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This is my series idea. If you have any episode ideas. Let me know in the comments. It’s about a teen named Braden who lives in Arizona and fights evil with his cousin Mila and her boyfriend Ivan. Even when not fighting evil, some crazy adventures come. Mila’s dad Frank is overweight and unintelligent. In one episode, he thinks the site of the 9/11 attacks is where the first case of AIDS occurred. His wife is Helen, who argues with him. Frank has a talking dog from India named Romeo, who’s more logical than most people in Arizona. Noah is Alexis’s baby brother, who is a crazier guy than Wolverine. Braden also has a girlfriend named Alexis Castro, who likes tennis. Frank has his own friends. Kronk is a disabled cop from Peru who owns a police department in Chandler. Juhahn is the dark friend. He is married to a Filipina named Chelsea Santos. She has 2 kids from her last marriage: A toddler named Donatello and a teen girl named Mercedes. Shane likes women. A lot

Braden returns:

Mila is out fighting a group of knights. Braden heads back to his home, and gets Rebellion. but it does not work. however, he gets new aliens and tests out one called big chill, and it has ice breath. he then meets a girl named Alexis Lopez, who congratulates him. this gets Braden a girlfriend. He then leaves to see Mila at her karate class. the forever knights show up again. it turns out that their supplier is Braden's old enemy: Ivan. he uses a laser gun called the laser lance. it is level 5 technology. a group of aliens called the dnaliens shows up. he then turns into a plant based creature called swampfire. he gets his limbs shot off, but grows 'em back. so, swampfire then projects flame from his hands. The next day, Mila adopts a smart, talking brown dog, and names him Romeo. The day after Romeo is adopted, Mila gets a new brother named Noah.

A new friend:

Braden and his family are in their living room, when 2 men from Nigeria (Khalid and Ahmed) move to America. They start their own Circle K. Frank stops by the new Circle K to get a bunch of beers and a kit kat. “Thank you for being the first customer.”, said Khalid. Service in the Circle K booms as people visit. “There are no bathrooms. Don’t ask how I go!”, said Khalid. The booming popularity becomes breaking news. Mila stops by for a visit, to ask Khalid why he left Nigeria. As Khalid said in the accent “Oh, it all started years ago. Boko haram was kidnapping teenage girls, and beating up police officers. Forcing people to leave their neighborhoods. Stingy for the power to murder and rob. I realized I had to escape, and get economic freedom. So, I came to America, where it has less crime. Then again, America has its problems. Islamophobic Republicans in Texas, and drug problems in Florida.”, said Khalid.

all that glitters:

Braden is having a walk with Mila and Ivan, when there is a truck crashing. a teenager named Michael Morningstar rescues the teen girl. so, there are dnaliens heading their way, and Braden turns into a new alien called chromastone. chromastone then fires a multicolored energy blast at the aliens. later that day, they visit Michael’s mansion, and he absorbs Mila's energy, turning her wrinkled. Braden then turns into jetray and shoots mike with his lasers. Mila then turns back to normal, and mike's skin turns into black ash.

darkstar rising:

a group of forever knights attack, and Braden turns into a new alien called goop. goop is a large body of slime. the next day, the team is at mr. smoothy. it turns out mike has become known as darkstar, and can use dark energy. he then drains energy from captives. he can now fly, and shoot black energy beams from his hands.Braden then turns into a dinosaur alien called humungosaur and punches mike.

vengeance of vilgax part 1:

it starts with vilgax fighting 4 aliens. his new servant, psyphon shows up with several drone robots. Braden's grandpa and his plumber team show up, but they lose the fight.

vengeance of vilgax part 2:

Braden realizes goop, chromastone, spidermonkey, and way big are gone from Rebellion. it turns out he has 24 hours to find them. Braden finds chromastone. he tries to turn into humungosaur, but turns into upchuck and captures chromastone. Braden then turns into brainstorm to rescue Mila and capture spidermonkey. he then travels into the sewers and blows up the sewers due to the flames getting in contact with sewer methane. he then captures goop. he then turns into jetray and attacks vilgax. he then turns into big chill and freezes vilgax, but vilgax shocks him. afterwards, he captures way big, but turns into chromastone. so, he destroys chromastone, but chromastone then turns into diamondhead and takes out vilgax.

ghost town:

Vilgax shows up and asks Braden for helps. Braden says yes, and heads to vilgax's home planet. he turns into swampfire and saves a crying little girl. he then heads into vilgax's palace, captures ghost freak and turns into him. but the evil form of ghostfreak takes over, and Braden plans to never transform for 2 years into ghostfreak

Gay Frank:

