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OK so i'm starting this new thing kind of like dc's earth-3 (where every villan is a hero and every hero is a villian) this is the evil Spider-Man and good venom origin stories that i came up with :

Bad Spidey: Richard Parker II was orphaned at a young age when his abusive father beat his mother to death in a fit of drunken rage (while he was watching) and he commited suicide shortly after being incarcerated. Richard was later taken under the care of his aunt and uncle. His uncle was a thief and trained young richard to become a criminal like him. During a science expo at school richard broke into one of the labs with the intention of stealing some sort of "priceless object" that he overheard one of the proffessors talking about. There he saw a small container which had a little spider in it richard thought he could play a prank on one of his classmates with it. After freeing the spider he was bit and felt unwell so he went home. While there, richard felt powerful and started to discover his spider powers. Using these powers he and his uncle went on many heists togheter and were unstoppable. Richard later felt that he was powerful and experienced enough to go on his own so he started his own crimespree robbing banks, museums and mugging civillians and adopted the criminal identity of SPIDER-MAN. After hearing about his uncle being gunned down by the police richard swore revenge, commiting several crimes and killing anyone who tried to stop him.

Good Venom: Being beaten up by school bullies at a young age eddie brock always had a strong intolereance against injustice and promised to rid the city of crime. He spent his years learning martial arts and spent alot of time bodybuilding to mold himself into the crime fighting cop he had dreamed to be. After graduating college he fulfilled his dream and became a police officer. He instantly earned popularity among his fellow officers by being the only one able to stop the many crimes of the super criminal spiderman. Frustrated, spider-man retaliated by killing some of his friends and his fiancee: Gwendolyn Stacy, sending a message that he is next. Sad, terrified and full of rage brock attempted suicide by jumping off a building. After hitting the ground he noticed that he didn't even have a scratch on him and that some mysterious black goo started to take over his body. Being more powerful than ever, brock was under the impresdion that he had been given a second chance by god. He swore to use this newfound power for justice and for another goal: Kill Spider-Man!!. Adopting the super-hero identity of: VENOM

The two became arch enemies. Fighting each other for years. Their rivalry ended when venom killed spider-man by hanging him by his own web.

If you have any hero-villain ideas of your own please contribute.

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anybody ? please...

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Bad Wolverine: a young James Howlett living in Canada in the 1800's was raised by his family's ground's keeper Thomas Logan, when his parents both comitted suicide from the death of their eldest son. Thomas teaches James to look only after himself and not care about others. During this time, Logan's son, Dog becomes jealous of James, and plots to get rid of him. Dog assults James outside their home later, but in a fury, James' fingernails rapidly grow, and he tears Dog's throat out. James then runs off into the wild, increasing his ferocity, but he changes his name to Logan to remember the man who took him in to his home. In the wild, he runs into a wolverine, and notices how vicious it is, and decides to give himself the nickname "the Wolverine". He's taken in by a mysterious figure named Romulus, and trained to use his feral fury and claws and fangs to become the perfect fighting machine.

Good Sabretooth: Victor Creed was born a sickly child, which made his parents mad, so they kept him in the basement like a caged animal. His only company is his longtime friend Rose. Victor keeps a positive attitude because of Rose, and keeps his hopes up that one day he will be free. One day, when he snuck upstairs to eat, his father caught him, and started to smack him around, but Victor becomes angry, and bone claws jet from his hands, and he accidently kills his father. He escapes, and finds Rose, and they run off to a secluded cabin in the Canadian Rockies. One day on his return home from his job in the nearby town, and passed Logan on the way there. Logan smiled a very disturbing smile, and his teeth were red, almost like blood, and he said to him "You got a tasty damsel back there, bub!" Victor, being freaked out at the comment, rushed off to the cabin in fear, and found Rose bloody all over the floor, and bites taken out of her. Victor buried Rose near the cabin, and started toward town, but found Logan in the path again. They fought for hours, but Logan tossed Creed off a nearby cliff. "We're alike in many ways bub, maybe you could have been like me one day" Logan shouted down, thinking Creed was dead. Creed got up later, and swore to himself never to give in to his primal side like Logan. They fought many more times after that, using their codenames "Wolverine" for Logan, and "Sabretooth" for Victor, and using their skills they got over the years, Logan from Romulus and his crew, and Victor from Alpha Flight and the X-men, and enhancements from the Weapon X program.

