An explosive situation

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Rocket Raccoon is speaking with Wiccan

Wiccan: What do you need, Rocket?
Rocket: I want another plant team member. One that's smarter than Groot.

Wiccan: Ok, here goes

He projects a light and appears a green-skinned, foot tall, bipedal, man carrying a bazooka.

Rocket: I'm gonna call ya Green Rocket. Hey, Wiccan. What can this guy do?

Wiccan: He can summon trees out of nowhere for a wall protection barrier, and has a bazooka.

Rocket: Great. That'll be useful for handling swarms of enemies

Meanwhile, in Egypt, at a mummy burial sight, a man named Nasir Khalid falls down a hole and meets the god Khonshu, the same God who helps Moon Knight.

Khonshu: I will help you. Grant you with the ability to fire sand from your hands, and you have unlimited dynamite to throw at evil. Only use it for battling with evil criminals, vampires or demons.

Nasir: I will call myself: Explosive

A terrorist hideout tunnel is in Egypt. The new Arab hero throws a stick of dynamite in the hole, then the tunnel collapses on the terrorists, with the leader barely surviving and barely being able to breath

Saif Abu Bakr: Well, our plan is crushed.

Back at the Spaceship.....

Rocket: Should we send Green Rocket to fight anyone?
Wiccan: Well, Mephisto has possessed Green Goblin, and he is at that old prison cell you and your team escaped from. We must send him there

Rocket: Ok, seems like a plan. Now, Groot. You'll be in the hallway. Only help Green Rocket as a last resort

Groot: I am Groot

Green Rocket shows up in the cafeteria

Green Goblin: A bipedal green thing? Please, I've fought Spider-Man! Get ready to lose!
He is charging towards him with his hoverboard, but a tree is summoned and he crashes into it.

Green Goblin: Pure luck! I got these bombs

As the Green maniac on-a-hoverboard throws 3 bombs, Green Rocket is knocked back.

Green Goblin: Any last words

Green Rocket: Take this!
He fires the bazooka at the ceiling, causing the place to fall apart. He and Groot take an escape pod to get away

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@dantekesha: Soooo, basically, you ripped off Groot, made him speak, and gave him a bazooka? And why would Khonshu give Explosive the ability to blast sand from his hands, but "unlimited dynamite" rather than an ability to fire explosive blasts? Do the dynamite sticks say "TNT" on them too? Or "Made by Khonshu?" Or "One blast per stick?" It's kind of a silly power.