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After the wedding...

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Supergirl and any other mentions of DC characters belong to DC Comics ok? All I own is the twisted idea.


Xander groaned softly as he regained consciousness, his hand immediately reaching up and covering his eyes from the bright sunlight that was streaming in through the open curtains and making his throbbing headache that much worse. 

Then his brain actually caught up with him. Firstly there was someone on his arm, someone with soft skin and definitely a female someone if his brain was interpreting the form snuggled upto his side correctly. Her arm was thrown across his chest and from the sound of her breathing she was still sound asleep.

Xander braced himself for the worst as he gingerly opened his eyes and flicked them to the side to see who the woman was, the first thing he noticed was she was blonde, a soft blonde, lighter than Buffy and the way the sun was dancing off of her hair made it look like it was spun from pure light. He couldn’t make out her face but she was making very cute noises as she snuggled into him.

Suddenly the pain hit, not a good pain like you get after a good night, which they had obviously had, it felt like his ribs had been put in a car crusher. Glancing down to see the bruising he was stunned to see the blondes tiny arm softly pulling his body closer to hers.

Slayer. Xander’s brain filled in the detail quickly, only slayers had that much strength, now if he could only just remember her name before she woke up. Dealing with a pissed off slayer first thing in the morning wasn’t his idea of fun, especially when there wasn’t any chocolate nearby to pacify her.

The worst thing was that her name, as well as the entirety of last night was a fading blur in his mind. He remembered going to Las Vegas, it was his first night here, he’d come here to lose himself. After Willow’s funeral he just had to get away from the castle. The ‘are you alright?’ questions and the sympathy of everyone was just getting too much, everyone was treating him like he would break at the slightest touch when he just wanted to bury the pain and deal with it himself.

Willow had been in Coast City with one of the new Slayers, explaining to their family about the ‘school’ and that she had been offered a scholarship there. No one saw the explosion coming, then the aftermath. Afterwards there were so many people trying to find their loved ones, trying to find some sense of peace after the destruction. There wasn’t even a city left there anymore, not even rubble, just a smoking crater where the explosion had incinerated everything. No one knew the true story about what had happened, there were stories about UFO’s and space ships over the city, even some fake photographs of Superman trying to save them, but they all knew the truth. Everyone had watched when they had buried Superman last year, the entire world had held their breath through that fight and watched the man of steel fall.

Ever since then there had been stories of Supermen flying around, Superman sightings were even more popular than Elvis sightings now, there were even some new heroes trying to take his place, but no one could fill those shoes.

A soft moan brought him back to the present as she girl snuggled close to him again, as she moved it was made very apparent to him that she was naked under the bed sheets, as was he from the feelings he was getting.

Ok, so he’d slept with a Slayer, one in Vegas. He knew most of them by heart now, names and faces and their histories but this one was new to him. For one, there was no Slayer in Vegas, he knew that one off by heart, so that left a rogue, possibly one Giles and Faith were hunting for, just his luck to run away from all that and find a rogue Slayer, and then wake up in bed with her.

She didn’t show any sign of waking up any time soon, and with her arm tightly wrapped around his chest it didn’t leave him much option aside from laying here until she woke up and waiting for her, unless he wanted to wake her up early and face the wrath of a hungry Slayer first thing in the morning, and then the awkwardness of him not being able to remember her name. No, best to let her sleep and pray that his memory had filled in the blanks by then.

The hotel room was nice, it definitely wasn’t his, but it was nicely furnished. He noticed his jeans and t-shirt thrown over a chair on the other side of the room, his t-shirt had several holes in it, obviously torn from his body with slayer strength. Another pair of very light blue jeans had been thrown next to his along with some sort of feminine red t-shirt and a bra.

His hand unconsciously went back to his head to rub it softly, just to see if anything could keep it from throbbing, that was when he finally noticed the ring. On ‘that’ finger. A soft gold band that was fitted perfectly around his ring finger. It had some sort of writing engraved on it that looked like it had been done with some sort of laser but as he squinted to see if he could make it out he noticed that it looked more like symbols than writing, some sort of hieroglyph or demon language but not one he recognised.