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Evil Reed Richards: As a child, Reed's father abused him for being a smart kid, so Reed determined to show his father that intelligence was much better than brute strength, and became arrogant with his science. He was the top of his class in every grade, and went to New York's most prestigious college, and met Benjamin Grimm, a mean football quaterback who picked on a lot of nerds, and Victor von Dandy.

Good Victor: Dandy was born in a poverty striken tyrannical monarchy of Latvaria. Dandy's parents were in the resistance movement against the terrible monarchy that was stomping all over the peasants. Dandy's father was one of the major leaders of the resistance, and Dandy's mother was a Gypsy that was a major part of the resistance as well. Both of Dandy's parents died in a battle with the royal guard, and Dandy vowed to learn as much science and magic as he could to fix his country. He studied for years in both those fields, while dating his childhood friend Valeria, until he got a scholarship to the prestigious college of New york. He went there, and met Richards and Grimm, and tried to make friends with them, but they rejected him. He then tried to focus on his major invention that would finish his degree and get him enough money to help his country. He was almost finished when Reed came in and told him it wouldn't work. Dandy took that advice, and stopped working on the device. Reed, wanting the money and pride of making that device, finished it, and powered it, but it backfired on him in his lab, hitting him, Ben, Reed's girlfriend Sue, and Sue's brother Johnny, with unstable radiation, which transformed gave them powers, which they decided to use for evil. Dandy returned to his country after he finished his education, overthrew the tyrannical monarchy, and became the Prime Minister of the new Constitutional Monarchy.

Dandy decided to do balance his administrating between Latvaria and the Latvarian embassy in New York to keep an eye on the Fearsome Four. Reed, who called himself Mr. Fearsome, along with the Invisible Bitch, the Creature, and the Bastard Torch terrorized New York City, and Victor became Doctor Dandy, and protected the city from them and protected Latveria.

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@mewmdude77: Nice !

Evil Iron-Man and Evil Avengers: Born to a wealthy family, anthony stark had a good life. He was at the top of his class and studied engineering at Harvard. But he was also aggressive, arrogant and was under the impression that money was everything (because of his parents' wealth). When his father died and his mother dead a few years later, Anthony inherited his father's fortune and took over stark industries. He was ruthless and showed no mercy to his employees , except for his secretary pepper potts whom he was in love with but potts wouldn't except him unless he changed his ways. But Anthony's pride was bigger than his heart so he fired her for being "unloyal". Diagnosed with cancer, Stark used his money and intelligence to build himself the arc reactor which would neutrilize the cancer in his body. Bored, he also built himself a battle suit and used it to create havoc and destruction around the world. He took over several small countries but was overthrown and defeated by The Revengers (a group of superheroes). The media nicknamed him "The Impenetrable Iron-Devil". He later met several other super criminals and formed the group The Destroyers:

Captain Axis (Leader)-A nazi super soilder failure who was frozen in time.


Roht- An evil and malicious thunder god who was banished from asgard for his evil spirit.

Deadeye- An archer and sniper marksman who works for the terrorist group HIDRA.

Kulh- A scientist who was transformed into a monster during an experiment gone wrong.

Dark Widow- A double agent who infiltrated both the USSR and the US during the cold war.

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Dark Angel (Daredevil counterpart) - Matt Murdock is the son Wilson Murdock and Vanessa Murdock (the Kingpin). Matt grew with his father who he only remembers him for being drunk and beating him. Until one day the old man dies of "mysterious causes" or so Matt says. When his mother heard of the news, she was proud of him, she decided to be in his life. and that was it for a while until a rival gang, decides to target Matt to get to his mother. Matt is attacked by a hitman who fails, due to Matt's bodyguards inteference and Matt quickly but when he reaches the streets he trips with a old man and fall on the street and that causes a truck to commit a accident and drop radioactive waste on his eyes.

I'll write the second part of the origin later, and I'm sorry if I have bad grammar.

