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I awoke with a start one night, seemingly after I had just drifted off, but according to the clock I had slept a few hours. Being found in such a deep sleep, I wondered (as anyone would) what had awakened me. Then I heard it. A dull thump in the house, like something being dropped on a carpet.

As you would imagine I was curious, though not afraid. Not yet. I thought perhaps it was the house settling, or some animal under the house. Something along those lines. But it came again, a dull thump I almost felt in my bones. It was then I decided to get up and investigate this noise, disturbing my sleep. I walked down the hall, pausing at each door to listen, but now all was quiet. I began to think I had been half asleep and dreaming, when i heard the sound again.


It sounded vaguely familiar now, and I was sure I had heard it before somewhere, but I couldn't place the sound. The sound had originated from the kitchen, and now as I approached the door I saw an otherworldly light shinning beneath the door crack, and a strange shadow moving about. Then the light disappeared with another of those thumps, making my heart skip a few beats.

Suddenly the light flared up again, and I knew I couldn't lurk outside my own kitchen all night. Slowly I eased the door open, and saw a hideous form hunched over my kitchen counter. It's fur was missing huge patches. It's skin was scabby and raw looking. It's spine protruded from it's back flesh. It's head looked like a rotted pigs head. It turned around, probably to close my 'fridge door, the pale, sickly light giving me more of a look at it then I wanted. It opened it's gnarly snout, and asked a question I will never forget.

"Do you want a sandwich?" It rasped in a half choked voice.

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This was great! Had me on edge until the end.

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A Dr. of medicine should have to go through so much to even get to practice yet alone be the top in any field of study. Yet I was that Dr. I was the best and then one day I lost it all because of my hands. Years later and things beyond my control and I stand before the might of the lord of the underworld and I do not cringe. I shout and scream and my will is tested but above it all I come home and I pass out on the sofa taken care of by my trusted house companion. Prepare for the events to come to pass , look deep into the orb of foretelling and change the future or set it firmly in stone.

I prepare for my next task and set the herbs on the table , mix them and chant away all night. I sing the song of morning , I chant the words of enchantments and I wait as the ghost of a thousand tomorrows comes and touches what needs to be touched. I burn it all when it is complete and toss the dust with a drop of my blood through the portal I opened and wait. Days go by , a year passes I meditate and do not leave my spot.

The Avengers come by my house and they sit around and we tell jokes and partake of the sacred herbs and we wait.

They leave and I still watch the portal and I meditate on the universe and what is and what has been and what will be and come to pass.

She taps me on the shoulder.

I know she is with me but I ignore her.

She joins me and she rises like me and floats in the air and we meditate.

The door opens to my house , the cleaner comes in and she screams.

My she says a female version of yourself has come through the portal.

She passes out at the thought.

What will I think of next?

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"Decibel! This is Riot. We have a situation man."

"Riot? Where are you?"

"Harlem. Listen, Giger appeared in front of me this morning as a holographic projection, and told me he placed a bomb inside of a school somewhere in the area."

Giger had been Youngbloods biggest adversary. A lunatic terrorist with a mind that rivaled Steven Hawkings. He believed that it was his duty to destroy the planet. That it was his burden for being so mentally evolved.

Truth be told. The guy was just f*cking nuts.

"The computers tell me that there are one hundred and twelve schools in the district of Harlem. How long do you have?" Decibel the leader of Heavy Mettle asked his teammate.

They had never been particularly close.

Decibel had his responsibilities as Team Leader since Supreme left Earth again, and Riot simply was the type that chaffed under authority.

Riot's feet shifted slightly as he grinded his teeth in answer, "Fifteen minutes."

"What?!? Riot get mo-"

"I'm on it." The speedster replied. His form now nothing more, then a blue and white blur.

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This was great! Had me on edge until the end.

Do you mean that in a good way, or did the end mess it up for you?

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@mscreepypasta: In a good way. The end was still creepy. I imagined myself in that situation the entire time.

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The code came in mansion at 2 am.

Bruce was drinking coffee with Tony and Thor when the video of down town NY was being destroyed by some kind of forces.

They had limited staff on duty do to some new recruits but they had to test them.

"Wake up Temptress and lets see what she has" Said Thor

Bruce beat on the door of Captain America.

"Hurry up Cap or the city could be leveled by the time you get ready"

The door opened but it was not Steve that came out. She walked out and adjusted her uniform. A two peace that got a instant response from She Hulk.......

"No way on gods green earth are you wearing that to fight in and be a part of this team"

She hulk motioned toward Thor and Bruce.

"you know what that is on those two faces , Yes it is drool" She Hulk Destroyed the view screen in her rant and scared Temptress so bad she passed out"

The villains down below in the streets looked up as furniture from the mansion crashed beside them.

Thor and She Hulk were having a loud debate.

They stopped wrecking the city and snuck away.

No way did they want any part of she hulk if she really wanted to hurt something.

Bruce looked at the damage done to the wall.

"We can fix that"

Thor laughed......

Sometimes you never have to fight.

Steve came out of the spare bedroom in a towel from the shower.

"what I miss" Said Steve.

