Awesummed Comics - Johnny Blazer # 5

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Rated Teen for some language and violence.

Chapter Four :

(Sorry for the long delay guys. I've had school. If you forgot the other chapters, then the other Fan-Fics are in my Mini-Bio.)

Johnny Blazer - Chapter Five

Consciousness slipped up on Johnny slyly, and his vision was regained, and yet all he saw pitch black. The darkness was not around his entire body like his friend was.... it was only around his head. It was a bag. Johnny was too weak to struggle and could feel a dull pain throughout his body, and a thumping pain on the back of his head. Johnny almost slipped back into unconsciousness when he felt himself being thrown into a chair, and in a flash, the darkness inside the bag was lifted upon him, like a wizard and his curse. The light was dim and he was in a room with a wooden table and chairs. There was a giant metal gate, polished, shiny, and in top-notch quality, which seemed unusual for such a messy, dirty, and moss-infected place like this. The bars were old, and rusty, as well as the broken roof with holes in it, revealing light rays shining into their secret lair. All the windows were boarded up and showed little light, as if they had rusty bars of their own.

"Hello there Johnny."

Johnny snapped to attention. Who had called his name? Was it that red-and-black vigilante? No. A muscular figure in a blue, yellow, and black suit approached him, but the shadow still cloaked his shoulders and face. The rest of the costume was clearly visible, and a bright blue T was painted onto his steel-like chest kevlar. Black shoulder and elbow pads protected his arms and legs, but revealed an army camouflage underneath his light armor. He had a brown, leather strap across his chest and seemed to have a rifle-like weapon on his back, and two visible pistols in his two pockets. His chest kevlar was puffed out and seemed to be stuffed with tons of weaponry.

"How do you know my name?"

The man chuckled for a few seconds, but then stopped silent, walked around a bit, ceased his stroll again, and decided to sit down on the chair vertical to Johnny. The shadow cloak was abolished and his face was revealed.

"Harold..." Johnny whispered.

"It is me indeed. I didn't know you were our rogue vigilante. It wasn't much of a surprise either though. Everybody knows who you are now though... well.. in our group."

Johnny fell silent.

"Why me? Why did you kidnap me? I have a kid at home and you know it Harold. I need to go back."

Harold sighed, and stared at the table for a good amount of time, as his gloved hands tapped on the table endlessly, and monotonously.

"You don't understand. We need you. This is a lot bigger."

"What do you mean?" Johnny asked.

"There is this guy named Verticus. Our guy Antonio is trying to track him on our specially designed computer. He's our tech specialist. It seems Verticus has been stealing vast amounts of money lately.... and he hasn't done that before. Verticus without the grub could already manage to kill Glass, and wreck havoc among our city. We have summed up his crime spree and he has over $1,000,000. We don't know what the hell he's planning. We need you to help us any way we can."

The seriousness and dark tone in Harold shocked Johnny. He had never been this serious.

"As long as my boy is safe.."

"Sure." Truth replied, nonchalantly.

Johnny knew he would regret this, but he had no choice. Something told him that they wouldn't let him return to his home even if he did refuse this bittersweet offer.

"You better watch out for Ace-Master though. When he figures out who you are, you'll want to be careful about him. With that temper of his, who in the hell knows what he'll do. Just... be careful around that guy."

Johnny nodded, sat up, and hesitated.

"Who is he?"

Stunningly, Harold grinned, shook his head, and stared at Johnny.

"You'll find out soon enough"

And with that, Harold left the room.



Antonio spun around. What was that? He thought. He was all alone in his house. It was probably nothing, he thought. But he knew better than that. Antonio unhooked his laptop and released it onto the bed. He opened his drawers and grabbed his doorknob. Antonio then peered under the bed. To most people, they would be confused, but a hole was right there on the floor. Antonio inserted the doorknob into the hole, pulled it, and a perfectly-sized compartment, perfect for his laptop appeared into his view. Antonio settled his laptop into the secret compartment and closed the latch. He then turned his lamp off, and blackness consumed the room.

"Can't believe I have to do all that just for some paranoia. Truth, I hate your rules..."

Antonio glanced outside his room, saw nothing, and advanced down his carpet stairs. His costume shone across the window, as he scorned and silently cursed at himself for having such an absurd costume color for nocturnal activity : white. His entire costume was a white spandex with a black belt and built in spiked knuckles. His belt contained extra ammunition if he ever needed it, and a portable survival knife. He also had a make-shift grenade that he had created from multiple chemicals. It was unstable, but not enough to spontaneously combust, explode, or implode for that matter.


Antonio heard the sound again. The sound of boots swiftly moving across the tiles in his kitchen. He knew someone was here this time. A burglar perhaps? Ace-Master? Antonio located his light switch and inched his index finger onto the switch, when a strong hand grasped his wrist, and held him in place. The figure was dressed entirely in black except for a red cape and a sword in his scabbard located on his hip. His helmet was very Batman-like, but instead of horns on top of his head, there was just a flat space.

"You." Antonio spat.

The figure chuckled, and flipped the switch on, but not before flipping a good meter away.

It was Verticus, full body armor and all.

"Yes. Me.... Antonio. Surprised?"

Antonio was dead serious, and his heart was beating rapidly.

The two enemies rushed at each other in a full-own brawl as their battle cries ringed across the neighborhood.


The lifeless body dropped to the ground.


Ace-Master was enraged. The rogue caper was him... Johnny. The man who had taken everything from him. Ace-Master turned his head onto the last gang member, wielding nothing but a pocket-knife. He grinned at the desperate vermin. He had found these gang-members in an alley, smoking marijuana, blasting their horrible modern Hip-Hop music, and wielding para-military weapons. When he approached them, they immediately insulted his apparel, gender, and sexual orientation. How typical, he told himself, and reeled them in like fish. His inability, or rather refusal or providing answers for their taunting questions provoked them to attack him. The first, wielding a pistol, tried to shoot him, and he missed twice. Ace-Master had rushed to him, dislocated his jaw with a punch, and snapped his neck. His lifeless body was used as a human shield against their other weaponry, and his own personal arsenal of knives and pistols were more than enough to take down some inexperienced, gun-totting hypocrites. He had slaughtered all of them, all but the youngest... a delinquent, fully tattooed teenager.

"P-P-Please let me live!!! PLEASE!!!" The teen chanted, as if that sentence was a ritual.

But Ace-Master had no mercy.

"Shut up. Maybe you'll grow some balls in hell!"

He grabbed his pistol, aimed it at the man's forehead, and fired. Smoke and light debris filled the block as the dead corpse of one more scum of the city was ridden. He loved the smell of success. As for Johnny.... that was a different story. He knew what he had to do to seek vengeance, and his quest was only beginning


I know this one was shorter, but I'm sort of in a rush because of school, so I hope you guys enjoyed this anyways!

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