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Evil Punisher: Frank Castle grew up a loyal American citizen, even serving in the Vietnam war, but when his family was murdered in the park by some military personnel, Frank swore he would get revenge on the goverment that betrayed him, and became a mobster. He rose through the ranks, until he became the Kingpin's top man. He went by the code name "the Destroyer" and assassinated many government officals, and general good doing workers like firefighters and police officers. He had no remorse, and no thought of anyone's safety.

Good Jigsaw: William Russo was a cop who was known for always getting the bad guy, and for his handsomeness. He always did his assaignments. One day, when chasing some criminals through the park, he accidently shot a woman and child in the park. He later found out, by means of being shot through a window, that the people he shot were Frank Castle's family. Castle shot Russo through the window, and scarred up William's beautiful face. William was in a coma for a couple months, but when he woke up, and saw his face, he swore to make his mission to bring Castle to justice, and put him in jail. He stayed a cop, and got the nickname Jigsaw.

Castle and Russo have fought for a long time, but Castle always escapes before being captured.

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Doc Ock - an evil scientist creates robotic octopus-like arms for his mad experiments. While using them something goes wrong, his arms takes control of him and turns him into one heck of a good guy.

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@mewmdude77: Dr. Dandy, I'm imagining his outfit would be brightly colored.

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@soduh2 said:

@mewmdude77: Dr. Dandy, I'm imagining his outfit would be brightly colored.

yep, and complete with his face visible, while the Fearsome Four all have masks

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Evil Hulk: Jun-fan "Bruce" Banner was the lead Communist Scientist in China when they developed their first Gamma radiation bomb. When a young man was seen on the blasting field, Banner ran off to save the kid, but after he pushed the kid into a ditch, the bomb went off, hitting Banner with the blasts of gamma. he was taken to the hospital at the army base, where someone made him angry, and he transformed into a giant red skinned menace. The Chinese military decided to take this new "Hulk" and make it their secret weapon. Banner then was ordered to go to the US to be able to learn as many US secrets as he could, and destroy American property when he transformed.

Good Abomination: Hiroshi Tideki was a Japanese/American spy that infiltrated the Chinese military on order of the Japanese government to keep track of the Hulk so Japan's ally, the USA, would be able to know if the menace was being prepared to invade the US. Tideki studied what transformed Banner into the Hulk, and then used the same type of tecnology to transform himself to combat Hulk, and protect the US. Tideki was transformed into a green skinned creature that was stronger than Hulk, and more in control of his transformations.

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Evil Professor X: Charles Xavier was born to wealthy parents, and given everything he could ever want. But his desires soon stretched beyond that which money could buy, when at age thirteen he discovered his ability to read and control minds. He used his newfound powers to form a team called the X-Men, comprised of others like himself who viewed non-mutants to be inferior beings, polluting the gene pool. Xavier and the X-Men have made it their mission to exterminate those without mutations, and increase humanity's pace on the path of human evolution.

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Evil Thor and good loki: Roht odinson is the son of odin, the king of asgard. Roht grew up to be arrogant, and constantly abused and bullied his younger adopted brother loki. Roht always trained in combat and led several battles, loki on the other hand had an interest in science and sorcery. When Roht grew old enough he decided to overthrow his father and invade midgard, as well as the rest of the universe. Loki informed his father of roht's intentions and odin banished roht to midgard so he can spend the rest of his days as a mortal . On asgard roht's supporters stole his hammer and managed to give it to him. Reunited with his old power, Roht caused chaos and destruction in the world. Odin decided to send loki so he can confront his brother and bring him to asgard so he can be brought to justice ! Loki and Roht have always been a constant threat to each other. Roht with his superior strength and loki with his knowledge of advanced sorcery.

The revengers: With the threat of superpowered criminals increasing by the day. Victor von doom figured that a team of superheroes should be formed in order to maintain order and enforce the law. Supported and funded by the american and latverian governments THE REVENGERS where born !

Doctor Doom (leader)- The smartest man in the world


Disaster- Kulh's rival and agent of the Japanese and American government.

Red Skull- Esteemed general of the whermacht during WWII

Venom- Police officer who wants revenge against spiderman

Songbird- Former SHIELD agent

Magneto- Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, joined the group because it would help human-mutant relations.

Crimson Dynamo- Russian scientist who copied stark's technology and used it for good, and to stop him.

