Assassin's Creed.

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A fanfic based on the upcoming game. If you have an Xbox360 or a PS3 you must have heard of it. If you didn't it doesn't matter. This is my own interpretation of the story about a group of Assassins

that plated seeds of fear into the hearts of every man during the Third Crusade.

Takes place in the 1191, during the Third Crusade. The chapters are quite short and readable. Have fun.

Assassin’s Creed.

I was born from the violence, from greed, from evil. Like taking all the sins and foul things of mankind and throwing them into one cooking pot. I was that pot. Those things influenced me ever since I was young. My life was filled with murder and mystery, shadowed over in clouds of doubt and mistrust. The cruel and unfair streets were my mother and father. My mind, wit and strength were my rope to the hopes of survival. Daggers, knives and arrows were like my big brothers, always coming to rescue me. Shadows and darkness were my only true friends. All others have perished. Maybe for a greater cause, or maybe for nothing. I am the last one who survived for this long. Why? I would like to know all the answers myself.

I have never known or met my parents. The Brotherhood was my parent and a provider that gave me clothes, food and shelter. The Brotherhood gave me education, the only education I needed. They only taught me the basics of my craft, I taught myself everything that I needed to become the best and more. Much more. To become the most known unknown, become the most infamous of the famous. My silhouette in the shadows would strike fear in any men, no matter how powerful or rich they were. It would strike so much fear, that normal people would be afraid to speak my name in public, fearing that I would calmly walk out of my shadows and end their life. I was like a demon to them, impossible to catch, only to be seen or heard when I wanted them to see me or hear me, but always present, always listening to their voices, to the things the say about me. I am but a mere human.

We could have saved the Holy Land or we could have destroyed it. I wanted to end the Crusades, just like we all did, but violence only promotes more violence until everything is destroyed. Unfortunately, violence was the only way we could. Violence was an important creed. Creed was to be obeyed. That was the first rule the Brotherhood taught to me. Disobey the creed and you will be extremely lucky if you are still alive. The creed was such a perfect set of not just of rules, but also of our laws that no one could disprove. It was a creed I reinvented. The Assassin’s Creed.

I was an Assassin. We were the Brotherhood of Assassins. Nobody could see us, nobody knew who we were, and where we were or what we were planning. We could be the person you met at the bazaar yesterday. We could have been your father, or your brother. We could have been the friendly stranger that helped you up when you fell, or we could be the guard that put rat poison in your drink when you were turned the other way. We were a perfect unit. We thought as one, acted as one, killed as one. We were a small number of people that tried to end a war, which thousands of men couldn’t. People did not know of us as group, but heard the rumors of different individuals. The only ones who knew we were a group was us, we almost never worked together, only planned together. But our actions always affected each others. The Brotherhood of Assassins. We were the perfect unit.

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Always enjoy reading your work keep it up.