He thumbed the band idly, hoping that it would fade out and just be part of the hangover that was still plaguing his mind, unfortunately not as the ring just refused to budge or even spin around his finger.

Hoping and praying that it was just something he had picked up while drunk and slipped it on the wrong finger, he glanced down at the girls arm that was thrown across him and grimaced as he saw the same ring on her ring finger, with the same engravings, obviously a matched pair.

This definitely put a spin on things, waking up with a Slayer after a drunken night, he could deal with that. A bit of sweet talking and blaming on the alcohol, that was easy to explain. Getting married while drunk, that was a new one entirely and would need a bit more of an explanation before they found a way to get in annulled or a divorce, or whatever you did in these circumstances.

He bit his lip tightly as the arm pulled at him again, making him wince from the strength that crushed his ribs as the blonde moaned softly and squirmed against him before settling back down again and snuggling her face into his chest.

Now he could see her face finally. She was beautiful, not just beautiful, stunning even. She had that ‘girl next door’ quality and looked the picture of innocence. He was literally breathless for a few moments as he just looked at her. She had soft lips, not full or pouty but just soft and perfect. No makeup, she just looked innocent and fresh to the world. Unlike him who was jaded to the world and now looked it with his stubble, the eye patch was gone now, a gift from a sorcerer in New York who he had helped out at Giles request, but it still felt weird, like the new eye shouldn’t be there, like having it healed over was spitting in the face of all those who had died in Sunnydale’s final battle.

There was something playing across his mind, like he recognised the girl from somewhere on had seen her face somewhere. He tried to figure it out but his brain wasn’t cooperating with him through the haze of the morning hangover. As she pulled against him he smiled down at her, shaking off the confusion as he just relaxed, enjoying the warmth from her body and the soft companionship for a moment, allowing himself that moment to just relax down and feel... well, content for the first time in too many years.

He hadn’t been with someone like this since Anya, he’d just never set himself the time or allowed himself the peace. With all the Slayers around, it wasn’t like he didn’t have enough work to do, so he just focused on that, pushing the pain along with everything else aside for the moment while he worked on the mission, everything else could wait.

But now there was nothing here, nothing but him and the mysterious Slayer laying her head on his chest as she slept, so he finally allowed himself the time to enjoy it, time to focus on the warmth of the body snuggled upto him and the warmth of her breath as she breathed out softly over his naked chest.

He’d just about accepted the inevitable fate of going back to sleep with a beautiful woman laying on him when he felt the muscles tense beside him, then a soft groan before the blonde shook her head and then pushed her face forcefully against his chest.

“Morning,” He said weakly and that must have triggered something because she definitely tensed up, her hand gripped his side causing him to wince from the Slayer strength under the fingers as she slowly raised her head and opened her eyes to look at him.

Xander was speechless again as he looked down at her, her eyes were perfect blue, almost an ice blue and the confusion and pain that shot across her features told him that she remembered as much of last night as he did.

“My advice, don’t look at the sunlight, it won’t help.” He grinned down at her as she subconsciously flashed her head over to glance at the open window before groaning loudly and moving her head so quickly under the covers that it was less that a blur to Xander. At that point he froze and he felt her stop dead as well. “Guessing you don’t remember that either?” Xander quipped as she slowly pulled her head back out of the cover while her face was blushing bright red.

“No,” she said softly. “Did we...” She trailed off shyly.

“I’m guessing so, from the state of my clothes over there,” He nodded over at his torn t-shirt before laughing. “I guess you were pretty forceful about it.”

“Oh god,” She blushed again as she looked at his clothes before sitting up and pulling the cover tightly around her body.

“Hey, it’s alright, I’ll just buy a new one.” Xander smiled as he watched her running her hand through her tussled hair before she froze and stared at the ring. “You noticed that too huh.” She nodded slowly with a look on her face that was almost pure fear.

