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This is not a contest thread, just saying that now. The point of this thread is to practice our craft by writing for 15 minutes. Doesn't matter what you write. Doesn't matter if you finish what you want to do. You can do that later. This is just about keeping the creative wheels turning.

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This is something that happened to me when I was a little kid. You've probably heard of lost or "haunted" episodes. And its always something innocuous and usually aimed at kids. You never hear about an installment of Faces of Death driving anyone to suicide or whatever. Its alwats The Smurfs, or Mickey Mouse Club. Some noise like that.

For me it was an episode of Barney, of all things. I didn't care about the purple lump, or AJ. I just liked Baby Bop. That's a digression though. In this one episode, Barney was teaching us about the dangers of crossing streets without an adult. I remember Barney standing at a fake street, with a little boy at his side. Barney was saying something about looking both ways, and I was nodding along as if he could see me soaking up this wisdom.

This was about half-way through the episode, when the TV signal fuzzed out a little (this was before we had cable) and then the picture started to roll. Barney started looking kinda weird, like he was half stretched out, and his voice became low and distorted. "Look riiight and LLLL----eft, and r-r-r-r-r-right ag-g-g-g-g-g--g-g-g-////// before trying to-to-to- cross the street." It was then that Barney turned to the camera and said "Is-is-is yourrrr parents out-out-out of the rrrroom?" This took me a little back, but being a kid I just nodded instead of, I dunno, screaming.

The next scene is mostly clear and shows Barney shoving the little boy into the fake street, just as a forklift drove by and-- that's how it ends. Barney has red stuff on his belly, and he laughs his happy laugh.

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The mighty adventurer Rawpus was staring at the finest crew in no sea. They all died or left in the last attempt to strike gold, in an act of defiance to anyone who didn't believe in his ability to do this own his own he set said with himself and a monkey.

An uneven and raggity beard had grown on his face and his hunger was insatiable now, this supplies now long since squandered he was just now 5 days away from where he wanted to be so he could go on his final adventure. The one for all the marbles.

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@dngn4774 said:

@lunnara_rose: Are you new or an alt?

My guess is its Ravager in disguise, could be wrong but it's an educated guess. Don't really matter

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Candy, candy/colorful sweets,

Not as sweet/as flesh delight,

Come close/come close, warm bodies/soft

Tender enticement/the mortal sin,

Don't fear me/come near me,

My candy for yours/your price is not me.

Come close/come near,

My colorful sweets.

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Is all Jason Todd could hear below Wayne tower. He gritted his teeth. Gotham was burning, his city was burning, and it's savior was nowhere to be found.

"They've been at it for hours." James said to the Red Hood. Jason turned his head, irritated that James had mastered the silent entry and exit into dialogues that his former mentor was infamous for. Before he spoke James teased. "You're off your game Jason."

"Try not to let it all go to your head. Metahuman or not, I could still beat you bloody with both hands tied behind my back. Where's Chester?"

"He's tied up at the moment, running errands for Asaf, when he isn't covering our asses. We're not even supposed to be here!"

"Then leave." Jason grunted before staring back down the Tower. "I have unfinished business here." He reached down in a duffel bag putting on his mask and gear. Upon looking back he noticed that James had already put his own mask on.

"What? Contrary to popular belief the JLE doesn't own me. You got an extra grapple?" He asked, before the Red Hood tossed him one.

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@wildvine: Got inspired by the Baltimore riots but the way the amount I put down it was more subtle than I would've hoped. It's sort of a dystopian elseworld of where I would like EARTH 4774 to go. Might try to add a little to it every three days or so.

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Hmm interesting indeed

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Thomas Blake hardly considered himself a "noble" man. But, there were still things he could not abide. The sexual assault of teenagers was one of them. Sheldon Williams was only thirteen when he was ruined. His innocence snatched from him. Far too young to be subjected to the horrors of the surrounding world. Still, the boy found himself in the clutches of a monster. And when the boys parents spoke of his woes, they fell on deaf ear's.

