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Hey all you Fire emblem fans. I am making a Fire emblem fates story based on the Birthright. The story focuses on Gintoki, a black haired boy with a straw hat. He can be describe as joker, making jokes even in battle much to the dismay of his enemies and allies.

Here part of the first chapter. I'm still working on it.

Spoiler waring for those who haven't played Fire Emblem Fates.

Chapter 1 Prologue.

There he was, his father just laying there on the cold ground. Gintoki couldn’t tell what had happened; He and his father were walking around the square when this man appear and in a blink of an eye, his father laid at his feet with with blood oozing out of him.

“Come now Sumeragi,” A voice from the darkness spoke, causing Gintoki to whip his head towards it. “How could you fall for such a simple trap?”

The voice that spoke was deep and cold as a man stepped from the shadows covered in black armor. His face showed no emotion. The guy had a look that screamed “I’m evil!”. It was like a man wasn’t standing there, but a monster in man’s skin. Just looking the man send a shiver went up Gin spine. The man took notice of the young boy that was staring at at him.

“Ah. You must be Sumeragi’s child.” Gin at that moment was screaming at himself to run or at least lie and say no. But he couldn’t move or say anything he was frozen. The man reach his hand out to Gin.

“You will make for a excellent pawn for Anankos.” He made a smile showing off all teeth.

“You are MY child now!” At that moment Gin vision went black.