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Ok, so, for some reason I've been wanting to write something like this for a long time. Here it is, hope you all like it:

Have you ever loved someone? Of course you have. Almost everyone has. Almost everyone has that special someone, whether it be a loving spouse you’ve been with your entire life, or the person you see passing by in the hallway that doesn’t even know you exist. Everyone loves someone else, even if they don’t admit it. They steal your heart, and never give it back. Everyone. Even werewolves.

The two packs despise each other. Each clan clashing with the other any chance they got. There was so much bloodshed on both sides, yet they kept it up despite the losses. Each clan had their youngest member, each destined to rule the clan one day. On one side, a male named Bane, powerful and cunning, on the other, a female named Luna, swift and caring. They met every night, sneaking away from their clans and fleeing to their special spot. They did this every night, as a promise to the other, so that their love would never be forgotten. Until one night…

Luna woke. She sat up in her bed and quickly rushed out of it. She was in her pajamas, a t-shirt and pajama bottoms. She opened her window quietly without making a sound, and slipped out of the mansion’s second floor, transforming before she hit the grass outside, its crisp cold and freshness igniting her senses. She ran off into the nearby woods, looking back to make sure no one saw her. Her clan was the rich one. They lived in the spotlight of society, owners a multi-million dollar corporation. She had always lived the sweet life, but nothing bought could replace the sensation in her heart. She hadn’t realized her sister in the room next to her heard Luna moving about when she went to get some water. She opened the window and saw her outline run into the forest. She decided to follow her, slipped out of the window and onto the grass.

Bane awoke, opening one eye and looking around for any sign of stirring. He sat up, seeing the many werewolves around him. He quietly lifted the blanket from over him and stood up on the stone surface of the sewer. He was wearing jeans and boots, with a gray T-Shirt tucked into his jeans. He tiptoed over many sleeping bodies, stopping in his tracks every time he heard a single sound. He finally reached the end, and followed the drain to a ladder leading up to the street above him. He climbed up and pushed open the man hole, lifting himself up onto the concrete and transforming. Bane’s clan was the rough, more primitive one. They wandered around wherever they please, taking what they wanted and not caring at all. The polar opposite of Luna’s squeaky clean clan. They dwelled in the sewers, away from those that feared their kind and shunned them from society. They strived to hunt, they strived to fight, and they strived to live.

Bane walked through the forest, his senses hearing every sound, every twitch, as well as smelling the scents of everything. He could close his eyes and still not walk into anything if he had too. He pushed away a branch and saw the sight he dreamed about every day. There was a beautiful waterfall, feeding a crystalline pond. It was in a clearing that showed the Crescent moon above it, reflecting its image in the glassy pond’s surface. And, on the log by the pond, sat a young woman of endless beauty, holding herself due to the cold. Luna heard the branch being pulled away, and spun around, a look of hope on her face. Her expression changed to a smile as she saw Bane, standing in the shadows of the forest. She stood up as he walked over. She was the first to put his arms around him, but he soon followed. They held each other for a good two minutes, enjoying each other’s presence. Bane moved a way a bit, and looked into Luna’s silvery eyes. They reminded him of two full moons in the night sky. He put his finger on her chin, moving her closer to him, their lips touched, and they kissed. The lips pressed against each other, letting loose the love they had bottled up the entire day.

Their lips disconnected and they sat down on the log. Bane sat on Luna’s left, moving his right arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer. She curled into him, her head resting on his chest. His head moved down, lying on top of hers. His hand moved up and down her arm, warming her from the cold. They stared at the moon on the pond’s placid surface, every so often a ripple would form from water bugs. Fireflies began illuminating the area, casting small glows on different things. There was nowhere else either of them wanted to be.

Luna’s sister was watching from the woods behind them, her mouth open in awe at her sister’s audacity. She was actually meeting one of those…dogs from the other clan!? In her disbelief, she pressed her foot down and cracked a twig, causing both Luna and Bane to turn around. Luna’s sister took off through the forest back to the mansion. Luna knew what it was. She hung her head and stood up, walking in the direction of the mansion. A strong hand reached out to her shoulder, causing her to stop. She looked back into deep blue eyes telling her to stay. She closed her eyes as a tear fell, and she walked off through the woods. Bane couldn’t bear to see her walked away. Every step she took was like a step on his heart, crushing it down into the ground. He frowned and slump onto the log, his head in his hands. He got up and slashed at the water before he stormed off into the woods, causing the water to break and splash. His heart ached at the absence of Luna. They had only just met tonight before she had to run off. He fought back a lump in his throat as he walked back toward the sewers.

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? ...........So is your favorite character Bane?

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SoundWave07 says:

"? ...........So is your favorite character Bane?"


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How did you get that from the story? And how the hell is it funny?

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Oh this Cryo-Wolf? It I was asking a serious question!

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oh, well, then, actually its Luna.

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Not bad. I noticed a little misspelling. Good imagery though. You must have a thing for werewolves.


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Yeah...blame it on the keyboard on my laptop. The keys are so small, I hit two by accident sometimes lol. Yesh, Werewolves are my world.

And, actually, this is part one.

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MUAHAHAHA! Marvel at it's total irrelevantness.