Alexis Cain: Soul of The Cosmos.

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@Etheral_Dreams: @Primez0ne: @TheVivas: @Gizmorino:

This is the start of the spin off mini series of the main story we created a three decades into the future. I originally did this in the note section on my phone, so unfortunately everything with the presentation was changed :-(.

Obviously there are those who won't understand at first, but as the series goes on the details with be revealed. (Criticism, Support, and Advice is welcomed lol)


Intro -

“One of the greatest mysteries of all creation is the concept of "infinity." The idea that it is possible for someone or something to have no limits, not even self-imposed ones.

The infinite is all around us; it's ridiculously common, so much so that we forget how miraculous it is. Reality itself is made up of layers; layers of infinity adding up to a larger infinity, and layers of those larger infinities adding up to an even greater one.

I am here to tell you of the largest infinity of them all, the origin of all things - The Sea of Eternity. Omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, the Sea of Eternity is incomprehensible at best; no mind, god or mortal, can really understand it's nature.

What we can understand, however, is from it's bubbling cosmic sea foam arose a lesser infinity, a complex system of countless, immense structures known as spheres.

To be frank, each of the spheres is what you might call a multiverse. They are infinite in their own right, and made of countless, parallel universes existing in 11 dimensions. Each of the parallel universes within a sphere is a distinct narrative, separated from the rest by a unique history and place in space-time, yet connected to the rest through a central axis of sorts.

The axis which sustains, shapes, and binds together all the dimensions and universes of a sphere is a Deva. A Deva is neither a force or an entity, but somewhere in between. They embody a fundamental concept, a cosmic principle which echoes throughout the entirety of the sphere over which the Deva rules.

Devas are not as powerful as the Sea of Eternity, but are fairly close; they are nigh-omnipotent, and are omniscient and omnipresent with respect to their home sphere.

I myself am not a Deva, but my master is. He is the one whom you may call the Silent One; or at least, he is a part of him. As an Esper awakened by the Silent One, I embody the concept of balance. This balance I speak of, is a theme at the heart of every story within the multiverse.

With that being said, let me guide you through time, space, and higher dimensions; I will reveal to you the secrets that my master has revealed to me.”


Chapter 1: My Brothers Killer.

Part 1: A Fallen King and His Promise.

Alexis - “You know why you're here.. don't act like you're so damn innocent!"

All I felt was anger, and this cold damp prison wasn't helping my current mood. The constant flicker of the light above, the smell of dead bodies, the feeling of hopelessness that clutched the neck of my inner being. I don't know how long I could last in his presence. His eyes shot through me like I was his prey, but I couldn't show a single sign of weakness.

Èlan - “What's wrong child?"

He smirked as if he could already see my weak points.

Èlan - “Don't tell me you've grown soft since our last dance.. oh wait wait! Let me guess, does your brothers death still haunt you at night.. does his voice crying for help torment you day.. after day.. after day?”

His words were like spears piercing through an already damaged body, and the pain was worse as he continued. He laughed softly under his breath, but it felt more like obnoxious boasting in my ear.

Èlan - “You could have killed me.. but like most Espers, you were a fool!”

In that moment, I quickly grabbed his throat through the Graphumtanium walls. The sound of him squirming, struggling to get free calmed me down, but at the same time troubled me.

I empowered by hand with Aether energy to crush his pathetic throat harder, and harder until blood ran down the sides of his mouth as he gasped for air. With hesitation I let go and I regretted it, but I knew I couldn't bring myself there again.

Alexis - “You should know your place Èlan. This isn't like 15 years ago. You're weak, you're powerless, and you're not the dangerous Zodiac you once were.“

I tried to be confident with my words, but I knew I was lying to myself. I was face to face with a demon who could manipulate all eleven dimensions with just his Zōngan.

Èlan - “Me.. know my place?"

Suddenly Èlan slams himself against the bars of the prison, and yells out in anger and bloodlust.

Èlan - “You stupid little girl! It is not you who traps me in here, but it is that silly false god of yours who's become your daddy thats keeps me here!"

"If I didn't keep my promise it would you who would be dead right now! You.. you.. ungrateful Epser pest! I would rip you and this entire galaxy apart if my powers weren't being suppressed by your little.. god..”

Èlan slowly moves back against the walls of his prison. A shadow slowly covers his face and all I could see were the two white rings on his eyes created by the Zōngans effect. He then started tapping his long sharp nails against the metal. He then tilted his head and said to me in a sinister yet joyous tone.

Èlan - “When I get out of here pretty girl.. I'm going to rip.. you're entire world apart, piece.. by.. piece."

I turned and walked away. I couldn't let my pride get the best of me. It almost killed me last time, and I lost my brother because of it. Before I left the prison halls, turned to face Èlan and said sternly as my Aether aura intensified around my body.

Alexis - “Èlan.. if you dare take one step out of that cell, you will regret the day you even took the throne of your own people. I will make sure every second of your life is like the hell you belong in. I made a promise to your daughter and son to not kill you, but I really hope you give me a reason to break that promise!

The room was silent as I walked towards the the hall and shut the gate behind me. As much as I trusted Valtore, I knew this would be the last time I would see a Vulnerable Èlan.