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Shhhhh listen to me please...

I have hidden away in the time machine of Kang The Destroyer and I am very afraid he will find me. I have logged onto this computer and made it seem as if I am writing a story but truth be told it is no story. He is among us and he is one of you.

Do not look around your room for it will not save you..

Do not just sit in your chair it will make you look like one of the humans he will convert to his cause.

This is what you must do and do it fast.

Go to Stan Lee and tell him that it is time.

He will get the Avengers...

Yes they are real.

He will then tell you to drink a pepsi that he has already prepared in advance because he is just like that.

Do not drink the pepsi if you want to remember any of what happens next.

I tell you this because oh no Kang is coming.

Do what I say or all is lost.

Do not drink the pepsi......Ask for Water.....

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Inside my head:

Lead Wv. "Okay people, vacay is over. Time to write something new. Something awesome. Something with some wow factor."

Joke Wv. "How about Death goes to take some guy in Africa, but he has a pet cheetah, and he sicks it on Death? But it doesn't work, and Death is like 'No one cheetah's Death!'

Critique Wv. "Wow. That your contributions for the week month? Cause it was bad."

Lead Wv. "Okay guys, we're just tossing ideas--"

Derp Wv. "Cookie dough!"

Lead Wv. "No. Salmonella. Bad."

Joke Wv (pouting) "I thought it was quirky."

Critique Wv. "What about all the back log projects?" *Points to historian Wv

Historian Wv. "Shhyeah. New stories are all the rage now."

Joke Wv. "Wild west clown!"

Critique Wv. ".....No. We don't need to be typecast as a writer."

Derp Wv. "Cookie dough!"

Lead Wv. "I think we're done for today. Good meeting everyone." *Rolls eyes*

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She looks out over the ever shifting lad scape of Krypton. So worried she changes shape over a dozen times but still she holds on to her child still she whispers in her ear and she smiles when she looks into her eyes and she thanks the gods of Krypton.

"You must take care of Kal-El" She says the words but she knows it is just something she longs to see herself but cannot. The countdown , the world ends soon the touch of hope in a sea of chaos. No more protectors they said she was the last of her kind the last of the shape shifters but when the two snuck off and had the baby so to did she Kalandra and she did not regret it.

She felt the tremor's in the world beneath her feet , she felt the energy spikes given off by the massive star and she understood that life and death was just stories being told being told, She let the thought linger in her mind like some echo from a ghost , some unseen whisper from a friend or the dying words of a loved one you wish you had the chance to save but could not.

How they had studied the Earth and the soon to be destination of the child, How would she keep him safe , how would they welcome him..

She wanted to scream but instead she simply buckled her baby into the seat next to the infant child Kal-El and Krypto.

Then the ship closed up tight and was gone

She had not chance to say goodbye or not another chance for she had hugged her daughter , she had longed to watch her grow up.

She watched the ship on the view screen , she felt the ripple of the world tearing itself apart and then the door opened up and she heard her last thought ring through her mind. "Will she have a inflight movie"

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Weird how you write things and then someone starts a group along the lines of what you were doing. This one's for you @joshmightbe :)


Hades smiled. "I will take the sky, as is my right."

Zeus grimaced as he watched his brother take the dominion he desperately wanted. But seeing as he played a minor role in the overthrow of Cronos, their Titan father, he could do naught but wait his turn. Poseidon the other brother looked at Zeus and the two remaining choices of seas and underworld.

“I will take the underworld,” he declared patting his brother on the shoulder. Zeus looked at him in dismay.

“But why?”

“This way you’ll get to see the sky Zeus,” Poseidon said. “Besides, out of the three mine will be the most powerful over time.”

“Everything dies,” muttered Zeus as he embraced his brother. The pair turned to face Hades who was as smug as smug could be, and rightly so as he was now king of the gods.

“Laugh now brother,” Poseidon warned as he waved a hand and opened up a large hole to his new nether domain. “But you are in the light now Hades. Constant scrutiny, no shadows, on display for all with little room for secrets you love so much…” Hades puffed out his chest and went to speak when Poseidon continued without letting him have an inch. “I bid you a long reign as skyfather Hades.”

“Rule long and well,” added Zeus as he bowed slightly. The sea responded to its new master also receeding. Hades watched his two brothers carefully as one was swallowed up by a wave as the other descended into the bowels of the earth that mere hours ago was the body of their dead father that they’d fashioned into ground. Hades gripped his ebony and red cloak with his long delicate fingers as he ascended the stairs to Mount Olympus. Each step of his had peals of fire scurry out from under his feet and danced across the pure marble.

At the top of the stairs waited his sister wives Demeter, Hestia and Hera. One of them would be his chief wife and by the time he reached the top Hades would have to select her.

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"I will raze this house to the ground!"

Time for war had begun, and the shouts of rage escaped the lips of a man. One covered head to toe in symbolic tattoos. Some, detailing specific moments of his life, and others chaotic scribblings with no meaning. He knew his enemies were soon to be upon him, and with their passing darker day's lay ahead. But the man knew no fear. For he was a warrior! And his foes would know their fates soon enough.