Frank is sent to buy groceries, and Helen gives him money. He buys a horse, and it turns out he had enough money. “Frank, there’s something off about that horse.”, said Helen. Frank then says the horse is brain damaged. The horse falls over and gets back up. The horse urinates in the living room. “You know what? I don’t want him to feel self-conscious. Everybody pee.”, said Frank. “Frank we’re…”, said Helen interrupted. “Everybody pees, nnow!”, said Frank. “We’re an unusual family.”, said Noah. The horse walks into the kitchen and licks Noah’s head. The horse walks into Frank and Helen’s bedroom and licks Frank’s butt. “What made you come around, Helen? I love you so much. I love you so much, Helen.”, said Frank. The next morning, the horse is behind the car. “Frank, that horse is just creepy.”, said Helen. The car crashes into Juhahn’s house as he’s taking a bath. The horse licks the bath water. “That’s nasty. That’s got all my stink of the day.”, said Juhahn. The next day, Frank is in the kitchen and Helen asks why there’s a lot of milk. “Oh, that reminds me. Some of that is not milk. It’s horse sperm. I’m a horse breeder now.”, said Frank. Noah is weirded out and eats his cereal slower. “Frank, no ones gonna want to breed with that horse”, said Romeo. “Yes, they will. After tomorrow, he will win the Tucson derby. I have a 6th sense. Remember when I predicted the ending to Finding Nemo?”, said Frank. However, the horse just keeps running into walls, and Frank is in debt. Frank goes to the doctor, who will do an experiment to determine if being gay is genetic, and Frank will receive $125. It makes Frank gay, but it also causes him to leave his house and get a boyfriend.

Adult in the 3rd grade:

Frank is sent to carry files up to the CEO office, but opens the executive bathroom door, only to see a helicopter, which he gets on. It takes him to a place called Executive Bathroom Island. "Well, this is peaceful", said Frank as he is sitting on a toilet. Next day, Frank is dressed fancy and Helen is amazed. "Since I got tired of getting nowhere in this world, Helen. I have decided to do whatever it takes to become an executive.", said Frank. "I am doing this for my bathroom, and I am not giving up on my dream like I did with that hot air balloon.", said Frank. A flashback is shown where Frank uses a blowtorch and sheets to puff up, covering the windows, making it fly. "And away we go", said Frank. As it is flying, it crashes into Juhahn's house and he falls out the bathtub. Back to the present, Frank has built a robot for his workplace, claiming it does not harm others or have human emotions, as it slams Frank into the wall and hits him with a stapler. Frank speaks with a manager, who reveals Frank has to go back to the 3rd grade and finish it in order to be an executive. A piano then falls on Frank's head. "Next time you get a fortune cookie, don't open it.", said Frank. He arrives in the classroom and introduces himself. "Hi, my name's Frank Williams. I was actually in the 3rd grade a long time ago, but never finished. We had this teacher. Mrs, Davis. But we would call her "Mrs. Hate-is", because she had an abortion. What's your name, Mrs...", said Frank. "Davis", said Mrs. Davis. Noah and Romeo are trying to entertain people at a venue. Shane arrives. "Hi, there. My name's Shane Williams. I'm here to take my son Frank out for a Doctor's appointment.", said Shane. A kid who looks like Shane is noticed. "Oh, Vishnu!". "Daddy?", "Oh Vishnu!". "Papa?". "OH VISHNU!". Frank's assignment is turned in. "I could flunk you for this. But Buttlickers is a three syllable word. Even Gautama can't spell this. You will be in the district spelling bee.", said Mrs. Davis. The party with Romeo and Noah is being awesome. Amazing music, and cool clothes. They arrive at the spelling bee, Frank correctly spells Lesbian and he passes 3rd grade.

con of rath:

Mila, Ivan and Braden are asked to babysit an alien. but the alien causes Braden to turn into an agressive tiger alien called rath. Mila knocks Rath unconscious and he wakes up. It turns out Rath’s speices is aggressive, has retractable taydenite claws, a taydenite skeleton, and a healing factor. The team then heads to a planet with a bunch of taydenite, and rath punches vulcanus in the chest. when the baby's parents come, Braden reverts to human.


Braden as spidermonkey is being chased by a guy named sunder. sunder cuts off Braden's hand and Braden is in the null void while his left hand is on earth. he is chased by vulpimancers, but turns into jetray to escape. Alexis takes his hand to Ivan and Mila. Mila fights sunder. Alexis turns Braden into Diamondhead to fight sunder. when Braden returns to earth, his hand is in the null void, but he turns into brainstorm and fires an electrical blast at sunder. he then turns into echo echo, clones himself, and uses the sonic scream

Welfare Frank:

Frank loses his job and gets a welfare check of $150,000 a week. He rents the statue of David. He reveals the penis broke off, so he threw it at the neighbor. “I shall call you Eduardo!”, says the guy who receives it from being thrown. He tells Helen he’s getting a big raise, and offers to take them to the most expensive meal. “I’d like 6,000 chicken fuh-juy-tuhs, please.”, said Frank at the drive through, mistaking the Fajita pronunciation. Frank gets a moat and lip surgery for Mila. The check arrives in the mail and Helen finds the truth and is mad. Frank gets a blimp over a baseball game and drops a large bag of money over the game.

Mila’s crush:

