A Fantasy Tale...Continued

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Penella drew out her shortsword and kept the blade pointed at pale giant and the dagger at purple priest she’d pilfered from. She had kind of grown use to the fact she had two hands with ten fingers and didn’t wish to join Stumpy’s club.

She hissed. “Back off or I’ll scream!”

“Go ahead,” Abnerkay said folding his arms. “I’ll be happy to wait for the authorities.”

“I SAID, WHERE IS THE OX WIZARD?!” Threndell, son of Kragmell bellowed again which got passerby’s looking at the scene unfolding.

“Hand back my purse, and the matter is closed.” Abnerkay held his hand out.

“What kind of man has a purse?” Threndell questioned.

Penella sized up the pair and looked at the big mountain man. She lowered her bottom lip while doing puppy dog eyes. “I work for the Ox Wizard guy. He’s trying to steal my purse.”

“Now hold on a minute!” Abnerkay protested as Threndell’s posture stiffened the more she talked.

“I can take you to Ox,” Penella stepped in close. “Help me.”

With speed that was unnatural for one so big Threndell lashed out and grabbed Abnerkay by the throat, lifting him up into the air as easily as one would lift an uppity feline. “Leave girl alone!”

Abnerkay fought for breath in the vicelike grip. “She’s...lying!”

Penella started to back away when again her path was blocked by another. The half elf angrily turned only to have the stolen purse ripped from her back and dangled before her eyes. “Belktram’s balls!”

“He won’t help you,” Captain Bipsol of the Altahna garrison stated. He was a muscular elder gent with a bushy moustache, once red now greying. His belly resembled a beer barrel compared to his younger days but he was still a force to be reckoned with.

“They were both...”

“I don’t believe you,” Bipsol rolled his eyes in disbelief at Penella as he slapped her square on the nose. The blow made Penella wince as her eyes watered. She dropped her weapons to cover her face and the other guards behind Bipsol grabbed her. “Now you, giant thing, put him down!”

Threndell looked at the little man, who wasn’t all that little bit compared to him everyone was little. “No! He stole her purse.”

“I...did...not!” Abnerkay wheezed as he struggled to get free.

“Listen to me, you stupid spawn of troll loins!” Bipsol commanded. “By the authority of the Prince of Altahna, you wil...”

Bipsol flew backwards into the honey stand from the kick in the chest Threndell hit him with. The Goliath warrior dropped the priest as he stomped towards the now sticky captain.

“Troll? TROLL?! You DARE call Threndell, son of Kragmell A TROLL?!?”

Bipsol clambered and wobbled to his feet, sweet syrup dripping of nearly all of him. He shouted at his startled troops. “Get him!”

Two guards stepped forward to block Threndell’s path and were as effective as closing a curtain as a bull ran through your house. One flew left as the other right. “TROLL AM I?! SHOW YOU THAT I AM NOT TROLL!”

Threndell sling his greatclub off his shoulder and into his hands. The weapon was essentially a log adorned with bits of random animal teeth. It made Bipsol utter the start of a prayer to a god he had long since given up on.

“By the will of Annam the All Father,” Abnerkay recited as his hands crackled with purple sparks. “You will...STOP!!”

The magically enhanced word shot into the Goliath’s brain turning off the primal instinct to crush. Threndell stood there baffled, unsure of what to do. Penella was agog at what she’d sort of caused.

“Arrest them all!” roared Bipsol, honey flying off his lips. The remaining four guards crash tackled the Goliath as the one holding Penella cracked her across the back of the head with a club knocking her out. Abnerkay darted forward and expertly disarmed him.

“There was no need for that!” He scolded the guard. “You already h...”

The guard swung a punch. Abnerkay was not about to be caught twice in one day, not especially after channeling his god’s power. He parried the arm away, grabbed it with his other hand, twisted and in seconds, had the guard crying like baby as he had the arm in a very breakable position. “Apologise.”

“I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry!” The guard shrieked.

Threndell’s brain cleared but by then he guards had kicked him about and shackled him. He threw them off with a roar. “I WILL NOT BE CHAINED!!”

The chain went taunt and snapped as the Goliath broke them in dramatic fashion. Abnerkay released the guard and went to the giant.

“Man of Stone be still,” he said calmly and in the tongue of Threndell’s people. Abnerkay spoke giant tounge as his god Annam the All Father was a storm giant.

“I will not be chained,” Threndell replied calmly.

“I understand, but look at what we doing to the people’s market,” Abnerkay spoke softly. “We need to stop or someone is going to get seriously hurt.”

“I have no idea what you two are growling at each other,” Bipsol interrupted, a loaded crossbow in hand which now also dripped with honey. Near him the other guards had their crossbows pointed. “Drop your weapon...Troll!”

Threndell roared in anger. Abnerkay shook his head at the tactic the guard captain had taken.

“Forgive me, Man of Stone.” Abnerkay balled up his fist and struck the Goliath in the side just above the kidney. The blow sent the big man to the floor gasping for breath. Guards leapt onto him and took him into custody. Bipsol walked up to the priest with a smile.

“You have my thanks, priest .” Honey pooled at his feet.

“I didn’t do it for you,” Abnerkay muttered.