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@consolemaster001: *Baron Mordo is Earth's Sorceror Supreme mytically thwarting the plans of Dr Strange the dark disciple Agamotto

*Macdonald Gargan is the Spectacular Scorpion! Protecting New York City regularly butting heads with Spider-Man, one of Scorpion's rogues gallery :)

*Parker Robbin's gets given a divine cloak and pistols by angels and uses them to fight crime as The Hood

*the Construction Crew: Builder, Bulldozer, Excavator and Crane (the reverse Wrecking Crew)

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No Caption Provided

@consolemaster001: Evil Spider-Man will shoot you in the face!

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Evil Ms. Marvel: Carol Danvers was a double agent in the US military when she discovered that the government had captured an alien. Carol volunteered to talk to the alien, but her intentions were to somehow steal the alien's powers for her own nefarious purposes. She managed to do so by convincing the alien he wanted to reject his powers, because of a hallucinogenic gas she used on him. Once she absorbed the powers of the alien, she quickly took off. She disguised herself in a costume that looked like the alien's, and called herself Ms. Marvel, and joined the Destroyers (Evil Avengers) and dated Spider-Man.

Good Moonstone: Karla Sofen was a high profile scientist for the military and an ace pilot. She was on an assignment to search for alien life, when a meteor landed not too far from her research facility. She rushed out to study the meteor, when it exploded, bathing her in its radiation, and giving her powers. With this new found powers, she decided to call herself Moonstone, and use her powers for good. Then she ran into Ms. Marvel, and they had a fight, and Karla realized that she and Ms. Marvel had very similar powers. She decided she wanted to study her if the villain was ever captured, and joined the Revengers.

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Good carnage : Kamarov Kasilly was born in 1970's russia. His parents were killed for printing anti-communist propaganda. Kamarov swore revenge and spent his life kidnapping and assassinating government officials. He's never been unsuccesful until he attempted to kill natasha romanoff, who was too smart for him. After the fall of the soviet union in 1991 Kamarov moved to america where he became a police officer. When venom's symbiote reproduced it's offspring followed Kamarov and bonded with him without his knowledge. When he got home accidently cut himself. And the moster bonded with him fully . It wasn't long until kamarov learned about officer brock's alter-ego. Kamarov asked him to train him so he could be a hero like him. Venom mentored him and taught him the ways of the symbiote and how to use it. Kamarov later adapted the Identity CARNAGE and started a killing spree of criminals. He later caught the attention of Spider-Man, whom he easily beat. When he was about to decapitate him Venom interfered and said that if someone was going to kill Spider-Man it was going to be him. Carnage refused to listen and they fought, using the oppurtunity to his advantage Spider-Man escaped. Carnage and venom later went there seperate ways, despite venom insisting, carnage was denied membership to the revengers because of his brutal methods.

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@consolemaster001: Evil Toxin: Patrick Mulligan was a police officer that had worked with Kamarov. Mulligan always hated Kamarov, since Kamarov was always the hero of the police station, and Mulligan was an arrogant power hungry officer. He had planned to assault him once and for all one night, following him, when he saw the Carnage symbiote attach itself to him. Mulligan then decided to keep following Carnage, wanting to become more powerful than him, and saw his chance when a piece of symbiote fell off of Carnage, he made a cut on his leg, and the little piece went right to him, and they became Toxin. Toxin went on to team up with Spider-Man to defeat both Venom and Carnage so he could prove he was the strongest symbiote, but went into hiding when Venom finally killed Spider-Man. Toxin hasn't been seen, but there have been mysretious crimes where little specs of red and blue have been found that might have come from Toxin's costume. No one knows when Toxin will come back, but whatever he's planning, Venom and Carnage need to watch their backs.

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@consolemaster001: You should look at artwork, he drew a reverse Sinister Six, maybe you two should co-ordinate and write & draw an epic tale called:

Marvel Reverse World

(copyright batkevin74 2013...oh yeah Marvel owns all that)

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@batkevin74 said:

@consolemaster001: You should look at artwork, he drew a reverse Sinister Six, maybe you two should co-ordinate and write & draw an epic tale called:

Marvel Reverse World

(copyright batkevin74 2013...oh yeah Marvel owns all that)

Someone already did it..sort of

instead of a reverse-alignment they did a reverse gender one.