Tucson has run out of cops, so Frank steals a giraffe from the zoo. It then goes to Shane’s house. “Oh, yeah that feels good, honey. Hey! Your not the giraffe from last night! Get out!”, said Shane. It then crashes into Juhahn’s house as he’s taking a bath. Tucson High school is having an upcoming dance. Meanwhile, Mila’s dad Frank is wearing a cop outfit and spending time with his friends Juhahn Brown and Joe Colby. Mila comes home from school, threatening to hurt herself, since she has no date. As a last resort, Romeo agrees to take her, so he puts on a black suit. He hides his frustration by drinking a bottle of booze. Some girl named Ellie shows up and says “You know, Mila, uglies aren’t allowed. So, Romeo can stay, and you can leave.”. “You know, Ellie, I think I have an idea why you’re such a (b-word).”, said Romeo. “You see, you can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror, only to see a white devil. So, you pick on Mila to avoid the inevitable realization, that you’re so ugly, even Kim Jong-Un is smart enough to know not to date you. How’s that feel, Ellie?”, said Romeo. Romeo and Mila then kiss, but Romeo throws up, claiming it was the booze. The next day, Romeo explains they are just friends. Mila claims to get over it, so she bakes him a pie to show it. Romeo asks what is in it. “Well, there’s some apples, some cinnamon and my hair.”, said Mila. “My hair is in the pie, Romeo, and now it’s inside of you. Part of me is inside of you. Do you feel me, Romeo? Do you feel me?”, said Mila. She locks herself in her room, thinking about him, and Romeo says to Mila’s mom Helen that he may have made out with Mila. She punches him, asking what is wrong with him. “This morning, she made me eat the hair in her pie.”, said Romeo. She then punches him again. He goes upstairs to check on Mila, but she follows him around. She ties him up in white bandages, like a mummy, with only his head sticking out to take him to a motel. Frank, Juhahn and, Shane and Kronk are in the living room, in their cop outfits waiting for something to happen. “What are you doing?”, asked Juhahn. “Watching Shelby take off her clothes.”, said Kronk. “She’s your wife.”, said Juhahn. “I like to pretend she’s a stranger who looks like Shelby and lives in my house.”, said Kronk. Braden then shows up and reports Romeo being tied up. Meanwhile, at the motel, Mila says “Get ready, Romeo, because we’re gonna be here a hwile.”, as she takes off her clothes and gets into just her underwear and bra. Helen, and the 3 idiot cops show up and explain to her that is wrong, and she’ll eventually find another boy.

Shiva arrives:

Frank, Helen, Mila, Braden, Romeo and Noah are in a 50’s diner, where the waiters and waitresses are dressed like people like Marilyn Monroe. The song “Surfin bird is playing”. Frank gets excited, gets up, dances and sings. “Braden, don’t you know about the bird? MILA, everybody knows that the bird is the word! Guy behind the counter. The bird is the word. Hey, frightened little child. The bird is the word. lady on the toilet. The bird is the word. Don’t you know about the bird?”. The man removes the CD from the jukebox, and gives it to Frank. Later that day, Frank is sleeping. Noah and Romeo destroy the CD. Frank goes to a record store and asks if they have the CD. “No, a dog and a baby took all copies.”, said the guy, who was the God Shiva. “Say, you look familiar. Did you go to Carol Rae Elementary?”, said Frank, “No”, said Shiva. “You friends with Gary, who owns the bike store?”, and then Shiva said no. “Are you Shiva?”, said Frank. “Oh, my gosh! Your Lord Shiva!”, said Frank. “No, I’m not. I’m just a blue guy working at a record store.”, said Shiva. “Well then, you won’t mind if I pee on these Beatles CD’s.”, said Frank. It turns out Shiva pops in every hundred years or so. He visits Frank’s place for dinner. He turns Mila and Braden’s dinner into ice cream sundaes. Frank then whispers something into his ear, and Shiva makes Helen’s breasts slightly larger. Romeo’s jaw drops. Shiva is on TV and becomes famous. He then leaves, deciding earth is not ready for him yet, and gives frank the surfing bird CD.

Baby not on board:

Frank wins free gas points, and takes Romeo, Braden, Helen and Mila to New York. Noah sneaks out of his car seat. Noah wakes up and realizes they are gone. He goes to get soda. “Helen, I’m drinking my first soda. Better come stop me!”, said Noah. “Oh, that’s good! Must be the sugar! Bartholomew, suddenly I want to run. Chase me!”, he then said. He then runs for a minute and then says “Now, I’m sad.”. The group arrives at New York. “So, this is where the first guy got AIDS.”, said Frank. “Frank, this is the sight of the 9/11 terrorist attack.”, said Romeo. “So Saddam Hussein did this?”, said Frank. “No.”, said Romeo. “The Iraqi army?”., Frank said. “No.”, said Romeo. “That one lady who visited Iraq that one time?”, Frank said. “No, Frank. Iraq had nothing to do with this. It was a bunch of Saudi Arabians, Lebanese, and Egyptians financed by a Saudi Arabian guy living in Afghanistan and sheltered by Pakistanis.”, said Romeo. “So we should declare war on Iran?”, said Frank. Helen then takes the blanket off the car seat, only to discover Noah is not there. “That is hilarious. I can imagine him freaking out.”, said Romeo. So, they call Shane and Juhahn to babysit him. They show up, the door opens, and they are taken out with a gas trap. Noah realizes his mistake, since he was wearing a mask, so he hides them in the washing room. After not receiving any calls for 8 hours, the family goes back.

A Blasian couple-

Frank is holding a dinosaur with a claw, but destroys Juhahn's house, killing his wife Araya. Juhahn and Jr are upset. They miss her. "It's ok, Mr. Brown. I miss my legs like you miss your wife, so I understand.", said Kronk. "I found a wife for you.", said Shane. "REALLY?!", said Juhahn. "Yes, she's Filipina.", said Shane. "WOO! NEW SEXY WIFE!", said Juhahn. He meets her. It turns out they dated in high school. Her name is Chelsea Santos. It is also revealed she has 2 kids from a previous marriage: Donatello and Mercedes. Donatello is 2, and Mercedes is 16. "Hi, everyone. Thank you for coming to my wedding. I'm temporarily moving to Ohio with my new hot wife and my stepkids, and starting a new life. Thank you for coming, my fellas!", said Juhahn.


