Alternate Star Wars Ep:7 The Force Awakens

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

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Jakku, Inner Rim Planet

Lando Calrissian looked at the young X-Wing pilot in front of him, the fire light dancing off his metallic patch that covered his right eye hiding a nasty scar. “The reason Skywalker entrusted his location to me, was because we barely knew each other, and he knew I could keep my mouth shut. And I have for fifteen years! What makes you think I’ll just tell you?”

Poe Dameron sipped the blue liquid his host had poured him. “Because of who sent me. General Organa-Solo.”

“Leia,” Lando smiled broadly as he stoked the fire. “If she really wanted to know…”

Poe held a hand up to interrupt and called over his astromech droid BB-8. “She said you’d say that. So, she made this…”

BB-8 created a holographic image that hovered above the fire of General Leia Organa-Solo, even in 1/8th hologram form she looked amazing for a woman in her late fifties. “General Calrissian…Lando. I would’ve come to Jakku myself but as the threat of Cold Dark rises, my attention has to be here. You’ve kept yourself well hidden for many years, I can see why Luke confided in you when he left after…please Lando! We need Luke. We also need you. You are our only hope.”

Lando slowly sat up from the fire, his knees creaked from age. He shuffled over to a shelf and picked up an old grey device, blew the dust off it. “This belonged to, was part of, a friend of mine. It’s an AJ^6 cyborg construct.”

“I haven’t seen Lobot-tech since I was a kid,” Poe stated as he walked towards Lando. “Does it still work?”

“It’s old but reliable,” Lando said holding out the device that now had several lights blinking on it. “Luke’s co-ordinates are in there.”

The sound of troop transports filled the air and shook the shoddy hut. Lando flipped open a panel in the wall and removed some blasters. “Seems you were followed. You better get out of here.”

Poe Dameron grabbed his helmet and headed for the backdoor as Lando headed out the front. “Thank you Lando.”

“Don’t thank me just yet kid,” Lando smiled. “Tell Leia, she might be a General, but she’ll always be a princess to me.”


Poe Dameron sat quietly in the cockpit of the X-Wing watching the troopers take the village. It grained against everything he knew but he silently sat there as he counted the number of troops on the ground waiting for a chance to punch the crafts accelerator and rocket out of here. But if he went to early then troops inside the transports could alert the Star Destroyers in orbit above Jakku and he’d be well and truly dead.

“Bring all necessary systems up online, BB-8,” Poe ordered quietly. “Be ready for an emergency take off.”