“It’s alright, i don’t see any wedding certificate...” Xander trailed off as he saw pictures of the two on the floor, not very good pictures he had to admit but there were dozens of them, taken by a cheap camera by the looks of things, scattered on the floor and crumpled under foot. He groaned softly as he swivelled round on the bed, his brain running a mile a minute as he desperately tried to figure out her name and where he recognised her from, he wouldn’t give her the pictures yet, best let her take the shocks one at a time. She was sat there, concentrating on the ring and muttering something in a language that Xander didn’t recognise, it wasn’t any human or demon language he knew, but then again he’d only scratched the surface of all the research that he was helping with now.

“Who are you?” She asked softly as she stared at him, her eyes showing confusion and a touch of fear as she looked at him.

“Xander,” He smiled, thankful that she had broached this question first so he didn’t come off as a complete blundering fool. “Xander Harris.” He motioned for her to do the same.

She paused for a second, as if she was actually deliberating whether or not to actually tell him her name before she looked him directly in the eye and smiled “Linda, Linda Lee.”

“Right Linda, much better.” He grinned as he felt the load lifted off his mind. “Now, I’m thinking breakfast then shower, then we can sort out these.” He smiled as he tugged on the ring but it refused to come off. “Damn thing,” He muttered as he pulled forcefully but it still refused to budge. “Ugh, I’ll have to have it cut off or something.” He grumbled as he continued to play with it.

“Something wrong?” He asked as he noticed her staring at his ring, the fear back on her face in full force now.

“The writing...” She said softly. “It’s glowing.”

“Huh,” Xander muttered as he looked down to check, sure enough it was glowing a soft blue that really shone out against the gold band. “That’s new.”

“They shouldn’t glow,” Linda said softly as she leaned forward, clutching the bed sheet with her other hand she reached out and put her hand next to his so he could see that hers was glowing as well.

“Must be some gimmick or something,” Xander said, inwardly hoping that it wasn’t some sort of magic spell or anything that they had done while drunk. “Nice work though, be a shame to cut it off.” That wasn’t going to stop him though.

“I should call my cousin,” Linda said meekly as she glanced around the room for a phone.

“Oh, you in Vegas with family?” Xander said cheerily, trying to make conversation as he felt his stomach tighten at the thought of explaining to a family how he’d married their cousin or daughter.

“No,” She said softly. “Just me, i just wanted to get away for a bit.”

“I understand that,” Xander smiled as he say the pain cross her face again. “Same for me, i just came here to forget.”

“But you never can,” Linda finished the sentence with a forced smile. “Do... Do you mind?” She said with a smile as she motioned to the phone.

“Oh, yeah, sure, I’ll just... go and clean up.” He finished off lamely as he tugged at the bottom bed sheet, finally pulling it free he wrapped it around himself and stood up as subtly as he could before making his way to the bathroom quietly.


Xander just shut the door to the bathroom and locked it before dumping the clothes he’d picked up on his way through the room on the floor. Shaking his head he leaned down on the sink and set the water running as he looked at himself in the mirror.

“What the hell happened last night?” He muttered to himself as he splashed his face with cold water and slicked his hair back so it was out of his face and less of a mess that it normally was. Staring at the ring he submerged his hand in the water and started rubbing soap over it in an effort to loosen it so he could finally remove it. After tugging at the ring a few times he gave up again, he’d obviously bought it too small last night and forced it on.

Throwing the bed sheet over the hook on the back of the door he took his time getting dressed, giving Linda as much time as she wanted on the phone to her cousin. He was still feeling rough and it showed in his reflection, he must have scared the poor girl half to death this morning when she first saw him. She only looked about eighteen, way too young for him, way too young to drink and obviously way too good for him from the way she looked.

He took his time washing and glanced at the ring in disbelief every so often, he could barely believe he’d done something so stupid. It had been a long time since he had allowed himself the pleasure of alcohol or getting drunk, so this time he must have really hit the bottle.

“Huh...” He paused as he saw a bright blue flash emanating from the ring, it lit up the bathroom even though it was submerged under the water at the time. Pulling on his torn t-shirt he quickly walked out of the bathroom to see if the same had happened with Linda’s ring. “Did yours...” He started before realising that she was still on the phone. “Sorry.” He said softly when she smiled bashfully at him.

“Yes, he’s here.” She said into the phone as if she was afraid of the response. “I’ll ask.” She said again before turning to him. “Um, the ring... did it just glow for you?”

