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It was Christmas Eve, needless to say it was night

Not that the time of day mattered much in the city of Twilight

But almost all of the citizens slept in their bed

Despite that so many wished to be up instead

All children in dreams, with their heads on a pillow

Hoped to be visited by a jolly and very large fellow

But their were quite many, adults who had the right

Who decided to stay up and watch the sky that night

But none could see him when he finally came by

Old Santa Claus had entered the starry Twilight's sky

But the chubby old man was in for a surprise this year

And so was each and every one of his many reindeer

A missile, if you can believe it, it hit his famous sleigh

And poor Santa was sure he would actually die this day

But as Santa was praying, with all his heart and soul

The missile exploded, and it turned into a black hole

It sucked up the jolly fat man, and all of his reindeer

And thereafter the hole as snow in sun began to disappear

All the Twilightians who watched this was without a clue

They couldn't see Santa and the event I told about to you

Only the missile, no more than that

Only one saw more, someone called Cat

His mask was enchanted, or at least was it's eyes

Allowed him to see thing others thought was lies

The vigilante was stunned for a second, but only for a tick

Then yelled "what kind of asshole shoots at ol' Saint Nick?!"

That asshole would be Mr. Grey, a not so nice necromancer

He had captured Santa, and even Dasher, Rudolph and Prancer

Santa was strapped to an operation table with straps darkly enchanted

The reindeer were in a cage that was locked, not taken for granted

After all, they were creatures of extreme magic, just like our friend Santa

And great magic was what Mr Grey needed for the Yule monster Aaocenta

A foul creature, very evil, slayed children with glee in it's eyes

But to summon it, needed was more than mere human sacrifice

Strong magic was needed, sacrifice of a creature with magic so wild

The fat jolly man only existed because of a innocent little child

Five years ago, children wished for Nick to come to send evil away

But that, I assure you, is a whole other story for another day

Point is, the jolly fatso exists because magic, Christmas miracles and stuff

Now back to my tale about the man who wanted to chop Santa's head off

Santa struggled to free himself from magic so black

But to no avail as Mr. Grey fetched from his sack

An old ax, on the wooden handle was marks for each kill

With another murder, Aaocenta would soon obey his will

Then, a huge crash! A car went through the wall

It was a taxi, very old one, but not one you could just call

The driver was an goblin called Greg, though not one who was very bright

He had given Cat a lift, so he could hopefully save Christmas with a fist fight

Cat jumped out off the cab, but realized he had come to late

As poor, poor good old Nick had, now a head shorter, met his fate

Santa was dead, that was clear to see

Cat said to Greg; "It's time for plan B"

As the goblin drove away, Mr. Grey laughed with glee

Said; "It's gonna be a jolly good Christmas for me!"

Blood dripped from the ax, but not just the man of Christmas'

It was way WAY too much blood from one single slash

The blood began to boil, despite no heat in the room

Then, Cat took a step back because of the laud boom

An explosion, so very big, and Mr Grey stopped laughed and instead

Well.. actually, nothing, he did nothing, because he was very dead

In mere seconds, his body like a mummy's was it

It was dry of blood after all of it came out of his head that was split

The blood became new body for Aaocenta, spawn of the demigod Zuul

Cat stared at the monster and said; "This is a messed up Yule"

"Wonderful!" said Aaocenta, "Quite frankly, this is good"

"A human to eat. Mortals make such wonderful food"

"Eat me if you dare!" said our masked man, even if he was scared

"But I knew you were to be summoned, so I came very prepared"

Cat held a stick, pressed a button on it, it made it long

It was a of silver made battle staff, with a David star on

The staff, with the star first, went right through the evil one's head

Cat naively hoped for a quick victory, but now he instead

Stood with a staff he had to throw away, it was on fire

Aaocenta laughed and asked "What do you take me for, a vampire?"

"No, but it ought to hurt you just a little, and so will THIS!"

Yelled Cat as he threw a smoke grenade at the evil one, he did not miss

The smoke mixed with garlic was but nothing to the monster than a fart

But a very strong and unpleasant one, one that did quite smart

"Come back here, you flee!" yelled Aaocenta with anger

As Cat quickly ran for cover, well aware of the danger

Bookshelves, tables, a fridge, it did not matter

Aaocenta wrecked it all, graving for splatter

"You have no chance, mere mortals cannot stop me"

"I know" said Cat as he heard a car engine. "But I can stall thee"

Once again, Greg's car with a loud screech as he parked his machine

Six children jumped out if it, as Greg turned of the engine

They saw the dead big man, the famous one dressed in red

They wanted to cry, but did not, knew what he needed instead

All six of them held hands, each one knew their cause

then they said; "We believe in you, Santa Clause"

Aaocenta was baffled, and blinded by a flash

As Santa was alive again, and ready to kick ass

The jolly ol' man, who was not so jolly at that moment

Hammered a fist right in Aaocenta face, and his fist was hard as pavement

Then he broke off his horns, then gave him a kick underneath

Then kicked him in the face, breaking all of his long, pointy teeth

The children cheered, which worried Greg quite a bit

Greg asked Cat if it was alright to let kids watch it

Cat thought of it, then claimed that it was alright

To let kids see Santa save the Christmas night

Santa had come to the finale, decided that it had been a long enough fight

So he said; "Merry Christmas, asshole demon. I bid thee goodnight!"

Aaocenta wimped as Nick violently ripped him in two

As if he had been a piece of paper, or a piece of tissue

The dead monster become liquid, something you could mop up

Santa said; "Well, I better get back to my beloved Christmas job"

The kids cheered and congratulated Santa as he ripped open the cage

The reindeer was cheerful and were ready to once more engage

As Santa flew away on his sleigh, pulled by his magical reindeer

He yelled; "Happy holiday, Twilight City, I will see you next year"

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Well that was one inventive Christmas poem my friend. Merry Christmas!

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@waezi2: Nice. Reminds me of a Christmas poem I wanted to write with Heironymous. I only had two lines for it, which would have appeared near the end:

And tell me dear reader, can you imagine the sight?

Santa's sled was pulled by eight reindeer and a dragon that night!


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@heroup2112: @cbishop: Thanks, and merry Christmas to you guys as well.

I regret I couldn't make it even more violent, but wanted to finish it before the 24th.

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