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"Is that all you got!?" A grizzled disgruntled man proclaimed. The man was about 62 years old and was a former war veteran, after the war he took place in some illegal activities that normal people with morals and ethics would never even think to attempt. This man though, this man was something else, a different animal, but the same beast. The aged senior looked himself in the mirror.

"You disgust me!?" he uttered.

The veteran then brought out a pistol bringing the barrel right to his temple, he couldn't do this anymore, this life wasn't mean't for him. With the muzzle right on cranium he let out a brief saying.

"Please lord forgive me." He prayed. Our old friend here was never really a religious man, but today it seemed like the right time to ask the God for forgiveness.

"Are you ready to go." A mysterious voice occurred.

"Yes I am!" The old timer said."But I haven't done anything yet!?"

"You didn't have to you've been in a coma since you came from the war and today was the day you died." The voice claimed

The old man looked around, no one was there but he didn't believe it at first.

"This can't be true !" The vet said

"But it in fact is." The voice replied.

A distilled image came throughout the mirror, it was him in funeral casket. The man stood there in disbelief, everything that has happened from all these years was a lie.

This man's name was Frank Castle, war veteran who never came home.

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The problem is you can't hurt him. Not physically anyways. So you need things to beat him. Lasers, atomic apes, death rays, battle suits; stuff out of my budget.

You can use magic...but all I know is some palming. None of that D&D style lighting bolt hocus pocus. And I don't see a woman lying in a pond wanting to give me a sword. So magics out along with psionics because I don't have mental powers.

So to beat Superman is impossible. But I can kill the ones he loves...

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C.O.R.E. Segment 1

The light was blinding to Lance Corporal Daniel Rocafort. That familiar tingling sensation around the eyes reminded him of Afghanistan’s sun. Hours ago, he was laying on a soft bed of sand. It was cool despite the desert’s infamous heat. Who knew one’s body could feel that at ease near a dozen friendly corpses?

The Lance Corporal could hear short bursts blasting fire followed by a low gurgling sound. A pool of blood expanded beneath his heavy limbs. He was frozen.

Gradually, his eyes wandered back down to earth at the colorful sword, which pinned his sternum to the ground. It waved with the wind like a conquering army’s victory flag. Was it all over? Had his side lost?

Beside him the gurgling grew louder. His C.O., Sergeant Taylor, clutched his purple throat. Blood trickled around his lips and tears welled in his eyes as he kicked the sand helplessly before perishing.

No, Dan thought. Itcan’t end like this! Through labored breaths he clutched the blade and slowly pulled up. Pain seared through his flooded lunges as inches of metal ejected from his chest.

A short distance away, he could make out several dark blurs dead-checking the remaining marines. They came into focus after a few seconds. A cluster of masked riflemen led by a man in a suit.

Something was off about this team. He hadn’t heard them speak during the firefight and their uniforms were far more stylish than standard, run-of-the-mill mercs. Each wore solid black armor, layered with combinations of dense metals and high end polymers. Visors masked most of the humanity beneath their helmets, leaving deep red sockets where the eyes would be.

Their leader was in his early forties. Average height, medium build. His hair was kept short with brown curls, and the dark stubble on his jawline left a five o’ clock shadow. His suit was made of a fine thread with at least half an inch of padding underneath. It was black with blue pinstripes, accessorized with a violet handkerchief folded in a triangle which peeked out of his chest pocket.

LCpl Rocafort had most of the sword withdrawn when the man in the suit nudged the hilt back down. He twisted the sword before removing the last few inches of the blade from the gash.

Dan scowled back with malice. He was in agony but didn’t want to give these sadists any satisfaction.

The man in the suit gazed blankly and scoffed. “You’re persistent boy, I’ll give you that.” His voice carried a gravelly, Scottish brogue. He lined the sword next to the young marine’s neck and sighed. “End of the line.”

As he drew his arm up for a clean hack, Rocafort used the last of his strength to raise his palm in protest. His attacker snarled. Groveling at this point was futile, and a bit disappointing.

The Lance Corporal smirked as his crimson light encompassed his hand. “I couldn't agree more!” The energy fired through his palm like a cannon, tearing a much larger wound through the Scotsman’s chest.

His arm collapsed, as did suited man’s body. He expected a violent end when he heard the gunmen raise their rifles but to his surprise, no one had fired. Dan’s vision was fading briefly before seeing the impossible.

The man in the suit emerged unscathed, standing over where he should've died. “A metahuman,” he said, clicking his teeth. “I guess we’re both full of surprises, huh?” He dismissed his soldiers briefly before removing his handkerchief to clean the blade. For an instant, he stared at the bloody handkerchief and looked down at the survivor. “Awful… but awful.”