From the height he now held. He could see the road leading to his home. He watched delegently the horizon. Looking for his enemy. Looking for the first sign of their arri-

"Charles? Oh, god, not this crap again! Can you please get off of our roof and not make us look like crazy people? The kids will be home in the next half hour."

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Excuse the Harry Potter fan fic. I'll delete if you'd rather not see it. Just a little character, I developed, for that world.

On what was suppose to be a story, rainy day, a young boy sits beneath the shade of a whomping willow. Everything about him seems slightly unkept, from his medium length, dirty blonde hair, to his long gangly limbs and tattered clothing, that he appears to have owned, for several years and grown too large for. He sits casually, on a large root, freshly raised from the ground, as if it were arched into a seat, just for him.

The sound of a bluesy, somber, tune, can be heard for a quarter mile, in all directions. The boy seems but a landscape fixture, sitting behind his guitar. The neck, crafted masterfully of elderwood, the strings, strewn giant's hairs, a relic of a friend, since passed and the body, carefully laid dragon scales, a Peruvian Vipertooth, the one that battled to mutual death, with the boy's giant friend.

The sound resonates from the scales, a soulful dirge. The boy mouths the words, but from his lips, no sound can be heard, the boy is mute and was born so. His father, a novice wand maker, feared his son would be an outcast, yet, perhaps he was simply ashamed of him, not because he was mute, but because he is a Squib, born to macigal parents, yet possessing no magic, of his own.

His father struck a deal with a group of Goblins; should they help him forge something of power, that might help his son to have magic, he would give them the knowledge of wands, which they've always craved. They agreed and so forged the boy's guitar.

Now, the boy sits here, guitar in hand, strings quivering beneath his fingers and water, running down his face, though no rain can touch him, the notes are his voice, speaking, perhaps, yelling, louder, than any spoken words. As his sullen song continues, take notice, how the tree sways along, to the mute boy's, bluesy, magic, song.

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I am not like the rest or so I feel not like the rest.

I feel the thoughts and actions of beings so tiny they amaze me and I smile for a moment. I have no form , I have no heart as any living thing would think of. I just come from beyond. I walk through the spaces between spaces and I meet those that are outside and they look at me and they wonder.

They are not afraid of me , they are like me and I am like them one of them was my mother and so I can travel freely around the multiverse and time and space means nothing to me.

They surround me and they show me things and I notice one being stuck in a cycle of life and death and he makes war on those powerful being to him but they are tiny to me, very very tiny.

He is held prisoner and this leaves the world ripe for my chance to dance with the gods.

I step up to the hammer hidden by those whom sit in shadow directing the gods below.

I will it to me.

She obeys...

I change my look.

I feel his memories pour into me , I feel his anger rage in me and I understand the fires of passion that burned in the mind of Thor god of thunder.

Only I have more power to get done what he only dreamed of.

I split myself into 10 Thors with hammer and all and we seek out injustice in the universe.

I am the first and the first steps into the prisen of Thor and I will the chains to drop from him and they drop.

"Who seeks to free our captive"

I turn with the face of Thor only my word a word I have not spoken since creation itself has not been spoken.

I speak and all that sit above in shadow are gone.

Anger flows through me. Mjolnir on my side glows bright like a star.

"I find you worthy Thor" I pull myself together and we leave the universe after giving Thor back his hammer.

Worthy , not worthy...

What is important is the cost of admission to the play.

Hope you got your tickets.

I hear the show is filled with plot twist for all that watch it.

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The world pauses and the music stops.

The lights come on and the sound of a billion souls whispering is heard.

Fleeting feet rush to the floor.

Only room for a 12 billion souls.

Hold hands the conductor says shhhhhh he lowers the lights and the stars shine again.

He motions to me dance my friend.

We will make room.

Will let you and her in.

You look at me I ask you to dance.

You blush and I bow.

Leading the way to the floor the music about to begin the crowed takes seats.

Such a place filled with grace.

Such a time inbetween lines.

Such a dance nothing by chance.

Beams of light outlines and silhouettes of people dancing.

Lose me in a moment.

Take me back to moments in time.

Being born and riding bikes heaven is the simple things.

First glances and first time meeting.

The music has it all.

Super nova lights the room above and below our feet the stages of humanity the moments of chaos.

Sight me a star in your eye reflecting light making me wonder why.

Children being born and dying life going on and souls crying.

Dance floor filled with others for a bit , the music turns on a dime.

The beam of light highlights our children a boy and a girl and then they to are gone and we dance on.

Such is the wonders she whispers in my ear.

Such is the wonders I whispers back.

Shale we dance again my friend.

Let me rest she says I wish to watch a bit.

I go to lead her to her seat and she waves me back my soul not yet complete.

Dance on she says , dance on we will dance again my friend.

We will dance again..

My friend.

The universe filled with things.

Dances in heaven souls on the floor.

Life and death and so much more.

Sometimes we dance and it seems so long.

Others times we never even reach the floor.

Enjoy the words...

Dance my friends dance.

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Pinned this and it died, so unpinning again.

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Well it would not let me write anymore lol..

