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(I hope that this is the right Board. Forgive me if I've posted in the wrong one.)

Hi guys, Cypher7850 here.

So I've been planning on doing a order of Marvel related stuff similar to the CMRO. However, instead of just Comics, I'd add TV Shows, Films, Games etc...

But I've searched ComicVine for a few items. Turns out, only Comics & TV shows are searchable on CV.

Now I'm not trying to be rude and all, but I'm kinda disappointed that Games & Films are not included on the Wiki. I've already planned out the Order & had mapped out the various Earth's & such.

But anyway, my Suggestion (If it's possible) is that CV could be expanded to include Games, Films & Misc stuff that is related to Characters in Comics & TV Shows.

TL;DR - I'd like to know if CV could be expanded for Games & Films.

Anyway, I'm out. See you in the future!

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@cypher7850 It's genuinely a great idea, but sadly CV as defined by the Staff is a comic book only site, this also expands into manga and anime. So sadly we can't add none comic book related content unless it has appeared in comic.

This isn't completely bad news. CV has a sister site known as Giantbomb run by the same head company but focuses completely on games. They may not have as much content compared to us but the user count is generally higher than ours.

The TV, Film and Misc idea is already implemented to an extent, while it still needs work, it is supposedly being updated in the next version of the wiki. The site itself is still being worked on and being updated to the next version.