As the lights in the young marine’s eyes flickered on and off, the man in the suit vanished. LCpl. Daniel Rocafort had officially died.

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Thor (lost World)

The realm did fight to the last warrior.

The realm did do its best and the battle field was blood soaked and the last of the giants did parish at his hands but Thor was still alone and still he did look around.

All was dead and gone. He had defied the odds and the serpent also was dead by his hand.

The body of that world snake was seen to disappear into the distance going all the way around the world.

Ragnarok the battle of the gods did take place.

Odin was no more , all the others gone. Sif his beloved and hand maiden Amora also gone.

Loki also dead along with all the others.

The universe would start over soon.

He was supposed to die but this time this time he was faster and better and stronger then most times. He played his part he sang of battle and when he did strike he felled the serpant with but a single blow and then moved on. He wished to see the end of this war and hell and blood but when he rose up above the battle field he found a new song.

A song of destruction and death.

He let the lightning flow from him and it did end all the life down below.

He landed and walked among the dead of the enemy and he bowed and paid homage to the fallen.

A lost world or an unanswered question of some larger power god wondering what if.

What if Thor alone survived the battle of the gods and he walked out into the universe and went on with creation.

The reset never came.

Thor never was reborn he looked up from the broken world and he cried to the heavens and then took flight upward and left that world.

A ship orbited the planet a ship that once was home to the mighty space gods but this one was empty the space gods dead on the world below.

He closed the hatch he reached into the containers and pulled forth the best of ale.

He drank a full long drink.

Ashes to ashes he thought.

Down below he let the ship hover above the battle field.

He walk down and pick up the bodies of those he loved.

He carried them onto the ship

Called them back to life.

Souls of the other world come to me , of the tree be bold and grow and breath at last for all I know and in this hour be mine again.

A friend for the journey to the bitterness of space.

Humanity gone to the wilds of the untamed thought of destruction.

I seek the undying flame that is a mate.

They breath in deep at the same time , The Enchantress and Lady Sif and they exhale.

Oh the memories of pain the blades the ice the frost the hell and flame.

How far into the night does one travel to unravel the spark that is no spark.

Then the ship on auto pilot the stars winking one by one.

Hold onto something the story may get bumpy.

Then the hole torn into the side of the dimension and the travelers leave seaking life.

Among the maybe.

Out in the what if of could be but most likely will never come to pass.

I give you.

The infinite world of Marvel.

Stan Lee


Heroes come and heroes go

But all it takes is a soul willing to do good and risk it all.

That is a hero.

Are you one of those hero types.


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I prick my finger on the needle of eternity and draw my blood and begin to write a chapter in the book of worlds.

Secret wars ended and I the true Beyonder the one and only sit and makes notes on what I could have done better.

Thor and Strange and so many others pawns in a grand game.

Such powers are nothing to me I and so easily bored these days.

What would life be like if I had no heroes or what indeed should I define as the hero.

I let myself wonder but drift through so many ideas and one after another I let them play out before my mind.

Broken mirror peaces of possible and the story has just begun.

Life and the hero this is far before earth has even come into creation.

I watch as so many other worlds come into being and die away.

I think I will let things progress as normal.

Stepping into the world I walk boldly before the heroes.

Hello , My name is Donald Trump and I want to make the bangles great again........

Walk like and Egyptian

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I don't remember writing this. Its not enough to post in the forum but I don't want to go looking again, so I'll just post here.

Detective Monsieur C. Auguste Dupin looked out the carriage window at the storm quietly drowning the city, the rain falling in heavy curtains that instantly soaked through clothing, and straight to the bone. Or so it felt. Detective Dupin absently plucked a bit of lint off his overcoat as he considered his reasons for this recourse yet again.

He was reluctant to seek out a consultant, and twice so one with such history as this. And yet his latest case was no sooner to closure then whence it had originally crossed his desk. Moreover, this consultant was known for this very sort of enigma, in fact, she had made a living of it. The carriage stopped with nary a jolting in front of a tired looking apartment, 221B Baker St.

Dupin tossed a coin to the driver as he quickly walked up the steps and banged the door knocker three times. The heavy ironwood door opened nearly immediately, yet poor Dupin became nonetheless quite wet for his troubles. “Many thanks to you, my good woman.” He said as she ushered him inside. He shrugged out of his wet coat, and handed off his hat, as is only proper inside a domicile.

“Mrs. Hudson should do nicely.” She replied, but not crossly. Her dress, and hair in severe bun spoke of a women with no time for nonsense. Yet her tight lipped smile seemed genuine enough by his eye. “My, you seem half drowned.” She commented as she fussed, straightening his lapel.

