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Nevermind the argument that it would then be paid, professional work.

Do you know of any comics that have published stories that were originally on the 'net as fan fiction?

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No nothing that I've ever heard of.

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The danger of doing that is that legal battles might erupt. While fan fiction initially uses preexisting properties, it is the original characters that will cause the problem. If a comic company were to publish a story that was originally a fan-fiction, in any way, they will eliminate original characters as much as possible. There is one annual of Generation X that is a prime example of this. The Annual was an adaptation of the novel that was co-written by the one creator. The adaptation dropped an original character that was put in the story, as well as cut out a second story that was part of that novel.

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@richgenx: The legal battle of it isn't the question. Just whether it's been done. If it has, then there's cause to define fan-fic as a concept in the wiki.

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@cbishop: Anything that has unofficial stuff out that is being sold redefined fanfiction. Trust me, I've seen various things in the Amazon Fulfillment Centers that are unlicensed merchandise being sold. Take time to look up some books on Amazon, or even e-books. There are a few minecraft stories out there that I don't think is linked to Mojag.

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@richgenx: But 1) Is that comics fanfic? and 2) It needs to be official. In other words, like one of the Image guys said, "Yeah, I'll publish this fanfic in the back pages of my comic," or Marvel said, "We're publishing this Spidey fanfic as a novel," or something like that.

I'm trying to come up with a solid reason to be able to add Fan Fiction to the wiki as a concept, because I think it should be defined in the same way Science Fiction and Pulp Fiction are defined in the wiki. The problem I'm foreseeing is that the concept would then have its own forum which would then be a Fan Fiction forum. I think that would cause the concept to encounter resistance without a solid reason for it to exist.

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@4donkeyjohnson said:


First, I don't know how you could read that site- the screen kept jumping, and pop-ups kept popping. I finally copy/pasted it to another window so I could read it uninterrupted. <sigh>

Second, it says nothing about comics fanfic being published by comic publishers. I'll keep looking.

Thanks for the link. -cb

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@cbishop: I haven't heard of anything like that, mainly for the legal risks mentioned above (and several other reasons). There have been talent search contests, but they usually involve independent teams creating a short comic.

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Amazon did something a few months ago called Kindle Worlds where they had fanfiction of G.I. Joe, some CW shows, and Valiant Comics. I have a few of those in my library and I have that some writer did new scripts based on The Simpsons for e-book format.

I did one fanfic script based on The Critic but I stopped writing a new one.

If Kindle Worlds were still around and with more comics and shows in their categories then I would have wrote a decent novella.

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