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Most child's dream, (atleast a child who reads comics such as I) always wants to be a Superhero. I for one, have made my imagination come to life, I will give you just a handful of my best superheroes and (maybe villains) of what I dream to be in a comic book. I do not have pictures of them but I will soon post them on here.   

Revenge: A scientist whose failed experement Dog turned into Werewolf,  after his experement Dog threw him against the wall, some of the same exposures that turned his Dog into an Demon, fell on him and which turned him into the exact same thing his Dog turned into. And also has a healing factor, and two industructible swords.
Steelix: Although he is in a different universe, he is a skillful Samurai who lived in the 10th Century, but after each death of his 3 wives, each accuring in a different time, a demon queen that lives in the underworld had a baby whose father is Steelix, after the baby was born Steelix was cursed to stone, same with the baby. And now he lives in our current timeline, he cannot die unless another Samurai defeats him.

Jack and Mr.Hyde: Based off of Hulk, and the Mr.Hyde, Jack was a scientist but unlike the others, he had Mr.Hyde his whole life, after discovering it from a curtain amount of pain, he becomes a redish greyish boney monster who can lift up at least 2,000 tons. 
Vengence: Similar name but different abilities, he has no power. He is a Hero but he kills all who break the law, Murderers, Thieves, Thugs, Crime Lords, and gangsters. He uses guns and knives to fight. He is also questioned of being a good guy. 
Werewolf: After a dog was a failed experement, he became a werewolf like creature with incredible healing factor and strength and agility.  
Meltdown: An acid like creature. 
Ninja or Nija: A black costume and mask he can transform into anyone. 

Well, that's it. Tell me what you think, I will have pictures for them soon.