“Indeed, I feel half drowned, more in work then the weather, mind you. Monsieur Dupin. ” He offered his own smile.

“Always work for the crushers I imagine.” She said, at once welcoming and indifferent. A difficult combination of tone only a woman can proper affect. “Follow me please.” She started down the hall at a brisk pace. She stopped at another heavy door, and rapped lightly.

“Come in Mrs. Hudson.” The voice called from within.

Mrs. Hudson opened the door a crack. “You have a visitor Mrs. Radcliff. I’m going to fetch'm a cup before he catches his death.” She stepped aside to allow him entrance. Dupin thanked her for her hospitality, and closed the door behind him.

The room was well lit, the gas lamps added to the warmth. The room itself was dominated by a large desk, cluttered with odd items, and hand scribbled sheaves of paper. The woman behind the desk was dressed in a black dress with white ruffle trim. A wide brim hat, like a ladies gardening hat, hung on a hat rack in the corner.

“Curiousor and curiousor.” She said aloud, more to herself then to him, reading a handful of papers. “I had hypostasized that Dr. Henry Jekyll and the criminal Hyde were lovers. But there’s no evidence for that. Clearly they are partners in some nefarious plot—“She tossed the file into a drawer, as though annoyed that it wouldn’t give up whatever secrets it held. “My manners.” She said apologetically, and stood to her feet, her hand outstretched to grasp his firmly. “Ann Radcliff, at your service. I should imagine you know that already, if perchance you thought I was the the barber-surgeon, then you’ve my sympathies for drenching ya’self on my doorstep.” Dupin began to tell her why he had traveled so far to enlist her help on his latest case.

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@wildvine: Nice snippet. Whenever you wrote it, you should revisit it soon. :)

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@cbishop: I want to say this might have been for the public domain contest but that's a guess.

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C.O.R.E. Segment 2

Jimmy me boy,

I know I was never easy to be around. We never played catch or talked about our feelings; not in our blood. Truth is, we hail from a long line of mean bastards who died taking as many shots as they gave. Our lot don't make the world a better place, we just control the chaos. I thought knowing that would carry you far enough. I was wrong.

I don't fault you for fighting me every step of the way. You're stubborn, smart, and most of all decent, just like he was. But I’m not writing this to let you down gently.

I can't take any more chances hoping you'll become what I need you to be. Last time that almost killed us both. You're becoming a liability—the kind I don't typically leave around. I guess you’ve grown on me.

Consider yourself a free man Jimmy. There's enough paper back at the flat to buy a dozen new lives all across the world. Maybe this was always for the best.

So, that's it then. Be who you need to be. Do what you want to do. Just take my advice: stop being gentle with life; it'll never return the favor.

To new beginnings Jim.



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@batkevin74: Wow! It's been 4 days already? I've forgotten how much more time-consuming rewriting old material is than starting from scratch.

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Grigori Kolaschavon wiped his mouth, smearing fresh blood across his lips and cheek. He glared at the bouncing little upstart who had just cracked him in the teeth.

"I hope you enjoyed that, Anatoli?" Grigori spat onto the slippery concrete floor of the shower block. "Because when I get my hands on you..."

"If," mocked Anatoli with a Cheshire grin. "If."

"This is Gorgon," Grigori replied as he stalked forward. "A concrete $#!+#o£e in Siberia. There is nowhere to go. So when I catch you, I will break you and then I will violate you in ways you never imagined."

"You talk too much," Anatoli laughed.

"Watch your step little one," Grigori pointed.

"Do you think I am that stupid to fall f..." Anatoli's left foot met the bar of soap on the floor and flipped him like a master in aikido, his chin cracking onto the floor. He scrambled to get up but Grigori pounced, landing his bulky frame onto the upstart from the Dshova Mob.

"I did warn you," Grigori said reefing an arm up and behind his head. Muscles bulged and sinew creaked as the offending arm was popped from its socket, the pain so great it took all the wind from Anatoli's lungs. Grigori took a handful of hair then slammed down Anatoli's head into the cold stone. "But you children today don't listen."

"Get off me," Anatoli wheezed through a waterfall of blood cascading out his nose and lips.

"You ask for mercy? We've only just begun," Grigori snarled and chomped down onto the exposed neck.

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"Get off him, Grigori,"

Grigori Kolaschavon paused at the voice, slammed Anatoli's head down for a final time and stood up. "You are lucky you work here, Dmitri."

Grigori faced the prison guard; a short stocky man with a beard like a badger pelt and a lead pope stained with DNA of prisoners past.

