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all -- I am assuming the title field is for the story's title, which is not necessarily the same as title wording on a cover image...

since some of the input fields have cool mouseovers, perhaps this could be added?


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Umm, I'm not sure what you're asking/suggesting, but if you're suggesting that the wording on a cover image be added to the mouseover, IMO, that seems redundant since anyone looking at the mouseover can already see the title wording on the cover image. I wouldn't add it because I wouldn't want to confuse someone.

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Tuta means when editing an issue, there is a field to save the Title of that issue. And should we save the title of the issue to be what might be written as a subheader across the front of the comic OR a title that maybe be listed on the 1st page of the comic.

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Ah, in that case, my personal feeling is the we should use the title listed inside the comic. Of course, this all turns into a pretty moot point when describing current comics since it seems that most covers these days are stock covers that have nothing to do with the issue inside. :-P

But, in my opinion, if the title listed inside the book is different than what you see outside, I take the inside title as the official one. Like, some cover might say "Thor fights Ultron to the death!" on the outside of the book to draw readers in, but the actual title on the inside might be, "When Robots Cry, they rust", which would be what the writer intended for that story to be called.