So a poem I think while I am here.

Owe to milk

Cold hands laser eyes

Tatar tots warm fries

Feed the hens and the cows

plow the fields plow the fields plow the fields

Chores and such I do not care

Share the love share the love

Ma she says where is pa

In the barn by the tractor

Pa he says where is ma

In the kitchen baking pie

I believe I can fly

I fly away I fly away

This here poem is at last over......

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@wildvine: it went quiet for a week

holiday hit I would imagine and some where working on stories. Give it time people will strike it up again in-between and Idea or two.

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He jumped backwards, landing on his hands and leaping immediately off to keep his momentum going. Bullets soared around him, but he barely acknowledged them due to his concentration. He couldn't afford to. Pre-cog didn't move your body, it only warned you, a split second lapse in concentration could mean death.

He dove behind a crate, and knew that bullets wouldn't start piercing it for another five seconds, long enough for him to rest. He fingered one of his swords, once again wishing he would stop imposing a no-gun rule on himself. But too late for regrets.

He knew exactly when one of the soldiers would turn the corner, drawing a sword he hurled it. Forty feet away, the sword made contact before it's victim knew it was coming, and he immediately sprinted after it, leaving the semi-safety of the crate. Once again, his senses went into overload as he struggled to comprehend the path of the individual chain gun bullets, but he weaved through them without a scratch.

Just one more lucky day he supposed.

He reached the doorway where the impaled soldier lay, and he dove into it, recovering his sword in the process. However, instead of turning and going down the hallway, he ran into the wall, jumping from it, and hiding on the door frame. Sure enough, a split second later bullets filled the entire hallway, the walls doing nothing to stop the bullets. Slowly they came to a stop.

"I'm not going in there," He heard from the room.

"Well, someone has to check if he's dead."

"He's never dead."

"Look, lets just go together."

A minute passed before a head poked through the doorway below him. Looking both ways, not up thankfully, he motioned the others to follow, four in total.

As the last entered, he jumped down and slashed open the throats of two in a single move, and put his swords in the barrels of the guns of the second two before he dove to the ground. The two fired a second too late, and the without a target between them, they shot the swords straight into each-other.

He looked down at the bloody carnage and felt sick. Being a hero sounds great until you see how brutal it is. The smells of death, the chill every cadaver sends down your spine.

He pulled his swords out from the corpses, and sheathed them. If he wasn't a hero, someone else would have to be. That was something he wouldn't wish on anyone.

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it went quiet for a week

And now it has action. Cause >effect ftw!

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@wildvine: maybe you should lock your vampire robin hood idea then :)

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And that was the day I realized Batkevin would never forget. *Dramatic music sting*

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Bruce Banner had found his center at long last. He got in a cab in New York city and told him to take him to the subway.He sang a song about funk and who has it. "I got the funk , give me some of that funk" He made the cab driver cringe for he simply could not sing. "Sir please sir if you stop singing the fair be free" The driver was from the vodka country and had problems with english."Who got that funk , give me all the funk" Bruce just kept on singing nothing could hurt his mood.

A fallen figure landed on the street before the cab and making the caby stop. A women was walking a dog, a big huge fluffy dog like the kind Bruce had when he was a child. This huge figure looked at the cab then at the lady and the dog. Bruce could picture him hurting his childhood savior his buddy and pal.

"Please mister roll your window up" Said the cab driver. Then he looked back and all he seen was the the street as it was torn away. Before the dog and the cringing women was a very pissed off Hulk. Doomsday had come to town and he wanted to hurt as many things as possible.

The Hulk pulled a orb from his vest and tossed it at the lady and the dog. A force field went into effect and they rolled away with the women laughing.

"Know we see whom hurts whom" Said the Hulk as he became a blur of motion going toward the gray figure"

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Thor used his powers to teleport to the exact location of the Shethor, He had heard she was Jane Foster and it made his blood boil. The cancer he should have known because if it was Jane sickness has a way of smelling and he could smell death a mile away. It burnt his nose and went through his body like a attacking drone on a group of kind hearted sheep farmers..."hmmmm sheep farmers and drones" Said Thor almost to himself....what will I think up next maybe I had to much ale , He thought again.

He found Shethor up on stage talking to the people of New York city absorbing man laying out cold on the ground and she was just warming up to start her Pitch...

"I know who you are Shethor , hammer taker , maker of bad chicken and fries for I have eaten your cooking Jane Foster" Sang Thor.

The crowed stepped back , The real Thor here they thought, The real Thor here and he can sing.....they were shocked...

"Jane Foster"said Shethor , Ha , then again Louder as Jane Foster was wheeled out of the crowed in a wheel chair hardly breathing and gasping for air..

"Sh , Sh , Shethor I cannot breath" Jane collapsed and died and the crowed or part of it whisk her away to be buried in some remote grave yard.

"Who be thee That stands before the world , Tell us the story of you and my Mjolnir and the affair you seek"

The girl with the long long locks of hair looked down on Thor and sang.....