"As much as he is little pest, Anatoli is protected," Dmitri said tapping the pipe in his hand. "Maybe your little hug will teach him so manners."

Grigori nodded. "For his sake, it had better sink in. Smoke?"

Dmitri grunted. "On your pillow by lock down."

Grigori patted the firm but fair guard in the shoulder as he left. Slowly Anatoli clambered to his feet.

"Anatoli Dshova," Dmitri chided. "You have a lot to learn about life here in Gorgon."

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Grigori Kolaschavon wandered back to his cell, his hand absentmindedly running along the Soviet era stone. Gorgon was built when Stalin had his purges; a great stone cathedral of pure hell. And decades afterwards it still served Russia as a place to house the worst of the worst.

Grigori wasn't a monster but he certainly wasn't someone who popped over for tea and a chat about the weather. Grigori was an enforcer for Britva Kogtyami, Razor Claws in English, and very good at his job. He was currently serving a seven year stretch for arson, taking the time to protect some younger members but also to solve some problems the Britva were having behind bars.

"You find the little one?" asked Ivan Jakob, a fellow Britva who would walk free if he managed to live another hundred and forty years.

"He is...showering," Grigori smirked. "Any problems?"

Ivan blew smoke out his nose. "The English hasn't paid his protection today. He has another half hour."

Grigori leant over and wound Ivan's wristwatch forward. "No, he is late. Let us go visit English."

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Grigori and Ivan wandered down the stone staircase that sat in the centre of Gorgon. The prison had been hewn from the rock by homosexuals, intellectuals and poets who'd annoyed Stalin. None who created the prison lived to reside in it.

"How much does English owe?" Grigori asked as he nodded to a lieutenant from the Odessa Mob who stood on the landing between six and five.

"Seven cigarettes," Ivan replied. "Or cash, but I'm sure he's out of money by now."

"Either way, it is good for us," Grigori said as he glanced back at the Odessan. "They are a bit high today?"

"Uri got moved up to six, so his cockroaches come with him," Ivan laughed.

"That could work for us," Grigori said as they walked off onto level four. This section of Gorgon was known as the UN; where those who weren't Russian were housed. The guard at the west gate looked up from his television program.

"What do you Britva want?"

Ivan popped the face off his watch and produced a small bag of white powder. "I wish to visit my cousin."

The guard smiled and snatched the bag as he left his keys unattended on the desk. Ivan snatched them up, opened the door for Grigori and returned the keys to the spot.

The sounds of unfamiliar chatter hit their ears. It reminded Grigori of the animal shelter for injured dogs. They made their way down to cell twenty three.

"Hello English," Grigori said to the blonde man with a black eye sitting on his bunk. He turned to Ivan. "Did I say that right

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"Please," English begged. "I still have have an hour to get three more cigarettes."

"He's asking for more time," Ivan translated to Grigori who was rummaging through what little personal effects English had. A sudden quiet swept through Gorgon, making Grigori's ears prick up.

(this doesn't seem long but is was interrupt by trying to get my daughter dressed)

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C.O.R.E. Segment 3


A lightbulb hissed overhead. It reminded the young marine where he was. Central Outpost Margah. Yesterday he was marching alongside his brothers; today he was accused of slaughtering them.

He understood their cause for suspicion. Before the Lance Corporal was rushed to triage, his seemingly fatal wounds were already healed. It didn’t take long for the local bureaucrats to see through his forgeries. Brick by brick the façade of exemplary marine, Daniel Rocafort crumbled under its own weight, leaving only one alias in the rubble. James Cavanaugh.

James shut his eyes. He could still see their faces. Wu, Hayden, Quinn, Walt, Redding, Schaefer, and of course Taylor; they were his family, and now…they were dead. His cuffs felt heavy. Why didn’t I tell them the truth?

It was a rhetorical question. He lied because metahumans were prohibited from traditional military service. Many officers distrusted them enlisting with “normal” troops, at least without strict supervision. There was also the issue of his past life. James couldn’t risk tying a paper trail to his family name, and every second of his detention was more time for investigators to dig up a graveyard of secrets he wouldn’t be able to explain in front of a tribunal. But now was not the time to panic; instead Cavanaugh exhaled, then opened his eyes.

The interview room was bordered by four bunker walls, one built with a two-way mirror. In the center was a steel table with a pitcher of water and an untouched glass which was poured full. Above the table was a light fixture that cycled between radiance and gloom every few moments. Below were three chairs that were identical for the most part, excluding that the suspect’s chair was wobblier.