See, unfortunately for the William's' their boys attacker was a part of the uppercrust. An alfluent business man with unfathomable resources. Blake knew the type. Hell, once upon a time he was the type.

Rich and untouchable.

He contemplated how many other powerful men and their families wallowed in filth, only to rise up clean and unsullied.

The Queen's

The Wayne's

How did these men of power spend their night's?

"It doesn't matter," Blake told himself out loud. The only thing that mattered was that Sheldon and his family found peace.

And they would.

Because now, the cat was on the loose. And the cat always got it's pray.

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"You mean this?" I heft up the odd weapon and pass it to him. His jaw is practically on the floor as he gingerly accepts his hammer back.

"By my Father's beard," he softly exclaims. "How di..."

"Pick it up? By the handle," I don't know why he's all dumbstruck. "You use that thing to fight with or build houses."

"Tis Mjolnir"

"I'm sorry I don't speak Russian," I reply. I shouldn't be surprised that someone so pretty and with such lovely blonde hair is so dumb. "Now can I do anything else for you before I go?"

"There is an enchantment pon mine hammer that only those worthy can..."

I snap my fingers in his face. "HEY! Sorry to stop your pity party but I'm a busy woman. So you're all good?"


"Is that a yes?"

He nods quietly. I admire his chiseled arms and have a mini fantasy about being in them. "Okay. Was nice to meet you. I might see you round."

He looks at me, I can see the wheels turning in his head as he ponders my suggestion. So pretty, so dumb. I blow my fringe off my face and take off into the sky leaving the bad Viking cosplayer to his own devices.

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I close my eyes and begin to dream. Life swirls around me and I understand 15 minutes is not enough but it is enough to let me see the possible.

At first glance I am a child , I was the first to coin the term. Actions follows Thought follows invention and also I was the pacifist that would later prove powerful when I beat most of out fighters on our world by using my mind and my my other abilities. They would say Norran you are not using your potential to its max. I would say that Shalaba would disagree and they would laugh. I meditate and float in the air over the elders sending up joyous praises to the universe. We are a peaceful world yet we know of the art of war. We study that art because even the most peaceful people have walked hard edges of past in coming to the understanding that life always has a full share of enemies just waiting to spring up and take down those whom do not see the proper path.

We would have been married for over 300 seasons of our world. I am at peace with all things , I long to see more to hold onto more but our ways are a simple way. Study and study some more. When the time is right the elders let a rare few go off world and explore. I am never chosen and those that are never return.

The elders fear the worse for long ago in another time they used to travel the stars they knew all there was to know and then one day war had come. A long bloody war with no victor and our people unleashed such a weapon that it had destroyed not only the home world of the enemies but every world they had come to live on. We came back home to regroup and look at our karma. No more exploring no more going out to see all that was until we had come to terms with our victory over the forces that attacked our people. I looked into the eyes of my beloved and then.

I turned off the projection. She had been dead for over 89 of our seasons. My master says I still have much to learn about science and life , 800 seasons of life and the very best scientist on the planet and still I have much to learn.

The day of her death comes and goes and I am sad but it does not linger in my mind.

The sky does darken as I float over the voices of praise to the universe. The voices turn worried and go away. I use my own Ki and remain afloat.

"I hunger" the voice echoes through my mind into my brain and I almost fall to the elders.

"whom are you" I think the words and broadcast my thoughts to my people and the being above our world.

"I am Galactus and I hunger"

H does not say these things as much as you simply understand these things. A being older then any other a being whom came from the very beginning and you know he cannot be stopped.

I start to think of the people , the safety of the people and I think of the force of nature above my world. Karma for the people , Karma to erase the sins of the past , Karma must be paid.

"Yes says Galactus , Yes you will do fine"

I float above the elders with worried voices , I float above the mountains with snow covered peaks , I float above the world with winds blowing life going on and dreams being dreamed. I look at the stars and they look at me and I find myself at home at last. Galactus rips away my pacifist ways , brings out my war like nature , endows me with the power cosmic far more then he would do any other soul in the future and he looks at his voice to all the universe. Go fourth Silver Surfer and find me substance.

