Another Joe Chill story

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Another Joe Chill story

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Joe Chill

We all know Joe Chill, the man who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, but this is a different story of he’s, this is a story where Bruce becomes Batman without knowing Joe Chill’s identity and spend all his vigilante justice life looking for the man who killed his parents, then and only then he will quit the cowl and have a normal life.

One day, way in the future, when Gotham is a normal city and all the crazy criminals, corruption and injustice are in the past, Batman is in his way to patrol when one of his former allies ask him to stay home, there’s nothing to patrol anymore the city is safe, so they make a bet.

Batman started this path of vigilante justice because he was looking for his parent’s murderer; tonight will be he’s last night on patrol, if tonight he still cannot find him, he will stop been Batman forever… for good.

Late at night in Gotham Docks just outside the Financial District there’s Batman, this place just to be one of the main areas of illegal trafficking, right next to Blackgate Prison. Swinging in the many buildings around he misses one beam with his grappling gun and falls to the ground.

Bruce’s manage to keep control, but he falls in top of a homeless man. The man looks at him and his terrified; he kneels in front of Batman and asks for forgiveness. Bruce doesn’t know what is happening and tries to calm him down, but the homeless man is still on his knees saying that he is sorry … “sorry I kill them“.

Batman hear this and ask him - What do you mean “sorry I kill them”? -.

The man doesn’t stand and continues - I knew sooner or later you would come for me; you would find me, and make me pay for my sin- . Batman is not a patient man, and he ask one more time, - who did you kill? - After all he doesn’t know if this man is crazy or confused or insane.

The homeless man lifts his face and says – The Waynes, it was me who kill the Waynes -. Batman can’t believe his ears; could this man be tiling the true? Is he really the murderer hi has been looking for all this years? – What happened? – He ask – how did you do it? -.

The terrified expression on the man’s face started to vanish and now shows a great sadness, he start his story long ago before the crime families came to Gotham, before everything became rotten.

He tells Batman that he was a doorman in one of the fishing restaurants here at the Docks, he had a wife, a son and a daughter… he was a happy man. One day, a man name Carmine Falcone came to the restaurant, and then, he became a regular, he and his friends used to come every day, sat in the same table and order the same food.

So, this is the story:

Around this time my daughter started having chest pains and me and my wife took her to the doctor, we knew a surgery was expensive (the hospital personal said so too), so I asked for more hours at the restaurant, so did my wife at her place and my son, staring at his first job at the age of 15. We could do it; we could pay for the surgery.

One month after our first visit to the doctor my daughter was hospitalized and our payment increased, and to top it all up, I lost my job at the restaurant, they told me they didn’t need a doorman anymore, because the door will maintain close for now on, with only Falcone’s friends allow to enter.

I was destroyed, scare and hopeless; I begged for my job back, and returned to the restaurant everyday asking for a chance. I didn’t told my wife about my job, I couldn’t get a new one, I have no skills! But one day, I manage to enter the restaurant one more time.

I didn’t got my job back, but one of Falcone’s friends proposed an offer for me, the payment was substantial, enough to pay for the complete surgery and payback to the bank, I was curious and nervous, about what kind of job would this be.

I sat in the table with this man, and out of nowhere! He took out a gun, it was my first time seen a gun, I got nervous and doubted for a moment, he then told me what he need me to do.

He told me to wait at an alley in Park Row … the job was to kill a person that night. I didn't know what this meant, I didn’t know what to do, if I say no my daughter will die, and if I say yes, I would become a murderer.

I think you know what was my choice. I was assigned a lookout guy and they give me instructions about what to do and when to do it. The gun have two bullets, one for the job and one to return.

I had to come back to the restaurant and show this man I have finished the job. I was scared but determined, so I waited for this person, after a couple of hours someone came through the alley.

While they were passing by I notice the lookout guy showing me the mark, I came out of the shadows pointing the gun, all I saw was a couple… with a child, and I froze. I thought the mark was rival mafia boss not a family, then it came to my mind, I only had one bullet to use, and who was it for?

