What to do with wrap-arounds on manhua magazine issue covers

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I am looking to start mass uploading issue covers for New Youth, which was the sister magazine (published in Hong Kong) of New Youth Express (published in Taiwan). There is an issue in that a significant amount of covers (~80% of 500 issues I've found) contain a government warning wrap-around on them (ex. here and here) and I am unable to find images that don't have this wrap-around for said issues. Former magazine editors on their blog and the official New Youth Facebook account oftentimes uploaded covers with only the wrap-around, and it has appeared in various forms as well (ex. here and here).

The weird thing is, not every issue I've found has a warning label (ex. here). I never found a single issue with both an image with the warning label and an image without it. From talking with a friend from Hong Kong, cover designs are made with this wrap-around in mind so when it's taken off, there's only the rest of the artwork underneath with no additional text (interestingly oftentimes it seems there is no artwork under the label).

Given the slight predicament, I'd like some advice on whether or not to upload issues with the warning label. Thanks!