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I was just looking at some All-Star Squadron members (thinking of a fan-fic) and I noticed that the Whip's page appears that it may have at one point been plagiarized (non-sequitur description) and then looks like random words have been removed. I would fix it, but I am not sure what to do with it, as I don't know anything about the character. Better to leave as is?

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@blueecho From what I can tell it was either plagiarised or written by someone who does not speak English or just poor writing skills. My best bet is to just try to correct it so it makes sense grammatically. Whether or not it is plagiarised is another thing. Let me give a mod a shout out to see if they know.

@pikahyper Any thoughts on whether or not it's been copied from anywhere?

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@cloudguy: @blueecho: it's not plagiarized, if you can fix it go ahead but if you don't feel comfortable doing it you don't have to.

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@pikahyper: Ok I sort of remember seeing the character once in an All-Star Squadron, so that is the best that I could do.

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I ended up fixing it, though it is kind of generic.