Braden, Ivan and Mila head to a strange new planet. they are then captured along with azmuth. Braden gives vilgax Rebellion and turns him into goop. he grabs the artificial gravity projector, turns it off and takes back Rebellion. afterwards, Braden turns into cannonbolt and knocks vilgax into a pitt, but vilgax gets bigger, so Braden turns into way big and tosses vilgax into space.

Khalid’s wedding:

Braden and his family are at the state fair. They have some fun, get a couple snacks. Meanwhile, Khalid gets a letter from his mom about him getting married. Khalid asks Frank for advice. Frank suggests having Khalid claim he’s already married. When Khalid’s mom shows up at the Circle K, he pretends Helen is his wife. Helen only does it for his sake. When the day is done, Helen goes home and gets into bed with Frank. Khalid tells the truth, and gets his marriage arranged. The wedding is held in the backyard. Khalid’s bride is a Nigerian lady: Nura, who he has not seen in years. Her dad is a man named Tariq Hamazoui who works at a mosque in Lagos. They then kiss and are now married.


A criminal called ragnarok escapes from the null void. Ivan claims ragnarok killed Ivan's dad. so, when ragnarok arrives, Ivan fights him off by punching. Braden then turns into lodestar and uses magnetic waves to throw a garage door and a couple cars at ragnarok, but he survives. Mila uses her sorcery. ragnarok fires a white blast, but Braden turns into diamondhead and uses his arms to reflect the blast back at him. he then fires the diamond shards, but he misses the fire. Ivan then punches Ragnarok to death

(Movie) The swarm (realistic looking):

It starts with Braden, Mila and Ivan at a black market. A woman named Elena, offers to sell them Nanochips. The nanochips become alive. The team decides they need to stop the nanochips. Ivan is driving his car, but is chased by nanochips. This makes Braden turn into humongosaur to fight the nanochips off, demolishing Ivan's car in the process. Mila realizes they have adapted to their environment and become smarter. It turns out Elena's fatther has been infected, using his nostril and brain as a hive, to mass-produce the chips, posessed by the queen. They arrive at a car repair place to find a swarm flying. Mila starts by firing a mana blast. They dodge it. Braden selects spidermonkey, but turns into Big chill. He freezes them. When they arrive at the gang place. Ivan punches them and Mila uses simple mana. So, Braden scans the nanochips. He taps the Rebellion, but gets small. However, he turns into something new. Ivan questions what it is. Mila says it is somekid of nanomechanical organism. This makes Braden name the new alien nanomech. So, he flies into Victor's nostril and fires green blasts to take out the nanochip queen

the final battle part 1:

Albedo (a clone of Braden) develops a device called Yamato. it's like Rebellion, but some aliens have an ultimate form. Braden then fights albedo as humungosaur, but albedo goes ultimate and wins. vilgax steals Rebellion, and develops machines called biods. whenever he selects an alien, all the biods turn into that alien

the final battle part 2:

albedo battles the biods as humungosaur while he is in ultimate humungosaur. he fires missiles from his hands at them, and uses strength. vilgax then captures albedo, Braden, Mila, Ivan and Braden's grandpa. Braden uses voice command to blow up Rebellion and take's Albedo’s Yamato. he turns into swampfire. first, he punches vilgax. then, he uses his flamethrower hands. after that, he throws seeds, which turn into vine arms, but vilgax cuts it with his laser eyes. so, Braden goes ultimate. ultimate swampfire has blue flames, seed bombs on his arms, and can use flames to propel himself underwater. but the ship goes underwater, and vilgax turns into a large squid. Braden escapes by turning into jetray.

video games:

Braden is being used in alien forms for a video game, but stephen says that nanomech is too small and way big is too big. so, he makes a robot spider to fight Braden. the stalker is strong enough to stop lodestar and humungosaur, keep cannonbolt in place, is not metal, making lodestar's powers useless, has 360 degree vision, mirrors to deflect jetray's laser blasts, can melt big chill's ice, fire extinguisher for swampfire and chemical liquid to kill swampfire's plants. however, since nanomech was not used, Braden turns into nanomech, goes inside and fires the green beams to take it out. then turns into way big and destroys it.

too hot to handle:

Ivan acidentally opens an alien named p'andors suit. Braden scans p'andor and unlocks a new alien which he calls nrg. he then uses waterhazard to fight him, but he is resistant to the water cannons. so, he tries big chill, but the ice thawed to fast. he then goes to ultimate cannonbolt, and captures him.