He’d seen the same tricks before. The art of interrogation boiled down to leverage. The lights were adjusted to disrupt his focus, the uneven chair leg kept him uncomfortable, and the water was offered so that he would need their permission use the bathroom. Both Gotham and New York’s finest had used these same tactics throughout his childhood, it didn’t work then and it wouldn’t work now.

Cavanaugh’s story never changed. Regardless of how desperate the interrogators wanted a confession, the truth would have to suffice, but did the truth really matter at this point? He remembered look of scorn on Staff Sergeant Winters’s face when he was brought in hours ago, that same mixture of fear and disgust he’d seen in the interrogators’ eyes between each question. That look, added with the restraints, made James feel like a rabid dog.

In many ways, it was easier to believe a metahuman lost control of his powers during a field mission that an elite rifle team being massacred by some sword-wielding man in a suit. Cavanaugh grinded his teeth, more annoyed by his superiors’ hesitation than their inherent biases. While they debated over what to agree on believing, the real murderers were free to continue harming others. James was just as powerless in that room as he was on the sand. It was their call now.

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No Caption Provided

Narrator: This is Peppa Lantern.

Peppa: Hello! *snort*

Narrator: She is the protector of Sector 4182

Peppa: I'm going to have an adventure!

Narrator: Peppa loves adventures. And as a Green Lantern, adventure happens all the time.

Peppa: Mummy! I'm going into space

Mummy Pig: That's nice dear. Be safe.

Peppa: Yes mummy, I will.

Daddy Pig: Peppa. Did you charge your ring?

Peppa: I nearly forgot! (giggle) Thank you daddy.

Narrator: Green Lanterns have to recite a poem to power up their rings

Peppa: In brightest *snort* and blackest night. No badness will escape my sight. For those who do naughty things, beware my power, Green Lantern's *snort* light!

Daddy Pig: Be careful and watch out for the colour yellow, Peppa

Peppa: Yes daddy. Bye!

Mummy & Daddy Pig: Bye Peppa Lantern!

Narrator: Space is very big

Peppa: I like space *snort*

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@batkevin74: Two questions, and with no snideness nor sarcasm whatsoever: 1) Did you do that picture? and 2) Did you write this with your daughter? :)

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@ficopedia: 1) Nope, Googled it and found that someone had done

2) No, kinda wrote it FOR her, needs some more to it though

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My name is McGrath, Cole McGrath. And I've recently been told that I'm a Mutant. Well, it was just a reminder, really, because I've been a Mutant since I was 19. That's right, 19. Funny part is, that same fella explained to me what my power was and how it worked as if he's the one that created it. The son of a bitch even told me my weakness. Oh well, take a gander.

He said, "Mr. McGrath, this be it. You're a Class-3, Beta Level Mutant, able to merge any two separate and completely different powers to create a single, genuinely new power. In order to do so, you subconsciously generate a bio-electrical energy field from your body at a radius of 50 feet, which scans and copies the nearest two powers, then sub-atomically combines them as the resulting power. Your only weaknesses are the variable limitations each acquired power permits; though a power can be used indefinitely, to amalgamate another, the previous one is rejected permanently. In case you were to merge the same Mutations twice, the concluded product is reversed."

That sounds pretty damn cool, now doesn't it? I couldn't believe my ears for the longest time when I heard that, soaking all that shit in and standing there like there was a mongoose in my trousers. So what say you, Professor Xavier? Do you find me perfect for one of your teams? Am I able to lead 'em or what?

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Really short:

"What do you want KiyoshiDokutora?" The words Akira Hayashi spoke were garbled by the noodles he'd stuffed into his mouth as he ignore the man standing before him. "Come to issue another warning on behalf of your masters?"

"No," Kiyoshi Dokutra replied as he dropped his trenchcoat to reveal his yellowed skin covered in leopard spots. "I am here for your heart."

The crime lord of Funabashi slowly wiped his mouth with a chessboard patterned napkin. "Really? You and what army?"

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Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang.

Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang.

Am I a rapper now?

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I'm really annoyed that once again THIS site has AGAIN deleted and restarted the TOP POSTERS section on the right hand side of screen. It served as a reminder on who was up top, who was coming up and just how many times people had done stuff.

I remember when I first joined and saw that box. It was a little daunting as people like @the_canon (who I recall but not others) has 2-3,000 posts and going strong. Then I started writing and posting and repsonding and after a while I hit the leaderboard. Then I climbed up it. And then the site shuffled and it restarted.

I'm kinda annoyed/sad that ImpurestCheese has been knocked off her 7000+ perch by something that would equate to a system error and those I've asked don't know if it'll restore. She wrote and commented prolifically, and to be erased by a glitch is really cheap.

