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It has began...

Jason Aaron looks around the boards.

He does see his own name.

He wonders...
Is this really me is this myself is this the true writer of words that will one day leave a scar on every single hero in marvel.

He looks at the name and panics.

Who made me shorter and took away my beard and gave me a super wedge..

It was me I must confess...

Super Wedge man Jason.....

Unable to figure it all out Super Wedge man is called to the scene of Thor and his hammer i tiny peace of his old hammer still resides in his worthless gold hammers....

It is the peace he looks at and he thinks.

Did I do this did I destroy Thor...

He tries to pull his wedge out but it is in tight.

His fans are very upset.

I think I see the problem....

Thor cries...
I am unworthy and do not know how to fix this all we have is this little tiny piece of Mjolnir...

I am not wise enough to get the rest of it still in the suns core and Odin my all knowing father and all powerful can zap it to him but that would make sense.

So I am stuck with weapons that break and not smart enough to simply just get more of this metal out of the ground where it has been for eons and eons.....

In the land of the dark Elf.

Wedge man cringes and he finds himself.

He breaths in deep and then I see my 15 minutes has made me stop my rant...

I then poof the powers of super wedge man away Jason finds himself back at the computer no knowledge of the night his adventures and a huge pair of spandex with the powers of the wedgy lay across his bed.

All the world waits.

Will Thor use his god like powers to save the day.

Will he fight like the beast that he is...

Or will he cry like a baby yet again saying how unworthy he is and wonder when jane will save him....

Stay tuned as you hear Jane ask...

Super Wedge Jason....

Do you know what your doing?.

Not to reader at no time did Jason ever leave his meditation chamber where he is currently sleeping and thinking up odd stories for marvel. The girl that could fly with only the powers of her pinky toe , the boy whom knew everything but was so tiny he could only whisper in the ear chamber or Reed Richards thus giving him his smarts. The power of Thor the god of thunder...Who never uses any of it just likes to cry. The Jedi Knight and powerful Luke skywalker...who does not fight but loves to cook pasta. I bow to the thought that one day...

I will be a character lost in the winds of some strange book where I will have the power to mix popcorn with ice cream for a tasty treat that does not make you thirsty and will not have you gain weight.

I will be called...
Super cook......The man who fed Wedge man....

No sounds all wrong to me to.

Oh well back to the boards.

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"Oh %$# me!" Julian yelped as the ground underfoot ominously clicked. "Guys!"

Dick, Anne, Georgina and Timmy stopped dead at their older cousins swearing, even Timmy the dog was surprised.

"What's happened?" asked Dick as he approached only to be waved away.

"I've stepped on a land mine," Julian stated. The five were mortified. It never even occurred to them that traipsing around disused Sethmoor Barracks than there would be live ordinance lying around.

"How do you know?" Anne asked. "It could be a stick."

"Should I step off to see if you're right?" Julian replied angrily, tear welling in his eyes.

Georgina slowly approached. "If it is a mine, we could get Timmy to dig under it."

"It could work," Dick shrugged as only ten year old boys can.

"And if it doesn't" Julian gulped.

The five went silent. The sun hung low in the sky. Anne snapped her fingers. "I've got it! We need equal weight."

"Huh?" Julian said.

"You weigh about eighty pounds right? Well we need to get something from around her that weighs the same, put it where you're standing and then you step off."

"Brilliant!" cried Dick. "And look, there's an old oil barrel over there."

Dick headed towards the barrel and then promptly exploded as he too stepped on a mine showering the group in chunks of charred child flesh. Timmy the dog bolted and in turn triggered another mine which turned the little dog into nothing more than mist. Anne screamed, Georgina screamed, Julian took a few steps back and promptly exploded as well. Terrified beyond comprehension Anne and Georgina fled like scaled cats and were soon blown to pieces by the minefield they'd stumbled upon.

the final pages of the last story by E Blyton, The Famous Five Go Boom!

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@ficopedia: My dislike for the Famous Five and the need to write something

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@batkevin74: I had to look them up. Sounds like cutesy stuff. Wikiepedia mentions that some references were taken out as the perceptions on them changed. Don't really care for that.

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@cbishop: English kid adventure stories from the 50's, kinda like the original Scooby-Doo.

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black rain, red stain

troubled over false beliefs, falling in the pit, abyss

living in a dream, blue trees and violett Leafs are falling, when they are passing by

my name was brought up, they start their discussion

arrogant, insane, mind blowing wealth and fame

its like living without emotions, surrounded by machines

doing their work in a regular fashion

the Light brings Love, Hope and Success

but they loiter in the darkness eating their fill

in comes the man, heartbroken without his heart he is no more

but even though they love the hate, he is keeping his distance and walking straight

while many are hurt stopped by the pain, emotionally unstable, they still pretend, believe in playing their foolish act till the end

because long past the shadow and long past the mirror, the true end awaits us guiding the surviving fruits on the only way to the Light

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Touchstones exist only as a way to find one's way back from blindness, but such things are no longer needed here. There are no boundaries, there are no limits, there is only the law of infinite possibility. What use to find your way when any way is open? What use to look to the achievements of others when you in reality hold all possibility in you? Ignore the saints and sinners, follow your own compass, even should it lead you off a cliff. There are no uses for opinion, for past invention and former views. You are free. Act it.

So says the writing on the walls. What's left after, the parts nearest the body, are all stained in the predictable splatter of blood. Johannes Matthias Smith, 3rd generation immigrant from God knows where, has covered his room in the same cryptic, nonsensical writings we've found in every other suicide within a 200 mile radius. Me and Lucy are, again, entirely stumped by what the hell it all means. She's convinced it's some satanic cult they're all a part of, but none of the evidence links them together so clearly. None of them knew the others, not in any visible, concrete way, anyhow. Even more confusing, the same general message is repeated over and over, but in different words. If this were a cult we'd see more uniform vocabulary, the stump speeches they hear at the ceremony taking form in their own delirious writings, but there's none of that. Just rambling on the same topic in different words, different styles, none of the hallmarks of organized religion or doctrine.

I scratch my head, the bald spot in particular is particularly pleasing, but when I look up I think I catch something out of the corner of my eye. Twin horns, crossed in horizontal lines and looping in and over one another like a double helix, ending in singular jagged tips, the cuts glowing an ominous red. It's not satanic though, nothing so animal, it looks as though it were architectured, fixed by human hands...

I try to focus in on it, to get a good look, but when I turn to look at it dead on its already gone. I tell Lucy to get outta there, call it a day. Don't know why I did that, but the writing just calls for privacy.

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Sensation Mystery!

The Multiverse is big with it's many Earths that dot its star-scape ,Though The Multiverse is vast in it size as well,in fact there are some Earths that some may say that they are unknown, But no matter what Earth your talking about there is one thing they all have in common, they have a Superman. Until Now.Because ours has gone missing.