Alpha: The War

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(Warning: This story contains strong language.) 
Part 1: It's all about the politics 

The room was pitch black, at first Alpha thought that he’d gone blind, but then the lights burst on and his captor was revealed. The man was surprisingly young, with slick, finely combed red hair and pale blue eyes. He was clad in a bright white lab coat which blended well with the bright room. He frowned as he glared at Alpha. Alpha looked quite different when not clad in his armor. He actually looked sickly, and pale, his hair looked grimy and messy. His green eyes were equal parts tired looking and angry. Alpha didn’t move his face away from his opponent as he tried to move his arms. He felt the straps that kept him locked to the steel chair. Surprisingly his legs were tied down as well; clearly this man was aware of Alpha’s capabilities. The man waited patiently as Alpha silently assessed his situation. He quietly went through the fog of memories that made up the day prior to his current ordeal. He and his squad had been sent to take retrieve or destroy an experimental weapon that was being stored in a rebel base. Everything had gone according to plan, and then someone messed up. Troops had arrived; they lost their leader Omega in the ensuing gunfight. Zeta revealed himself as a traitor, knocked out Alpha before he could react, then it was all over. Alpha looked around, trying to spot anything that could help him escape. As if on cue, the man in the lab coat pulled out a pistol and calmly placed it on the metal desk in front of Alpha. “There’s only one bullet in there.” The man explained. “You’ll most likely use it on yourself after we’re done here; three of your friends have done so already.” Alpha said nothing, trying to give nothing away to his opponent. The man continued. “Right, I’m Professor Algird , and I will be your interrogator today.” Algird said stiffly, as he was reading off a line he’d memorized for a play. “For ever lie you tell me I will cut off one of your fingers, for every truth you tell me I shall give you a second head start when we let you out of here.” Alpha raised an eyebrow and Algird gave a nod. “An honest policy is the best policy.”

Algird sighed as he exited the room, the session had lasted 2 hours and Alpha had lost 3 fingers. He didn’t scream even once during the process of removing the ringers, he only had glared at Algird. The session finally ended when Alpha accurately told the location of the science facility where his armor had been produced. Algird had calmly informed him that he’d get a 1 second head start, which only instigated a chilling reply from Alpha. “You’re the one that’ll need a damn head start.” Algird was used to such threats, and yet the tone that Alpha had used, the confidence in his eyes, made the threat send shivers up Algird’s spine. Algird sighed as he slumped down on the couch in his office. It was a nice couch, the kind therapists had used before the war, back when Algird’s degree had actually been worth anything. A degree in literature, so useful until the government begins to burn all the books. Algird quickly grabbed a bottle of liquor from on top of the file cabinet next to his couch. He began to drink, trying to block out the thoughts of what his life had become.

Alpha smiled to himself as Algird left. Blood covered his arm making it slippery, and he’d been slowly loosening the strap on his arm for 2 hours. The gun only had one bullet, but then again, that’s all Alpha needed.

The blaring alarms caused Algird to jolt up, fully awake. Algird rushed out of his room into the hall. There was a single guard outside. “Sir, come with me. We’re evacuating.” The guard explained as he led Algird through the hall. Algird was the best interrogator the rebels had, the only one willing to that extra step that was needed to break experiments like Alpha. Algird’s mind drifted to the monster of man, the government’s secret weapon. It was clear he’d escaped him or one of the other few remaining ‘secret weapons’. Algird cursed to himself, this was the worst possible scenario, even government troops breaking in would be better than this. “We need to get you out of here or you’re as good as dead sir.” The guard chimed in as they ran. Algird gave the guard a worried glance. “Why?” He asked as they turned around a corner. “The weapon got on the com, said he was coming for you. That’s how we found out he got out, the overconfident bastard.” Algird’s face became pale in fear; he really was as good as dead. As Algird rounded the last corner, so close to freedom, he nearly tripped over the first body. There were 5 of them, all killed without the use of a gun. “Project Alpha: bio weapon created for the single purpose of killing, upon spotting a target Alpha will immediately know the best way to eliminate the target as well as several secondary methods. Alpha may know up to 9 ways to kill one man at a single time.” The file had been quite clear about how dangerous this weapon was. Alpha grinned at Algird, waving a familiar pistol. “I saved the bullet, I thought you might need it.”