled responce," You ? Kill me ? You must have no idea who your speaking to, waving her arms she shoots a beam of lightning right at the floating enemy. As the paper burned and slowly fell to the floor, azula can be seen laughing which quickly turned to a face, riddled with fear. "Impressive technique, but it is nothing compared to God. !" Konan said quietly from behind Azula.