"I know I may not look it but my hair be really red (Her hair turned to bright red) Every morning I would lift a cow and go out and train instead of play"

"Do tell me what you babbling about Shethor or go away: Sang Thor "Leave me my dear Mjolnir I miss her so I say"

Thor almost broke down in tears but the crowed of people did for he could not hold a tune.

"Shhhhh they said let Shethor sing she does it better" They all scolded Thor even the Absorbing Man whom was acting like he had been out cold for the last few minutes or more.

"I am Pippy Pippy long stockings if you say it fast it is funny , hmmmm yes that is me , I plunder loot I give the boot I fight pirates and scum"

Lightning struck poor Pippy as Thor picked up Mjolnir and flew away......

Thor could take no more of the insults he pulled Jason through the fourth wall and sent him into limbo for a million years...

Pippy staggered home after calling her agent. Wow , what a rough crowed of people" She said.

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Batman's face crackled to life on the com display. "Robin! Are the Titans ready to engage any threats in New York?"

Robin looked directly into the walkie-talkie sized device and said, "We're set up on top of Titans Tower now, ready to jump at the first sign of trouble."

The screen split, and Superman was looking into his com device. "Good! Because trouble's coming! Brainiac's headship was just the advance scout. We have an entire mechanical planet coming towards Earth, about to settle into orbit about two-thirds around the planet from the moon. And it's armed to the teeth! Warworld is coming, just like Brainiac said!"

The Titans were all gathered around Robin, the display screen having flipped outwards and unfolded to about four times its original size so everyone could see. Cyborg claimed this would progress to holographic projection before they knew it. "Great Hera," murmured Wonder Girl. "A planet?"

Just then, an explosion rocked the city, somewhere near the Sears Tower. "Robbie! We got incoming!" shouted Cyborg.

"They're headed this way!" called Kid Flash. "I'm headed into the city, to see if I can help there," and then he was gone, nothing but a wake across the bay from him running across the water.

"Kory?" asked Robin, as he saw the first few space gliders come into view. "Are those..."

"...Gordanians?!" finished Changeling, as his green form shifted to match the alien forms they had encountered the year before.

"X-Hal!" screamed Starfire.

"Right," said Robin. "You know what to do. We hold the line here! TITANS TOGETHER!"

The team went into immediate action to engage the alien fighters. As they lifted off of the roof, Starfire grabbed Wonder Girl's arm and pointed into the sky, "X-Hal! Donna, look!"

Donna looked up into the daylit sky, and saw a technological wonder like she had never beheld before. "Yes, Kory, I know. It's Warworld. Superman said it would be settling into orbit.

"NO," said Starfire. "Not 'Warworld.' Donna...that's Okaara!"

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Ahh, better. I've been wanting to get that scene out of my head for about two weeks now. :)

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"Give it up Catman!"

Black Spider shouted to the beaten man at his feet. They had been fighting for several minutes, and quite frankly, Spider was getting annoyed. What was this lunatic trying to accomplish anyway? Everyone knew, that the only way to leave Taskforce X was in a casket.

"F.. f.. fat chance bug boy!" Thomas Blake shouted defiantly. He was sick of being used. Sick of being played with!




And now Waller again. All he wanted, all he'd ever wanted; was to live out the rest of his days in peace with his pride. Why couldn't they see that? Why wouldn't they just leave him alone?!

"So that's your final answer?" Asked Black Spider. There seemed to be a hint of sadness in his voice as he asked. Thomas noticed it, but shook the thoughts from his head. Removing a large hunting knife as he got back into a fighting stance. "Well, let's do it your way."

"Good. Then we do it 'til it's done." Catman growled.

Soon both men where attacking. Blade and fist against blade and fist.

Catman dropped beneath a swipe as it sailed over his head; he leaped forward immediately afterwards, and tried driving his own blade through Spider's chest. Instead of hitting flesh, Spider grabbed his wrist and twisted, causing the bone and muscle to snap and tear. Catman let out a scream and with a boost of rage and adrenaline, bought his face forward. Mouth open he bit down on Spider's nose, crushing the soft cartilage underneath the fabric of the mask.

This time, it was Spider's turn to scream.

"Pthew! Heh. Got your nose," Catman said, with blood soaked lips, tossing his large knife from hand to hand playfully, "Now, let's see about that tongue."

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Stan Lee proud writer of Marvel comics , bold voice of reason to the many whom have purchased a comic.

He stood before the shelf at the comic store and demanded his money back. "This is not Thor he shouted and I know I made the character" Jason whom had been trying to sign books all morning but nobody would take it until he mowed the grass for them and fixed a fence for one person and even took a old person to church had heard the commotion. "I see your problem old man" Said Jason

Stan Lee looked at Jason and screamed "OMG your real"

"Listen old timer , if you do not settle down you could have a heart attack" Said Jason. " It is just a character you do not have to worry your little head over it just go eat a muffin and read this Spiderman, I hear it is progressive they even made him gay" Jason was nice and purchased the Spiderman comic out of the money he made mowing grass. He was sure the old man before him would be happy and maybe even tip him out of his large stash of money all old people seem to have.

He turned to give Stan Lee the comic when all he got for his hard work was a punch in the nose.....

