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I have a policy question regarding The Dandy. After this Tuesday's issue (3610), it'll cease to be printed, but will still continue online (available via iTunes App Store, Google Play, and dandy.com). Do we add those issues, or should we treat issue 3610 as the final issue? I don't yet know if the numbering is being retained - if not, it would obviously be a new volume anyway. If they do retain the numbering, the first online only one would be issue 3611. What I do know is that both the last print edition and first digital one are out on the same day.

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@Digifiend: Continue adding them, once they go digital only add the Digital Comic concept to issues and update the volume page with the relevant info about the change. And as you mentioned if the numbering continues stick to the same volume and if the numbering restarts make a new volume, also if the volume title changes and keeps the same numbering it might still be added as a new volume.

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@pikahyper: Thanks.