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Hello. I am totally new to this site. Kinda bad at "interneting" all together. My "fan fic" story is already entirely written. Also I have the sketches for the the whole first chapter drawn out. The written story is quite long, 200 pages or more. I feel that it is created very well and has great potential. My problem is that it has 2 things in it that "THE POET" said were unacceptable. One is rape. The rape scene is not a large part of the story but is very important to the character, who is created by that sexual action. The other is bad words. They are only in the last chapter, and it is done to show the character's bursting anger, and desire to no longer be a child. Actually all the things that you suggested in your "fan fic rules" are in my story, at the very end, and I feel bad about that. However the story would change dramatically if they were taken out.

These 2 links are to the sketches of the completed first chapter. Copy and paste to url.



If there is a desire to see the rest of the story, and the admin deems it OK to post, I will post it.


PS. a preemptive "THANKS" to all the helpful critique.