I am gone on the cosmic winds , where my home was I do not know but where it is in the vastness of space. I know all to well and when I come people say. The herald of the world consumer comes , death comes , beware of the shiny one.

The third planet from the sun......Blue , White , Green , black.

He hungers for substance and when he hungers I hunger.

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@arthurkerr: Nice, even the formatting is good with paragraphs and such.

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@dngn4774: This reminds me of your 4774 universe with Red Hood

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“I bid you repulsive things, welcome!” Belasco said pulling his cloak close to his person as his guests filed up the skeletal stairs of his volcano castle. Hades the Olympian god of the Underworld nodded at the one-armed host and proceeded up the stairs, deliberately cutting off Mephisto. The red demon smiled with clenched teeth noting the social slight but choosing to remember it rather than act on it. Hela the Asgardian death goddess glided past next, Mephisto again giving way. He looked up at the next guest and shook his head.

“Don’t you dare,” he hissed at Dormammu as he cut him off. The sometime ruler of the Dark Dimension’s fiery head flared but he also conceded his place. Belasco watched as the pecking order sorted itself out. Umar the Unrelenting, Satannish the Supreme, D’Spayre and Azazel. He bowed slightly to the demon who was last and walked him in.


“I bring you pain and deceit,” replied the red skinned demon in the black pirate coat.

Belasco smiled “Good, I do hate a boring conference.”


Belasco swirled his wine as he sat at the head of the table watching the players, watching the alliances being formed and reformed. It was fascinating to watch but the longer it went on the more likely someone would attempt to eat someone’s heart. He tossed his glass into the air and snapped his fingers turning it into a gavel and rapping it on the table.

“I call this meeting of the Hell-Lords to order!”

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@wildvine: I kinda like this, may spawn into something

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Will give this ago, when I can free up the time

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@shanana said:

Will give this ago, when I can free up the time

Ah the delicious irony :)

Look forward to seeing what you've got

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The world watched as Galactus turned Reed Richards into little more than paste with just a wave of his hand. The leader of the Fantastic Four was dead and the consumer of worlds returned to assembling the machine that would release the energy for him to feast on. Across town at the Avengers Mansion, Giant Man watched in stunned silence.

“That didn’t just happen? Did it?” he asked his minuscule wife The Wasp who was hovering nearby.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed as the television show the remaining three of the Fantastic Four attack the purple and blue goliath.

Giant Man pushed a button sending a screeching klaxon throughout the compound. “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!”

No Caption Provided


Iron Man exploded as the Power Cosmic blast from Galactus’ hand washed through him. He joined Hawkeye, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man, Quicksilver, Human Torch, Thing, Invisible Woman and Thor who lay in varying states of dead on the road. Galactus returned to his machine. Captain America prised himself out of the road, his shield giving off tremendous heat from the blast that should’ve killed him.

The bastion of liberty walked over to Giant Man’s corpse and retrieved the belt that released Pym Particles. He then placed his hand on the hilt of Mjolnir and looked to the heavens.

“Please,” he asked quietly as he raised it above his head. Lightning washed over him. He then activated the particles and when the smoke cleared he stood eye to eye with Galactus.

“Let’s see you pick on someone your own size!” Cap stated as he clobbered the giant in the face with the Uru mallet, the shockwave breaking windows for blocks around.

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Against the Ropes

Ted Grant crashed through the window of his establishment, just barely dodging the spiked baseballs thrown at him. After pulling glass shards out of his forearm he noticed that most of the body armor on his Wildcat costume had been shredded. He had more wounds to tend to but his attacker was far from patient. A flaming basket ball shattered the neighboring window and bounced with exponential speed. The ricocheting death toy spread fire all across the room forcing Wildcat to speed crawl towards his office.

Behind his office door he reached for the phone but noticed a penalty flag had been stabbed through the line. This was too premeditated to just be some random streetfight gone bad, it was personal and by now his attacker wanted him to know it.