And this'll make the THIRD time I've climbed up the ladder of top posters, not there yet though. Haven't gotten into the top 10 somehow and number 10 is 45 posts. Buncha bumping coming along soon I feel.

Rant over, and within the 15 minute time frame.

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@batkevin74: I feel ya. I don't like it that Imp' s count is gone either, and I like it less that my FOP alt is at the top. I wanted to climb that up there on its own, even though I still had a few hundred to go to reach the 10th spot. FOP is top in Bug Reporting too, and you know that Pikahyper rules that board.

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@cbishop: I believe they are trying to revert this but it might just be how it is.

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@cbishop: I figured you would ask that. I used the Way Back Machine.

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@wildvine: <sigh> And I figured you would give me a non-answer like that. lol

... I'm just glad you found it though. :)

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@wildvine: Nice! I see I was merely ignorant of what your answer meant. I apologize. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

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@cbishop: Given my past responses that's a forgivable assumption

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The world would not listen it would not hear it would not and he knew why. Thor knew why and he gave out a gently sigh. The rain began to fall the wind gently lifted him up and up and away. Till he seemed to be walking in the clouds then he grabbed space with his mind warped it to his will and flew through it. He wanted to walk again on the moon and feel it beneath his bare feet. He landed he felt it he looked for the spot he took no small amount of pleasure from it but he was sure. He was positive this was the spot he could not lift her. He whispered to the universe a spell as old or older then the moon itself.

The dust rose into the air the vacuum became a storm and the storm grew with fury.

I am Thor god of thunder.

I am the storm the rain the wind the rage of creation burns within me.

He cried out as lightning flew from his grasp and out into the void of space.

Mjolnir come to me your master calls.

She lay in the crater beside the still dead form of Jane Foster and rose into the air.

Lightning crackled and thunder rolled as they collided with one another.

Storm bringer meets storm god.

Wholes formed in the fabric of dimensions and Jane was pulled in and vanished.

Life and death looked through the holes.

Hellish demons screamed in pain and came into the world and ran and did battle with unknown mutants.

Tide pods were used to clean the stain from Tony Starks socks.

Thor and Mjolier were reunited as the hammer came to his hand with such a force the moon blew into peace's and became dust.

Thor simply said.....


That was not me.

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The people are said to be a product of a vast gathering of knowledge.

Who you are what you do what you own and who you know and love and yes....Even Hate.

Zenla was a world at the hight of knowledge.

They were perfect in every thought form and function.

Down to the very atomic structure that was the body.

No longer flesh and blood but a being of plasma energy.

They were a bright blue color they moved and it seemed as if the universe moved with them.

They were one of the most perfect people and they and the planet seemed at peace.

That is until Norron Raad was born.

Three thousand two hundred and 47 years to the day.

Norrin Rad split from his host mother.

He smiled he looked at her and them took in all that was around him.

He shut his mind off to all the others almost at once.

It is too noisy.

He said to his host mother.

I want to learn and achieve without it being pushed on me like some pipe bursting and I know it all.

She was a laugh.

The sound was scary to Norrin

He heard it before he knew he did.

They were so perfect so pure he did not feel like one of his own people.

He looked up at the stars.


She looked down at him and stopped what she was doing.



Mother do you suppose it would be ok if I could explore the stars like we used to...

Who would know?

He looked at them and broke down the gasses in his mind to the basic elements.

It was the curse of his parents.

All the knowledge and history of his people stuck inside every atom of his being.

He was dead before he ever died...He thought and let the sadness and despair drag him down.

He mother stopped what she was doing and picked him up.

We have many great moments.

She told him.

Many many but you shut off the others the storytellers the artist the music makers.

She pushed a historic lesson into his cells of the elders making music on a far off world.

The dancers had skin then they had flesh.

Norrin longed for flesh like the older ones had.

To feel alive to know the feel of a heartbeat and breath real air.

Something Zenla had not had in years.

They moved about the world and then something brought his attention to somebody watching them...

Shalla ba

The girl of Norrins dreams.

He had kissed her once but she was still connected to the others and she had to think about her reaction something he did not care to take in.

All those others in her head she could not have felt any passion at all and he knew it.

He let the energy in his mind push him high above the world.

He felt something on the edge of his universe.

He reached out he nudged it.

It was alive.

It was powerful

It was coming.


The stars were never always as bright and as romantic to the eye to some as to others. Some races looked up at the stars and they felt a dread.

A sinking in the being way down in the soul.

They knew the terror of what happens when a people do wrong when a group goes astray.

They try not to anger the universe.

It may send somebody to test you to see.

