Alex Mercer Vs James Heller Part 1

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The story and details..

-This is basically my take on how Prototype 2 Mercer Vs Heller should have went through.

The sun rose over the city as Blackwatch made yet another push against the Infected; though without Greene's mind giving them guidence, they were much weaker, the elite military wings were still having a hard time finally clenching their victory.

A massive Hunter proved this fact; smashing into the ground with a bestial roar and shattered a tank like it was made of glass. Blackwatch soldiers turned and fired at it, but its hulking form seemed immune to their bullets and it sent them reeling, blood rose in gysers as it set to worm. Emboldened by this display, the rest of the Infected moved in as well.

From a rooftop across the street, a man watched the scene unfold. He was hunched over, through habit rather than requirement and wore a distinctive hoody. It was clear from his bearing and the look on his face that this was a man who had thought himself done with this some time ago only to be pulled back in.

He was not amused at all.

“See what damage your kind do?” Demanded a voice. In the shadows, there stood a second man. His eyes alight with rage and hate. “ You Infected...”

Alex Mercer did not reply. He just watched the fight unfolding below, humanity vs the infection. In many ways, it was similar to the struggle that had played out in his mind every day since he had discovered what he was. Though, his human mind struggled to maintain what was important -- family (Dana!) Responsibility (Ok, he wasn't too good at that.) and purpose (And what was his purpose now? He could hardly go out and search for a job.)

“What's your name.” He said to the other, the one who was like him.

“Heller.” The man growled. “ And I know who you are too... you're the one who started all this. Zeus. Alex Mercer. I'm going to destroy you. I'm going to wipe you out and make it so that no one ever has to fear from your kind ever again!”

The sheer rage in the man's voice struck Alex. Is this really how I used to sound like? But of course it was; Heller was a mirror to what Alex had once been. What he could very easily become again. Alex sighed to himself and turned to regard the other, noting the hatred in his eye.

What could he say? That he was sorry? Pathetic, and he wasn't even sure if it was true. The Infection had not been his fault... despite what Heller and Blackwatch liked to believe. Any sins of the human Alex Mercer has surely been absolved by his death.

Alex didn't say that though, he knew enough to know that Heller was like he had once been. A berserker on a quest for justice that he could never find as he was now. Heller would kill and kill and kill and for what? What purpose? At least Alex, when he had done it, had had a purpose. (But was that purpose right? What was right? Those questions haunted him even now.) Alex sighed again.

“Your men are being killed.” He pointed out.

Heller spat on the ground.

“Blackwatch. Not my men. My men are long dead. All that matters now is the score that I have to settle with you. Alex Mercer, prepare to die.”

His hands spasmed for a second and then erupted in twin blades of dark biomatter. Alex took careful note of them; somewhat longer than his own weapon of choice. Two blades rather than one as well. When Alex used that power, he would create only one blade. Did that mean that Heller was more evolved? A new iteration of the virus?

No, of course not. Heller was just doing things his own way.

Alex grinned, a savage light in his eye.

“If you think that's going to impress me, think again!”

His hand erupted into his own blade construct, singular and smaller than Heller's but Alex held it with a ready experience that he had earned through countless bloody battles with the Infected and with Blackwatch. Heller, for all his flare and rage, did not have that kind of experience to fall back on.

Such was proven when, upon the first clash, Heller found himself thrown soundly to the ground, Alex dodging back just in time to avoid a vengeful slash.

Heller roared and climbed to his feet, dashing forwards again. Alex met his charge with his own blade, sparks flew as the two viral constructs fought for supremacy.

The fight was fierce. Heller had energy, had a more recent iteration of the virus which allowed him access to some tricks Alex would have to do without. He had evolved in different ways, sometimes ways that Alex couldn't quite predict. He was stronger, faster.

But Alex was smart, and Alex had been doing this for a long time now. So to Heller's surprise, he found himself losing ground to the theoretical lesser construct. He cursed and tried to force forwards but Alex switched to his shield with a fluidity that Heller had not yet attained himself and bashed him full in the face, he was sent sprawling to the ground.

Alex leapt at him, slashing through his upper chest with the blade. But Heller cut a whole in Alex's leg. Alex slashed across his foe's throat, but Heller impaled him solidly through the heart. Alex ripped off Heller's right arm, but Heller smashed in Alex's face with a muscle-mass-like fist.

The two broke apart after only a few seconds fighting. Heller fell back, gasping for air, though he didn't need it.

Alex reformed quickly. All the wounds simply fading away.

“If that's all you've got.” He said. “We're going to be at this all day.”

Heller growled as his own wounds healed in a similar manner.


They met again.

And so it went; played out as though in mirror to the conflict taking place all around them. Savave power vs will and experience. Rage against well-trained skill.

Virus against human.

And as the two fought and duelled with each other, it became impossible to say for sure, which was the virus and which the man.