Ted dragged himself up by his desk. If he ever forgot he wasn't a kid anymore his sore bones and swollen muscles reminded him. He opened the first aid kit he kept stashed away in his drawer. Experience had taught the grizzled vigilante that when you wanted a job done right it was best to do it yourself, so Ted gently pulled out two razor bladed hockey pucks and several tranq darts, before patching himself up. He had managed to sew most of his cuts closed and jabbed a syringe of epinephrine to keep himself conscious before his attacker had returned to finish their bout.

A menacing figure loomed over the flames. He was a muscular man dressed in football padded pants, spiked cleats, golfing gloves, pitcher's chest guard, and a hockey mask. He had a satchel of weapons strapped on his back as well as more gear around his waist. Ted had recognized his profile from the JSA archives, a physically adept mercenary working as an enforcer for the Volpe brothers, who trademarked his kills with customized sports equipment. A man known only under the alias Sportsmaster.

As the Sportsmaster casually entered the gym he caught the flaming basketball with a bare hand and crushed it, before waving to Wildcat through the window. He rolled arsenic laced golf balls by the door of Ted's office. Before the poison smoke could fill the room, Wildcat kicked the door off of his hinges.

Both men came from their prospective corners and each entered the fiery ring.

"Ready to die old man?" The Sportsmaster asked.

"Die?" Wildcat smirked then spat out a blood filled loogie before raising his fists. "We're just getting started!"

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@dngn4774: That's an excellent fight scene, genuinely more-ish and whoever doesn't like an arsenic laced golf ball should be beaten to death with a flaming basketball :)

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@batkevin74: I also had an electric javelin, a barbed wire bat and an explosive shot put in mind but I ran out of time.

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I found myself in doubt the first moment I seen her from the corner of mine eye.

She moved so fast across the dark room. I felt uneasy in my Godzilla slippers and Spiderman pj's. The world had changed since I was a child , the world had sped past me and this night at the old folks home surrounded by strangers I Peter Pan a person whom everybody thought would never grow old.I awaited death to take me.

She flew across the room again and again I followed her with my eyes her movement to fast for my body to keep up with.

She stopped and hovered above me and she looked like she was having fun.

Mary was her name.

"Are you death" I asked

She looked at me and she smiled such a wide smile her red hair and dimples shown like the sun.

"I was your replacement Peter Pan and know its time to reclaim your throne and go back to never ever land"

I could hardly walk what was this girl going on and on about? I yelled for the nurse , "Nurse I need my medication, I am seeing things"

Mary hit me with her glove and dust settled over me and I could not speak, not one single word would come out of my mouth.

She smiled and so did I , silence powder I loved to use this stuff when I was younger. Younger I thought. Lost boys and lost troubles and lost worries they meant the world to me. I got up from the bed with ease I floated across the room and I looked in the mirror.

Peter Pan was making a come back. My shadow was still old I tore it off and threw it away and it came back to me younger and better begging to be a part of a new adventure. I let my shadow back on my foot and me and Marry jumped into the night forgetting what ever it was I left behind in that place of death.

Are you in there Young soul in a old world or have you to lost yourself?

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“The next horned unwashed bastard who tries to touch me gets the same!” Kyle Torbard yelled as the Viking nearest to him collapsed from a bullet to the skull. The Norse warriors recoiled at the gunshot. Kyle pointed the gun at them causing them to step back. “Now let’s try again, where is Harold Hardrada?”

The warriors parted as the seven foot tall king of Norway stepped forward. His moustache flowed in the light English breeze. He pointed his mighty sword at Kyle. “You speak strangely and wield magic.”

Kyle nodded “You will be killed on morrow by an arrow to the neck.”

Harold gazed at the young man in strange black garb. “You have seen my future, witch man?”

“Harold, I’m from the future!” Kyle replied. “Tomorrow at the battle at Stamford Bridge you die. Godwinson’s army will destroy you and the age of the Viking will be over. Unless you listen to me.”

Harold studied the young man and his man Lars lying on the floor with his brains and blood seeping from the back of his head. “Speak.”