"Jason if you do not change my Thor back before the month is out I will seek you out and punch you in the eye to" said Stand Lee.

Jason fell to the floor holding his bleeding nose shielding himself with the Spiderman comic.

"Another thing young man if you call me old again I will put my foot where the sun does not shine and you will know my shoe size by the taste of leather, Do we make each other clear?" screamed Stan Lee.

Jason cringed at the image of Stan and his foot in places they need not be.

"Yes Sir Mr. Lee Sir.

hmmmm what will I think up next...

Wonder what Jacky Chan is doing?

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It was a crisp summer night, No that would never work I thought to myself.....what in the hell is a crisp anything....Is it lettuce for gods sake...

I thought about the story and looked back at the clock on the wall that really was not on the wall but made sense for a story......I have almost, kind of , could be , should have. No, I dare not think it.....Ran out of idea's for stories.

Yareekkkkkkaaaaa....I will write about myself coming up with and idea for a story.......It could work , but should I......hmmmmmmmmmmm let me pace the floor behind myself as I write on the computer screen and try to come up with some type of mambo mumbo that could make sense toss it onto a format and then bam....

Nothing, still nothing....

It was a cold winters day when the world blew up......No wait that has been done before and I had plans for the weekend so if the world blows up my plans would never take place and Tina my friend would never take me for dinner and wine and a snitzle what ever the hell that is......I quit pacing behind me and start playing dice with ten people whom just show up out of the blue and run into my room....I win hmmmmmmm 49 cent , a peace of string , two abc gum peaces.....I share the gum with myself and kick the ten people out of the room.......

I should really look into this snitzle before I eat it or I am going to not be a good friend.... "What the hell is this on my plate" I scream. "Snitzle" she says and eats a peace or I hope.....I run from the place in a panic unable to take a bite of the odd looking food in a panic I use my string it teleports me back in time to this very story and I use my 49 cent to order a pizza..... the day is saved and at last I can sleep.... or can I because your looking at me kind of strange.....Did you know what snitzle was?

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Did you hear that a scarecrow won a merit certificate?

He was outstanding in his field!


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Did you hear that a scarecrow won a merit certificate?

He was outstanding in his field!


Did it take you 15 minutes to come up with that? lol

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Wonder Girl was dumbstruck. "Okaara? As in Warlords of Okaara?That's where you trained?"

"Yes, Donna," answered Kory, looking at the hulking orb floating in the afternoon sky. "And if Okaara is here, the Warlords are too. This is bad. We have to do something."

"First things first," answered Donna. "Let's take care of these Gordanians."

"No. Donna, the..."

"Kory! This is the more immediate threat! We handle this," she said, pointing towards the approaching star sliders, "then that!" she said pointing at Warworld.

Just then, Changeling circled above them in the form of a pteranadon. "Hello, Gorgeous!" he called as he circled over Donna. Then turning his head to Starfire, he added, "Other Gorgeous." Flapping a little higher, he called, "Do you think we can get a little help with the little green men coming our way?"

Cyborg's sonic blaster sounded from the beach of the island.

"No! Gar..." called Kory.

"We need help down here now!" came Cyborg's voice over the communication devices in everyone's ears. "Princess, we could sure use some more firepower."

"Victor..." started Kory.

"Starfire! We need you down here now!" called Robin over the communicator.

Wonder Girl leapt off the roof, gliding towards the approaching Gordanians, even as Victor's sonic cannon managed to break one up over the water.

"Donna!" called Starfire. "Wait!"

"I told you, Kory," said Donna, rolling over in midair to face her friend, "first things first." Then she rolled back to continue her flight towards the outer edge of the island.

Kory watched her friend go for only a moment before her eyes smoldered, followed by her hands. Then a primal scream came up and out from deep inside her, and she thrust both fists out in front of her, throwing two powerful starbolts out across the water, destroying all of the star sliders that were approaching the island. Gordanians and broken ships fell into the water indiscriminately.

All Titans stopped where they were and turned towards Titans Tower, all of them mouths agape at the sheer amount of energy coming off of the alien princess as she hovered just off of the roof.

Then, over the communicators, they all heard her say, "LISTEN. TO ME!"

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Hal Jordan looked at the ring and for a moment thought it was something more. How could he have been so blind? He thought to himself. After all these years it became clear as he tossed the ring aside and called it out. Monster he screamed and brought forward the power within him....The ring was not letting him charge up anything other then itself it was a power thief and it sucked those dry that had the ability to channel the green might. The Guardians came forward...." How did you find out? Hal Jordan of earth" They seamed calm but they were always calm.

Universal vampires on a mission to destroy the universe. How many times had they searched the universe for those whom could farm the energy in its rare form and use it to what ever they willed.

"I had my doubts for many years" Said Hal but it was when I had taken off the ring meditate that it became a little more clear" "I took off without thinking and was halfway into space when the ring tracked me down and came to me" That never happens I have to will it to come to me and then only if I am close"

The guardians would never let him live he had to find a way out.

"Who else suspects us Hal Jordan , earth man?"

Hal closed his eyes and pulled apart his atomic structure and flared out across the cosmos.....