Find 100 good souls among you and your planet will be spared.

Find them..

Then your people will be spared judgment.

The saying is old the people are pride filled but the results scream out.

A dead world left behind by he whom consumes worlds.

Drains them dry.

Makes them a place Barron floating around a huge sun and maybe one day it could come back to life it may return if the universe feels it should.

but most times its left a dead husk a warning to those who see it.

These people these souls these creatures did not deserve life.

Galactus was the force he must feed he must consume he is moved to do those things.

He feels the tug at his being he knows the will of the universe and he looks and feels.

The energy is off the scale it is alive with chi and he is hungry.

The planets move from his path like a great white shark on the hunt.

His world ship his universe his home.

Zenla the home of Norrin Radd.

He is the energy he alone is the draw he does not know it how could he.

Galactus makes a deal with Norrin not to consume his world and he becomes his herald. He changes him he gives Norrin Raad substance he encases his body in cosmic Silver a Conduit for his chi his spirit energy and he adds cosmic powers.

He erases his memories and hides them away.

The worlds he has seen the places his race as walked on.

He knows them no longer.

Then he connects as master to lesser as greater to lesser.

H wishes no spoken words simply feelings and he presses his hunger into Norrion..

He calls him.

My Silver Surfer.

Soon a planet will name him.

Harmbringer of death.

He arrives and covers the globe looking for energy but there is rules.

The world can be consumed if it is unjust if it has stopped growing and if it has even the slightest sign of evil.

So easy to find these things.

Silver Surfer sends up the flare.

Then he is off and gone to his next target as he hears the screams of millions of souls. Watching their planet be consumed.

They give chase they race after him.

He has a gathering of such ships all tracking him down.

All wanting his blood.

He feels nothing, no fear. no hate no longing just a void.

Then the need to give substance to his master.

Hell does not exist for his kind no punisher for his crimes no big god or little god or god at all.

He has never sought after a higher power.

He only knows Galactus must feed and he lets him do just that.

Something strikes him hard and fast throwing him to the planet below.

This planet does not let him use his power cosmic.

HIs silver hides within him.

His board also is gone.

He floats up into the air and faces welcome him in the clouds.

All the people are dead all the life is no more.

Just a planet with plants and a very toxic air.

The souls remain.

They are angry souls they gave into war and one by one by one destroy each other an then the very air itself learned to attack and would seek out the living and slay anything that moved.

The surfer was a victim of the war planet.

He closed his mind and found the poison.

In his search, he found the voices of the many in himself.

They had joined him.

They were always with him.

Zenla all all its people were hidden in him.

He was overwhelmed he pushed this news away.

He sealed the information up and called on his power cosmic.

He has covered again.

He purified the poisons.

He made positive the negative air.

He whispered to the souls.

I think you need to seek forgiveness for your hate.

Let die your misdeeds.

Bind your actions to being better not hate filled.

Then he pulled seeds from the past of living creations and put them in the waters.

He tossed them on the land he inspired them to grow and be more.

Then as he stepped on his board and flew away he felt at ease.

A place with a second chance.

No beacon no harbinger of death.

Just a place learning to breathe again.

He took off.

A place on the verge of destruction.

A place raging with hellfires and evil.

A place-bound to fail and feed his master.

The planet third from its sun.

The planet blue and brown and green.

A place is known as.


What lay in store.

What would happen...

If they fail.


The heroes gather to mourn the dead.

They gather to stop evil.

They gather to protect what they find important.

But this day.

Not one single hero sees a threat moving faster then the eye can track an object.

Enter into the orbit of Earth.

The Silver Surfer has arrived.

This place this beacon this world.

He has time.

He has been given time.

There is a watcher looking over this world.

The Silver Surfer has seen them before.

He knows they have sworn to not do anything.

He simply watches.

They watched Zenla for many many years.

Some would say they are a race whom simply refuses to act.

They never speak.

He rises up beside the watcher.

He looks down on the Earth and its people.

The watcher whom has not moved in years.

Turns his head and looks at the Surfer.

I know your plans Surfer.

Says the watcher.

I know them as I have always known them.

The surfer ignores him and goes to the planet below.

Signs he thinks to himself.

He looks for war.

High above North Korea, an evil dictator lets his people starve and his people refuse to stop him.

Blame not the ruler but the people that let it happen.


He moves on...

News stories after news stories lies and the people of this world do not get the truth.

More signs of bad things of stagnation of no hope.

He feels the powers of mutants and aliens hidden in the masses.

He feels some could be more but they dare not show themselves.

More signs.

He stops and tests the soil and the energy is perfect the world is a good food source.