Kyle smiled and pointed to a wagon on the hill. “I’m going to show you how to use a…” He paused before using the English word “Minigun.”


Kyle smiled “Close. You’re about to unleash hell.”

From a well concealed spot high in a tree sat Chronofficer Amanda Mammadov watching the scene through binoculars. Quietly she tapped some buttons her wrist to activate her communicator.

<This is Chronofficer Mammadov. Have located The Tamperer. Current local date is twenty fourth of September 1066. Awaiting any updates before I proceed>

<You are clear for extraction and alternate timeline prevention> came the musical electronic reply. Amanda closed the device and kept watching as Kyle unveiled the XM214 minigun mounted on the cart. A weapon capable of up to 10,000 rounds per minute. Using this on the forces of Harold Godwinson would be like driving a bulldozer through a maternity ward.

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I find humans to be so small and tiny. They thrive on time and run from it as if it was chasing them down.

My brothers would say it is the way of things , Thor with his damn weather and Baldur the brave and enlightened one always finding a cheerful song to sing when fighting his battles even when all hell is around him he still fights on and still sings some tune or another.

I have learned my ways about the magic of life and death and doorways between this world and the next.

Seeds of hope , seeds of despair , seeds of rebirth and I know them all. I have practiced magic in the far future with those at the end of the universe itself to those at the very beginning of time.

I removed myself from the cycle but making a double of myself and moving away from him and letting him dye time after time and I walked into the passage ways between dimensions , walked between worlds and I have seen what could not be and made them come to pass , I have said to angels why so up when the world is so down and I have looked on worlds that had no gods and had no hope and they cried out for eternal silence when all was said and done and I wept for them because in that final moment they found joy. I Do not wish for that joy I wish to fight on the Warrior way only with spells , only with determination and be damned if anything would come between me and knowledge and understanding on how the universe tics.

I once asked Odin what made him truly happy. He said what made him happy was exploration of what was beyond the 9 realms and one day what was beyond that.

I made it my quest to seek out what was beyond those boundaries and what was out beyond even that.

The storms come and go in life but I blame the rain on Thor and I blame the void on nobody other then the chaos storm that brews in the sky above the tree.

So many ways to walk the path of the tree , so many branches stretching toward chaos and so many unseen gods hiding some place nobody can see.

I can see them and what scares me most is some look back and see me looking at them.

Such power in those eyes , such power in that small space just watching and one day I know they will speak and they will say.



Do you have any fours.......?

I will say....No even if I do because ......

It is how I roll.........god of jokes after all....

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Star Date

How long had I been out I wondered to myself. The crew, they to looked worse for wear then ever I had seen them before. The planet was gone it had blown away and nothing was left of it. We worked over time to fix the ship , we fixed it however and Spock Said it was the logical thing to do.

I hailed Star Fleet but all I got back was static and all I got back was noise that I could not understand.

We went into warp and made out way back to earth.

Star date and time to be added later.

I dropped us out of orbit around mars and we made a lazy flight to earth.

She sat in dry dock getting fitted and I could see the name printed on the surface of the saucer section.

Enterprise , I could not breath I felt trapped in a dilemma.

"Spock?" I said the words but felt his actions would not say what was wrong only present possible things that could be wrong and I would have to pick the best answer.

The ships computer chimed in.


Sir. I am afraid this vessel is a ghost ship.

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@delphic You should try a couple of these to break out of your funk. Think of it as a commitment-free oneshot.

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Yeah, come on @delphic everyones doing it. : P

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Zeltics , Her Big Day

It was Christmas morning and Zeltic sprang from her bed to go see her gifts at the Stark tower. Tony made a huge fuss over her and she was just the one to let a moment last and eternity if you let it. She smiled at him and she kissed his nose making his eyes light up and then she looked over at Pepper Stark for they had married and Pepper looked away and blushed. "Hey, Where is my morning kiss" said Pepper.

Zeltic flew over to her and landed on her head and looked over in her eye and she kissed the bridge of her nose. Then she looked at all the small boxes in a pile beside a huge tree.