Every place a soul lived and breathed that had the ability to channel the energy and defend the universe they found it flared to life for just a instant.

Hal pulled himself together on the floor of the watch tower....

"You are not yourself Hal" Said Jonz....

"You do not say" Said Hal.....

"Look what I can do" said Bruce.......

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#@#@@@ I am small or large in a small universe. I look around me and I notice that this is not a universe of importance.

I wish to grow larger and I tug on the strings of impossible till I do and impossible is made possible. He finds himself in the great hall of the gods and he thinks to himself "Holy ! SHAZLE and orders a large ale.

"First time here little godling" asked the bar tender.

The small god from no place universe shakes his head and continues to drink her ale.

"Yes sir I was tired of being tiny" she says.

Finishing her ale he walks outside to find that she is on the edge of Asgard in the land of the storm giants and right beside that is the world of eternal winds and hells flames.

I know these places she thinks to herself , I know them well because I keep them apart from one another as part of my job when small. One of many gods from the spaces between. A Storm giant look his way and growls and approaches on a cloud with lightning going in all directions and thunder rolling into the distance.

"Little one , god or nit I will call you dead meat to eat and I will still be hungry" Says the giant.

The little god whom had just became large looks up and does what she does best.

He makes the giant small with but a wave of her hands.

"ok Giant we can talk without your lightning and thunder rolling into the hills and causing all that noise. Said the little god to the pest.

The storm giant runs away....

Ale must have ale Said the little one as she walks back into the bar..........

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My sister was of a less than positive predisposition some would have said, and did, though never directly to me, nor to my darling sibling, being so close as we were, to tell one of us was to tell the other one. Not that we were the gossiping sort, or given to bouts of speculative social contrivance spreading, having more academic pursuits in which to engage our minds, in interest and solace from our unique connection.

I pursued the sciences with a zeal both manic and needful, questing to explain, and understand, and control that which could never be controlled, an understanding I have came about far short of usefulness for mine situation, but maybe not for another, lest this horror find itself beyond my own mortality, to infect the unblemished life of another.

My sisters interests were as removed from mine own, as my life is now removed from hers, being one both ensnared, and enraptured with the dark corners of humanity and the world, both perceived and unperceived, the ghoulish and macob, fiendish and depraved, and revolting. Her entrapping fascination spawning a assortment of curios and and trinkets unfit for preservation of viewing, given in purpose to superstitious babble and thought.

Spell books and amulets, and other alien such articles. The strangest no doubt being a bottle of red nail paint.

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As Kory descended from the top of the Tower, Raven appeared on the beach next to Wonder Girl, depositing a dozen Gordanians and a small flood of river water from the folds of her cloak. Donna quickly bound them with her lasso, which always seemed to be just long enough for the job at hand. Kid Flash zoomed back onto the island about fifty yards down the beach, the ship wreckage following behind him in his wake and crashing into a pile on the beach as he skidded to a halt in the sand.

"Raven! Where were you?" barked Robin.

"I was at the site of the explosion," she said simply.

Robin looked at her for a moment, then focused back on Kory, now closing the last several yards between her descent and her teammates. As her feet touched lightly to the ground, Robin started, "Starfire! What..." but was promptly silenced when he was knocked down by Starfire's punch.

"Shut up, Dick!" she said angrily.

Gar looked at Cyborg and said, "See? I told you she'd get the hang of slang." Victor just looked at him silently. Gar smiled and shrugged.

"What the hell, Kory!" demanded Robin.

Planting a foot on his chest and pushing him back down to the ground, Kory said, "What part of 'trained by the Warlords of Okaara' do you not get, Dick? They didn't just train me to fight, they trained me in warfare. Period. On that!" she said, pointing to the alien orb in the sky behind her. "So when I tell you that Okaara is the bigger and more immediate threat than Gordanians, you might want to listen! For once." She glared, then removed her foot from his chest.

Without getting off of the ground, Robin said, "Fine. We'll talk about the importance of team dynamics later, but for now, go on."

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In all honest, it was just as easy as breathing. Jason could feel the familiar crackling of electricity run through his arm as the tattoo began to glow with power. Across his fingers, little sparks of lightning danced across his digits, lightning up his area of the cave. Around him, he can hear the shuffling of feet as the soldiers began to converge on his location. Anger builds inside of him. Too long has he been searching for answers about his past, too long has he been denied answers surrounding his powers. He feels a slight electric tickle as lightning begins to strike from his eyes in small bursts and the lightning bolt tattoo along his arm glows with added fierceness.

"Jason Lewis!" The call goes out, some few feet ahead of him. "We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands in the air and all weapons-"

Jason lets out almost a primal scream as he leaps over the boulders separating himself from the soldiers. Time seems to slow down for him as electricity crackles from his arm and eyes. The soldiers, eight in all, aim their rifles at the airborne man the instant he leaps from his hiding place.

Jason tackles the closest man in a hail of bullets. Lightning arcs from Jason's hand, practically frying the man inside of the military grade body armor. The remaining seven continue to fire on the unarmed man as he dives for new cover.