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@consolemaster001: I say do it! It's fan-fic after all. You've got some great ideas and been given some extra good ones, write it up. I'll read it at least.

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@batkevin74: I'll try contacting him. Also i'm submitting it for fan-fic of the month !

The Death of Spider-Man and Dark Reign: After the death of spiderman the destroyers were infuriated and decided to end their rivalry with the revengers once and for all. They gathered and attacked the revengers at their weakend state because they recently had been at battle. The revengers put up a good fight but the destroyers defeated them. The Revengers disbanded and several members quit including the disaster and venom. The disaster quit because he wanted to protect his family. Venom quit because he felt that his work was done when he killed spiderman and wanted to spend more time with and protect his bride to be: Mary Jane Watson. The Destroyers began a campaign taking over the country city by city, the heroes and millitary were powerless to stop them. One by one either the heroes were either too injured or retired until doctor doom was the only active superhero. The destroyers took over the country until only Washington D.C was left. Since the U.S was the most powerful country at the time Doom foresaw that if the destroyers were succesful the world would follow. Doom couldn't let that happen so he began prepping up for his last stand...

The rest is coming soon. SUSPENSFUL HUH ?

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@consolemaster001: nice. Like your ideas...

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@The Poet: Thanks :)

Dark reign part 2: The smartest only superhero in the world: Doom realized if he was going to fight the destroyers he would need to upgrade his armor and weapons. Several enhancements weren't enough and doom decided to break in richards' lab. He managed to temporarily paralyze richards' before he can do anything. Doom found the infinity gauntlet, a weapon so powerful no one could risk using. Doom realized he didn't have a choice so he took it. Doom confronted the destroyers in washington and gave them one last chance to surrender.

Doom: Stand down and be judged for your crimes and maybe we can reach an agreement.

Captain Axis: There are 8 of us and only one of you. Here's my counteroffer: Surrender the country or else we'll burn it to the ground.

Doom: There doesn't have to be anymore bloodshed.

Iron devil: Where's the fun in that ? Roht ! take this f!cker down !

Doom: If you insist...

Roht charged towards doom, he counterd his attack and using the infinity gauntlet punches him into orbit. The rest of the team look in awe captain axis mutters : "i-impossible"

Captain axis: "ATTAAAACK!"

One by one the destroyers were put down. None of them were a match for the smartest man in the world. After the battle doom single handidly defeated the destroyers and saved the world (litteraly!). It wasn't long until the press arrived. A news reporter asks "Will the revengers return ?" Doctor Doom smiled and said "yes".

THE NEW REVENGERS: A team composed of old and new heroes.

Doctor Doom (leader)



Lady Deadpool (a female good guy version of deadpool)


Emma Frost

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@consolemaster001: You should talk to about the Inversion-Verse. You'll fit right in!

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Bumping again

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@consolemaster001: I wrote 4 parts of a Sabretooth Inversion-verse, have a read and let me know what you thought. Here's part 4 which has the links to 1, 2 & 3 :)


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How about a good version of the Mandarin

He finds the ten alien rings and decides to use them to help the planet.

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@batkevin74: No not at all :). As a matter of fact i just read it.

Question : If this grows should i make a "Inversion verse" library ?

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@consolemaster001: well there's this page and my 4 parts of good female Sabretooth...not really library material just yet. You get a few more, then sure

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Heroes as Villains

• Captain America / Captain Winter

Witnessing the horrors of war made him think it's his mission to wipe out all traces of race, nation, and creed so that the humanity will finally see peace under his rule.

• Iron Man / Iron Grip / War Machine

I think there's two ways this would go:

- He just never went out of the weapon business and works in secret, has secret identity and an army of empty War Machine armors and calls himself/is called "The Iron Grip". More like normal version.

- The trauma drove him to villainy and he thinks he has to rid the world of weapons no matter the casualties. While calling himself "War Machine" and killing people with weapons. A secret identity too. Insecure and uses snark and bravado to hide that. Honestly thinking he's doing good.

• Hulk and Bruce

He's a tragic monster with exactly same story than the normal, except turning into Hulk either destroyed his mind or trapped him in his head, and he can only watch as the Hulk rampages and kills. Hulk stil likes Natasha.