"Wow, Are those for me" Zeltic was the eternal youth the child of all Children but way older then anybody even knew about. She embraced the word innocent and made it her calling card. Refused to see anything bad. Tony laughed and pepper said "all of this is for you and what would we do without you"

"How about Crystal? Do you guys wuv her to"

Crystal was a death fiery and the two were best friends. Her tiny frame held the negative forces of the universe and one touch would mean death to any living thing but Zeltic. Zeltic was the offspring of The living magic in the universe and the Elder dragon Trien. She was only 3 inches tall held access to unlimited power and when you touched her she could grant the ability to use that power to cast spells. You could see in the dark into the other spectrums as well and heal at a incredible rate.

Tony looked at Zeltic and she landed on his head. She was crying for Crystal.

Pepper left and brought back a box and emptied it on the floor.

All over the boxes were the name , Crystal in small tiny letters.

Tony was shocked static erupted all over his body by the surge that had went through him.

"note to self , never surprise Zeltic" Tony laughed after he said the words but the static ran all over him and he heard crystal giggle from above him.

The presents became blurs of wrapping paper tossed and shredded from computer glasses to tiny tablets to a small fluffy bunny that zeltic and Crystal began a fight over.

At the end of it all Tony had to leave and Pepper went with him.

Crystal fell fast asleep next her bunny that produced a force field that kept her from touching anything living.

Zeltic flew to the window and looked over the city.

The sky became dark the world became quit and time stopped and all the people stood still in the streets. Zeltic was unaffected by cosmic powers or magic of any kind.

She had the power to cut it off at its source all but that of her mothers and fathers.

She was to kind hearted to do so however.

Cosmic forces however she was only outside of they could effect her but not stop her walk in the universe.

Looking up she seen A figure in space.

It descended through the clouds and landed in a field outside the city.

Zeltic thought about getting Tony but her small mind reacted without thinking.

Crystal was frozen in space and could be no help.

She phased through the glass and flew over the city and the people stuck in time.

She spied Thor flying just below her and flew down and matched his course.

Thor looked over at her and greeted her.

"Zeltic my friend and the fates be with us this day, How is your father?" Thor looked worried as he flew but kept up the small talk for Zeltic because he knew of her kind heart.

Zeltic smiled and awkward smile and flew over and landed on his shoulder.

"That is Galactus I think" Said Zeltic to Thor.

Thor frowned.

"Yes , truly a force to deal with"

Zeltic frowned and flew off his shoulder she paused even Thor in his flight to get to the devourer of worlds.

"Forgive Me Thor"

The sky became dark , the world still was held in check as all the universe and dark gods dared look to Earth and to Zeltic.

She changed in a instant from small frame good hearted girl to full sized magic tossing elemental and daughter of Yasul.

Flowing long black hair , energy arced from her eyes , universes were seen moving in her body. She held power in her hands and she screamed Galactus real name.

All those whom sat above in shadows cringed that day.

All the universe waited and held its breath.

Thor began to wonder whom was the true villain.

Galactus felt no fear his hunger compelled him.

Every aspect of Zeltic had changed she was consumed by anger and one simple thought.

Keep Earth Safe.

Thor was between two power houses, two forces of nature.

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I thought my life had been complete.

When I seen Into the woods in my theater seat.

I went home and sat a spell.

I thought hard and I thought well.

I drew up a plan and made it evil.

Into The Hood

I wondered if I should.

I found my type writer of old.

I mistakenly wrote it all to bold.

The characters sang.

Rap music getting down letting me spread my magic around.

Tap that , get that do that funk.

I got the funk.

You got that funk.

Junk in the trunk down with the jive.

Into the hood the musical live.

Once in a land far away the world did pause the dragons did slay.

The cows did moo and the people did sway.

Swagger, got that , Mojo and all lets join the party hell with the ball.

One day in the world nobody will declare.

Three little pigs and a bear live in there.

Load the gun , pull the knife draw a line in the street.

Pimp daddy coming so you better stay neat.

