Alternate Star Wars Ep:7 The Force Awakens Pt 2

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The village of Tuanul was soon locked down tight by the Cold Dark troopers; the brief pockets of resistance were put down by the combined numbers of shock, fire, and storm troopers. The silver giant Captain Phasma directed them with precision.

“Left flank, sweeping four by four!” she yelled as she returned fire. “Right flank, volcano spread. Everyone else, on me! Forward!”

Lando ducked as the storm troopers kept him pinned behind a stone wall, other were setting fire to the shanty town with flamethrowers. “I remember when they couldn’t hit the broad side of a Star Destroyer!”

Poe Dameron watched as the troopers surrounded Lando. He aimed the rear gun towards them when he saw a dark clad figure stomp down the gang plank of the final transport. “Kylo Ren! BB, are we good to go?”

The little ball droid beeped in the affirmative. If Ren was on the ground, meant all the troops were on the ground leaving the window open that he’d waited for. “Okay, punch it!”

The X-Wing’s engines roared to life, the troops, Phasma and Ren all turned to the craft taking to the sky allowing Lando to get in some well-placed shots. Poe fired the rear gun, laying a blanket of covering fire before taking off into space.

“May the Force be with you,” Lando said to the departing craft as he opened fire again. His attacks garnered the attention of Kylo Ren who headed straight towards him. Lando fired only to have the blaster bolts deflected away.

“Calrissian!” Ren seethed through his face mask.

“Solo,” Lando replied firing again.

With a wave of his hand, Kylo used the Force to strip the guns from Lando’s hands. “Don’t call me that!”

Lando removed a thermal detonator from his belt and threw it, again Kylo summoned the Force and held the device in the air a few feet from the smugglers shocked face.

“Where is he?” Kylo barked lifting Calrissian into the air via Force choke. “Where is Skywalker?”

“I-ve been…choked by..a…Wookie,” Lando whimpered. “N-need to do…better, than…that, Solo.”

Kylo roared in anger and swung his lightsabre, lopping off both Lando’s arms at the forearm. The old smuggler screamed and was dumped onto the ground.


Lando couldn’t speak from the double amputation. Kylo snarled and rammed the lightsaber through his back, out his chest and into the ground. Lando gasped and died on the sand. Ren snapped off his weapon.


“Yes sir,” She replied as she came to his side. “Alert the fleet of a lone X-Wing. Track its trajectory and bring the pilot to me.”

“Gather the children?” Phasma asked.

“Of course, Cold Dark cannot expand without new troops.”