The cave grows quiet as the rifles cease their firing. Jason, now with some time to breathe, gives himself a quick once over, noticing two bullet wounds in his left arm and right leg. The adrenaline coursing through his body dulling the pain.


Wow, that was pretty awesome. Great idea WV

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It was an average spring day for Jonathan Gingrasshole Jr. ^ He was walking down the street until he saw "Cliche" the killer he appeared with a loud @$$ chainsaw and a hook underneath the chainsaw and cliche was wearing a deep blood drenched black suit he was giant tall somewhere around 7 feet he threw a chainsaw at me but I dodged and shot him in the face, "Cliche" feel to the floor begging fir mercy until I layed sixteen more mags in "Cliche" and bluud was gushing from his mouth, chest, nose, and his arms were misinf when the police came "Cliche" was gone.

Two minutes later my neighbor Roy reported his pet cat "Meecrob" to be eaten alive by an unknown individual.

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Kory pointed at Okaara and said, "You all think that's in the same orbit as the moon? It's on the outer edge of the solar system!"

"My God," said Kid Flash.

"We have to get there! It's gravitational pull alone..."

"How?" asked Robin.

"I might be able to hack into the JLA satellite," said Cyborg. "If we can find a boom tube..."

"We are wasting time," declared Raven, and with a sweep of her soul self, she enveloped the Titans, and suddenly, they were on...

"Warworld!" shouted Changeling.

"Okaara," corrected Starfire. "Raven, reach into my mind. See the way to the War Room. Get us there."

Raven did as asked, and with another sweep of her soul self, they stood in the room that controlled the weapons of the entire planet. And on it's throne sat a man with a winged helmet and the tell-tale sign of Brainiac on his forehead.

"Warlord!" shouted Kory.

"Travis Morgan is no more, Princess," answered the form of the Warlord. "Brainiac is in control now." With that, laser gun turrets came out of the walls and trained on the Titans. They instantly went back-to-back in a circle, ready to defend themselves.

Before anything else could happen, Starfire screamed, and swept her arms wide in an arc, taking out every turret the walls had produced. "ENOUGH!" She pointed at the Brainiac-controlled Warlord and said, "Relinquish the throne now!"

"Why would I do that?" asked Brainiac, as the doors to the War Room opened, and giant, round machines rolled in.

"What are those?!" asked Kid Flash.

"War Wheels," answered Kory. Then she pointed a finger at Travis Morgan and fired. Her starbolt fried the circuitry on his forehead with which Brainiac was controlling him. "Shut the War Wheels down, Warlord!"

"You ain't got to worry 'bout that, princess!" called Cyborg, and his sonic cannon disrupted the machines before anything else could happen.

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@mscreepypasta: weird

@knightofthechronicle: let's see this expanded. I really liked this

@planetcaptainamerica: Cliched, short but not bad. Needs some formatting and grammar correction but with a bit of body, this could easily expand into something. Go check out http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/the-official-horror-inc-library-694022/

@cbishop:Segemented Titans, nice!

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@batkevin74: You're going to have to wait for the book with that idea. Currently in production

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@cbishop:Segemented Titans, nice!

Thanks. I'm enjoying it. I'm pretty sure of how it's going to end, but we'll see. Hope everyone else is liking it. :)

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Oops. Forgot I was not logged into cbishop. :}

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It was the time of the accident. I knew this was going to happen. At one point, I never considered the fact that my wife would cheat on me. From my bedroom, sometimes I hear her giggling noises over the phone, blowing kisses and whatnot. But the accident did happen. Whether it was my mistake or not, it was bound to happen. I should have seen this coming.

I rushed to the hospital after I got a call that my wife had severe injuries. The cause of the accident, she spoke to her new boyfriend while walking down the street, not even paying attention to any traffic surrounding her. The car rammed her head over. "She had cried in pain," the witnesses of the accident had said.

I was in the room with her alone, thinking of the events that transpired. We were quiet. I wanted to tell her what happened. But I knew. There wasn't anything else to say about the accident because I've caused it.

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"What do you mean, they don't enter the fan fic comps?" said the right hemisphere.

The left hemisphere groaned "I mean exactly what I said, they don't enter the fan fic comps. Either it's beneath them or they think they're better than them, I don't know. But seriously, the comps just get left behind...mainly as the prize is merely naming the next competition. Each month there's like three regular entrants and then usually a random, who often does quite well. But the other powerhouse writers on the site just ignore it. Does my part of the head in!"

"Easy there, you'll rip the corpus callosum," warned right hemisphere. "No point getting upset over things you have no control over."

"Trust you to say something logical," sneered left hemisphere.

"You're being overly emotional again," reminded right. "You can't control people. People do all kinds of stupid things. Take line dancing. Or Farmville. Or an reality show."

"With those as examples proves we've got no hope of anyone entering the comp asides from the usual three!" moaned left.

"Hey," soothed right snuggling in a bit closer "Maybe someone will read this and get inspired."

"Yeah and pigs might fly" left huffed.

"Well maybe you'll win and make a comp about flying pigs?" right suggested.

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Ran out of time. May end up a story time tale. Check your local Creepypasta channel.