Life has it all in the hood.

Little big man knows it all.

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"I know I'm not crazy" Bob thought to himself, as he sat chained to the floor of the interrogation room. Things were not making much sense to him. Less than three days ago he had discovered that he was a super powered being known as The Sentry. He had been reunited with his wife, only just now to find out that she had been dead for years, and the police believed that he was responsible for her murder.

The door creaked open and a middle aged black man walked into the room. He threw a folder down on the table, and pictures of his wife's corpse and a mangled man came sliding out of them.

"Good evening Robert." The man said, "You comfy"

Bob didn't respond. He just stared down and the mummified corpse that had once been Lindy.

"I'm sure you recognize The Rhino, you beat him to a pulp that is now surviving on life support thanks to tax payer dollars, and the other well. I'm sure I don't have to say anything, but what I would like to know Robert is. Why."

"Why what" Bob mumbled, never making eye contact.

"Why someone as powerful as you are would suddenly come out of hiding after nearly 80 years?"

"What are you talking about. Do I look like I'm anywhere near being a grandpa."

"I don't know, you tell me."

"I was born in the 80's"

"Not according to this your not."

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Thor blasted Klaw with lightning. "I smite thee for thy injusti.. injustess.." Thor looked confused.

"Cut!" yelled Joss. "Chris, it's injustices. Get it right. I didn't come back to Marvel studios for Avengers 6 just so you can forget your lines."

"He's been juicing again." said Kevin. "I think it's time we replace Thor. I'm thinking Selena Gomez."

"Yeah, she was great in Animal Farm: The Revolution. I'm casting her as Buffy in BTVS the movie." replied Joss.

"I don't think Sarah Michelle Gellar would like that." said Kevin.

"SMG is too focused on her husbands politcal career. Senator Prinze, Jr. Gellar is talking about a Presidential run." replied Joss.

"Hmm, I hope he gets the nomination. It's been too long since a fellow snake person was in office. Hail Zandar!" said Kevin

"Hail Zandar!" replied Joss.

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The sun a huge ball tossing out light and giving life to so many. Hard to take it all in that such violent forces can be the result of life itself. Chaos dancing madly on its surface with storms and fire and conditions that would make any being cringe.

I call this place home. only I have no house that you would think of , I have no place to dwell in like any normal person would. I am simply a fire elemental living in a place that you would call hell and I would call home.

Only one day a ship came in close and it captured me and my family. Sadly my family did not live through what was to happen next. I heard the cries of pain , I felt the cries of pain and I screamed when they screamed but this being this horrible being he forced them into bodies and he did other things and he said strange words but still they did not survive as you people would say.

Let me correct myself because he changed me , he said he found out what he had done wrong. He looked at me and he pulled and he pushed and when all was done he had found his mistake and blended my essence with that of one of your earth children and we are hear today and we are angry.

Forced evolution he said , changing the universe he said , he became bored and left me on the doorstep of some monks and I felt lost in your world.

They took me in they taught me the way. I am Jolene the one that walks with fire in my eye.

They say it is not right that one such as I was left alone to fend for herself.

I miss my family , my friends the sky on the sun , yes we had a sky but nothing like you have. Chaos everywhere the swirls of energy the flight and the depth of pure thought.

When my body turned 10 I ran in the winds it was not the same thing but my new family said it was ok to let loose and be one with nature. I let out my senses I felt the winds and the winds lifted me up and the winds let me fly. I flew over the world I flew over the waters and the blue and the greens and the browns they let me find joy. I understood a universal idea and that idea made me or should I say let me forgive this being this soul whom changed me and bound me to form. I found a being named Storm whom flies with me from time to time. He says it is his pleasure to race with me and I say. For a time I know the world understands a simply soul such as myself.