Braden, Mila and Ivan are on their way to a water planet called Pisces. they are battling sea creatures, when Braden turns into humungosaur and drowns. to avoid drowning, he transforms into ampfibian. they get inside the dry building where Braden reverts to normal. but aggregor steals the map of infinity. so, Braden turns into Goop and puts goop's artificial gravity projector in.

forge of creation:

Braden meets his younger self. Younger Braden still thinks Ivan is evil. so, he turns into heatblast, and 16-year-old Braden tries to turn into big chill, but becomes nrg. young Braden tries to get a hit punch, but is then blasted with a laser eye. things then turn out better. they head into the galaxy, and find a bunch of celestialsapien's, alien x's speices. aggregor tries to absorb power from a baby one, but Ivan absorbs the power from the Yamato, beats up aggregor and absorbs his power. this turns Ivan evil

absolute power:

Ivan fights Mila at an arcade. he uses flames, but Mila uses a wind spell. she then summons rock monsters, but they are defeated. Mila is then knocked out by Ivan's sonic scream. Braden then turns into spider monkey and punches Ivan. but it does not work well, so he turns into echo echo and goes ultimate. he summons encircles sonic disks around Ivan, and pulls the ol' sonic doom technique. this reverts Ivan back to normal

Romeo and the older women:

Frank buys a DVD so cheap, claiming those DVD’s are “Outdated and obsolete, like white track runners”. Frank watches Roadhouse and then kicks Romeo, then throws him, destroying Juhahn’s house, and making the bathtub fall out. Frank pays for a burger, but needs another $1.25, but instead kicks the window. “Keep the change”, said Frank. He then travels to the Charlie Brown universe seeing Lucy pull the football prank, and kicks her. Frank and Romeo go on a drive, and Frank steers successfully by kicking the wheel, but then crashes into another car. Romeo meets the other car’s driver Nicki, see’s her mom to pick up Nicki, but she left with someone else. Romeo gets a crush on Nicki’s mom named Georgette. He spends a night with her, but she breaks her hip. The next day, he gets milk of Magnesia, but cheats on her with a couple girls at a bar.

8 black babies:

The Hendrickson family is at Ikea when they see Khalid and Nura. Khalid is not sure if he wants kids or not. When he gets home, he says to Nura “There comes a time in a man’s life when he asks, ‘Who will carry on our family’s tradition of going to the Holy Mecca?’”. They make love, but Nura fails to get pregnant. Frank takes Khalid to a car, for him to pretend he’s a high school student leaving for college, just so they can try to conceive and get a child. A couple days later, Khalid is in the Circle K sitting in the ice cream cooler. “I’m trying to make my crotch cold to help my gun.”, said Khalid. “EWW! Too much information!”, said Frank. Khalid gets a call. “Oh, I got to go. Nura is about to get her results”, said Khalid. “Thanks for sharing…”, he said interrupted by Khalid leaving “… more than I wanted to know!”. Nura is now pregnant. They arrive at the hospital, and it turns out she has octuplets. Khalid is shocked. Nura used fertility drugs just to conceive.

the creature from beyond:

it turns out a creature called the lucubra is brain washing random people. Braden, Ivan and Mila take them out. since Mila was affected, she randomly gets distracted. so, Braden turns into armadrillo and drills a hole. Ivan punches to lucubra into the hole and Mila covers it with a magic seal.

a knight to remember:

Braden hears the story of a knight slaying an octopus god named diagon by stabbing his hearth with a sword. so, Braden turns into fasttrack and fights off the forever knights. Braden’s dad Troy is trapped with a group of other people. Troy is bored, so he tells a story. “Once upon a time, there was a hilarious ogre named Shrek 3. He lived in medieval times. But sometimes he’d say things from today times.”, said Troy. when they arrive at the seal, vilgax is wearing armor and holding a sword. Braden turns into an alien called eatle and fires an energy blast. it turns out diagon was the leader of the lucubra

prisoner 775 is missing:

an alien prisoner from area 51 escapes. he then threatens a soldier, and says that on his home planet, there was a dictator. To find him, Braden turns into wildmutt to sniff him out Braden then turns into humungosaur and detains the prisoner. he then scans him, and calls this new alien chamalien.

Another child:

Helen uses a pregnancy test. “Oh, no. I hope not. We can’t afford another kid. We already got Braden, Noah, Kesha, Greg, Gautama, Khalifa, Muhammad, T-Pain, Boner, Akon, Mr. James…”. “Frank, those aren’t your kids. That’s music.”, said Romeo. “Dante, Vergil, Mundus…”, said Frank. “Devil May Cry.”, said Romeo. “Red, blue, green”, said Frank. “Colors”, said Romeo. Romeo suggests that Frank gets a vasectomy. Frank goes to the bar, and Kronk says all his cop friends got one, but Frank asks what to do if he wants another kid. Juhahn suggests freezing his sperm. Noah is at the playground and kicks a kid in the pelvis. Frank heads to the bank, but accidentally knocks down all the small cups, and refills it with his own. A lesbian couple arrive, wanting to have a child. 9 months later, a child is born, and wants world domination, like Noah. He arrives at the playground Noah is controlling, and battles with Noah over control. At first Noah wins, but Hayden sends a girl with chicken pox to send Noah away from the playground. At home, Helen is giving Noah an oatmeal bath.

The weird day:

Mila is watching TV, when a video of a couple talking to each other comes on. “Mercedes, you know I love you, but I got to come clean. I’m not really a man. I’m a woman.”, said the boyfriend, as he reveals he was in a really good disguise. “You’re a woman?”, said Mercedes. “I’m not really a woman. I’m a horse.”, said the person showing he’s a horse. “But I’m not really a horse. I’m a broom.”, said the guy, as he revealed his true form, and the broom fell over. Mila laughs and calls Alexis. “Hey, did you see that funny video on TV? It turns out Mercedes boyfriend was broom disguised as a horse, disguised as a woman, disguised as a man!”, said Mila. “I was about to call you about it! I’ll see you at the gym, Mila.”, said Alexis. Mila arrives at the gym to see Alexis when some guy, shows up and has hearts in his eyes, staring at both. “Pervert.”, said Mila. The fellow sends an image to Braden. “Look at the Russian and the Chilean babe in those yoga pants.”, said the fellow in the text. “Gus, the Russian is my cousin, Mila, and the Chilean is actually Mexican. The Latina is my girlfriend, Alexis!”, said Braden. 2 days later, Mila is bullied. “Hi, Mila.”, said Ellie. “I can’t fit all my books in my locker. Can I put the rest on your big (a-word)?”, said Ellie, as she and her friends are laughing. “Hi, Ellie. Frank Hendrickson. Mila’s dad. Can you do me a favor. See that fire extinguisher?”, said Frank. Frank slams her face into the fire extinguisher case, and she nearly died. Mila gets home from the gym, and Braden tells her about the incident with Gus. “This reminds me of that time we thought the world was ending and Shane had sex with Shelby.”, said Mila. A flashback. “Kronk, you gotta help me. I’ve never had sex. All those times I lied! I don’t wanna die a virgin. Let me have sex with Shelby.”, said Shane. Kronk agrees. Shane shows up, and Kronk asks how his first time was. “Oh, I’ve had sex before. I just wanted to have it again, and with Shelby since the world is ending.”, said Shane. Braden leaves the house to go look for Albedo, who is slaughtering people as Rath. Mila invites some friends over, and Frank shows up in a cop outfit and takes off his clothes, only wearing underwear and a cop hat. "What's your name?", he said to Mila. "Dad, you know my name.", said Mila. "It's officer nasty.", said Frank, as he rubs his butt in Mila's face. Braden turns into Spidermonkey to fight Albedo. “Spidermonkey senses tingling.”, said Spidermonkey, and he dodges Raths attempts at stabbing. He punches Rath multiple times, and uses tail webbing to knock him down by pulling his leg. Rath attempts to stab. “Lights out, bub.”, said Albedo. Albedo attempts to stab, but Braden dodges and Albedo stabs an electrical box. Braden decides to turn into Fasttrack and punch Rath multiple times, which weakens him and reverts Albedo back to human.

Braden & Alexis’s love (movie):

Braden, Mila and Ivan are on their way to the beach of San Diego. “Alexis should be arriving in a few minutes.”, Braden said. “Dude, if your so obsessed with Alexis, how about you 2 get a room?”, said Mila. Alexis arrives in a hot pink bikini. Alexis and Braden walk over to the water. “Alexis, your so hot. I just want to squeeze your titties, and have some fun after our marriage.”, said Braden. As Alexis has gotten attracted and turned on, “Closer” by the Chainsmoker’s is playing as they are making out, and touching each other. Nearly a month later, Alexis asks Braden if he wants to go to Olive Garden with her, on a double dinner date with her cousin Pablo and his girlfriend Alize Wang. They arrive at Olive Garden, and Braden meets Pablo and Alize. They talk about their experiences with their dating life, and their life in general. “What do you know? You were not lying. Your boyfriend is awesome!”, said Pablo. “Pablo is an expert in math and science. He’s given me advice for food consumption, and explained to me the genetics of Latin America!”, said Alize. “Pablo, if you ever have 1 or more kids, they are going to have interesting stories to tell. Plus, they’ll be white and Asian. I mean, your parents are from Mexico, and Alize’s dad is from China.”, said Braden. Alexis stops by Circle K with her cousin Valeria Garcia. “Hey, Khalid. Give me a kit kat and 2 blue rasberry’s.”, said Alexis. “If the rumors are correct, this Shrek Icee cup will get you 10% off any Shrek DVD, or merchandise in general.”, said Khalid, as he filled the 2 cups. As Alexis and Valeria are outside the Circle K, Braden shows up. “Hey, Alexis. Frank made an indoor water slide and injured himself in another one of his stupid shenanigans, so I decided to leave and get space.”, said Braden. It shows Frank using the hose, sliding down the stairs, and crying. “I’m not gonna call the hospital again, because you still won’t learn anything if I do.”, said Romeo. Braden shows Alexis he got her a gift. A box of chocolates and a pink square that says “Love u Alexis”, and Alexis is smiling so much, she is distracted, with hearts in her eyes. Braden gives Alexis a surprise kiss, and says to her “Anytime is amazing with you, my hot Alexis Lopez.”. Alexis gets home and discusses with Mila that they should spend time together. The team goes to the park, and Alexis high fives Mila, for all the hard work and fun they’ve done. They notice their friend Kaleb standing with Martina. Alexis pushes her friend Kaleb and tricks him and Martina into kissing. “Oh, Kaleb, I love you too!”, said Martina. “Hey, Martina. Remember that one I claimed Kaleb likes you? And then you said, ‘Says the one who won’t confess her feelings for Braden!’”, said Alexis. “I know, but now you actually are dating Braden. What do you know? I had a feeling you’d be dating him sometime.”, said Martina. Alexis’s 17th birthday comes, and she’s excited to see her boyfriend. Braden gets her a special gift. “Alexis Lopez, I love you so much. Your hot and nice. Will you marry me, and be my happy wife?”, he said as he presented the ring. Alexis is excited for the wedding, coming a year later. “Until then, baby, let’s do some activities to pass the time.”, said Alexis. So, they’re at a party with their friends, playing “Friend friend boogie”, on a disco platform following the screen. They have a lot of fun. May 8th. Junior Prom. "Hold onto the nights" by Richard Marx starts playing. "Braden, let's dance. This song kicks (a-word). They go to the beach a couple times. Braden in his red swim shorts and black swim shirt. Alexis in her teal bikini and purple sunhat. The wedding comes, at the Hindu temple. Mila, Frank, Romeo, Noah, Ivan, Kaleb and Valeria are there. Valeria’s younger brother Vinnie notices Braden arriving on an elephant. “I wish I had an elephant.”, said Vinnie. “You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him very much.”, said Valeria. Braden and Alexis are now married.

