Arrowverse: Zoom Origin Story

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Editor's Note: Hello everybody, this is my first Arrowverse fan-fic! Decided to write this after rewatching Flash's season 2, and since Zoom's origin story wasn't really expanded upon other than a passing comment by E2 Wells, i decided to try my hand to detail a scenario of what i think it happened. If you think anything needs improving, please be blunt as possible and hold nothing back on critiques.

Story Earth-2 Central City, It was a clean city. Signs of upkeep are shown, with no trash littering it's streets and a beautiful night with a full moon shining on it's streets. It was also peaceful. Keyword, being -was.- Recently, there have been a reports of a demonic abberation formed out of blue lightning speeding it's way across Central City, after the Particle Accelerator exploded deep beneath S.T.A.R. Lab, and after the escape of a serial killer that was meant to face the electric chair. Police sirens ring clear as day throughout the night, as several police cars are speeding their way towards a hostage situation called at a abandoned hospital. A squad of policeman rushed into the building, armed with standard police equipment - bulletproof vests, loaded handguns and grenades. Once they got into the building, they cleared every room and every corridor of the hospital.

"Clear!" shouted a policeman. "Clear!" shouted another. "Clear!" Eventually, the leader of the unit growled in extreme frustration, and called his unit to him. "There's no one here." spoke the leader. "Let's get our things an--"Suddenly, a WHOOSH of wind smacked the leader in the face, and he swore he could see flashes of blue speeding about the area and around his police officers. Once he realized what happened, and saw his police officers laying dead on the ground in the blink of an eye, he stammered. "Wh-what the? BACKUP! I NEED BACKUP AT--" He was interrupted, and he never got to finish his statement, for suddenly he was disarmed of everything, speaker, gun, etc, and came face to face with.. something. A demon with the face of death, dressed in pitch black with claws protruding out of his hands for fingers. His face, stitched to almost make him mute in a horrorifed, Jigsaw-esque pattern from the SAW movies. Suddenly, the thing spoke to him."You're a bigger fool than i took you for if you believe your back-up would mean anything less to me than a annoying nuisance." growled the thing, as it began to vibrate his hand at such intense speeds to the point the officer thought it impossible. "Tell me... what is your name?" snarled the demon, as the officer stammered after a while, and spoke out in a terrified, stuttering motion. He was trained to deal with serial killers, criminals... NOTHING LIKE THIS. He spoke, after a tense moment. "O-Officer Thawne, sir. Eobard Thawne." The demon laughed, and Officer Thawne swore he saw a slasher smile appear beneath his mask. "Eobard Thawne.. what a unique name. Eobard...I'll let you live, if you tell the city about me. Tell the nation about me.. TELL THE WORLD ABOUT ME. Tell this world that it's false pretenses of hope, of peace.. of security. All of it will be snuffed out like a candle being blown out. The age of terror has come." Eobard took a minute to comprehend such a thing, and finally, the policeman spoke, stammering. "F-fine...I'll, i'll tell the world about this... but you will be sto--" Before Eobard could finish, the demon sped out of the hospital, rushing away in a flash of blue lightning.

After the demon left the hospital, Eobard rushed in, got in his police car and sped to his police station, where he was debriefed of what happened at the hospital, with some employees at the local news station interviewing him. "It was.. horrible." spoke Thawne. "One minute.. i was in the hospital, leading my unit after we got a false hostage situation called in, Once we realized what had happened, i was about to call my unit back to the station.. only for a demon of blue lightning zooming about. Be warned, Central City... The age of terror, has come." spoke the man, as he was eventually let to return back to his home, and to his wife and kids. After a few weeks have passed, enough for word to spread of the event at the hospital. the demon returned, rushing into his house in a flash of blue lightning and speeding towards Eobard. "Hello again, Thawne.." The officer scrambled to his feet, stuttering. "You again? Come on... i told the world about you, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!"shouted Thawne in a terrified tone, of which the demon replied with a laugh. "You did.. and i told you i'd let you live.... However, i never said i wouldn't kill you after you spread the word about me. Exact words."smirked the demon, of which Thawne barely managed to stutter a response to the thing. "Bu-but.. come on! I HAVE A WIFE AND KIDS!" shouted Eobard in a horrified tone, of which the demon shook it's head in a annoyed manner. "Wrong... you have a widow and orphans.""Wh-" With that, the demon plunged a vibrating hand through Eobard's heart, killing him, of which the abberation sped down to do the same to his wife, making sure the children got a ringside seat to watch their mother being murdered, before allowing them to finally grasp what happened and killing them after.

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"My name is Zoom, and i am the fastest thing alive. Before i became Zoom, i was a man known as Hunter Zolomon. I watched my father murder my mother, and he was sent to jail for his crimes. I followed in his footsteps, killing 23 people before being caught. I was delivered a death sentence, they were strapping me into the chair, and they flipped the switch. Only for the Particle Accelerator to explode, saving me by converting the electricity into power. Power that gave me.. speed. Now, i am on a mission, to find other metahumans like me, and break them to my will to rule this city, and after it.. the world. I am become Death."

Editor's note: And end story! How did you like it? Did you like how i made the officer that spread the word about Zoom being Earth-2 Eobard Thawne? Do you think that i shouldn't have done such? If you liked it, please tell me what you liked! If you didn't, tell me what i did wrong.