Hand in hand over the ocean over the world over the planet and we look down on it all and I say. so small , it looks so small. He takes my hand and he says, "To me it is all so large and it makes me feel so small, to you it looks so tiny" " Close your eyes and picture yourself next to it and then you will say. "I see I am the small one in a grand scheme a huge picture we call the universe"

I do as he says , I close my eyes, I feel the wind blow past me and all the creatures on the earth human and mutant , god and goddess , Elemental and magical. I relax and I spread out my sensors to the universe and the solar system and I feel alive in all things magical , elemental , human and alien. When I open my eyes drops of flame run down my face and he wipes them away. "I understand and yes we are so tiny in such a huge universe, how do we make our lives count I said to him"

Johnny Storm looked at me and he pulled me in close and he said. "You make your life count by being more then the sum of your parts , by doing what ever it is you can so others can feel , breath , home and live with every chance possible to do what it is they have to do and see what they have to see." "In this universe we call home"

I will never understand the universe but that is the magic of the universe. To simply be a part of a grand adventure and share that adventure with all you can. One bold step at a time for all beings. All of the universe. Think about it.

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Written on my phone, will fix up when I'm not on holidays


I zoom in on the A on his forehead. It makes for a lovely target. He is blissfully unaware that his life is about to end, why would he know, I am three miles away in a blur suit.

Saying that, he's a super soldier who uses an indestructible shield with heightened reflexes who's been alive since 1945. Not exactly an easy target. And the company he keeps makes it even tougher. Thankfully they're not here, if they were my fee would be quintupled!

I check the wind again as I hug in deep to the 20mm rifle. It's got three times the stopping power of a 50 cal, add in the adamantium coated bullets and I have a pretty good chance of completing my mission. Cap is the pinnacle of what a human could be. He's the highest tier before super human and capable of holding his own against those with super powers.

I click the timer on the remote drone which will fire a shot at the President. This is purely a diversion and to get Cap into protect mode, since he'll protect the Commander In Chief at the expense of himself which means he'll be a red, white and blue stain in a few moments.

It will be sad to see him go, but knowing his friends he'll stay dead for about five minutes before someone brings him back to life via magic or science. Shame they don't share that stuff with the people they protect.

I check the range again, I calculate the wind velocity and take into account the Coriolis effect, remind myself that it's going to take about five seconds from when the trigger is pulled for the bullet to reach it's target. Five seconds is a lifetime! I exhale and slowly squeeze the trigger

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Will give this a go, when I can think of something worthy

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I read that. Works well as a teaser.

Will give this a go, when I can think of something worthy

It doesn't have to be worthy. The point is to just write.

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@wildvine said:


I read that. Works well as a teaser.

@mad_titan said:

Will give this a go, when I can think of something worthy

It doesn't have to be worthy. The point is to just write.

Same. Being as I've read your other Sentry chapters it feels like I've already read it twice. I'd suggest picking a different character to push you out of your comfort zone. When I have some free time I'll write my next free write on a Marvel character.

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"Are we going to war with the surface realm?" General Moll of the Neuport Army and personal right hand to Govenor Roman asked his ruler. The relationship between the capatital of Atlantis and the Terrain surface had always been a fragile on. And had only become moreso with every single indescretion. Now it was an oil spill. The biggest yet, however the humans offer no solace. Barely taking accountability for their actions.

Roman McKenzie. A product of both worlds was given the task of Atlantis' next move. A governing ruler of it's. Capital city, Roman held the floor.

It was decision time.

Long has he dreaded this day. If it were up to him; he would return to the surface and help in the culling of the damage. But to do so now would be a showing of weakness. One that he could not bear to show.

Since he was a child; there had been numerous attempts on his life. To bow to the surface world now would only insure their increase.

But... Perhaps there was a way to save both worlds. While also giving his people a great showing of power. "Moll return to the surface and seek out the one called Supreme. Notify him that Roman, ruler of Neuport seeks justice for his people! Let him know it will be through a trial of close quarters combat between he and I!"

Moll turned to face his king, saluting his ruler with a "Yes sir!" And then exciting the throne room. Turning gracifully on his heels, Roman watched him as he went. "Come on White bread. If anybody can beat me it's you."

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@wildvine: just an assassin, Bullseye would be a bit more cocky and confident. He'd be closer than 3 miles