“Yeah,” Xander nodded, surprised at being addressed while she was on the phone to her cousin or whoever it was. “Blue, bright blue even.”

“Yes, bright blue.” Linda said into the phone softly. “I know Clark,” She paused for a moment, obviously while the other person was talking before answering in a soft voice. “No I haven’t.”

Xander could only hear her side of the conversation so he decided to try and blank the rest of it out while he hunted around for his shoes and socks, forcing his brain and concentrate on that rather than the stunning young girl that was in the bed showing way to much leg for his liking as she huddled up in the middle of the bed on the phone.

He turned back to her when he heard the phone click down and saw he sitting on the bed with her head hung low. “Hey, you alright?” He asked as he walked over and sat down on the bed. “What did they... Clark was it, say?”

“Clark,” She nodded slowly. “He’s on his way here to talk.” She sounded distressed, upset about something that her cousin had said.

“Hey, did he upset you or something? You know, yelling and all that?” Xander said, his protective front coming to the surface as he looked at the petite blonde.

“No, no yelling,” Linda smiled for a moment. “I don’t think Clark has ever yelled at anyone, ever.”

“So what is it then? Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad?” Xander grinned. “Or did your cousin get married to a stranger as well?” Xander laughed as this finally brought a soft laugh from Linda.

“He’s already married,” Linda smiled as she took a deep breath and looked up at him.

“Come on,” Xander smiled and pulled her into a hug. “We’ll get this sorted soon, then we can just enjoy the rest of the holiday, no fuss needed.”

“I don’t think it will be that simple.” Linda said with a soft smile before they were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“I’ll get that.” Xander smiled at he released her from the hug. “You might want to get dressed though, or did you order breakfast?” He laughed as he opened the door then immediately took a step back from the man that was stood there.

He was tall, way over six feet and dressed in an expensive looking suit. The slicked back hair and glasses made his face seem kind even though he looked like he could bench press a truck with ease. He was huge, the sort of muscle that would put professional football players to shame. “Um, hi?” Xander said nervously with a smile. “Can I help you?”

“Clark,” Linda said from behind him causing Xander to twirl round and notice that she was already dressed and pulling her fingers through her hair as she walked over.

“Your cousin?” Xander squeaked, now desperately hoping and praying to any god that was listening that they didn’t get married last night or do anything foolish. “Look, I’m sorry about all this alright, we just had a little too much to drink and...” Xander babbled out as he backed up, trying to put as much space between him and the giant that had walked in the room as possible.

“Xander, it’s alright,” Linda said with a smile as she stood in front of him between him and Clark. “Could you go and get some orange juice or something, give us...” She trailed off as Xander nodded happily.

“Sure, OJ, sure thing,” He babbled out at a speed that even Willow would have been hard pressed to match. “You want anything?” He added quickly as he looked up at her cousin before darting out of the door when he shook his head.

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hopes Xander dies.....finally

Could of guessed who yours would of involved :)

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yeah... i'm a Xander fan...

he's so much like me and that makes him so easy to write and put into stupid situations lol

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I wanted Xander to die since the first time he lied to Buffy about them trying to get Angels soul back. Think back in season 1 or 2. lol

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he did the right thing...

but this isn't the place for that, if you want to go into a Xander's morals argument we can go to the Xander forum lol


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decides to take the time to read Methos' horrendously long post

Nice post...unfortunately...I have no idea who Xander is :P
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aztek the lost said:
Nice post...unfortunately...I have no idea who Xander is :P

Xander, Alexander Harris from the Buffy TV show / Comic

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Methos said:
"aztek the lost said:
Nice post...unfortunately...I have no idea who Xander is :P

Xander, Alexander Harris from the Buffy TV show / Comic

I figured that much from the Slayer talk but I just checked out his page on the Vine...tho it was shorter than I expected, it at least gave me a little back story on him, anyways, I'm sure not being an expert on him won't be a problem
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nah... i really need to work on his page at some point...


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lol nice. Xander rocks

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@methos: Well, it's been over 8 years since you've posted, but I just got around to reading this response to your own challenge. Nice story. Would have liked to have read more of it.