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Ever since the website got the new interface, I cannot find the popular specific forums which I find it very useful when I first joined Comicvine, such as Dragon Ball Universe, X-Men etc. If there isn't one, can I suggest to add it back? This would be more useful to the newcomers who do not know their way around.

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Also while I'm at it, I also don't know where to feedback to the website developers/editors. Since we already have a "Dragon Ball Universe", why not add a wiki page for "Marvel Universe" and "DC Universe", which I'm surprised isn't on the popular specific forums. This can let fans filter out other content and see only the content they are interested, no need to scroll through the ever-expanding gen discussions, which would be very useful in the future too!

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@revold: forums like that are attached to wiki pages, search the wiki page and you'll find the forum. As for Marvel Universe and DC Universe those forums can be found on the publisher pages, the "Universes" specifically do not need their own wiki pages.