Alternate Star Wars Ep: 7 The Force Awakens Pt 3

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Part one is HERE and part two is HERE


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Poe Dameron spun the X-Wing into a diving barrel roll as he exited Jakku’s orbit to avoid the heavy fire from the Cold Dark’s star destroyer that hovered over the planet.

“I have a bad feeling about this!” Poe yelled as sparks flew from the top left foil as the shots got closer. “BB, any way out?”

The astromech ball beeped excitedly from the back of the X-Wing as another barrage from the turbo lasers flew around them.

“You’ve got the data that the General needs,” Poe flipped some switches as he spun the ship again out of harms way. “I’m expendable, but you’re not!”

The droid beeped but Poe wasn’t listening. “Sorry BB, but if you fall into the hands of The Dark then they’ll know Skywalker’s location and my guess is they’ll just blow the planet up to make sure and they’ll…” Poe paused as the X-Wing pulled to the right against the way he was piloting the craft. “Tractor beam! You gotta go BB! May the Force be with you!”

Poe fired his lasers at the star destroyer as he jettisoned the astromech back down to Jakku, the little A.I ball screaming its displeasure.


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“Inform Kylo Ren that we have captured the X-Wing and await further instructions,” General Armitage Hux said from the command deck of the Finalizer, the massive Cold Dark star destroyer parked above Jakku. “And prepare a search team as it seems an object was launched from the X-Wing before capture.”

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“Yes General!” A stormtrooper saluted and exited quickly. The trooper went down a long corridor and ducked into an alcove, removing his helmet and vomiting into the corner.

“Keep it together FN-2187. This is the way out. You will never get another chance.” The trooper rapidly sucked in air before exhaling long and slow and putting back on his helmet.


BB-8 floated down to the sand thanks to the parachute packed into the back of it. It landed gently, used a flame-cutter to disentangle itself from the cords and began rolling across the dunes as fast as it was able. It had a mission.

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On Jakku, Rey watched the ball land, far on the other side of the dunes. She had been out scavenging parts for Blobfish, the junk dealer. His real name was Unkar Plutt but few used it. Rey added the few choice items she’d gotten into the webbing on the side of her orange hover-skiff before flying it towards the mysterious object that had fallen from the sky.

To be continued...