Braden hood:

flashback of when Braden was little, asking Troy, "Why is grass green?". "So you can find your dang golf ball. Now, I have a question. Why did you leave your toy car on the stairs?!", he responded. Then, when he was 5 he was mad at Mila because she could read better than he could at the time. He then drew a picture of his family racing in the kitchen. "Boy! Look what you've done to our kitchen. Do you understand?! This is a place of pork chops!", said Troy. "Well, it's a colorful example of... something that.. RUINED OUR KITCHEN! I CAN'T EVEN FIND THE FRIDGE!", said Troy. "Your not beer. Where is it?", he says when he opens the wrong door. "Who are you?", Troy says when he finds someone in the cabinets. "I'm Aiden. We're playing Hide n' seek.", said Aiden. "Aiden? What kind of a weiner name is that?", said Troy. He then re-paints the kitchen purple. Forward to when Braden and Alexis are 10, and they are trying to visit the elephant graveyard, but Braden's uncle Nick must supervise them. "Your parents will be thrilled, with you being betrothed and all. You 2 will be married!", said Nick. "Eww! I can't marry her. She's my friend.", Braden says. "Yeah, and it would be so weird.", Alexis said, agreeing with Braden. Fast forward years later, and Braden is now 14. Mila is going to medical summer camp in a new Apple car with Edith. Meanwhile, Troy gives advice to Braden about changing windshield wipers. "Well, I'm glad I told you that before I died. So, I'll go to David's while you spend time here.", he then says. So, he invites friends to party with him, and he makes out with Alexis. He then smells weed. It turns out it's his dad and chief Clarence Wiggum. Wiggum then stands on the window flapping his arms saying "I can fly. No, I can't. I c'aaaaant!", as he falls to the ground. Now, Braden is 18, he has graduated high school and has the best party of his life at Sunsplash. A few months later, he and Alexis are getting married, and Ivan will marry Mila. However, Alexis's dad, Homer won't let her marry him. Braden's like "I'm gonna marry your good-looking daughter anyway, and if you make her marry someone else, I'm reporting you for forced marriage!".

Braden & the bear (movie):

Braden visits Tim’s house and takes him on a camping trip. Braden smells rain is coming, and gives Tim a rain coat. They walk through the forest, and then see the camping spot. They have a couple marshmallows and relax. Nighttime and sleep comes. Next morning, Tim sees a rat steals his cookies and head down a log, but it is gone. Braden shows up from collecting wood to say good morning to Tim. Tim goes near the river to fill the canteen and sees a bear named Will. A mountain lion known as Evil shows up, after Will and Will’s moose friend Armani. Will follows Tim back to the camp. Braden is seen cooking a couple of salmon. Will tries to bite it, but burns, thinking it’s on fire. They go pick some berries, but Will eats them instead of just collecting them. Tim goes back to his house. Will reveals to Braden and Tim that he lost his parents in the middle of a forest fire. So, Braden leaves, and Tim goes on an adventure with Will. Will and Tim arrive at a random tree. Tim claims they are trying to get to the moon. Tim’s friends Loretta, Bob, and Trinity show up. So, Tim jumps from a tree onto his feet on the ground, acting like he’s flying. They then suggest a search party, to look for Will’s parents. Trinity heads into the forest, but it gets dark and she accidentally walks into a bush. She then see’s 2 foxes, who are referring to themselves as Chaka and Chris. Will reveals he and the 2 foxes used to know each other and be best friends. However, Evil is back, and Will’s parents have come to help. Will then says goodbye to Tim, Chaka and Chris, saying it was nice to meet them. “Hey, Tim. Your friend Braden seems like a cool guy, and so do you. Thanks for introducing me to so new things.”, said Will.

Mirata canyon:

Troy tells Noah a story of when Braden and Mila were younger, which was also before they knew Alexis. Troy and Edith are on a bus. When they get there, Mila is reading a book of places to view before age 10. She then says "Did you know the Grand Canyon was created by erosion? And before 1871, it was called Big Canyon?". Braden then throws the book because they are on vacation and he wants it to be fun. "Why you little!", said Troy. He tries to whack him with a rattlesnake but Braden throws scorpions at Troy and Troy deflects them with the snake like a baseball bat. They then see the Mirata family, the Hendricksons neighbors: Pete, Marjorie, and their 2 kids John and Jacob. They then head to get dinner at the restaurant. The meal arrives but Braden does not say thank you. Edith then thinks in her head "Am I such a bad mother, that my son doesn't even know to say thank you to a waitress?". She then tells him to say thank you, even though Braden wanted flamin hot cheetos and kung pao chicken. They then go to the glass bridge next morning. "Enjoying your moon view, Troy?", said Braden, using suction cups to moon Troy from the bridge. "Why you little! 2 can play at that game!", said Troy. He then rubs his butt on the bridge but gets tased.

