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Hello everyone,

long Time lurker, 1st Time poster so bare with me if i come off as noobish!

Now before I begin, the facts

I am a casual comic book fan and thusly may say or implement things I do not fully understand, so forgive me if I appear stupid and ill informed.

The cast-

Main players

Ironman – (Extremis- the one where he can control his suits and access comps and junk)

Justice League

Venom symbiote

Lantern Corps

Minor players required by plot

Mr fantastic

My idea,

I’d like to create a scenario where Ironman and the venom symbiote (I will explain) get flung into the DC universe as a result of an event happening in the DC universe.

Main idea-

Due to a disturbance regarding the power of the various lantern rings (green, red, blue, orange, purple and white even) all being bought together for some reason I have yet to decide or even begin to piece together, an event takes place (intentional or accident undecided) which causes them to tear the reality of fabric and time, the result being T Stark, conducting an experiment with Mr Fantastic at the fantastic 4’s research lab in the DC universe feel the shockwave of said effect whilst conducting their experiment into improving the efficiency (or whatever I decide) of the stark arc reactor.

Explaining venom-

At this stage the Venom Symbiote is located within the Fantastic 4’s tower after being separated from its latest host and being ‘safely contained’ (Needs fleshing out) whilst awaiting time for Mr fantastic to generate a way of analysing the alien.

Back to the main idea- the eruption causes the rings that were bought together to be transported to the DC universe made possible by the energy signature being modified by the arc reactor being tested at the fantastic 4’s lab acting as sort of a magnet as the tinkering has created a similar form of energy that seems to draw the attention of the rings.

When the rings arrive in the DC universe they are immediately analysed by Tony and Mr F, as they emit a strange energy. Ain a controlled series of tests the rings energies are expanded upon, and are looked at even more in depth. When an experiment to try and split open a ring (the green one) ‘succeeds’ in the presence of the other ring’s and arc reactor it erupts seeming being sucked into the reactor causing it to generate a hurricane like force pulling tony and the safely contained ‘venom symbiote’ inside along with the remaining rings. Mr fantastic is left and immediately does something super heroic and science the collapse the portal from his end.

Meanwhile IM finds himself, pulled through space and into the presence of the justice leagues very own green lantern in the JL, orbital station (like the one of the cartoon series) When confronted and asked by the GL, exactly what happened TS does the best he can to explain, the remaining rings are immediately seized and are kept locked up along with the Venom symbiote for safe keeping until GL can raise the alarm and find the best course of action for TS and what to do with the rings. In the meantime TS faces the harsh reality that he has been town from his world, but at the same time is exited by the opportunity to explore this alternate universe.

General conversing with the JL takes place and Tony Manages to find common ground with none other than Batman, (will take A LOT of fleshing out) as the two kinda have a fair bit in common. Taking residence with BM, Tony begins to see that the residents of this universe are also plagued by their own versions of evil entities and decides to try an commit himself to do some good whilst waiting for the GL’s to appear and try and figure out the situation.

Gaining access to a fraction of BM’s wealth and resources, Ironman begins to fabricate a new arc reactor in order to try and explain/ replicate the events which caused the accident/occurrence at Wayne Tower, Impressed by the level of knowledge TS demonstrates BM allows him and funds him to construct one of his Ironman suits Stark has previously mentioned. Creating a suit equal to that of the mk 2 demonstrates its combat capabilities and begins to assist the JL with their duties whilst waiting for the official word from the GL corps as to what happened.

In the meantime whilst fighting along side GL against a DC villain (yet to be decided) Stark gains insight as to the nature of the rings, and just what kind of powers they posses.

With the arrival of the GL corp representatives on the JL orbital station, The GL inform all members of the JL that they deem it vital that the rings are returned and that TS is not to attempt to rein act the experiment which bought him to their universe, as they believe that time and space not being torn apart itself was a miraculous occurrence, TS is not informed of this and is simply informed by The Justice League GL, that there is no way of returning home. Devastated Stark confides in BM and unwittingly BM (who has been informed of the truth like the rest of the JL) That for him to attempt such a thing may be possible, but would be far to risky.

Desperate to return home, Stark devises a plan to subdue to JL or at least get to the rings and attempt to rein act the event as to return home. Using his suit, IM attacks BM at his home (Wayne manor), and renders BM unconscious.

