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Ok so what if Captain America took Vision and Wanda to Wakanda directly rather than meeting up with Warmachine and Banner?

Banner : Captain?

Captain America : Bruce is that you?

Banner : Remember that invasion in New York?

Cap : You got Tony's phone now you sound like him too? Whats going on?

Banner : Thanos is the guy that sent Loki and the army. Did you see the news about the ship invading New York just a few minutes ago?

Cap : No but Vision and Wanda were attacked by some space guys too.

Banner : You're with Vision? Great we need to keep him safe. Thanos wants his stone.

Cap : Yeah we're taking him to Wakanda to try to remove the stone.

Banner : Can that be done? I should come and help.

Cap: Awe maybe...........I think you should find Rhodes and see what Ross is up to.

Banner : Are you sure? I mean I guess we should see what Ross is up to.

Cut to Cap arriving at Wakanda ( same as before minus Banner's bow hehe)

Cut to Rhodes and Banner in Avengers facility

Rhodes : So Thanos was behind the attack well attackS on New York?

Banner: Yeah and he's coming to earth to get the two stones we have.

Ross via hologram : So another invasion is coming and this time the real leader is heading it. Colonel I have a very special soldier that will join you and Dr. Banner collecting the house arrested Hawkeye and Antman. Their charges will be dropped if they agree to join a new team we will be forming called S.W.O.R.D. ( yes I know this totally messes up the story of SWORD) ((but it fits the story line of MCU))

Rhodes: Yes General, when will this special soldier be here?

*Ghost phases through the wall*

Ghost: I'm here now. ( Ghost has a special electric shock collar on so Ross can keep her in line. Rhodes and Banners don't know it isn't just part of her outfit.) Names Ghost.

Banner : I'm gone a little while and now we've got ghost, spiders and ants? Did the whole world become an old horror film?

Rhodes with his hand on Bruce's shoulder: Not if WE save the day.

The Team is collected. (we get to see Hawkeye and his wife laughing at and making fun of the agents that are supposed to be keeping an eye on them from the shadows.) (( Also Hank Pym convinces Wasp not to go with Antman insisting that government types can't be trusted))

After the team is formed they basically wait till the next invasion. So they show up out side of Wakanda right as they are about to open the shields. So with the Black Order/army fighting on two sides they aren't able to circle around and Corvus Glaive wasn't able to sneak into Wakanda.

Eventually Thanos shows up and still steals the stone and snaps his fingers but atleast we get to see if Shuri can successfully remove the stone from Vision. Thoughts? comments? do you like it?

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