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Chapter numbering explained. This is chapter 4 here, but its only the first half of chapter 2 in actuality. Currently up to chapter 4 (a record for me) with chapter five being written now and scheduled for a weekend post). the 1-1 is a reference to how Mario levels are listed. In this case chapter 1, part 1. The chapters on FFnet have titles, hence the title here. To make things even more complicated this is all part of the first story arc with its own title, but I'll explain that when this arc ends in a few chapters.

The king is Dead [2-1]

Dark Lands, Bowser's Castle

The great demon king sat upon her oversized throne, now with enough space to curl her extended tail around her hip casually without touching the sides of the chair. The armrests which had been within easy reach earlier could now barely be touched with bent arms, in fact she could probably sit on the arms as easily as Junior had sat earlier today. "Junior." Bowser mused aloud, still unnerved by the silky feminine voice that had replaced his kingly rumble. "This is going to be awkward to explain to him." The sudden reappearance of Kamek made her jump and cover her exposed body with her hands. Embarrassment at being nude was something she was going to have to adjust to, it seemed.

"I can't find anything about a crown right now, but I have several koopa pouring over books in the library-" Kamek paused. Where the lord of the Dark Lands normally sat was now a nude, blonde humanoid, awkwardly hiding her nakedness. "Well, I guess we know what the crown does now, huh? Maybe we should have tested-"

"Silence!" Bowser yelled, though it had lost a lot of its former power. A blush bloomed on her pale cheeks. "I… Shut up. You're right but I don't need this right now. Sorry I snapped." Kamek nearly fainted out of the air. Lord Bowser never apologized! Nor was she really required to, but still. And admission of being wrong at that. A strange change indeed. "Take this to wherever you and Kammy do things, and figure out how it works. I want a full report asap." She handed the crown to Kamek, who handled it gingerly for multiple reasons.

"Don't you think we should take care of something else first?" Kamek gestured to Bowser's bare form.

"Ack!" Having momentarily forgotten, Bowser hastily covered herself up with her arms again. "Yeah let's do something about this first." Kamek teleported Bowser to his room to avoid any awkward encounters, opting not to go along. Seeing Bowser as a naked human was making him uncomfortable. The koopa king- ahem, koopa queen, on the other hand was starting to feel weirdly comfortable in her new skin. She felt lighter, her movements were more fluid, she could feel the air on her skin as she walked around the room. The less obvious change she became aware of was her mentality. On some level she knew she would normally be raging now. Mad at being out of control, mad at Shadow Guy, and though she wouldn't have admitted it before- mad at herself.

"Ooh hoo hoo, you have Kamek flustered something fantastic!" Kammy cackled as she entered Bowser's room. "He wouldn't even- Oh! I see. Well, let's get you some modesty then." She summon a measuring tape from her sleeve and began taking Bowser's sizes. "I could have told you what that crown is, but no one asks old Kammy Koopa."

"Consider yourself asked." Bowser replied dryly, tucking a sheet around her body while Kammy knitted dark clothing, seemingly from thin air. She wondered why Kammy had to take measurements or bother knitting if she could produce material, but that's how magic is. It operated on its own rules.

"The crown is an old family heirloom that has existed as long as the royal toadstool family. Though it may in fact predate them, if such legends are true. Its origins are a mystery so far as I know, though I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't something about it stashed in the castle somewhere." She handed Bowser a couple dark items.

"What do I need this for?" Bowser asked in confusion, in regards to the bra.

"Trust me, you'll want this." Kammy replied, chinching the support garment tightly behind Bowser's back, causing her to gasp quietly.

"Anyway, the toads are a skittish people that don't care much for change. They've always been sheep. And so a queen many generations ago use the crown to copy her beauty and her knowledge as a ruler, and passing the crown to her daughter she gained her mother's good looks and world knowledge, and so on and so forth. The daughter copies were similar, but never exact. Close enough to keep the toads happy, but maintaining their original personalities, albeit it-" She paused, looking at Bowser.


"Well, aspects of the former princess was merged with their personalities. To keep things streamlined." She handed off a strapless black dress that, when pulled on, came down to about mid-thigh on her. Kammy fussed over her smoothing wrinkles and adjusting the dress around Bowser's assets. Bowser suspected she was avoiding some bad news.

"Unfortunately…" Bowser prodded her.

"Unfortunately it was designed for humans. Not koopa. That's why the transformation only partially worked. As such I'm not sure if it can be reversed easily, if at all." She was now making herself busy styling some footwear out of leather and rubber.

"About that-" Bowser started thoughtfully. "I'm not sure I want to go back. Bowser is a loser with a long record of failures. Is this my legacy to Junior? He deserves then this. Better then…. Me. I could start over now. I can be someone better!" Bowser was speaking faster now as she warmed up to the idea. A train of thought that had bloomed up seemingly from nowhere, but once it \had she latched onto it eagerly. "I can remake myself. But first I have to kill myself…"

"Beg pardon. Lord Bowser?" She finished the footwear, a thick soled pair of leather boots that came up her calves, and were covered with silver spikes and buckle straps.

Bowser shook her head. "Not Bowser anymore. I am reborn. Call me… Bowsette."

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Wow, good job.

Bowser becoming a princess is strange but totally intriguing on where the hell is this going to go!

Onto 5

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@batkevin74: Its a meme. or it was a meme, and I liked the fan character enough to try writing her. An odd concept I'll readily agree, but it got me writing regularly again. Whatever works, eh?