Hacking into batmans files and data, he uncovers the locations of the rings and creates a plan of attack as well as learning his main concern (Superman) weakness, TS also discovers BM has a chunk of Cryptonite kept in secret at Wayne Tower planeed to be used if SM ever went rouge.

Slipping into Wayne Tower IM takes control of the automated building systems and begins to construct more of his Suits as well as a new Jarvis, this Time named E.L.F.R.E.D after taking a liking to BM’S butlers fatherly and supportive nature.

After analysing the JL strengths IM proceeds to create the following,

-Flash buster – Named ‘The rapid’

-Green Lantern Buster -Named ‘Endless Shadow)

-The martian buster – Named- ‘The Earthling’

-Wonder Woman Buster – Named ‘ the bronze Amazonian’

-Aquaman buster – Named ‘Heat Wave’

-Green Arrow Buster – Named – ‘Hawkeye after his fellow Avenger’

-Hawkman buster- Named – ‘Wing Clipper’

-Superman buster –Named ‘Man of Iron’ – empowered with kryptonite

As well as, as many other suits he can create.

Launching an attack upon the JL station the JL and GL corps battle against IM’s suits allowing Tony an opportunity to break into the JL vault and recover the rings.

-Disabling Superman- The suit designed to weaken superman attaches to him whilst eradiating him with Kryptonite leaving him unconscious.

Whilst in the Vault Batman emerges, confronting stark in a suit of his own (the batsuit) having replicated as much of the mk2 armor AND Stark Reactor core as possible as revealed to him. ,(Tony would now be wearing a more advanced suit akin to the silver centurion/mk42) after a fight IM’s superior tech and power source allows him to over power BM and flings him unknowingly into the Venom Symbiote container, horrfied by his own actions and believing he has killed BM, Tony flees from the station back to Wayne Tower with the rings, in a desperate attempt to escape.

Whilst fleeing the venom symbiote escapes its container and merges with BM, creating a Venom- Batman Hybrid and unknowingly saves a dying Batman from and revives him. Fleeing the Scene this new hybrid escapes undetected from the station and peruses after IM back to his tower. Leaving the JL to destroy their iron counterparts.

Meanwhile IM begins to conduct the experiment that bought him to their universe but is unable to as he is missing the key element which bought him there in the first place, splitting a Green Ring. Soon IM is confronted by the venom batman hybrid and a brutal battle begins. Managing to damage Starks own arc reactor (the one in his chest) Stark desperately breaks a lantern ring

(The red one to be precise) and watches as instead of being sucked into the big arc reactor like before, is now drawn into the cracked one in his chest, infusing him with the horrid energy of the Red Lantern. Now empowered with the limitless energy of the RL as well as its Murderous bloodlust Stark quickly realises that he is being turned, ordering his AI A.L.F.R.E.D to quickly copy his non insane sentience and generate an AI version of himself to be present within the suit and act as a form of digital self conscious to preserve himself and act through his suit in order to save what he can of himself. This fails resulting in an emotionless Stark AI replica which instead seeks to guide and create new tech for its now RL power infused master.

After brutally assaulting The Batman venom symbiote the JL along with the GL corps Arrive and begin to battle, the crazed AI guided stark proceeds to demonstrate quick machine like mastery of his new found abilities, even more so than a veteran Red Lantern as well as being Much stronger. Even managing to get the better of the present JL. Escaping the scene, Ironman Flees leaving behind the Batman Venom Hybrid who also begins to attack his fellow JL members when they are horrified by his new visage and insist of detaining him to better analyse the affliction.

Meanwhile the surge of energy has attracted the like of other Lantern Factions, Namely the Yellow Lanterns and the Red Lanterns now bound for Earth.

Aware of this the GL corp intervenes along with the help of the newly un-comatised superman, flash, Wonder woman, Green Arrow aquaman and hawk man to defend earth and buy The Justice league GL time to track down the new renegade IM’s location.

Meanwhile Stark has already established a new base of operations inside BM’s batcave. Remaining dormant allowing the Stark AI to create new weapons and suit abilities to help preserve his presence at any cost.

When GL get the trail of the Symboite Batman he decides to follow it, leading him back to Wayne Mansion and the ret I have yet to fantasise and write about.

If people could help me flesh out ideas without getting into a flame battle about ‘OMG that would never happen’ I would be grateful

I will post more when I get time

J Kind regards,


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