Halloween N High school:

An upcoming Halloween party at Tucson high school. "Omg, Alexis, we are gonna be so hot at this party.", said Mila. So, the team buys new Halloween costumes. Mila is a Russian pilot, Braden is a cop, and Alexis is a slutty cat. "Hey, guys. Get ready for the lit team. Slutty kitty, Officer Chase, and Russian pilot Skye.", said Ivan. Alexis is getting a Cherry Pepsi and some coleslaw, and Mila has gotten some pie she brought from home and gives it to Ivan. "What is in this? It's good!", said Ivan. "Some apples, cinnamon and my hair. Part of me is now inside of you Ivan.", said Mila. "Hey, baby.", said Ivan. Meanwhile Frank is at home, watching He-Man. "Man, Romeo, before North Korea, He-Man was the bomb. He's so cool, not even Wolverine or Batman could defeat him.", said Frank. Back at the party, Ellie is dressed as a witch, and calling Mila an "ugly Slav". "Yeah, well. You got beaten up by my dad, roasted by a dog, and arrested by a baby, you beauty/power Nazi!", said Mila. Alexis is speaking with Aliźe and Martina. "Last week's bikini party was fun. Alize looks like a model from China, and Martina looks like a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader. Da'Maria, you look like a model from Haiti.", said Alexis. "My dad’s from India, and my mom is from Haiti, mixed with white, so that's probably why I'm hot.", said Da'Maria. Mila shows up looking upset because Ellie is being mean. "I'm gonna claw out that psycho in the face!", said Alexis. "Calm down, girl. No need to go all Catwoman rage.", said Da'Maria. Noah is at home, attempting to kill Helen. He uses his small bike to make her trip and fall down the stairs, then chainsaws the wardrobe to make it fall. "Wow, I should really watch where I'm going.", said Helen. Braden handcuffs Ellie at the party. "Ma'am, you are under arrest for harassment, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs", said Braden. The party ends and the team goes home. "Fun night tonight. we got to see our friends, have some snacks, and listen to music.", said Braden.

Hendrickson history:

A few burglars arrive, so the family gets into the panic room. “Since there is no food, we will eat each other. But I think this story is important for the last one of us alive to know. The history of our family.”, said Frank. Frank tells Mila to get a sandwich, but Mila says she can’t, so Frank tries spitting on her so she can fit through the vents, and she is pushed down by Frank and Helen. “I HATE YOU ALL!”, said Mila. So, Frank tells the story of how his ancestor invented the wheel. “Romeo, Frank make wheel, but no one want to buy wheel.”, said Frank. “Frank make wheel? That big success. Offer reward for buying wheel.”, said Romeo. Caveman Frank is making a presentation about the wheel, Helen shows up, and Romeo removes her clothes, only having her in her underclothing, tricking people into thinking they will get Helen if they buy the wheel. Up next, Moses Hendrickson, who led Jews out of Egypt, and told them they were not allowed to point out signs out loud or complain. He then tells the story of David Hendrickson, who was from Tucswana. “Hey, Shanevo.”, he said to Shane’s black ancestor. Kronk’s ancestor was also disabled, but used a pig, since wheelchairs had not reached Africa yet. David goes to collect bananas, but a monkey ancestor of Romeo tells him to be careful since white people are around. The white ancestor of Juhahn arrives. “Hey, you’re a different color. You wanna be equals?”, said David. “I’m taking you and your friends to South Carolina!”, said Juhahn. So, they were put on a boat, but David’s cuff was loose, so they put the Captain’s bed onto the ocean where he fell into the water the next morning as he woke up, and so they had fun on that boat that summer, but eventually arrived on a Southern Farm, where Muhammad was forced to change his name to David. “Back when science didn’t have much innovation, and people were hated, just for being different.”, said Frank. “And so, he saw his master’s daughter, Megara Matson. Most people marry their own race, but he was one of the few blacks who would marry an Irish. He new she was the perfect one.”, said Frank. In the middle of the night, he sneaks up to Megara’s bedroom, and asks her to marry him, and so they have 3 kids, who look like the modern Hendrickson kids, but black. Meg’s dad Gerald caught them one day, and to escape, David hits him with a frying pan so they can escape. They eventually made it to the North, where David would start his own business, to show the prosperity of black people. Up next was Adolf Hitler’s brother Frank Hitler, who would bother him and would eventually roast him public and show people to support other things. Frank accidentally fires the flare gun up at the ceiling, making the sprinklers fill the room with water. The good news is, Kronk shows up to arrest the thieves.


Frank’s friends get a tax refund. Kronk purchases headphones with surround sound so he can watch movies without waking Shelby. Juhahn buys a trampoline. Frank does not get a refund. He decides to create a pool on his own land by digging a hole. “I found a rubber root!”, said Frank, as he noticed a power cord for the neighborhood. He is stopped due to town zoning laws from making a pool. He decides to speak with mayor Oliver Queen. “Darn government. Saying I can’t build a pool on my own land, and after my ancestor helped fight for equality for black people!”, said Frank. He arrives to get the permit but it turns out his house is not part of the USA, so he starts his own country Franktopia. He arrives at the UN, but they don’t respect him. Iran’s leader suggests invading the US, to get respect. He annexes Kronk’s pool, but the US cuts off the power supply, and he invites dictators over for a pool party. Helen, Braden, Noah and Mila leave, but Romeo stays. Frank decides to give up, and Franktopia is absorbed back into the USA.

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