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Abraham Williams is growing up in Dominica. He decides to help the world. Abraham trains hard in martial arts, and strategizes for potential situations. He receives a gauntlet manufactured by Tony Stark, and pepper spray 8 times stronger than real life pepper spray. The gauntlent is set with an electric shock (8,400 volts) and a fibercord rope. A letter is from Tony saying: Abraham, Thor was flying over Dominica one day,anx he saw your skill in martial arts. It turns out you're more skilled than Puma. He told me all this a few days after he witnessed. I thought I'd help a guy by giving this gauntlent and pepper spray. The gauntlents shocks is 4 times stronger than the electric chair, in case you must fight someone with superhuman durabillity or healing factor. Sincerely, Anthony Stark. He has received another package from the Voodoo masters of Haiti: a teleportation ring. A letter from the Haitians says they were performing rituals, and the Loa told them his coordinates after an image of him has been revealed. He takes the name: Arjun. Arjun is sent to battle with a clone of Sabretooth, sent by Loki

Sabretooth: Please. He's got no weapons. He's totally going to lose.

As Sabretooth is attempting to scratch him, he gets a taste of pepper spray to the eyes

Sabretooth: Ahh! Get ready to shut up and bleed, you little--

As he is about to finish, he is shocked by the gauntlent, then put in Vibranium handcuffs.

He meets up with Hummingbird

Arjun: Hummingbird! You would not believe what happened.

Hummingbird: Who are you?

Arjun: I am Arjun. I have this pepper spray, 8 times more power than average pepper spray, a gauntlent with a fibercord rope, and electric shock with 4 times more power than the electric chair. I also got this teleportation ring.

Hummingbird: You sound like you've got it covered.

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@dantekesha: Another script that jumps right in. Not a bad start. I'd still like to see you write a prose story. There are unanswered questions here. Why did the Voodoo masters of Haiti give him a teleportation ring? Why did Stark give him the gauntlet? In fact, why didn't Stark give him a full armor? Why was Sabretooth cloned? Why does the shock need to be four times more powerful than the electric chair- meaning four times more powerful than is needed to kill a human being? Soooo much story left out here. Let's have it! :)