He does not feel a thing as he rises above and into space at the brink of the moon with a watcher watching him he sends the signal.

Earth....has.....signed on to seal their own doom.

The Harbinger of Death...brings death.

No turning back...

Then a whisper in his mind a faint tug on his brain.


Says Shalla Ba

They remind us of our world.

Our world was like this once.

He falls from the impact of the thought a touch a well-placed memory.

A kiss in the park a handheld in the air.

A love like no other.

History in the making.

A million walks in parks.

A billion kisses in the dark.

Many lifetimes of passions in bedchambers.

He screams out no more.

yet they flood his senses they overwhelm his mind.

He passes out and loses all sense of himself.

The Silver Surfer.....

Meets humanity for the first time.

They strip him of his souls he carries with him.

They rip them away from his body they let them free.

Norrin Radd Aka Silver surfer for the first time in all creation.

Is alone.

He looks at A blind artist making a bust of a child.

He speaks to her.

She is not afraid he gives off a trust that is felt through the air.

Bringer of death also brings hope.

He steps back she steps forward.

She takes his hand she whispers.

Is this the real you.

He removes the silver he sheds his skin.

She can see him but only her.

She smiles.

I wonder she whispers.

He takes her up and into the air.

They linger in the sky the emotions of a lifetime gather in him and thousands of years of longing.

They mate she cries tears of joy and also loss.

Hours pass by and it feels as if days.

The world stands still.

She is with child.

Time changes nothing it only makes things different.

This world this Earth.

Is the new Zenla.

Galactus made a deal.

No destroying Zenla.

They will be reborn here but this is the way of things.

Galactus is angry with his herald.

He can no longer control him.

He binds him to the world.

He is then gone.

Off to consume worlds.

Off to destroy or be destroyed.

They are coming for revenge those who had their worlds destroyed.

What would be done?

Could the Silver Surfer Defend them?

Time would tell.

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Sora Yu had lost the one friend she'd known at school. Their family had moved away, leaving Sora alone with her thoughts and the loneliness. She was an awkward and pale girl who choked on her words, and couldn't find any common ground with her peers. Talking to people just didn't not come naturally for her. There was just some barrier between her and the world. An invisible wall that could be seen or touched and broken, a bulletproof window that persisted in her life. Not that it sheltered her from the negativity of other children. The whispered and not so whispered comments when she passed by. The name Sora the Creep had started circulating, and would probably stick around. No one ever stuffed her into a locker, or put her face in a toilet. She wasn't worth the hardcore bullying, luckily, but it did cement her ostrisation from her peers.

She stared at her cold lunch through the curtain of her short, dark locks. Her leg bounced restlessly under the table when the voice came from Somewhere Else and touched her twisting thoughts. 'Do you want to be friends?' It asked, something in the voice called to her as much or more than the words themselves. A quality of need that resonated with her being.

"Why?" Sora replied quietly, accepting the strangeness of the situation out of curiosity as much as anything. "No one else wants to be my friends."

'That's exactly why.' The voice responded. 'Everyone needs a friend...'

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@arthurkerr: Re: Zenla- you wrote all that in 15 minutes?

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@cbishop said:
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@wildvine: Thanks ??

I second that. :) <3

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Maybe it's been back for awhile, but I only just noticed it!

It's back! It's back! It's back!

It's not as good as having Imp' back, but I'm glad to see her back on top! :) <3 <3 <3

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sorry gone so long my computer died...but I hope to make up for it..

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Title: Sensation Mystery!


Hogan's Alley Special Police Unit or (H.A.S.P.U)

Page #1

Panel #1: Splash Page front view: you see the map of DC Multiverse (center stage).

Detective Craig Narration box:” The Multiverse is big with it's many Earths that dot its star-scape.”

Page #2

Panel #1: Mid shot front shot: you see the map of DC Multiverse (center stage) with the Title card: Sensation Mystery!

Detective Craig Narration box:” Those The Multiverse is vast in it size as well.”

Panel#2: close up shot front view: you see an Earth with the number 52 on it (center stage).

Detective Craig Narration box:” in fact there are some Earths that some may say that they are unknown.”

Panel#3: Mid shot front shot: you see shot of the Earth in space (center stage) …

Detective Craig Narration box: “Or Forgotten.”

Panel#4: Mid shot front shot: you see going left to right a golden age Superman Logo, a silver age Superman Logo, an Earth-3 Ultraman Logo & Nuclear Man Logo.

Detective Craig Narration box: “But no matter what Earth your talking about there is one thing they all have in common, they have a Superman.”

Panel#5: Mid shot front view: Fade to black.

Detective Craig Narration box: “Until Now.”