• Hawkeye / Bullseye

He used to work for the nominal "good guys" to feed a family he kept secret, until his handler left him to die in an explosion that severely damaged his hearing and killed hundreds of civilians. Forced to fake his death to get away, he resurfaced as an untraceable assassin who kills anybody, anywhere, any time, but only accepts deals on people who he thinks deserve to die.

• Thor

Odin was even more of a dick than the normal version,and, as a result, Thor's moral compass was always a bit screwy. He got himself exiled, and, missing the viking age, started raiding, raping, and pillaging his way across the world with his own merry band of 21st century vikings: mercenaries and pirates.

• Black Widow

Essentially the same. She and all the other survivors of the red room dissappeared after the fall of the soviet union and she went freelance, occasionally teaming up with Barton and dealing with the Hulk.

• Spider-man / The Spider

His uncle, a thief, was shot by a cop and he blamed himself because he wasn't there to help him, but swore vengeance on law enforcement.

• Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier / Captain America

Bucky followed Steve when he betrayed The Allies and started fighting everybody, fell from the train, and was found by The Allies who brainwashed him to replace Steve as Captain America. He got into it to the point of obsession, permanently staining his new name with countless war crimes.

• Nick Fury

The mastermind. Nobody knows anything about him, not even his motivations, but he claims to have good intentions.

• Agent Coulson

The fake leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, a meat shield and a big target Fury puts in front of himself to stay safe. Coulson volunteered for this.

• Dr. Strange

Same story, except he maintained his arrogrant attitude and the monks inprisoned him in the space between the dimensions for using their magic for his own gain.

• Black Panther / White Lion

When his father opened up Wakanda to outsiders, it's resources were nearly depleted by S.H.I.E.L.D for weapons and energy means, and T'Challa had to seclude his people from the world to rebuild. He is kind of doctor-doom-ish in his ruling methods, but not really that evil, though he'll still kill any outsider inside his country's borders.

I'll write this world's heroes later.

By the way, which Tony you think is better? I'm torn between two ideas too different to combine.

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Villains as Heroes

• Loki

Tired of being treated badly and getting no respect, he left Asgard to get out of his brother's shadow and to see if he could be anything else than a traitorous trickster. Trapped on Midgard, he eventually grew to care about the humanity and became one of their heroes.

• Ultron

After Pepper left, Tony built Ultron as an assistant / companion to help him in his schemes, but the AI developed sentience and rebelled against his creator, deciding he liked the mankind more than he liked his 'father'.

• Victor von Damme

A student in famous university, Victor saw his roommate Reed sabotaging a rival's machine in a competition and ran to save the poor guy and had it explode in his face. After Reed was expelled Victor completed his studies and returned to Latveria in a civil war against the corrupt government. He led the rebellion and crowned himself the new king. He has some serious self-esteem issues.

• Magneto

He's a bit like 616 version; a rabble-rousing rebel fighting against prejudice and discrimination, but doesn’t hate humans that much and acknowledges they are capable of both good and evil, and hopes mutants and humans can peacefully co-exist some day. Given that he and some of his friends have powers that are really good for colliteral damage, media tends to label him and The Brotherhood as terrorists. He joined the group because it would help human-mutant relations. He's kind of evil in constract to his counterpart who sometimes is kind of heroic.

• Johann Schmidt

The leader of the german resistance who had been experimented on by nazis. He was buried under the rubble of a collapsed bunker in the battle of Berlin and found and revived in present day. He's a civil rights activist who fights for the rights of minorities, including mutants and those oppressed by the world government.

• The Abomination

Working for a peace task force, he and his comrades got in the way of one of The Hulk's rampages and Blonsky broke his spine trying to distract the monster. He heard of the serum experiment, and they tried to pressure him into volunteering. He said no, yet they still did, and he couldn't really stop them. He come out okay, except the spine that mutated, and contact with Hulk's blood spread the mutation to his whole body.

• Venom

The symbiote ended up on earth the same way like Earth 616 version. It still feeds on anger, adrenaline, etc. but actually drains those chemicals from the host, making them much calmer. After Spider realized the new suit was alive and ripped it off, the creature escaped and found Eddie Brock, who was left for dead after trying to fight with Spider earlier and bonded with Eddie to save his life.

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