A Call to Arms Part 1

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*This will be the story of how Day Hunter came to be.*

 "Dammit why can't it be like the old days when loonies were actually secured?!" 
The sun rose destroying the darkness of the night that had blanketed a normal suburban town. Everyone's grass was cut at approximately the same length, everyone's bushes (if they had any) were all nicely cut into perfect squares, and the crime rate was nearly nothing. This was literally a person's dream world, and that is why here is where the family of Micheal Farraday lives. The young man was once enlisted by the Chicago police department to be a rat, there he helped bring down some small time gangs and was on the verge of bringing down a big time cartel when suddenly he lead the task force into a massacre. After the event Marcus immediately went back to his house he began packing as quickly as he could, throwing his cloths together carelessly. When his stuff was packed he began packing his wife and daughters stuff, he knew she was at the store and prayed that she would get back here before the police got to her and corrupted her mind. No one knew why he had flipped but him, he knew that if they got to her first she wouldn't understand his reasons, so he had to get to her first. Suddenly he heard the front door open, he grabbed the python revolver from his waist and slowly made his way through the house. He peered around the corner when he heard the voice of his wife. 
Baby? You home? He let out a sigh and slid the revolver back into his belt as he walked around the corner. "Hey babe, yeah got home early things went differently then originally planned. Hey is Alyssa still in the car?" His wife nodded, Yeah, she's asleep and I didn't want to wake her since I couldn't carry her and the bags all at once. "Good, hey listen I already packed the, department is transferring me to another state, and uhh we need to go right now."  What but...I mean really? I thought they had planned for you to do alot more work underground..... Suddenly the sound of police sirens sliced through the air like a hot knife through the butter.Micheal's eyes widened as he knew that it was all over from here..."Listen I don't have time to explain but if we don't leave right now they're going to take you and Alyssa away from me. Things went bad on this last deal and they're going to try to arrest me and maybe even kill me...and I...I...."  His wife had a look of fear come across her face as she suddenly realized that her husband, that they were in real trouble. Wha....What happened Micheal? Just tell me and...and we'll work this out, I work for the states attorney whatever it is we can get you help, keep you free."  "No...we can't stay here, we can't....I'm so sorry..." Micheal turned nearly crying grabbing his bag as and making his way through the house to the back door because he knew that his wife wouldn't leave, he knew she couldn't just up and leave, she didn't know the things he did, and he didn't have the time to explain to her, it took months for him to finally grasp the truth. He glanced back and saw tears streaming down the face of his wife before turning and bolting out the back door. 
Micheal ran as fast as his feet would carry him hoping that the neighbors to the south had yet to harvest their corn, if they had he would be exposed, if they hadn't he would able to hid there. The only problem was that the farm was over 5 miles away and he was on foot. He lept over the fences of his neighbors until he finally reached the open stretch of road. He continued, his heart beating so fast he could feel the pulses of new blood pass through his veins. He had successfully made it four and half miles, he could the farm in the distance, "Yes, they haven't harvested yet..." He heard the low wine of a police siren behind him and he pushed himself even harder to keep going, but it was undeniable his legs were growing tired, as were his lungs. Before he could close in on the farm his heart sank when he heard the familiar sound of a police chopper come up overhead. Micheal Farraday! Get down now! Lethal force has been authorized please stand down! Micheal kept pushing himself, in his mind he was screaming out of exhaustion before suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his knee. 
He was unsure what it was but it wasn't enough to get him to stop he kept going, then he felt it in his other knee, his body kept pushing him forward until he suddenly collapsed letting out a gut-wrenching scream. He now knew that they had shot him, they blew out his knees. Though he knew there was no escape he reached up and drug him self forward, his legs dragging uselessly behind him. When he fell he lost everything, his cloths scattered across the road but the thing that drove him to keep moving forward was the locket that was infront of him, in it was a picture he loved dearly, a picture of his whole family, one of the few that had included him. Rarely was he able to be in the pictures because he was always the one that held the camera. His fingers were nearly touching it when suddenly a car came to a screeching stop behind him. The door opened and closed as the officers lept from the vehicle. The sound of his former partner's voice rang into his ears Damn Micheal, what did you do? Its over man, just stop. His partner walked over his body and put handcuffs on him and pulled him up. I'm sorry man, I gotta do this. With those words Micheal's partner drew back and punched him knocking him into unconsciousness.    

4 Years Later

Wake up Micheal. Come on wake up. Micheal rolled off his bed, he stood grabbing his cane and grunted as his back popped a few times. He reached up and turned his head both directions popping his neck. "Hey Phil, whats the news today?" Micheal said as he made his way over to the mirror, he scratched the scruff beard that had grown on his face over the four years he had spent in prison. Well, I got some....hell great news for ya. Micheal couldn't help but gin to himself at the thought of good news, let alone great news. "Yeah? Whats that Phil?" You don't sound to happy man, I mean I don't know about you but I had been in prison for four years of my lifetime sentence and someone was gonna get me out....I'd be pretty damn happy. Micheal's eyes widened, his fake grin faded. "What?! Who?! HOW?!" Phil laughed as Micheal hobbled his way over. He even said he could get you off that cane man. I don't know anything else, all have is the time and room to take you to. 

30 Minutes Later

Micheal had been assisted into interrogation room 3B. The lights were dim, and the room itself was dark, the walls had been painted pitch black. Finally the door unlatched behind him and a man entered walking around the edge of the table and sitting directly across from Micheal. The man leaned back into the shadows concealing himself from Micheal's eyes. Hello Mr. Farraday. I know why you did what you did four years ago. So I before I go on, how would you like to get your freedom back?