The lookout guy pointed the child and left, I couldn’t move, I had to kill a kid? I had to kill a kid… in front of his parents? Could I even do it? Could I kill a kid to save mine? My hand was shaking, and then I notice the man talking, he was asking me not to do it.

He came towards me to take the gun; the woman was protecting the kid behind her, everything was so estrange, in my head time was going so slow, but in reality, it happened so fast. I took a decision; I had to protect my daughter, just like this woman was protecting her son.

I pointed the gun to the kid, the woman screamed Thomas! so… so loud, he stand in front and I pool the trigger, I couldn’t think twice and decided to use the second bullet, I grab the woman and try to get close to the kid, the gun got stuck in the woman’s pearl necklace during the struggle, the trigger went off by mistake, and both adults were dead, I had failed.

I ran out of there, I didn’t even look at the boy’s face, I knew he was crying, I could hear him, but I didn’t care, I had to do something before they found out I had ruin the job. I didn't know who these people were, if I had known, I would have done something completely different.

The job was a disaster, I had to think fast and do something. I went back to the restaurant but the man wasn’t there, so I told a lie, I took one gun left in one of the tables and took out the bullets, except for one.

I told one of the henchmen I had finished my job and this gun with one bullet was the proof, I wanted my money as fast as possible so I could take it to the hospital that same day, before the man who hired me came back and could tell I was lying.

Luckily I got the money and went to the hospital, I thought of going home I tell my wife about the money and tell an excuse of why I wasn't home that night, but I didn’t, I ran straight to my daughter's side.

When I got to the hospital I told the nurse that I had the complete amount of money need it for the surgery, that they could start the procedure now. She looked at me confused, like she didn't know what was I talking about.

We talk and she told me I should talk with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, she will explain everything to me. The news fell on me like a wall of bricks, the actual reason why my daughter's surgery was getting pushback, wasn't because of the money, was because not many doctors in Gotham knew how to perform it.

Dr. Thompkins told me she and a doctor friend of hers have been studying these couple of weeks of how to do the surgery, it was impossible for her to do it alone, unfortunately, her friend, Dr. Thomas Wayne, was killed last night in Park Row alley.

I couldn’t believe it. She told me that Thomas work without pay and it had been him the responsible of keeping my daughter in the hospital; I didn’t need to pay for anything. The man I shot that night was the only one who could help my little girl.

Dr. Thompkins say that under these circumstances the only thing we could do was to keep my daughter as comfortable as possible. I knew what that meant, all hope was lost, my daughter will die and it was my fault.

I went home to tell my wife… and didn’t like what I saw. The man who hired me to kill the Wayne child was there, with two henchmen holding my wife and my son at gunpoint. This day nightmare will never end.

He asked me about the job and the money, he saw the newspapers, Thomas and Martha Wayne where killed last night in an alley in Park Row, their son Bruce Wayne was the only survivor. I told him I could give him the money back, I had it all, but he didn’t want it.

This man was furious, he want it the Wayne kid dead, not the parents. I honestly didn’t know what to do or what to say, one little misunderstanding had caused all of this. The rest… I remember that happened like a dream, one of the henchmen shoot my wife and the other one kidnap my son.

I stay in my knees of hours looking at my wife’s blood stain the floor. I don’t remember much after that, the police came and interrogate me, my daughter died a couple of days after, I was told my son disappear (probably was killed by the man’s henchmen), at this point nothing else matters anymore.

And this was Joe Chill story to Batman.

Ever since that day he has been living in the streets of Gotham going nowhere, waiting for the mask vigilante to deliver him to justice. Bruce really can’t believe what he just heard, Joe looks inside his pockets and show him the gun and the money, he had been carrying them still after all this years.

He still doesn't know who was the man who hired him, or why did he wanted the Wayne kid dead. Whatever the case is, it appears Batman now has a new mission, but before he leaves, Bruce turns towards the man and remove his mask.

He tells Joe Chill who he is and that after all this time of pain and suffering because of his parent’s death, he had no idea that the man responsible for all was suffering as much as him. Bruce forgives Joe Chill and takes him to the police; Joe is charged with murder and sentenced to jail.

Now it’s time for our Dark Knight to find another secret about his past.